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  1. City 2 Surf Bondi Breakfast?

    Totes! Had an awesome race and did way better than expected. Just didn't know anyone to come and have breakfast or beers with. Might meet you all in time! :-)
  2. Calf Cramps

    What they ^^^ all said. Salt and electrolytes are rarely the reason for cramping - it's normally neuro-muscular. Are you pointing your toes when you swim or do you relax you feet and ankles and let them flop? Try and relax your ankles next time in the water and see if that helps (???)
  3. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    Are you sure? Can you point me to where that info is? I thought it was just first in the National Championships and first 3 in the series? Or are you referring to Kona? Or how it should be?
  4. Gelatin

    I've been making cordial jelly. Stinks when making it. Thankfully not so.much when.set and eating it. I'm doing one a day and will continue until the container is empty. I'll report back then with my n=1 anecdotal evidence...
  5. Gelatin

    Right, so I've decided to try this and will have a jelly made with one teaspoon of gelatin every day. How long should I wait to see a difference? BTW, I tried glucosamine tablets for about 2 months and found zero difference - still had a crunchy, grindy knee...
  6. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    I'm gonna give it a go! If I get it, cool, if I don't, a great excuse to travel and do/see something different.
  7. Gelatin

    But it does take more effort. Bored@ clearly mentioned effort. Sometimes training is a place for people to zone out and to not have to think about it. Not everyone wants to "reach their full potential"...
  8. Advice on bike fit / cycling style

    I've done 3 sessions on the new fit. I know it's not a lot but I'm having the same issues each time. Today I decided to ride a little easier and concentrate on the lower part of the pedal stroke and really trying not to use my quads. The quads felt fine on the bike, but I then went for a run and they were really fatigued. My HR wasn't very high, but I just couldn't get the pace I normally do. Can you guys extend your leg fully and lock your knee on the bike? I can, but only just and my heel is right down... Edit to add: What are the negatives to rocking hips? (Queue the jokes, hit me)
  9. You guys were helpful before when I was looking at new wheels for my new P2, so I'm hoping you might be able to give me some more bike advice. I've had a bike fit on my new steed and I trust the guy who has done it. When I was on the machine, he did some analysis of my pedal stroke. I'm very strong at the top of the stroke (which he says is driven by my glutes & quads) but weak at the bottom (driven by hamstring & calf). With the new fit, I feel the saddle is quite low compared to what I'm used to and I feel squashed up, but this could just be something that I need to get used to. If I move the saddle up to a position where I feel more comfortable / normal I'm less stable and I'll "lose contact" with the bottom of my pedal stroke, which is the area I need to work on. When I was out on the bike, I completely understand what he means as I feel I was better able (and willing) to pull through at the bottom of the stroke. BUT... my quads are feeling a little smashed. This will affect my run pretty badly. Does anyone have any advice? Is it just a matter of time to teach my body to use the bottom of the stroke more and I will eventually not use my quads so much? Is there any way of getting my quads to turn it down? Or should I move the seat up a little and accept that I'll be less stable, but at least be able to run well off the bike? I have a race in a few weeks and am wondering whether I can get it right before then
  10. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    Forgive my ignorance... Is MAF training is all about training at low HR, but racing at a higher intensity? Or is it expected that after a period of time at low HR you can start introducing higher HR training?
  11. Your 'hardest' race?

    Wollongong Olympic distance triathlon a few years back. Had a new bike setup which worked wonderfully for the bike, but my quads were shot when I tried to run. That was the hardest and most demoralising runs of my life. To top it off it was super hot. I walked about 3 times and basically gave up. Was disappointed in myself for that.
  12. Hip Flexor issue

    So when you go for a massage and they dig their fingers into the side of your belly just above your leg, beside the front bit of your hip that sticks out the most (iliac spine?), to 'release' the hip flexor, it's just causing pain for no reason?
  13. New wheels

    I bit the bullet and bought new Cadens 49/81 and had them fitted yesterday Ben recommended to just leave them on there as they don't wear as much as they used to due to better materials. He also said that they brake just as well as allu now as the braking surface is flat and the water doesnt get trapped(?) Haven't had a chance to try them out yet though so can't review them, but Ben seems to know his stuff. Anyone know what I can do with the rims I took off the bike? Who would want them?
  14. New wheels

    Oh lord! I think I’m more confused now than when I started! So many differing opinions and options - sometimes it’s easier to simply choose between A and B! A few questions came up… I have been riding for a few years now and do Olys and may end up doing some HIM distances in the future, but it’s not on the cards straight away. I am a lighter, smaller rider, so the deep rims / disk may be an issue, but I’ve never done a tri in cross winds. I understand that training wheels are exactly that - to train on, but I also think, why have good wheels and not use them. When I changed the training wheels on my roadie a couple of years ago (well the other half got me a present), I noticed a huge difference, mainly in accelerating off from lights etc. I was able to keep up with better riders rather than having to chase the pack down at every set of lights! So the enjoyment of the ride increased. BUT, TT riding will be on my own so that’s a moot point now I guess. Maybe I should keep the wheels and just rent race wheels when I need them? Too much to think about
  15. New wheels

    Caden? Please explain? Sorry, but I'm not interested in second hand as I really have no clue and could be sold a lemon/worn out wheels - I have no idea what to look for in practice... Zipp - just looked at reviews. Looks interesting. Mentioned inertia as weight is on outer rim. Not an issue due to Trisha being flat and not start/stop? Lew, is, em, out of my price range. Totally. Looking at the Aero wheels, ie deeper rims, is there a speed where it becomes beneficial and a speed where there is no point? Just read an article spruiking benefits at 40km/hr. I'm not riding at that pace!