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  1. As a local it will be great to have three half ironmans from Nov to April. November weather in Melbourne though...total crapshoot.
  2. http://www.challengeshepparton.com.au/ Would appear so. 5th April 2020. Fantastic. Was such a good race. Good to see it's back on.
  3. Thanks for that. Was tossing up whether the 54 or 56 would be suitable. 181 cm tall FYI. In the very first carbon TCR’s back 10 or so years back I was a large with a short stem. The medium feels so much better.
  4. Any recommendations for a good bike fitter in Melbourne? or Geelong region? Thanks.
  5. Hi all, I have been given the green light by the household treasurer (aka my wife) to purchase a TT bike prior to Geelong 70.3. I am currently on a medium Giant Propel Advanced 1 (2017). Budget is $4,500. Have noticed a number of Giant dealers listing the 2019 Trinity Advanced Pro 1 & 2 for good prices ($2900 for the Pro 2 & $4500 for the Pro 1). The Pro 1 comes with DI2 and the Giant PowerPro (seen mixed reviews). Also in the mix is a 2017 Cervelo P2 with Ultegra DI2 (via Pushys) for around $3,200 delivered - no power meter but would consider getting some Favero's to switch between bikes. The Canyon Speedmax 7.0 (with 105 $3,600 delivered) or the Speedmax 8.0 (with ultegra $4,548 delivered) have also caught my eye. I have the 50mm carbon wheels on the Propel currently so getting a bike with race wheels isn't a priority. Would love to get some feedback from the community on the pro's and con's of any of the bikes above. Any other suggestions would be also appreciated. Cheers.
  6. I'm currently using a 4iiii Ultegra Left Only crank and it has been great. Got it online for under $500 delivered. You would be able to swap between bikes presuming that your crank lengths are the same on both bikes (same model would be preferred for aesthetics ;). Advantages here is that you get to keep your current pedals and cleats. Have also owned the PowerTap P1S pedals as well. They were nice and easy to sway over. Good battery life. Paired easily and were very reliable. Obviously you would need to swap cleats over if you don't have the Look Keo type.
  7. I did the race last year. Temperature didn't get above 18 degrees and it was very windy. The swim is well marked and as mentioned, sight lines are good. The bike course is completed closed off from traffic (they shut down one side of a dual lane highway) and it is quite tough if the wind picks up (which it is likely to do). Happen to also live in the greater Geelong region and the weather at that time of the year is a complete crap shoot. Do recall it being the high 30's a few years back. Good event but not entering this year (got a free entry via work last year ;)). $400 is a bit rich. Likely to do the Sufferfest race in Warrnambool in April for less entry.
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