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  1. Personally I think I handled it like a boss!! Got out of my car, just before, 2pm at the moonee ponds medical centre. Laura, her camera man and her sound guy approached. reporter : are you glenn hartland? Or Dylan Glenn hartland? Me: who are you? Reporter : I'm from a current affair. Me: my name is Glenn hartland. Reporter: well you have a lot of aliases on fb. Glenn hartland, dylan hartland, dylan Hendrix, dylan Hollywood hartland... me: do I? Reporter: well that's what it says on fb. Me: I no it says glenn hartland as does Instagram. Reporter: well they are gone now. Me: what is? Reporter: your Facebook. Me: no it hasn't I was just on it five mins ago. Reporter: .... so you say you're a lot of things on fb... me: do I like what? reporter: you're a triathlete and snowboarder and business owner? Me: I'm just a normal guy that does a lot of stuff, sometimes in life I wear different hats but I wouldn't say I'm one or the other, it depends on what I'm doing! reporter: so you're a triathlete and do triathlons? Me: I do triathlons yes. reporter:So you're a triathlete? Me: yes I guess so? Yes I'm a triathlete Reporter: you've been charged with rape and stalking of multiple women. Would you care to comment? Me: no, if you would like to contact my lawyer I would be happy to answer your questions. Reporter: what has it done to you, these allegations? Me: look it's been horrible but it's a process, that I with my lawyers, am going though. Again if you would like an interview please contact my lawyer. reporter: who's your lawyer? Me: Rachel Hopkins reporter: Are you guilty of these crimes? You have a lot of woman saying that your guilty. Me: a lot of people are saying a lot of things, unfortunately I like a lot of people are being hurt here. reporter: like the girls you raped or allegedly? Me: where are they? reporter: who? Me: these people that are accusing me? reporter: well they aren't here are they why would they be? Me: well if they aren't here then I'm not going to answer questions about things other people have said, am I? reporter: do you think the police are wrong and you're innocent? reporter: do you think the police have made a mistake? Me: yes, they like a lot of people, such as these woman and like you the media, you will do what they want to get the outcome they desire... reporter: so you're saying the Victorian police force are corrupt? Me: no that's not what I'm saying. reporter: you just said that the [vic pol] are corrupt. Me: no I didn't. I said that there are certain members of the Victorian police force that have gone far and beyond their call of duty to harass and intimidate me and threaten me with other charges if I don't plead guilty. Which they did. reporter: so are you saying your guilty? Me: no I'm saying that I'm going to stand here with dignity and honesty with my chin up because I have nothing to hide, I'm not going anywhere, I'm get up and go to work and train and that's my day... here's the thing though I'm not going to let you the media or anyone else paint me as the the next Adrian bailey. Wouldn't you defend yourself if you are innocent? reporter: not if I'm guilty I wouldn't. Me so if you're charged with something and your guilty you wouldn't defend yourself Reporter: no. reporter: you're being labelled as the tinder rapist! Me: I'm being labeled a lot of things, doesn't mean that it's true. It's not like the police have ever got it wrong before or the media for that matter, ie, the guy in Queensland. Your own show labelled him a killer and murderer and he was found innocent. reporter: so you think the police got it wrong and are lying to get a conviction? Me: yes I think the police are doing what they need to do to get this conviction. You have to understand that it's their first crime unit case, so they need this conviction. reporter: you are saying that the police are hanging there reputations on this conviction? Me: I wouldn't and I'm not saying that! Me: in life I think a lot of people have and continue to use the system, legal or otherwise, to their advantage and there are some people that use those systems to get what they want and hurt people. Just like the media. And yourself. You will take this story and edit it in a way you need to get the results you need, to produce, your story. reporter: so you're saying all these people are wrong? Are you saying you have done nothing wrong? You have been perfect in any relationship with these women? Me: look I'm not saying I'm perfect or that I have done nothing wrong, what I am saying is that the media like yourself or Wayne flowers are going to write and say what they want to to paint me out to be what ever you need me to be for your story or the police need to get a conviction. I am only responsible for the things that I'm responsible for and I will own those but I'm not going to say I'm guilty for doing something I'm not. Haven't you ever done something wrong in a relationship? reporter: How does your partner feel, you have a partner correct? Me: yes I do. reporter: so how does she feel about this? Me: how do you think she feels? It's shocking for all of us! But like my partner, friends and family and my church, they are standing by me and supporting me. It's a hard time. I have had my reputation ripped from pillar to post. But I'm not hiding, I'm fighting his head on. (Paraphrased) reporter: do you care what you have done to these woman, are you sorry? (Or something to that effect) Me: look it's horrible, I've been raped, multiple times I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Me: look what's your agenda here? Ambushing me to get a story... Reporter: you said you're not hiding we are just giving you your say, giving you the chance to talk, as you know your innocent until proven guilty. Me: and have I answered your questions? Reporter: yes you have answered a lot of questions. Me: so I can go, I'm sorry I have an appointment I'm now late for. Reporter: yes no one is stoping you going. Me thank you for your time. If you have any further questions please contact my lawyer. At this point I walked away. And they followed me.
  2. For all those that are interested in my case or in the interests of stopping any more rumours... I have just been ambushed by the media. I can only image how much they are going to edit this story to make me out to be a horrible person with a fixation on point I put the the police are corrupt. I just want to train and be left alone. Why doesn't anyone understand that?
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