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  1. FFF1077

    2018 wrap up

    Great thread. Thanks
  2. FFF1077

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    81.7 this morning
  3. FFF1077

    Port 2019

  4. FFF1077

    Port 2019

    This! 😎👌
  5. FFF1077

    Port 2019

    So true mate. 😎👌👍👍
  6. FFF1077

    Port 2019

    If you say that sort of thing you'll end up being given an entry..... LOL I think that's why I got mine...? "All talk... And gifting him the entry may not be the best thing for him..."
  7. FFF1077

    Port 2019

  8. FFF1077

    What training did you do today...

    But 16hrs of movement is still 16hrs of movement. Take care mate 👍✌️😎
  9. FFF1077

    Short and to the point.

    You're an angel Skel ✌️
  10. FFF1077

    Busso 2018 - The 3 year plan.

    You're a legend mate. So humble and kind And ****ing fast despite missing the goal you set. You'll get to Hawaii. You know that. We know that. You're a gun 😎🤘💪 Enjoy the rest of the year and I'll be watching online when you rock Port. Also it was my pleasure to meet you. You inspire/drive me to think about how to be better and chase the things I want. Awesome stuff ✌️
  11. FFF1077

    Short and to the point.

    Hey This effort would not have been possible if not for the generosity and patience and understanding of the Transitions Triathlon Community. For that I am eternally grateful. Special thanks in no specific order goes to Katz, Stikman, KieranR, Prizna, ZED, MJK, Roxii, Turts, Fitness Buddy, Flanman, Ex Hasbeen, Surfer, Goughy, Pinkboy, Sunnygirl, Peter, Begginer Girl, Bored@work and AP The MKC program took me to places that I have never been, physically and mentally. That's the ONLY REASON why I enjoyed the 13+hrs of Triathlon. The whole thing was paced to perfection on my behalf due to the training AND more to the years and years of advice and mistakes that others have offered/made. Every time I went to self sabotage mode in the race, a little nugget of knowledge or a race report horror story popped up and stopped me. How was it you ask? FUN. So much ****ing fun. Better than I'd dreamed of. Will I be back again soon? NO Best memory? Too many. Seriously, waaayyyy too many. Totally Tri geeked out on the whole thing. Could I get under 13hrs? YES Could I KQ? NO Could I get the 10:00:xx I want? Yep Biggest regret? Not staying after I finished. I feel like a c@nt. 😔😔 If you want to go fast, apply at MKC. If you want to feel part of a community even though you are a socially akward misfit and you love Multi Sport then you should join Trannies. Thanks again all And peacefully iriony has happened. My 910 shat itself and I lost my race file. Bike file was on the Element. That's the universe telling me to go do other things for a while. I love you all ✌️
  12. FFF1077

    Ironman WA 2018 - The Comeback

    So cool 😎✌️😁 Well done Katz.
  13. FFF1077

    Busso 18

    Awesome results and great work KieranR You looked so comfortable and strong on the bike, really cool 😎💪 Even on the run you were outwardly managing it all. Great PB. Thanks for the memories, I'll be cheering from the keyboard at your march towards Taupo 😎🤘💪🍻
  14. FFF1077

    Busso 2018

    This Every Trannie who was there. Not just me ffs
  15. FFF1077

    Busso 2018

    Patience is the key.