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  1. monkie

    Alan Jones

    Exactly. You and I disagree on some stuff. But I don't think I've ever been impolite to you. Being aware of what other people think is so important. I don't have an IJ or a More in my real life, having them here makes me wiser.
  2. monkie

    Alan Jones

    Crikey... I'm a negative tosser? I think I'm mostly quite chirpy...
  3. monkie

    Alan Jones

    So that's me, IJ and More... I'm struggling to understand how somebody who is so middle of the road is offensive to somebody who chooses to post on an internet forum. Interesting lesson.
  4. monkie

    Alan Jones

    I reckon it must be me!
  5. monkie

    Alan Jones

    Oh he is. But having left Facebook I seem to have to get involved in stuff here. But here is actually good. In the main it's a respectful disagreement and I learn a lot. I have changed my mind (a bit) throughout this topic. This is healthy. I'm smart but I ain't an oracle.
  6. monkie

    Alan Jones

    Argh, That moment that I agree with IJ 😉 Doesn't mean I can't try and get both of them off any kind of airwaves. That's how the world works.
  7. monkie

    Alan Jones

    And finally, yes I f*cking despise homophobes and racists. Having been on the receiving end of both... not a fan.
  8. monkie

    Alan Jones

    Tax != free. I get very annoyed when anybody claims the NHS (or Medicare) is free. It is free at the point of delivery. Very different to free. I think calling it free undervalues it.
  9. monkie

    Alan Jones

    Obviously (and predictably) I disagree with you. I believe in small government without allowing the poorest of the least fortunate to fall through the gaps. That makes me a socialist. I believe that the government should not legislate on matters that affect private lives (e.g. the government should not define what marriage is). That would make me a small c conservative. I believe employers should be allowed to make at will decisions about who they employ (hence Folau being fires and hopefully Jones too)... that makes me rather right wing. Controversially I don't believe in the right to strike. Left and right is a bit daft.
  10. monkie

    Alan Jones

    P.S. I don't like high taxes!
  11. monkie

    Alan Jones

    Nah, he's a big C Conservative. And again, who are "the left"?
  12. monkie

    Alan Jones

    Also, what does Alan Jones' bile have to do with taxes?
  13. monkie

    Alan Jones

    Oooo... now there's a question 😛
  14. monkie

    Alan Jones

    Couldn't agree more. It's such a silly way to categorise people. I have used it in this topic but only to highlight or try and ask people to define it.
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