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  1. School me on remote control cars?

    We picked up this for our son last year http://www.mildtowildrc.com.au/rc-cars/electric/1-10-scale-off-road/helion-dominus-sc-brushed-1-10-short-course-truck-rtr.html There are different types of motors (Brushed v brushless), brushless go like the clappers. This one does enough for him! We had to get additional batteries and chargers (online for much cheaper prices). Once the battery dies you then have to wait for the charge to complete. Easier to load up another battery and keep going. We haven't had any issues with the car and its pretty much ready to roll out of the box.
  2. Cricket

    And not only that Ex, his brother is now in the squad for Perth! Any up and comers should change their surname to Marsh for auto selection in the years to come.
  3. What gets on my quince....

    When people tell you at work to "reach out" to someone. I don't need HR to be involved!
  4. Joe Rogan, Bert Kreischer, Jim Jeffreies and a few american sports ones for NBA/NFL are the ones I have apart from the Tri ones
  5. NBA

    the wage Delly is on, he will be high on the trade I would think. They have 3 PG's now and Delly is 3rd stringer. Get traded or sit the pine with minimal minutes I would think are his options. IN the current game v the Cavs he's played 5:28 for 1 point. (yes I can sit at work and watch NBA/NFL but thats another story)
  6. USA shootings and gun laws

    Trinube, Sandy Hook was mainly kids in Grades 1-5 and teachers from memory. If congress over there isn't shocked by that, not sure what classifies as enough to make them change.
  7. What training did you do today?

    45km on the bike over the gateway bridge after a larger than scheduled break!
  8. NBA

    you can add the pacers to that list Riddos! Went down again today. 76rs another win, Simmons double double, 1 shy of a triple double.
  9. Short man syndrome.

    Fact I am not short but have known a hobbit for years!
  10. NBA

    76rs win today against Dallas. Simmons put up 25 odd points and looked strong doing it. couple of the rookies going really well and will be interesting when they come up against ol lonzo
  11. TV Shows

    Netflix - big mouth. Recommended by a small hobbit on this site. adult cartoon series on the joys of growing up as a 13 yr old with a “hormone monster”. So wrong!!
  12. NBA

    Gordon Hayward just had the most gruesome ankle injury I've seen in a while. 3 mins into opening game of the season. He's gone for the season and then some I'd say!
  13. Australian Bachelorette

    How is this thread not shutdown already?