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  1. Lesmack

    Busso 2019

    Sounds like you guys need a massage. Don't forget the team From Rural Fitness will be working out of the tennis club, Thursday, Friday, Saturday morning and Monday. Great for a freshen up if you are flying in, driving down or just want to treat or get your support crew out of you hair for an hour. All of the therapists also volunteer their time on race day to rub your legs, ice your cramps, listen to your stories and wipe your tears, so come say hi. Online bookings or walk in available.
  2. In for the 50 for the first time at UTA and running/walking 50km. Any tips and hints welcome. Would be keen to know the approx percentage you can actually run compared to the steps, rock hopping and walking up very big hills??? Staying in Wentworth Falls so hoping getting to the start won't be too hard, we will have a car. Most importantly looking forward to seeing this part of Australia, it looks amazing!!
  3. Nice work backing up. All I wanted to do was sleep and eat, not Mt Bike for 4 days. Great report of both races.
  4. It was amazing Katz. Even though I wouldn't do it again and I cried 😂😂I would definitely recommend people do it. To me it wasn't a race it was a jog/walk/chat (lots of chatting) and take photos of a super amazing place. If you haven't been to this part of Australia it really is the best way to see it all. Super organised as well. I did find it harder than Roth so perhaps wait until you've done that.......
  5. Surfer Mr Lesmack is a bit of a runner he really enjoyed it and came 3rd in his age group which was great. I found someone’s picture of the last climb day 2 and now feel better about having a meltdown as it was bl$&dy steep. If u look closely there is a person at the top and bottom.
  6. My husband received a Rapid Ascent email last year and thought Run Larapinta sounded fun, he is a runner. We had never been to the red centre and as we like to combine a bit of a holiday with racing we entered. They send you a sample training program which we tried to follow and it ended up being pretty good. Arrived Thursday and spent the arvo and next day getting organised. Run 1 was 11km on Friday evening along tracks around town. It was a bit windy and dusty as expected but quite beautiful and an easy introduction to the race. It was cool turning on the head torch to complete the course as the sun went down. Back to town to get some food and get organised for the next morning. Day 2 (20km 31 degrees)was an early start onto the bus with a drop off at Old Hamilton Homestead about 1 and a half hours away. Day started with a nice easy 6.5k flatish run and then it was on!! Up a long steep switch back hill and across a ridge with amazing views, it was starting to heat up but the breeze and views on top were great. How hard could this be I though Ive done the big climb now its getting down and through the gorges, simple. So So wrong!!! The trail pretty much ended at the start of the descent which was steep, rocky and steep and rocky, and then there was a bit of steep and rocky, then a gradual climb though the gorges again picking your own track trying not to lose the trail and it was getting hot. I new there was a climb at the end but there really is two. Once over the second last one I started to feel a bit sick, nutrition wasn't going well, heart rate was going up and the thought of "when the F%$k is this going to end" was a constant. Came up another part of the water course and all you can see is a sheer wall, this was my demise, time for a little sit down and cry at the bottom and then a very slow ascent and descent. There is then a short walk trail to the finish at Standly Chasm where tourist were clapping, which was too much for me. I ran across the finish line and promptly burst into tears much to the amusement of other finishers. What a day, physically and mentally so tough, amazing but brutal, no amount of running training could prepare you for the stage as really other than the first part, there was no running. Back on the bus home and a quick rest and then do it all again, organise stuff for tomorrow, pick up our wheels for the next few days, eat and pack as we were moving to Glen Helen the next day. Day 3 (22km 22 degrees) another early start and a 1.20 drive to Glen Helen. Weather had changed and was cool but really windy. Today was the easy day, felt heaps better and ran well on the mostly undulating not technical trails, the finish took you around the pound walk at Ormison Gorge which was quite hilly but absolutely spectacular. All went well and really enjoyed the day. Although 22 kms this took me an hour less than the 20km the previous day. Back to Glen helen, set up our camper, the true hard core slept in teeny tiny tents being gently buffeted to sleep by the gale force winds and exfoliated by the fine red dust. Rest pack eat repeat! Day 4 (31km 16 degrees 1degree in the morning) the long coursers headed off for a gentle run to the top of MT Sonder in the dark in 55km winds and 1 degree. We skirted the bottom and had an enjoyable undulating run for the first half then it was up and over Hilltop Lookout which was a long climb up and a steep descent. Onto the flats and the non trail runners like myself