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  1. Awesome.....and terrifying!!!
  2. Hi Lawman. Somehow I have got myself entered for Larapinta this year. (Short Course) I am not a great runner but to tell the truth run, walk, climb repeat suits me better than pounding the pavement. My focus will be getting to the end alive, not getting broken and learning to back up day after day. I have spoken to friends who did it last year but any bits of advice would be gratefully taken on board.
  3. Prizna I'm a Perth girl so don't do cold water but had no problems with a sleeved wet suit rather than my sleeveless. The swim could be rough if the wind is up which it was last year. However it started raining just as we were going to start and the wind dropped from gale force to manageable. The roads are fine, not smooth but not anything to worry about, undulating with a few climbs here and there and one a bit nasty up to the airport near the end of the ride but nothing too major. (I would make sure everything on the bike is tight as there were a few loose bottle holders around). The run is amazing, mostly on trails along the lake and river. Finishes with a longish climb and then down hill trot back into town. The only thing that can be a problem is the weather, it can be windy.....really really windy and being in the mountains it could be cold and wet. (A friend did the Redbull Defiance the other year around the same time and they shorted the run due to snow). It is however an absolutely beautiful place, an honest course and easily accessible from Queenstown. It is also an amazing place to holiday so plan on staying around afterward! Photo is the day after race day (2018) the day before race day was worse but although we had rain, race day was pretty damn good!!
  4. How was it??? I was there last year and we had 4 seasons in one day but the race was still amazing. If I moved across the ditch Wanaka would be my place of choice to live!!!
  5. Lesmack

    Busso 2018

    I hope you are visiting Providore next to MR chocolate factory. You can taste everything. I have spent quite a large amount of time sampling the lemon and passionfruit curd!
  6. Lesmack

    Busso 2018

    FFF as Peter said sounds like everything is going to plan. I did a shorter race last weekend and went through all the same feelings. Have a fab day out there, looks like the weather is going to be perfect. Good luck to everyone racing, I have no idea who any of you are but will cheer if I see anything trannie related.
  7. Hi Katz. If you'r not chasing a specific time have you thought about doing an outfit change. I always wear cycling Knicks for IM, 180kms is hard enough let alone doing it with chaffing bits!! I just change my bottom half. Tri top and bathers bots for swim. Same top and Knicks for bike and same top and tri shorts for the run. I am made for comfort over speed.
  8. Keep an eye out for these guys https://www.facebook.com/777marathons/. This will be their 7th marathon in 7 days in 7 states , all for a fantastic cause, Braveheart. I had the privilege of doing post run massage for them after number 1 and they had some great and sad reasons for doing this. Im really hoping that they all make it to the end so give them a heads up if you see them.
  9. Hi Asmithaxe. We freighted ours back as we were flying our of Milan however we had friends who did leave theirs at Munich the year before. It was straight forward but gets a bit expensive if you are staying in Europe for a while. Still no where near as expensive as freight. https://www.munich-airport.com/left-luggage-851650
  10. Lesmack

    Ironman IVs

    I agree with Willie. At Roth the conversation went. Them- how are you feeling. Me- pretty average. Them- can u keep water down. Me - take a mouthful, of water and pretty much throw it up on their feet. Them - come this way. Like willie said the triage had around 100 beds, all drips were administered by drs and med students sat with you whilst is was in. All very regulated and safe. It just seems to be accepted over there whilst I had a friend crawl over the line in Busso in a really nasty way and they just shipped her out. As long as it was safe and regulated I would definielty do it again. Really it is just accelerated hydration. Obviously if the triage was busy, which it wasn’t at the time I’m assuming they would be a bit less accomodating.
  11. Lesmack

    Ironman IVs

    I think anyone having one of these prior to a race is nuts as you never know whats in them. However after a race is different. In Roth they have a massive post race triage. If you are feeling sick they will wack you on a drip and if you still feel unwell they put an anti nausea in the second bag. (To tell the truth I wasn't feeling super awful I had just heard that they were very effective and wanted to find out). I had both and felt so much better the next day. Yes you are still sore but the post race hangover that you can get just wasn't there. There was a noticeable difference between the people who had had an IV to those in our group who hadn't. Not sure if I would head to an IV bar but if an IV comes to you post race Im all for it.
  12. Its great to see lots of debate about the subject as this is what the page is for. However I really hope the person who the page was started for is not reading this. Although Im sure no one here is meaning to insinuate she was less deserving of a Kona spot than others who raced but Im betting if she read it she would be taking this personally and it would be pretty upsetting. I had a friend a few years back who had an exceptional race and for those who new her we weren't surprised, she combined natural talent and hard work to have a blinder. Her race was taken apart and debated on this and other chat sites in a similar way to this thread, she was devastated. By all means continue to debate Kona qualification but perhaps it would be good to shut this thread down and do it else where because lets be honest we want to encourage more people into triathlon especially females.
  13. Lesmack

    Cairns Preview

    Do the skyrail. The only problem if you come back by train is that your car is at the skyrail. We just went up and back via the skyrail, make sure you get off at the stops and do the walks. Drive up to Port Douglas for a look, the drive its self is amazing and far easier than when you will be riding it. You can also go to Mossman Gorge. Palm Cove is lovely for lunch, a swim and a wonder. The is also a rather large reef just off shore thats worth a look!!
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