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    Port 2019

    GOOSE PIMPLES! So excited
  2. monkie

    Port 2019

    Not looking likely for a wetsuit... https://www.seatemperature.org/australia-pacific/australia/port-macquarie.htm
  3. I'm totally relaxed about the plan and happy to let people who know the vibe more decide, just keen to get some times in the diary so we don't all end up missing each other (especially as one of the new ones of the gang, I'd like to recognise more people on course).
  4. Yep I mean I have to track it per KM rather than per month. I do mine through Garmin Connect, there's certainly no manual logging going on!
  5. I have four pairs on the go at once so I have to track them individually if I want a hope of knowing where I'm at!
  6. Sooo many variables at play. I use 500k as the benchmark for me but it can be as low as 400k or as high as 600k but I usually retire then from running (and put them into general wear category) at 550k just to be on the safe side as I've injured myself before by grinding along on an old pair too long.
  7. They are still liable for SG if they primarily pay the contractor for their labour (I found this out to our disadvantage and had to make some back payments!).
  8. Yes I was wondering when to chip back in as the thread seems to keep getting de-reailed somewhat... I think a swim on the Friday morning at 0730 for those that can make it and then would love do lunch as well. @Flanman should we set a venue for the swim? It might just be you and me but at least then other people can join at will... Somebody who knows the place should suggest a lunch venue?
  9. We're both long experienced St John volunteers in the UK so understand the value of volunteering and how good it is for the soul. However she doesn't really have any interest in giving back to triathlon (it's my thing, not hers) and given current state of her recovery there's no way she will be able to be on her feet all day or for more than an 2 hours at a time realistically. Koala Hospital sounds great along with the beaches and the Tomato Farm. Thanks all!
  10. That looks great Andrew and I'd love to join you... I'm not an early starter though... what time are you planning? I'm looking to do about 4 hours including the way up and back. And yeah, it's a shitty loop. I never really planned it I just ended up doing it and it's reasonably safe, I know where I am and I know where there are toilet and water stops! You can get a decent workout on it too as there are a lot of hills but it's nothing like a TT effort. I only ride outdoors about once every three months (plus races although none of them so far this year) so it's not bothered me that much but your option looks a lot more pleasant!
  11. I'm sure @Prince will have some advice from an HR point of view. I'll come at it from the other side as an owner a small business back in the UK we had an issue with a staff member who claimed he was owed extra holiday but wouldn't show us the calculations he had used to get to the point. We ended up going backwards and forwards for months with him just being difficult and seeming to want to make a point by making our lives complicated and raising all sorts of threats about who he was going to take us to etc. I'm not saying that is the case here at all but if he had sat down with us, showed us his calculations and explained how he wanted us to rectify the situation (turns out we did owe him an extra three days of holiday) then we would have happily paid him and carried on from there. In the end the relationship broke down so far that he left, with his three days of extra holiday but then continued to cause issues moving forwards for a while. Additionally he got no character reference from us and this meant that he couldn't get a security clearance for a later role. If the employer has already taken the stance of "**** the law" then you have little room for manoeuvre but I would still say that your next step should be to lay out in a letter what you believe the situation to be, what information you need to sort it out and what your ideal resolution would be. Give them a reasonable amount of time to respond and only then would I escalate it further. If they do reduce your hours to zero then I believe you would have grounds for constructive dismissal (i.e. they changed the terms of your employment to the point that you had no choice except to resign) but I'm not entirely sure how that plays in Australian law. In the UK we have two services, the Citizens Advice Bureau which is there to advise people on money issues etc. but is not a statutory authority and also ACAS which is the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service which is designed to settle disputes between employers and employees. I'm not sure if you have the equivalent here but a similar option might be good as getting somebody like them involved is less confrontational than the ATO or Fair Work. If it all fails though the director of the company is personally liable for SG.
  12. Mrs Monkie is accompanying me for the race, we're going up on the Thursday and would like to try and find a couple of things to pop out and do on the Friday and Saturday PM to make the trip worthwhile for her and to distract me! She's not very mobile at the moment (recent appendectomy post perforation) so that might have a bearing on options... Suggestions gratefully received!
  13. Dam shame but I need to be well on the way back to Sydney by 3pm as I'm flying the next day. Further complication is the wife can't drive at the moment so sobriety is required!
  14. Cheers mate, lovely stuff... I can see the West Head return easy enough: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Terrey+Hills+NSW/West+Head+Lookout,+W+Head+Rd,+Ku-Ring-Gai+Chase+NSW+2084/Terrey+Hills+NSW/@-33.6770069,151.2293369,15.02z/data=!4m20!4m19!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b0d566392b76eff:0x5017d681632cd50!2m2!1d151.223!2d-33.683!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b0d4d5c78b8f4dd:0xd87c759eae04d59c!2m2!1d151.3085474!2d-33.5790316!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b0d566392b76eff:0x5017d681632cd50!2m2!1d151.223!2d-33.683!3e1 But could you clarify Duffy's? Sorry if it's a dumb question, I really don't know the area!
  15. I'm planning on taking the bike actually outdoors next weekend to give it a test before Port an I'm looking for suggestions of decent routes where I can get some good time down on the bars. My usual route (see below) is fine but consists of lots of stopping for lights / long hills / steep hills / pavements / twisty bike tracks. Any suggestions as to some good drags I can get to from Chatswood? https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/3084938021
  16. 2h20 Z2 at 5:31s then an hour in the ocean this arvo. Tired now.
  17. Bumping this... they have short dated stock at 71% off if anybody is stocking up!
  18. Well... this has been fun Are we saying swim on the Friday at 0730 and then coffee / breakfast afterwards?
  19. 3k ocean swim yesterday and an easy 90 mins on the bike. Today was a 4hour turbo (back to back Mamma Mias) and then a 40 minute Z2 run which was at 5:05 pace today which is an indication that things are in a great reasonable place. Edit to check my hubris!!
  20. I'm a late starter so 7.30 works for me!
  21. Agreed. Actions have consequences. Freedom of speech aye but also freedom of repercussion. I think Prince's suggestion will be what happens, he'll get paid out but never play again. Shame.... as a pom this is brilliant. As a decent human I hope he suffers financially.
  22. Ooo. That's another interesting angle. I shall watch with interest! Thank you for your insight.
  23. Interesting. So this would be a test case as to whether the code of conduct is enforceable?
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