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  1. Lesmack

    Challenge Roth 2020

    Fantastic, its a great race.That impressive getting two online entries, we just went with TriTravel. As the others said its fast but the bike is not flat at all, pretty much undulating the whole way with a couple of short sharp climbs. I'm a Perth girl too and training regularly in the hills around here was more than enough to be fit enough for the Roth bike. Most importantly it is a fantastic excuse for a European vacation!!!
  2. My previous coach used CSS but we never just did 100s on our css. It was more a normal session but you were aware of what speed you should be attempting to hold. They were very rarely on your CSS but plus a few seconds and those times and rest changed regularly with what the set was trying to achieve. Do you use a beeper? I trained on my own for an IM using sets she gave me and found it was very effective because the beeper doesn't lie! It also meant that other people could use the same set just change the times to suit their CSS. Our coach was trained by Paul Newsome and used the swim smooth program. If you could get your hands on a few of his sets your CSS may make more sense.
  3. I am wearing Hoka Speed Goats off road mainly because the shoe part is narrower than all the other Hoka off road shoes. Any suggestions what on road shoe would be similar. I have narrow foot and find some of the Hokas I could almost get both feet in one. Im looking for comfort not speed!!
  4. Challenge won't allow its events to be contracted by teams associated with IM. That what happened to Challenge Cairns in 2012, the team that ran it was bought by IM only a few months prior to the race. Challenge said no way, thus IM Cairns. So someone else may run it as a Challenge event or IM may appear with a new IM Shep or the race or it may be independent. Who runs Challenge Melbourne? They may be completely independent but if they have anything to do with IM I imagine it will go.
  5. Thank you both for the race reports. It looks absolutely amazing. Turts what a fantastic effort. I love that you just do bat Sh*t crazy stuff just because you can. Well done to you both.
  6. Hi Katz. I use the same paddles as bog frog as does our squad. Just had a look they are the Junior ones(White). Good to work on hand placement. I am also a short female.
  7. Hi AJS, just cut and pasted this from another post I had commented on. We went to Roth last year (2016) and unfortunately there was not easy or cheap way to get your bike there or back. We flew Singapore airlines who allow 30kg and managed to get 2 bikes, everything we needed to race and clothes for a 4 week holiday with a kg or 2 to spare. Our problem was we wanted to ship them back which we ended up doing but it cost around $2000 for 2 bikes. Could of almost paid for a friend to come and accompany them back. In hind sight we would have flown in and out of Munich and left them at the airport left luggage. Hope that helped. We used WORLD BAGGAGE. If you can do without your bike for a couple of months you can ship them back, we flew ours which was meant to take a week but was more like 3 weeks with custom etc.
  8. Hi Katz and Turts. What kind of trail shoes do you use. I have a narrow foot and have bought some Saucony Perigrine which are pretty comfortable. My only concern is they don't have a rock plate and Im worried about rocks hitting the bottom of my foot. Wouldn't be a problem but need to back up for 4 days which would be hard with a bruised foot. Thoughts??
  9. If you go with Blue seventy they fit pretty accurate to their sizing chart. They have a lot of different sizes that fit both slim and a little round.
  10. I wear a sleeveless Blue seventy helix. I find that they fit really well and are very flexible.They also have female sizing that suits me. I bought the cheaper version Blue Seventy once and hated it the helix felt like a second skin, this one didn't. If the Blue seventy helix fits you I highly recommend them. You can sometimes find old versions quite cheap online. I wear one that's about 4 years old.
  11. Well done to those going to the worlds. If it makes you feel any better I did the Worlds in Perth many years ago and it was only a couple of hundred $$ cheaper. I also live in Perth so if I got sick I would use my DR and my LBS if there was a problem with my bike. Our uniforms were another couple of hundred and awful frog green and designed for women who were a max of 50kg, which I am not. My kiwi mate paid something like half the price which included her race kit which was a flattering black!!! Anyway the race is just an excuse for a holiday, I hope you have an amazing time .
  12. Awesome.....and terrifying!!!
  13. Hi Lawman. Somehow I have got myself entered for Larapinta this year. (Short Course) I am not a great runner but to tell the truth run, walk, climb repeat suits me better than pounding the pavement. My focus will be getting to the end alive, not getting broken and learning to back up day after day. I have spoken to friends who did it last year but any bits of advice would be gratefully taken on board.
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