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  1. Any reason why you think 165s would have been better? Thinking of going from 172.5s to 165s for TT
  2. My bride has just gone from 165 to 155 on her TT and reports a massive difference. Seems to engage all leg muscle groups now, stops her 'toeing' and keeps her knees straight up and over. Someone also mentioned, but it has opened up her hip angle nicely & gets her into a much more aero position. I am about to go from 172.5 to 170 myself, purely to help the longevity of my knees. Have a look around, but there are articles on lab tests done that show there was no reduction in power output through different crank lengths. For me the longer you can be comfortable on the bike, the bet
  3. Nice, interested to know if your training going in will be specific for the sprint or Olympic distance?
  4. Nice pick up, but lets face it they will probably be quicker over two races than I would be over one.
  5. Nah mate not at all, people do 50 Ironmans in 50 days right.
  6. Don’t think his events go for 60mins & then 2hours plus!!
  7. So will you do both SD and OD in September, presuming you qualify for both? Sorry but I still struggle to see how people will give it 100% on the Thursday, knowing they are racing an OD 72 hours later.
  8. 40-44 female AG coming up as normal points not double
  9. Always used single sided stages. The old battery covers use to cause me issues, but just used black electrical tape to keep cover & battery tight to ensure perfect contact. New battery covers have a better turning lock & never had an issue.
  10. The most expensive race per K you can do!
  11. Yep! https://goldcoast.triathlon.org/registration/
  12. Standard distance $360USD, sprint $340USD or both $560USD
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