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  1. monkie


    I used to spend a lot of my spare time volunteering as a St John Ambulance Attendant and a Community First Responder, I now just do St John when I get the chance when back home (finish line of London Marathon on Sunday ) but I really miss it most of the time. It's amazing the difference you can make by just being nice when people are having a s**t time which is usually the case when they've called 999!
  2. monkie

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    Just in case people have missed this, I understand there has been a change in on-course nutrition: http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/events/asiapac/ironman/australia/athletes/event-nutrition.aspx#axzz5Coki9xbc
  3. monkie

    Boston Marathon

    Good luck RBR! You'll smash it. Also you're expression in the above photo has made my morning! Monkie
  4. monkie

    Password Managers

    I don't think you need to send it back I think they give you a special tool to do it but you do need to ask them :-)
  5. monkie

    Regrets - Do you have any?

    Exactly this. There are things that I would probably do differently if I had the option to do them again but I don't so that's that. My life is brilliant now and that is the result of a long list of decisions and a whole lot of luck (both good and bad). Could it have been better if I had made different decisions? Maybe... but then it could just as easily have been worse...
  6. monkie

    Password Managers

    The official line is that you have to get in touch with Samsung... However there's a workaround hack here: https://www.aomeitech.com/articles/samsung-t3-ssd-format.html Implement at your own risk! Edit: Just noticed that it only works on Windows 7 and not over USB... So maybe get in touch with Samsung.
  7. monkie

    Garmin HR Monitor battery dying quick

    4 years is fair enough I reckon for a thing that gets routinely wet etc. You're doing better than me, I left mine somewhere! And yes please Willie as soon as the shop is online I shall be a-ordering (I'm back in the UK so can't pop down).
  8. monkie

    Trainingpeaks merge

    I assumed you already did
  9. monkie

    Challenge Wanaka Full just got canned

    This was a bucket list race of mine
  10. monkie

    Password Managers

    What they refused to do was to create a version of iOS which they could flash the phone with and permit brute forcing. Apple's argument was that the government couldn't be trusted and once they made the software once it would almost certainly end up being leaked. Seeing as the exploit that Wannacry used was originally created by the NSA I think they had a point! The Israelis ar pretty good at this sort of thing though and managed to build a workaround.
  11. monkie

    Password Managers

    Just checked and the LP app will not auto-fill the CBA app. That's because banking apps will often disable the mechanism by which LP autofills other apps for security reasons (it uses the accessibility features of your phone, like a screen reader). You can hoever log into LP on your phone and copy the username and password into the CBA app. Although CBA app is just a 4 digit pin or fingerprint I think? Monkie
  12. monkie

    Password Managers

    Seriously it's worth it. Imagine a life without thinking about passwords... There might be troubles setting it up... maybe, I didn't have any. But for the price of a few coffees it's worth it.
  13. monkie

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    To be fair she doesn't like the sweat flying everywhere... and I agree. It's a bit grim.
  14. monkie

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    Exactly this. Mrs Monkie worries when I'm out for 7 hours on my own... Sydney drivers make that not a silly worry. In the lounge, we're golden.
  15. monkie

    Password Managers

    You can save it as a "secure note" and then manually copy it.