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  1. Sebee

    Long Course Weekend - Who's in?

    Hey all, just to clarify the difference for bike day rules. This year the bike day is sanctioned by Triathlon Australia where we have to abide by their “race rules” ie.drafting and non drafting regulations. Last year was independently insured and as such bike day was a sportif, the same as it is at LCW Wales - hope this helps - Seb
  2. Sebee

    Elite Energy race calendar

    Hey all, just back from the other Port (Stephens). EE has a number of exciting new events this coming season (2018/19). The new season will be coming out via Facebook and our website in the coming weeks. Forster however will not be part of the 2018/19 season. That said Forster is not ruled out for us to come back that in following seasons. The season certainly is not cut back with upwards of 25 events scheduled for the coming year. These events will encompass runs, duathlons, cycling events as well as diversifying into new and interesting realms of health and fitness. Be sure to keep an eye on the website - Seb
  3. Yes he is a good bloke! disclaimer: I was paid to say this. Yamba not on the Calendar this season, last Ultimate Distance will be the flat and fast course of Capital Coast a new 2/60/15 format. In Broken Marathon I reckon we could see 2hrs go at the wayside. Correct strategy and use of recovery will determine the Weak from the Warrior. I have just raised the arch on the door so emo can get his head out of the office
  4. Sebee

    Ultimate Callala?

    i'm in for my first (very undercooked) longer distance race in 12mnths. You'll see me in the hurt locker somewhere around the 45km mark on the bike Monkie
  5. Sebee

    Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    I have resisted joining until this point Roxii, you got me! I'm bringing the Mo back to triathlon!