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  1. Hey all. I built myself a disc wheel cover from 1 mm ABS. But I had to buy a full sheet to do so. There's enough left for 3 more sets. So, willing to pass it on at cost price (say $30 a set). It has been cut into 635 x 675mm rectangles, which is plenty for even a shallow rim. Finish is haircell (a fine matte texture) on one side and smooth on the other, but the smooth side shows scratches easily. Cutting/forming is up to you, though I'm happy to advise or help. Pretty easy though. Pickup from Glen Iris (3146), it's a bit bulky to post cost effectively.
  2. I don't think those are particularly low. I'm well away from being able to touch my toes, but I run about 14cm saddle to elbow pad drop. The trick is not to bend more at the hips. It's to keep an open hip angle by just rotating everything forwards around the bottom bracket (i.e. from a standard road bike posture). Principally saddle forwards. Shorter cranks also help to reduce the hip angle at the top of the pedal stroke.
  3. Cycles Camellini in Beaulieu-sur-Mer (a quick bus trip, or 2/3 stops on the train from Nice) is great. Rented from them a couple of years ago. The son speaks English fluently. They let us pick up the night before so we could ride out early, and only charged for the one day. http://www.cyclescamellini.com/ Plenty of awesome riding around there. Wanted to do more hills above Menton (e.g. Col de la Madone, apparently Lance's favourite "test" track), but the missus wasn't up for it. https://www.strava.com/activities/313483551
  4. Thanks all. Leg size no problem for me but maybe for others. Anyone tried On the Go Sports? Prices seem alright...
  5. Thanks all! Have put out some inquiries...
  6. Hi folks. What's the hot tip for custom kit? I'm looking at getting some suits done for some work teams for corporate tri in March in Melbourne. Local supplier prices seem pretty steep, but maybe I'm just cheap. Would be about 10 off across a range of sizes. Doesn't necessarily have to be full custom if there are decent options for semi custom (eg a plain suit with some printing). Thanks!
  7. MAK

    Height & weight

    185 cm and 69-70kg, but I am certainly no athlete...
  8. MAK

    Your 1st race

    2016 corporate tri in melbourne (yes I'm new to this). Had to flag down a lifeguard half way not because of my swimming but because I was sure I was going to lose my timing band, and I couldn't tighten it up myself without drowning... Got to T1, pulled bike shoes on, then realised I still needed to take my wetsuit off Smashed the run pretty hard with a tiny female on my heels doing about 200 cadence to my 150. Strava stalked her, apparently she usually races in the Elite ranks so that made me feel pretty good.
  9. In addition to comments above: You can play Zwift on an iPad or iPhone. You'll need a trainer with Bluetooth instead of ANT+, but pretty much all of them do both. And accessories (HRM, cadence/speed) that do Bluetooth also. Zwift have just released a version for Apple TV. That would probably be the cheapest entry if you don't have a PC/pad that can do the graphics. Read dcrainmaker and watch gplama for recommendations/reviews
  10. MAK


    Might just be a sweating thing too; warming up here in Melb... Have some chamois cream on order (along with new shoes woot!)
  11. MAK


    Yeah saw that. The only time my boys retreat that much is when it's either frickin cold, or I'm at the vinegar strokes.
  12. MAK


    It's an Apollo carbon roadie, typical 31.6mm round seatpost at 73°. I have a 25mm offset seatpost that is reversed. I suppose one of those Profile Fast Forward posts would be even better but they're not cheap nor common. Here it is with the ISM. yes the front end is dumped (~14?cm drop from saddle) so it's not your typical road bar with clip on setup, I'm very rotated at the pelvis. And video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6N2m4eirnA Saddle is basically fully forward on the rails. Tried the Sitero this morning (short commute). Feels good, width is alright, weight was on the perineum (ie between sit bones) a bit, which was OK at least for the short ride. But I kept sliding to the front. Nose was down slightly, that doesn't help, will try to level it up. I would really prefer to have it further forwards, but it can't go any more with its shortish rails. Once the chafe clears up (nearly there) I might break out the cable ties...
  13. MAK

    New event

    I'm in! We are talking about his right?
  14. MAK


    I’ve heard of the cable tying trick but haven’t tried it. The chafing is happening in regular bike shorts that are fine on my road saddle, not thin tri shorts. i bolted up the Sitero but haven’t tried it yet apart from a quick sit on the trainer. One downside is that it doesn’t go anywhere near as far forward as the ISM. Bit of a problem as my bike is a converted roadie.
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