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  1. Slowlane


    I lived in Sylvania Waters at the time and used to see him at the local shops. Remember that series The Shire where none of the people actually lived in The shire? The home used as the Lebanese family's home was just around the corner from the Donahers. The production company rented it for the show.
  2. Slowlane

    Triathlon entry numbers baffling

    Exactly right. Record numbers at Husky sprint this year but long course numbers were way down.
  3. Slowlane

    Rochelle Gilmore Garage Sale

    The Wilier TT in the 2nd pic (Medium) was $2600, no cranks or wheels. Frame only (L size only) was $1900. All clothing was pretty much $20 (knicks, jerseys, jackets), all heavily Wiggle branded. 2 pairs merino socks, arm or leg warmers for $5 each. Helmets $80 new $50 used. High 5 nutrition - tub of electrolyte $15 (49 on wiggle), Gels, zero tabs 2 boxes for $15.
  4. Slowlane

    Cool Kona video

    A few Aussies in this one
  5. Slowlane

    Triathlete vs Dog

    As someone who has rescue dogs, worked with a rescue group and taken many many dogs into my home to stop them being put to sleep plus I had my own dog minding business for many years, I can tell you that it is always the owners fault. Even in an off leash area you should always be aware of possible danger. A shared path....no way my dogs would be off lead
  6. Slowlane

    Bike shipping to Roth 2017

    Chuckie you might want to check this again. We too are flying Singapore and it's 30kg no matter how many pieces. The per piece rule is for flights to the US. I could be wrong but we have checked and double checked because we have the same problem. Hopefully Flight Centre have told you the right thing and all is ok.