started to catch up with the mountain goats who passed us previously, things were going well only 5km to go feeling good running well, trip over my own feet, hyper extend the left leg and there goes the hammie, lopped home, shuffling down and flat bits and limping up the hills at least it was only 5 km and I still finished far faster then expected, running down to Glen Helen was awesome, for a not particularly good runner to get though 80km over 4 days relatively in one piece was something I was well chuffed about. Truthfully the difficulty of this run is not the run its self, its the backing up day after day, the organising of your gear each night, the long drives to and from the start, the technical terrain that you just can't run on but have to be mentally switched on for or you hit the dirt. The things that make it awesome is the sense of achievement each day, the people that your run and chat with, you tend to see the same people off and on during each stage as you are going similar pace, the are you OK and a smile when you are down and the high 5s when things are going well, the friendships formed over race stories around the bar each evening and the quiet nervous chats in the mornings when you all know what's your getting yourself into again. Would I recommend others do it?? HELL YES!!!. Would I do it again??? Not a chance!!! Photos are in order of the day they were taken.
  7. Well done. Although we didn’t meet formally , that’s my backside in the first photo scrambling up the gully day two. I imagine we may have chatted or cursed together. It was beautiful and brutal. Would I recommend it to others. Hell yes. Would I do it again. No way. Ps Lawman. I had breakfast with your wife this morning.
  8. Registered and ready to roll. Met some nice people all ready so it’s going to be a fun few days.
  9. Bit warmer than I hoped but what will be will be . Never been out this way so it will be a spectacular event. Yup we fly Thursday as well and am pretty much ready to roll. My husband will be chucking stuff in his bag at 4am tomorrow! Couldn't think of anything worse than getting out of a tent and running 30km. (just call me soft) we have a big camper with all the luxuries!!! Getting excited and terrified at the same time.
  10. Hey Richard, I hope you like the heat...its looking a tad warm......
  11. They are talking about the half in May which currently isn't on the calendar!
  12. Thanks for the info. Lawman is the water at the aid stations bore or fresh. Thinking if it is nasty I will carry more on those days. Day 2 you have to have 3lt when you leave the aid station. Richard, if you look at the results both day 2 and 4 seem to take the same time even though there is a 10km difference. 😬 "Stage racing is the best fun you can have racing. Run hard in brilliant surrounds, have a beer with great people at each stage finish, a big meal, nice sleep and do it all again the next day." Lawman you make sound so easy!! But it will be amazing. Im doing short course but will keep an eye out for your wife. Richard, It looks like we have our names on our bibs, I'm Lesley, female, old and will be milling around near the back. See you there.
  13. This will be my first multi stage run and Ive made it though the training in almost 1 piece which is a good start. My goal is to finish but I won't be breaking any records. I've noticed a number of people have done this race or have friends that have done it so any words of wisdom will be happily received. Even if you haven't done it but have stage race experience that would also be great. Im especially interested in tips re water on the course. It seems that they use potable bore water which isn't particularly nice so Im wondering if that is at all aid stations on all days? Would it be worth the weight to run with a full water bladder to avoid this. Also there seems to be cafes at the end of each day did you rely on them for post race food or do you need to pack that as well. We have a camper so can bring as much water/food as we want. All tips appreciated, fire away.
  14. Lesmack

    Challenge Roth 2020

    Fantastic, its a great race.That impressive getting two online entries, we just went with TriTravel. As the others said its fast but the bike is not flat at all, pretty much undulating the whole way with a couple of short sharp climbs. I'm a Perth girl too and training regularly in the hills around here was more than enough to be fit enough for the Roth bike. Most importantly it is a fantastic excuse for a European vacation!!!
  15. My previous coach used CSS but we never just did 100s on our css. It was more a normal session but you were aware of what speed you should be attempting to hold. They were very rarely on your CSS but plus a few seconds and those times and rest changed regularly with what the set was trying to achieve. Do you use a beeper? I trained on my own for an IM using sets she gave me and found it was very effective because the beeper doesn't lie! It also meant that other people could use the same set just change the times to suit their CSS. Our coach was trained by Paul Newsome and used the swim smooth program. If you could get your hands on a few of his sets your CSS may make more sense.
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