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  1. The Mental Health thread

    Cheers. Everyday since I've had this feeling of dread, but I must do what is best for me and not be held to ransom. I can't concerntrate on anything. It will pass, but for now I am pretty screwed up. *more than usual...lol Thanks everyone.
  2. IM nutrition strategy - bottles/special needs

    Great thread 👍👍
  3. The Mental Health thread

    Thanks H Definitely the hardest decision I have ever made so far in my life. I wish her all the best.
  4. The Mental Health thread

    So, after three months and 6 days of knowing and supporting my friend/girlfriend, I broke up with her this morning. I was difficult given that our relationship started pretty much when she attempted, and nearly succeeded, suicide. I did actually feel trapped for the last two months of it. Like if I left I would tip her over the edge and she'd do it again. I felt responsible for her actions. It was and will be bloody tough over the next while. But it got to a point where she was leaving me sleepless and stressed and it negativly effected the rest of my life too much. I do feel like I have failed her and her kids but I have to look after myself and my daughter and my life. Hope everyone is ok. Sorry for the long time no post then dump, but I needed to vent. Take care all.
  5. SO.......???

    More likely instagram melted due to all the "look at me" posts from the Melbourne one and done crowd.... LOL
  6. SO.......???

    Yes! I am investing in a good swag, double. Love sleeping in them, used to be a second home way back when.
  7. What training did you do today?

  8. Gutted with club race change

    Yeah, fair concerns there Goughy. Happens at all sporting clubs to some degree. It's all about the individual nowadays. Some clubs have strategies for keeping people honest, volunteer and the next event is half price etc. Pity you can't go round with your girl. Take it easy mate
  9. SO.......???

  10. 2017 Tour de France

    I've downloaded the Tour Tracker but it has last year's information in it? Maybe they'll swipe it clean on Friday??
  11. Top Money Earners

    Not following.....
  12. SO.......???

    "..... their profits aren't there..." ?✌️
  13. SO.......???

    So it's the last time this year?