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  1. Lesmack

    Gold Coast Marathon

    Keep an eye out for these guys https://www.facebook.com/777marathons/. This will be their 7th marathon in 7 days in 7 states , all for a fantastic cause, Braveheart. I had the privilege of doing post run massage for them after number 1 and they had some great and sad reasons for doing this. Im really hoping that they all make it to the end so give them a heads up if you see them.
  2. Lesmack

    Bike shipping to Roth 2017

    Hi Asmithaxe. We freighted ours back as we were flying our of Milan however we had friends who did leave theirs at Munich the year before. It was straight forward but gets a bit expensive if you are staying in Europe for a while. Still no where near as expensive as freight. https://www.munich-airport.com/left-luggage-851650
  3. Lesmack

    Ironman IVs

    I agree with Willie. At Roth the conversation went. Them- how are you feeling. Me- pretty average. Them- can u keep water down. Me - take a mouthful, of water and pretty much throw it up on their feet. Them - come this way. Like willie said the triage had around 100 beds, all drips were administered by drs and med students sat with you whilst is was in. All very regulated and safe. It just seems to be accepted over there whilst I had a friend crawl over the line in Busso in a really nasty way and they just shipped her out. As long as it was safe and regulated I would definielty do it again. Really it is just accelerated hydration. Obviously if the triage was busy, which it wasn’t at the time I’m assuming they would be a bit less accomodating.
  4. Lesmack

    Ironman IVs

    I think anyone having one of these prior to a race is nuts as you never know whats in them. However after a race is different. In Roth they have a massive post race triage. If you are feeling sick they will wack you on a drip and if you still feel unwell they put an anti nausea in the second bag. (To tell the truth I wasn't feeling super awful I had just heard that they were very effective and wanted to find out). I had both and felt so much better the next day. Yes you are still sore but the post race hangover that you can get just wasn't there. There was a noticeable difference between the people who had had an IV to those in our group who hadn't. Not sure if I would head to an IV bar but if an IV comes to you post race Im all for it.
  5. Lesmack

    Kona qualifier 15+

    Its great to see lots of debate about the subject as this is what the page is for. However I really hope the person who the page was started for is not reading this. Although Im sure no one here is meaning to insinuate she was less deserving of a Kona spot than others who raced but Im betting if she read it she would be taking this personally and it would be pretty upsetting. I had a friend a few years back who had an exceptional race and for those who new her we weren't surprised, she combined natural talent and hard work to have a blinder. Her race was taken apart and debated on this and other chat sites in a similar way to this thread, she was devastated. By all means continue to debate Kona qualification but perhaps it would be good to shut this thread down and do it else where because lets be honest we want to encourage more people into triathlon especially females.
  6. Lesmack

    Cairns Preview

    Do the skyrail. The only problem if you come back by train is that your car is at the skyrail. We just went up and back via the skyrail, make sure you get off at the stops and do the walks. Drive up to Port Douglas for a look, the drive its self is amazing and far easier than when you will be riding it. You can also go to Mossman Gorge. Palm Cove is lovely for lunch, a swim and a wonder. The is also a rather large reef just off shore thats worth a look!!
  7. Well done. I hope you took the advice from above and smiled the whole way around and had a blast. Nice work look forward to hearing about your next triathlon challenge.
  8. Lesmack

    Cairns 2018

    I have done the I twice. The first time was in 2011 when it was Challenge Cairns and the day was perfect. Sunny, no wind, not to hot or humid. The second was in 2013 and it was wet and howling. If you are a strong biker and don't mind the wind too much it is fast because you can bomb it with the tail wind. As someone said the hills arn't too bad and there are some long sweeping down hills that you can get serious speed on even if you are a crap descender like myself. The only tricky down hill is Rex coming back as there is quite a sharp bend on it. You also get to rest or spin your legs on them which makes a massive difference. For me Busso is a harder cycle as you really don't get any time to rest being totally flat. Some cyclist may like this but for me effort followed by rest means I can remain fresh for longer. Its also amazingly beautiful which helps when things get tough!
  9. Lesmack

    Perth. Racing, training, etc?

    PS Wesley College in South Perth has a public gym and pool. The hours are a bit restricted as the school has priority but they have a very cheap pool and gym membership.
  10. Lesmack

    Perth. Racing, training, etc?

    Hi Paul, There is a Perth Trail Series that does off road running. They also run on a Thursday evening around 6 in Kings park. Get on either their web site or FB. I swim with a group at Wesley college in South Perth Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the season. we are on a break until July/ August because we are soft and its cold outside! We also swim at Cottesloe Sunday mornings in summer. If you head to Cott on a Sunday it is like a freeway around 7-7.30 as most groups swim then. Most people tolerate the sharks and just get on with it. All pools would have a suitable squad just pick the most convenient. There are a million groups cycling around the river most mornings, South Perth Rouleurs have a number of groups and would be close to you and as FFF said we have a cycle path from Perth to past Mandurah which also gets a bit busy leading up to Busso in May or the IM. Its boring s batshit but reasonably safe. If you like to get dirty there are some great purpose built MT bike trails at the Calamunda Camel Farm. Enjoy Perth.
  11. Lesmack

    Banning discs?

    I'm assuming that you have seen the update on the Busso 70.3 page about disc wheels. You can use them if you are confident with them in challenging conditions. They can ban them, they wouldn't let people ride on them in Wanaka. Its going to be a tough day Sunday, have fun.
  12. Lesmack

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    Its interesting that all Xadventure swims went ahead this weekend at Dunsborough which is in the same bay as Busso. Storms were forecasted and the ocean was rough. We had similar maybe less safety on the water and a quick sweep from the westpac helicopter. There was a change in course to keep it closer to the beach which they said was due to strong winds. Perhaps its true that triathlon caters for the weakest link (swimmer) whilst adventure racing says "toughen up this is safe but its not going to be easy". PS it was also heaps of fun!
  13. Lesmack

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    I don't think the Dunsborough locals would be keen to have Dunsborough in grid lock, they have enough of that during the summer school holidays. 😀 Let see if the xAdventure swims go ahead this weekend. I recon there is more chance of them being canned due to the weather than due to sharks.
  14. Lesmack

    Cairns 70.3 - any good?

    Zed its an awesome course. The bike is stunning and is quite undulating with some short sharp climbs. That being said the down hills are pretty fast. The road surface is good. The only problem can be the wind, it is usually a south easterly which means it is in your face all the way back to Cairns and it can howl. I haven't done the new run but pretty sure it is around the town board walk where there are loads of people hanging about which is fun. Completely flat. I have done the IM twice once in 2011 when the weather was just perfect and then in 2013 when it rained and the wind howled, not so much fun. But it is a great place to holiday. As its only a few weeks after Busso there are heaps of people to train with. I like Palm Cove better than Cairns but the roads are pretty congested on the race day so getting back is a slow process.
  15. Cranky I had to google your swim squad to make sure you hadn't made an error on the time. Who in their right mind gets up to swim at 4.15am.