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  1. Drank rums and looked at events next year to try and get motivated. Does that count as training?
  2. Where are you located Mike? I know of someone, not a Trannie though. In my other sporting area. Can send details if your interested? Got him to do downlights, powerpoints, oven and induction cooktop
  3. 6 reps of the KAngaroo Point stairs in Bris last night! Legs are trashed today!
  4. Ronny

    Straddie Salute 2019

    Hey Cranky Have done it twice now before they had the year off last year. Did the road and MTB options. Both times we camped at Cylinder beach which was a short walk to the hotel that had the presentations etc. We went up once for a meal then stayed at the camp ground. Alot of people each night Food at the pub we found to be a bit pricey and there is a corner store from memory as you depart the barge. There isn't alot apart from cafe's, bowls club etc where the tri is held. Race wise, swim pretty standard, Road out and back, 1 climb on way out, 2 climbs way back. Run is a combo of road, beach, stairs around the point and then into the finish. Happy to answer any questions! Have fun! Its a good weekend away
  5. After doing pretty much nothing after Half IM, I'm entered in the Brisbane Marathon in June! Better get training! Its going to be ugly!
  6. Ronny

    Height & weight

    178 and 83 kegs. Ideally like to get into the high 70's to make it a little easier! Its just that I like Rum and Coke!
  7. Tried to run in Brisbane heat. Started, got a partial run in and nearly died. The training is looking fantastic!
  8. Ronny

    TV Shows

    Anyone had a look at the new Netflix one "Altered Carbon". I'm four episodes in and seem interesting Set in the future where bodies are sleeves and people can enter a different body as long as the stack in the neck isnt damaged. Mercinary is bought back from being on ice to solve a murder and get his freedom.
  9. By all accounts there are a group of riders that are still going to do the ride starting same time, same place. DOT watchers rejoice!
  10. Ran 5.5km round a sydney Park with Willie from here. Didn’t die so Thanks for the run and advise!
  11. between this, married at First Sight and The cooking show, I'm glad Ive got Netflix and other options. All sh*t! At least there is Cricket on tonight! First Semi for the 20/20
  12. Hi all Looking for some info from the members. I travel to Sydney once a fortnight for three days for work. Arrive Monday morning on the red eye and out Wednesday night. Can anyone advise what’s around for swimming/running. I work on George street near central station and usually stay close by. I’ve noticed Prince Alfred Park. Any good? i am a fat slow triathlete so looking to get into some routine to eliminate the finish work, pub for beers meal and bed. thanks!
  13. We picked up this for our son last year http://www.mildtowildrc.com.au/rc-cars/electric/1-10-scale-off-road/helion-dominus-sc-brushed-1-10-short-course-truck-rtr.html There are different types of motors (Brushed v brushless), brushless go like the clappers. This one does enough for him! We had to get additional batteries and chargers (online for much cheaper prices). Once the battery dies you then have to wait for the charge to complete. Easier to load up another battery and keep going. We haven't had any issues with the car and its pretty much ready to roll out of the box.
  14. Ronny


    And not only that Ex, his brother is now in the squad for Perth! Any up and comers should change their surname to Marsh for auto selection in the years to come.
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