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  1. Archery is a bit like cycling, many different bows for different purposes. You have traditional bows, replicating bows and technology from throughout history. There is olympic recurve, which is shown off predominantly at the olympics. There is compound archery, which uses mechanical pulleys to accelerate the arrows far faster than a traditional or olympic bow can manage (generally used for hunting, but there is also a small amount of target archery happens with these. Archery is all about form and repetition e.g. drawing the arrow back to the exact same place on your chin gives you the same amount of power and arrow speed every time, and therefore replication. It's all about practice. A starter recurve set-up will set you back between $300 and $400. When you get to the pointy end it can cost a fair bit more, but not as much as cycling - a state of the art compound bow can cost as much as $2300, top of the line sight about $500 or so, release aid about $200 etc.Arrows are relatively cheap but consumable, a bit like tubes (about $10 to $30 each) but they get lost, or you shoot them into each other and they need to be replaced. There are a few different types of competition - olympic target archery is the most well renowned, which I'm sure we've all seen every 4 years or so. There is also 3d archery, which features foam animals with scoring zones, obstacles to shoot around (trees) and unspecified distances. There is also field archery which is similar to 3d, and clouting which is a bit like racing penny farthings. A robin hood is when you shoot an arrow into the back of another arrow so perfectly that it splits it. It's the equivalent of a hole in one, in rarity as well as that it is easier to manage the closer it is (think mini golf vs par 5). It does differ, though, in that after the first couple it stops being exciting and starts to get annoying and expensive. That said I know many people who have never got one at any distance. Globally, archery for hunting purposes is muuuuch bigger than target archery. I would say in roughly the same ratio as triathlon is bigger than time trialling. In Australia it is roughly 50/50.
  2. did a couple of laps of kew boulevard this morning, complete with a couple of extra strength efforts for good measure. It was great, about 3 hours plus coffee. Then I tried to go to archery, only got about 50 shots in before my buggered shoulder couldn't hold the bow still enough to get any accuracy and my form was going to shit so I went home.
  3. did he catch finman?
  4. torx


    Old mate on the bike track was at it again today, down on the aerobars. Kinda weird though, he gave me a smile and a wave as he went past. I wonder how he handled the group of 20 school kids 100m up the trail from him? Admittedly I was on a track bike, but at least I have the sense to keep my speed down to sub 20km/h.
  5. My wife just got hers, loves it. I tried it, thought it was pretty good. Does anyone else have one? https://www.getvi.com Worst website ever, gives absolutely nothing away. In a nutshell it is a set of earphones with a hr monitor in the buds, which connects via bluetooth to your phone and an app which tracks your run (or ride if you have an iPhone) via gps, keeps records, offers encouragement and gives live feedback. Music as per spotify, so whatever you want to listen to. Also has a mic in the headset to deal with phone calls etc. I just used it for the first time on a ride, and it was awesome. Unfortunately I will have to spend a bit of time on spotify making some playlists because I can't deal with Keith Urban and Tim McGraw (my wife's music). Full disclosure; my wife works for a company which has invested in this company, and she bought one after seeing it at an investor showcase.
  6. http://www.cannondale.com/en/USA/Products/ProductCategory.aspx?nid=8506cef7-0581-4e08-8f4e-16951ab30eea I have a bit of a horn for one of these, I don't know why. I think it's a bit of n+1, I don't really need it but I am considering adding the apex model to the fleet. Does anyone have one or have any experience with them? I haven't seen one in the flesh yet.
  7. no training today, but went to the archery range as it has been pretty horrible outside. Got in a good couple of hours of practice, worked on a couple of technique things that my coach has been helping me with. Got in some good shooting at some non standard distances as well just to keep myself sharp. I hope the weather fines up soon.
  8. torx


    Inconsiderate people are flogs. A couple of weeks ago the hawthorn velodrome was pretty busy on a Sunday morning. There was a few people riding laps, there was a young girl being taught by her father how to use clip ins on a road bike, and then a small group of riders who were taking themselves a bit too seriously turned up. I jumped off the bike to help the young girl with her clip ins, gave her a couple of pointers and basically re-enforced what her dad was trying to do (sometimes it takes someone other than a father or mother to get the message across, as I'm sure you all know). To be fair the young lady was learning her skills in the fast lane - the lower area of the velodrome is technically designated for faster riders, but the higher area is slightly steeper so not really suitable for learning cleats. It would have been more ideal for her to have jumped onto a basketball court or something like that, especially since she was stopping and putting the foot down and getting started again. But everyone has to start somewhere. However It does not excuse the 4 flogs who were buzzing the poor girl, giving her what was at most 6 inches as they blew past her at about 45, and then giving her a bit of stick for daring to use a public velodrome when they wanted to ride hard for three laps at a time. They frightened the poor girl to the point that she wanted to get off the bike and not get back on. Pretty brave of her to push through it after that I thought.
  9. torx


    hahahahahaha I see what you did there
  10. I think I saw that one - real robert mugabie stuff.
  11. torx


    Whatever happened to that evil cadence guy, he was a flog.
  12. torx


    Guy comes in to the shop and asks to look at Ultegra or Dura ace chains. He is shown the options, but sees the price tag. "I can buy them at half the price online." he says before turning and walking out of the store without another word. This guy is a flog; it is pretty well established that you can buy stuff online cheaper than in store. But if you can't wait a week and you need a chain/tube/tyre/cable right there and then, then it's like petrol on the nullabor - if you need it, it costs what it costs. Instead he wasted my time and gave me the shits. Another day, a young guy comes in with a busted back wheel on a bike he bought on gumtree. Wheel was not repairable, I quoted him on a replacement wheel. "Well, that's about double what I paid for the bike. Can I have those details you just worked out so I can go and shop around?" my reply "No, I will keep them right here, and if you want to buy from somewhere else you can do your own research." ps the price of the wheel was $79 I could go on. I may later.
  13. torx

    Things I learnt today

    so you hadn't put the lock ring on properly? Or you hadn't put the smallest cog on properly? As a side note, the indentations on the splines are usually caused by not enough torque being applied to the lock ring. The lock ring says it needs 40Nm on there, most people don't know just how much force that really is (i.e. lots and lots) Try it with a long bar torque wrench some time, it's fascinating just how much force they are suggesting.
  14. torx


    nah fktard is the firebug who lit a fire in the brush next to the monash freeway near the hawthorn velodrome on monday night. This guy was just a couple of chromosomes short
  15. torx

    TV Shows

    really enjoying season 2 of the last kingdom on netflix. loved season 1, hate being drip fed season 2 though... anyone read the books?
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