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  1. Kim jong-un

    Very important news

  2. Kim jong-un

    Mitch 24 hour record attempt

    Do they drug test for such records?
  3. Kim jong-un

    USA shootings and gun laws

  4. https://www.bikeexchange.com.au/a/bike-lights/gemini/vic/melbourne/gemini-iris-rear-light/102832520?gclid=CjwKCAiAmb7RBRATEiwA7kS8VLz4WtAruaLpM_O4WM1y3u_rKOTxdm19MnnKWQPTvAp9qkiByBUqEhoClH0QAvD_BwE 180 Lumen
  5. Kim jong-un

    What would you do?

    Doomsday prepper.
  6. Kim jong-un

    How to download Kona 2017 from Red Bull TV???

    here https://keepvid.com/sites/download-redbull-video.html
  7. Kim jong-un

    Tim Don. Tough

  8. Kim jong-un

    USA shootings and gun laws

    I suspect this guy won't be charged with murder. Makes it even worse
  9. Kim jong-un

    New Busso 70.3 swim course (Dec)

    I wonder how many ironman finishers have volunteered at an ironman to give back. Or do most just take by racing and never volunteer at a full ironman
  10. Kim jong-un

    USA shootings and gun laws

    Movie and TV industry about to take a hit on sex assaults. So tipping a movie star is due to go nuts with a gun soon
  11. Kim jong-un

    New Busso 70.3 swim course (Dec)

    Port , Cairns and NZ are enough. Triatx interesting post
  12. Kim jong-un

    New Busso 70.3 swim course (Dec)

    Great for us asians doing the full. Just take a short cut
  13. Kim jong-un

    Athlete tracker

    Tell me it's a tatt of a turtle on your back. I make all my generals have tramp stamps They look great
  14. Kim jong-un

    What nutrition do you use

  15. Kim jong-un

    Kane Cornes 2.35 Marathon

    400k a year working for croc media. Beats 80k as a fire fighter