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  1. Slowlane

    Port - Race Day

    This was just on the news here, she won her age group yesterday in the 70.3. https://au.gofundme.com/6zemgtc
  2. Slowlane

    Port - Race Day

    I was but didn’t stay long. Not many people there
  3. I had quite a few friends running this year, a couple are right up the pointy end. 20 degrees at the start which is warm. They were all sweating buckets by the time they got to the road which is about 8km, the humidity was the highest it's been for years. Most of the top runners were all 15 mins slower than they should be so it looks like conditions have played a huge factor.
  4. Slowlane

    Port 2019

    Just entered the half and despite the site still saying they are at Tier3 I was entered at Tier4.
  5. 2003 Swim 57:35 Bike 6:04:03 Run 4:20:07 Total 11:21:44
  6. I was answering his question about charting trends and pointing to the fact that they are pretty accurate.
  7. Yes. I had this happen recently and had to wear a monitor for 24 hours. My doctor told me the watches are pretty accurate and I should wear mine 24 x 7. I also have a friend who works at a gym and just before Xmas a guy working out had a heart attack. When the paramedics arrived their monitors showed exactly the same HR reading as the guy's Garmin.
  8. Slowlane

    Summer Storms

    Been insane. Not just one storm but two or three on some days. Yesterday we had hail twice, the second time was worse than the first. A friend of mine has had no power since Saturday nights apocalypse. On a positive note, the BOM has been almost spot on every time (except for the one on Saturday night) so we have had plenty of warning.
  9. Jose Mourinho is available
  10. Zoggs. Happened to a couple of us at squad, lenses get more scratched with each use.
  11. Baby shampoo scratched my goggles, anyone else had this problem?
  12. Well done Al, I too was following you online on the day. I notice the two guys in front just aged up as well, did you know them? The 2nd guy won his age group at Roth this year. Both had incredible bike times. I'm sure you'll give it another crack next year, good luck
  13. Every ironman awards top 10. Pros have to make a living .
  14. I switched from the pc to the iPad and it has been fine. No idea why but pc keeps dropping out
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