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  1. monkie

    Training solo

    Yup, pay it forward bro.
  2. monkie

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    Also would love mandatory bike registration with serial numbers recorded. Would help stop flogged (note use of Australian term) bikes!
  3. monkie

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    People get confused between "Rego" and "Motor Vehicle Tax", same in the UK where people talk about "Road Tax". No such thing exists, it's Vehicle Excise Duty which is waived for low polluting vehicles! You can't fix stupid.
  4. monkie

    Training solo

    Don't look at is as a negative. Think how lucky you are to have the opportunity to have this much time to yourself. I love training alone, and in groups. Mixing it up is what it's all about but if you're stuck on your own then like everybody has said, use any tools that work for you. Trainerroad has been a game changer for my cycle leg. If it helps then stick everything else in your Garmin and chase the "Workout Completed". The hardest one I find is swimming. So tempting to drop a couple of laps at the end. Nothing for it except to toughen up, or sometimes make a deal with yourself about using a pull buoy or doing some breaststroke / backstroke.
  5. monkie

    Winterfish 2018

    2.8 today in a last minute sprint but it's not going to be enough.... consistency is key and disappearing off to Singapore and on holidays for a week did for me, even for the baitfish! To next year!
  6. monkie

    Ironman IVs

    I hope this is tongue in cheek? Giving an IV without both a core temperature (that's up the bum) and a blood analysis from an iStat or similar should only be done in either absolute emergencies or when the history and diagnosis are close to 100% known. You can do a shed load of damage to people if given when there are underlying complications, have a read of the medical guidelines for the London Marathon I linked to above. According to some of the world's experts on endurance medicine you should only think about giving IV fluids if somebody is experiencing serious Exercise Associated Collapse and is unable to rehydrate orally. Giving an IV is a serious medical intervention and shouldn't be considered standard rehydration. I've seen too many people end up in clip because some Doctor / Paramedic who is not experienced in EAC has jammed fluids into them. /gets off high horse
  7. monkie

    Ironman IVs

    You can't just IV in Europe... there needs to be a medical need (for it not to be cheating) and it needs to be administered by a medical practitioner. To be fair, for most "normal" people the dehydration etc. experienced at the end of an IM would probably count as a medical need. But that's not what they are suggesting here, this is a service that is saying that people should attend and receive a "Vitamin" IV as a matter of course which is probably cheating and definitely dubious. Lots. In particular where hyponatraemia could be a problem. Directly from the London Marathon medical guidelines: IV fluids are really only indicated in runners with severe EAC who are hypovolaemic with a low BP even when nursed in the head down position and who cannot drink or tolerate oral fluids, or who have continuing fluid loss from vomiting or diarrhoea, or who have significant hyperthermia (see above). Even with these runners an iSTAT measurement should be made if possible to assess the situation and exclude the diagnosis of hyponatraemia). Source: https://www.rcem.ac.uk//docs/RCEM Guidance/2017 Guidelines_for_Management_of_Marathon_Related_Medical_Emergencies.pdf They are prepared by Professor Sanjay Sharma who is known as one of the world's experts on marathon and related medicine.
  8. monkie

    Winterfish 2018

    2km this morning. Slowly slowly catchy baitfish. Edit, just realised how far through we are. Another failed year!
  9. monkie

    I Believe

    All of the advice given here is pretty good. I disagree with the EMF thing and unless you turn your and your neighbours' wifi off it won't make much difference. However the above I do agree with on devices. I have started used my watch as my alarm clock and leaving my phone on charge in the kitchen and have noticed a significant improvement in sleep quality (and can show it as quantified by my watch). Goughy's reason of subconscious wanting to check is certainly one of them, these devices and apps are designed to release serotonin as a reward for engaging with them and if they are near then you can start craving that. The other is that I plug my phone in in the kitchen and then begin the bedtime routine finishing with a read of a book. That means I have at least a clear 30 mins between my last mobile device interaction and going to bed and that mitigates the very real effect of the blue light stimulation. Mrs M is far more talkative than me and so is always messaging folk back in the UK right up until the last minute before she tries to sleep... she sleeps terribly.
  10. monkie

    Data and Running Shoes

    It'll be hosted seperately, will just be pushed to get people to join in through Facebook as well as anywhere else that we can!
  11. monkie

    TA Membership time

    I was gonna say this should be an option... although looking at the amount of races I'm planning it might be worth it for day licences.
  12. monkie

    Data and Running Shoes

    That's all good! Every model is different.
  13. monkie

    Data and Running Shoes

    Please share your shoe history when we're ready to go, 25 models would be very valuable!
  14. monkie

    Data and Running Shoes

    Yep yep. I'll head down for 7 and call you when I get there 🙂
  15. monkie

    Data and Running Shoes

    This is the perfect use case! We're not quite ready to go just yet although I've built a prototype of the data collecting site but I'm sure @willie will be along in a moment with some more immediate advice!