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  1. Anyone got a Tesla Powerwall?

    Costs are pretty transparent here: https://www.tesla.com/en_AU/powerwall?redirect=no
  2. Utopia

    Now fully into this. SO GOOD!
  3. Is this the new form of terror

    Whereabouts? Just out of interest as Chatswood is home to me...
  4. Dick Smith fair go.

    Not necessarily.... what we are seeing at the moment is a huge spike in population growth because we're in a bit of a magic spot. If you look at population growth figures over time on a country by country basis you see them spike and then reduce. This is because in underdeveloped countries people have a lot of kids but lots of them die young and overall life expectancy is comparatively short. As countries develop and modern medicine comes in along with social care etc. the need to have large families reduces and people start to have fewer children. The problem is that there is a lag between those two things happening. I'm not saying it's not a problem but the global population will not continue to grow at the current speed forever. I believe technology will save us. Once we have effective solar power and / or nuclear fusion then we can use that unlimited and virtually free energy to renew huge parts of the world that are currently uninhabitable such as the middle of Australia and the Sahara desert. Water can be produced from desalinisation or from capturing gas from space. But then I'm an eternal optimist!
  5. Utopia

    Saw this and thought that Utopia sounded like it was worth a watch. Ended up with the UK TV Series... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utopia_(UK_TV_series) A really dark and weird programme! Not what I was expecting at all. I now realise there is a name clash.
  6. Is this the new form of terror

    From the emergency planning stuff I did in London the biggest fear is still an active shooter incident in terms of numbers of deaths but, like you say, the problem with the vehicle stuff is how easy it is to do. We'll see more and more barriers (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) at events and generally around busy places.
  7. The Mental Health thread

    This. I have a friend in London who had a relationship with a lady with serious mental health issues. It almost broke him. He made the same tough choice to end the relationship but to remain her friend and since that he has been much more able to support and help her whilst also getting his own head back on the straight and narrow. Good luck and feel free to come here to vent any time! Monkie
  8. It would appear to be "sort of yes". Source: http://www.findlaw.com.au/articles/5430/what-are-the-current-laws-in-relation-to-marriage-.aspx
  9. Wage Increases

    My last was in January and was 3.6%. I told my boss I had given it to myself and "hoped that was ok". It was.
  10. Uber v Cabbies

    Interesting... to be honest I have used Uber a lot less in London since I moved to Sydney (duh) but I took two on this most recent trip back and they were all prompt, polite and nice clean cars. Most importantly they didn't need me to pay in cash. When I used to take minicabs there was the continuous "It's just turning into your road now" a la Peter Kay or they couldn't find my address in the countryside. Having used Addison Lee intensively in the past (I used to run the NYE event at Brixton Academy and we had Add Lee doing all our artist movements for us) I have to say their customer service was apalling... When we just started getting Ubers for everybody it became much easier!
  11. Heart Issues

    Great news! It doesn't need saying but listen to the docs, they know best! The first time I used a defib in anger as a Community First Responder was for a chap who had been told a week earlier to stop running but was training for a marathon so had gone out for a "gentle jog". Collapsed 200m from being home... fortunately I was booked on and was 3 mins away so we got him back on scene and he survived Very much one of the lucky ones though!
  12. Nah s'fine if that's what your religion tells you.
  13. No. Sorry, I cannot agree here. "allowed to have any opinion she desires without the risk of being labeled". What? So if somebody believes that black people are evil we cannot label them a racist? If somebody believes that women are second rate citizens we cannot label them a sexist? If somebody believes homosexuals should be thrown from roof tops we cannot label them a homophobe? That's just nonsense. What you are saying is that you do not believe that not supporting equal marriage is a homophobic position to hold. I do. On that we will have to disagree. Your last paragraph is just silly.
  14. The Bible is incredibly bigoted and homophobic. It's also full of a load of nonsense about planting crops and touching the skin of a pig but that's a different story. If people hold objectively homophobic beliefs I will continue to refer to them as homophobes. The way they self-justify those views (or justify them to society) is entirely up to them. Being a homophobe does not de-facto make her a bad person. In your opinion all the good she does outweighs her single homophobic view (that you know of) and that's great. I don't know this lady, all I know about her is that you have reported that she holds a homophobic point of view when it comes to equal marriage.
  15. Let's lose the word "religion" as it seems to be being used to excuse an objectionable point of view. Let's call a spade a spade "For some reason she has in her head that gay people should not be allowed to marry the person they love." That means that she wishes to deny something to people because they are homosexual. That is showing prejudice against homosexual people. homophobic ˌhɒməˈfəʊbɪk,ˌhəʊməˈfəʊbɪk/ adjective having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people. "homophobic remarks"