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  1. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Cranky. Keeping with WAs love of duathlons, the swim was cancelled due to bad weather.
  2. Hi Sar. I guess you need to work out your priority, is it doing an Ironman or is it doing an Ironman and then having an awesome holiday in Europe after. If like me, it is the latter why dont you contemplate doing Roth in Germany. Not quite a beautiful as Austria but the hills are "hills" not mountains, no sharks in the canal and amazing support on course from thousands of drunk Germans. Its close to Munich airport so you can jet away to some fabulous spot after or you are on one of the main train lines in Europe. A couple of things to consider though is that it is ridiculously expensive to ship your bike home however you can leave it at Munich airport for a fee. It is also hard to get an entry unless you go with tri travel which we did. I thought they were great and they also take care of your spectators allowing them to join the drunken Germans. Good luck deciding.
  3. Roth bike course V Wanaka bike course

    Thanks for the feed back. Rory Bike times are about 15 mins slower in Wanaka so best I get my bum on the bike. Scooter did you change your cluster for Wanaka? Im on an 11/25 as the moment but am always happy for some extra gears in the hills. I do about 2.40 for a half but thats in Busso which if I believe everything I read on this page, is the easiest course in the world! Im also about 57kg so best start eating some pies!
  4. I did Roth last year and am doing Wanaka half in Feb and their profiles look similar. I was wondering if anyone has done both and could comment on their similarities or differences as far as hills are concerned. I am well aware that Roth road surface is fantastic and the year I did it there was little wind whilst Wanaka is rough as and will probably be gale force.
  5. Hi. I have a tear in my left hip. If it is an untidy tear they can go in and clean it up which will have you on crutches and out out for a while. One of our local Pro women had both hips done and is back good as new. If its like mine surgery isn't an option and its actually only the inflammation in the area that causes the pain. I had cortisone inserted whilst getting an MRI. Problem solved. The pain can come back as the injury is not fixed just the inflammation however I had this done over 2 years ago and have completed an Irondistance race since then. Don't think it will ever be a 100% but that may be due to underlying weakness in that side which may have caused the tear in the first place. I only had to take a week off. Only down side is the cost. Sports DR, initial MRI to find the problem, then second MRI with cortisone. $1500. You get about half the MRI back.
  6. Why is Roth so fast?

    You were lucky Youngy2, in 2016 there wasn't a female section. I found most Europeans seem to carry their towels over their shoulders and then are more than happy to engage you in conversation......
  7. Bike Transport Rotterdam -> Australia

    Hi Cupcake, We had the same problem returning from Roth last year. Unfortunately there is no cheap option. We used World Baggage but it cost around $1700 for 2 bikes door to door. They charge on volume not weight so if you can pull it apart and put it in a teeny box it will be cheaper. We just got the smallest boxes from our bike shop. Best option is fly in and out of the the same airport and leave them in left luggage. Edit- This price was for the 5 day service that ended up taking 2 weeks. If you can be without your bike for a couple of months it is slightly cheaper.
  8. Bike shipping to Roth 2017

    Hi Youngy. There is only one semi steep longish hill that you have to do twice. The rest of the course is undulating no real flat parts. I am a almost 50 year old female and just used the current gearing on my bike and had no problems. (Not sure about what cassette it is but what ever it was when I bought it, its a P3). Just watch out on the hairpin descent, apparently there are always a couple of riders who end up in the hay bales!
  9. Bike shipping to Roth 2017

    We used them last year and all they could do was get a 10% discount on World Baggage which is who we used. They may have got a better deal this year, not sure.
  10. Bike shipping to Roth 2017

    Hi, We went to Roth last year and unfortunately there was not easy or cheap way to get your bike there or back. We flew Singapore airlines who allow 30kg and managed to get 2 bikes, everything we needed to race and clothes for a 4 week holiday with a kg or 2 to spare. Our problem was we wanted to ship them back which we ended up doing but it cost around $2000 for 2 bikes. Could of almost paid for a friend to come and accompany them back. In hind sight we would have flown in and out of Munich and left them at the airport left luggage. Hope that helped. Enjoy Roth it is fab!