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  1. 2003 Swim 57:35 Bike 6:04:03 Run 4:20:07 Total 11:21:44
  2. I was answering his question about charting trends and pointing to the fact that they are pretty accurate.
  3. Yes. I had this happen recently and had to wear a monitor for 24 hours. My doctor told me the watches are pretty accurate and I should wear mine 24 x 7. I also have a friend who works at a gym and just before Xmas a guy working out had a heart attack. When the paramedics arrived their monitors showed exactly the same HR reading as the guy's Garmin.
  4. Been insane. Not just one storm but two or three on some days. Yesterday we had hail twice, the second time was worse than the first. A friend of mine has had no power since Saturday nights apocalypse. On a positive note, the BOM has been almost spot on every time (except for the one on Saturday night) so we have had plenty of warning.
  5. Jose Mourinho is available
  6. Zoggs. Happened to a couple of us at squad, lenses get more scratched with each use.
  7. Baby shampoo scratched my goggles, anyone else had this problem?
  8. Well done Al, I too was following you online on the day. I notice the two guys in front just aged up as well, did you know them? The 2nd guy won his age group at Roth this year. Both had incredible bike times. I'm sure you'll give it another crack next year, good luck
  9. Every ironman awards top 10. Pros have to make a living .
  10. I switched from the pc to the iPad and it has been fine. No idea why but pc keeps dropping out
  11. Anyone else keep losing the sound or is it just me?
  12. Slowlane

    Challenge Roth

    Sorry to hear that, sucks when you get sick before a race.
  13. Slowlane

    Challenge Roth

    Anyone know why The Customer didn't start?
  14. That was going to be my next suggestion, go straight to the LAC. When the first operation Pedro was on two officers from this station spent 2 hours pulling 100's of people over and taking their details for not riding in the bike lane. Almost everyone they pulled over (including me) pointed out that it was not in fact a bike lane but a road shoulder. Haven't seen them back there since. I'm guessing they went back and looked up the road rules about bike lanes. The girl Parkside mentioned that was car doored by a cop wasn't charged but the cop refused to take responsibility and said it was her fault. A friend we run with who is a police sergeant told us to go straight to the LAC. As soon as she did they accepted responsibility and paid for her bike repairs.
  15. Goodcatch, which station did you go to? There is one in the Shire that hates cyclists and told a friend of mine that was car doored they want us off the road.
  16. From the Safe Cycling FB page about the guy who started the petition. Background on the page owner and sole admin of Drivers for registration of cyclists, Gold Coast based and disgraced former competitive cyclist ➡️➡️➡️ Ivan Vetsich ⬅️⬅️⬅️ Advice to all cyclists worldwide, but particularly those in Australia, and those in Southeast Queensland. The owner of the page "Drivers for Registration of Cyclists" (or "Single File Please") is former cyclist turned vigilante, who believes it is okay to misappropriate photos, to attach fake comments ("from innocent motorists"), to alter the images or take them out of context, and to INCITE AGGRESSION AND VIOLENCE towards cyclists by other road users. This individual has been stalking local riders, trawling the internet, collecting photos (not his own), altering or otherwise misrepresenting them, and reposting them on his own page, in order to create division and hatred between motorists and cyclists. You might be inclined to ask, "Why?" As mentioned, he is a former cyclist. He used to make it his mission as a cyclist to prove how "strong" he was, by riding off the front of groups, encouraging racing, tailgating motor vehicles, and otherwise disrupting the group he was supposedly a part of. The usual result? He would be asked to leave the group, because his behaviours were causing problems. You'd think it might stop there? NO! This individual would then go on to create "splinter groups" (by selectively grooming others who he felt were "too strong and could benefit from better training") whose sole purpose was to compete with, and humiliate, the group he had just been banned from. His splinter groups would gather a short distance from the target group, wait 5 minutes after the target group had left, and then chase them down along the known route . . . harassing and disrupting the target group as they went past (3 or 4 abreast, mind you!). As a result, this individual has been banned from every ride group and club on the Gold Coast (and possibly elsewhere). He has thankfully not been seen riding his bike in over a year . . . which is a good thing, considering the number of serious accidents he himself has caused. (A couple of years ago he was going too fast on a descent, couldn't hold his line, crossed to the OTHER side of the road, and took out a cyclist who was coming up! Naturally, he made no restitution to the guy whose bike he destroyed.) This individual has created fake accounts on Facebook in order to stalk people. He has created fake accounts in local cycling clubs, in order to stalk groups. He has created fake Strava accounts (one he arrogantly called "Strava Admin"!), so that he could pretend to "admire" a rider's efforts, while at the same time actually reposting that rider's data in order to critique it and make fun of it. This individual is pretty good with photo-shop too, so one can never trust the veracity of the images he posts. Your group went through a green light at an intersection? He can show a photo where it was red. Your group was avoiding a hazard on the road, by going out into the traffic lane. He can show that there was no hazard. One of your riders took a photo of the group at the roadside, dealing with a fallen rider? He will show that an upset motorist took the photo and witnessed the crash. This post is just to advise you all, but particularly those in Southeast Queensland, Australia, that a conscienceless, manipulative, deceitful, disgraced and hatred-inciting vigilante is out there, and YOU are on his radar. If you so much as sneeze while you're riding your bike on a public road, he will somehow post a photo of you causing traffic chaos while disobeying road rules. WATCH OUT FOR THE CRAZED VIGILANTE! (And if enough people complain to Facebook about his activities, perhaps he will get shut down.)
  17. Slowlane


    I lived in Sylvania Waters at the time and used to see him at the local shops. Remember that series The Shire where none of the people actually lived in The shire? The home used as the Lebanese family's home was just around the corner from the Donahers. The production company rented it for the show.
  18. Exactly right. Record numbers at Husky sprint this year but long course numbers were way down.
  19. The Wilier TT in the 2nd pic (Medium) was $2600, no cranks or wheels. Frame only (L size only) was $1900. All clothing was pretty much $20 (knicks, jerseys, jackets), all heavily Wiggle branded. 2 pairs merino socks, arm or leg warmers for $5 each. Helmets $80 new $50 used. High 5 nutrition - tub of electrolyte $15 (49 on wiggle), Gels, zero tabs 2 boxes for $15.
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