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  1. monkie

    What training did you do today...

    1:45 on the turbo at 195W (>80% for me) cut short by having to get the hound to kennels and then 3.2km in the pool in the arvo. Down in Melbourne for a conference today so planning a 46:40 tempo run this evening and then 6 x Yassos tomorrow before going on stage
  2. monkie

    Kona Slot Giveaway

    Well said. It's still a world championship for the people at the front and nobody else matters really. If some of the "celebs" get people watching then jolly good. As for anybody else, they know they didn't KQ, we know they didn't KQ... all they really did was have a hot, windy and expensive long day out!
  3. monkie

    Best cheapest smart trainer for zwift

    sorry you had a bad experience with the Tacx... I'm using the Vortex Smart with a specific trainer tyre and I have done hundreds of hours over the last 8 months with no issues at all... interested to know what your story was...
  4. monkie

    Plastic bag ban.....

    It's this. It's a very specific problem about lightweight waste. And the long term aim is that people change their behaviour and don't need to buy the reusable bags but just get used to either putting stuff in a rucksack or tote that lasts forever.
  5. monkie


    Best thing to do is to encourage all your genuine customers to go and leave you a review (maybe add something to your e-receipts with a direct link) so that you drown out the noise. You can also encourage people to flag the ridiculous one to Google. I've just done that and also left you a glowing report myself and will make Tom do it too!
  6. monkie

    Port Mac accommodation

    Good points! Two of us. Happy with motel style but not a caravan!
  7. monkie

    Port Mac accommodation

    I know it's ages away but I like to be prepared. Where should I be looking at staying for IMOz? Advice on here for IMNZ was spot on so I'm hoping for a repeat!
  8. monkie

    What training did you do today...

    2.8km swim. Starting to feel really good in the pool. Not a huge amount faster but comfortable and 2.8km now feels like a short session!
  9. monkie

    What training did you do today...

    Talk to Willie.
  10. monkie

    What training did you do today...

    Ha! Very true. But there's enough uphill to make it hurt like hell!
  11. monkie

    What training did you do today...

    City 2 Surf. Managed 54:11 so averaging 3:54 over 14k. Pretty chuffed! 6 minutes faster than two years ago
  12. monkie


    What an absolute turnip!
  13. monkie

    Single Sided Power?

  14. monkie


    I was a school governor back in the UK... we had a situation that meant we needed to suspend three male members of staff. The community made an "obvious" leap which was totally wrong and meant that they, and I, needed to be protected by the police for a short time. So please don't jump to conclusions and allow the justice system to do its thing.
  15. monkie

    Single Sided Power?

    I'm in the blessed position that that isn't an issue at the moment. Realise how lucky I am!