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  1. I think I linked to some deepfake stuff here at some point in the past when talking about the death penalty. It's terrifying. Video evidence can now not be trusted... eye witness testimony is notoriously unreliable... what do we have left to determine the truth?
  2. Tough to read mate. We're currently experiencing a similar situation (although not as bad), we're moving back to the UK at my wonderful wife's behest. I can completely understand why she wants to but it will mean a drop in quality of life for me and longer trips away from home back to APAC. These things are always incredibly difficult, especially when you care for the other person but I've said some mean things that I regret in the last few weeks. It's also spiked my anxiety up to the max which is "fun". I'm trying to find the positives, which is mainly going to be me following @FatPom around his race calendar!
  3. monkie


    The most important people to have a coffee with are those that don't share your opinions. Tim Minchin said it very well in one of his famous addresses: Opinions are like arseholes, we all have them. But unlike arseholes they should regularly be taken out and inspected. Be hard on your opinions." The best way to do that is to talk to people who have different ones. You tend to find that there's a lot more that unites us than divides us and sometimes you change your opinion.
  4. Every. Time. My favourite is the "just wait a moment sir" as if they would find explosives and then just let me chill in the lounge! Shopping in JB HIFI with my black colleague though... Only happened three times but every time I was nodded out and she got get bag searched. N=1 != Data but still interesting.
  5. Yep... it's the same argument as "Why should Medicare cover smoker illness?" which if you extend it means Medicare shouldn't cover anyone who is hurt or sick because of a choice they have made (e.g. playing rugby) but then to extend it further everything we do is a choice at some point...
  6. It's classic price discrimination utilising the fact that men and women have different price elasticities for hair cuts. Same as kids tickets to the cinema being cheaper than adults.
  7. monkie

    Israel Folau

    I find the Gideons fascinating. Think of the logistics, financial resources supply chain etc. that they deploy to get bibles into every hotel room. What if they took all that money, focus, talent etc. and put it towards actually helping people?
  8. monkie


    My wife reminded me last night to try and live by my motto of being kind. I think I failed in the 24 hours to do that. Message reestablished.
  9. monkie

    Trannie catch-ups??

    Would love to catch up with folk in Sydney before I move back to the UK!
  10. All you've done is post opinions and claim them as facts. Some of them pretty dodgy (like defending the pussy grabbing as some sort of flirting). Lol, and you "know a Mexican so must be right." Please
  11. I always like people to present a different opinion, it takes us out of our echo chambers. I don't think you're right here but meh.
  12. There's no clearly here and that's the problem. You interpret it in your way and I interpret it in mine. Both of those are interpretations of events that neither of us were privy to.
  13. It's really not. I used to hate people back when I was an angry 22 year old. I've moved on. I'm often intrigued, and feel sad for the world. But there is no hate in my heart. I'm sure you and I would share a beer and have an interesting discussion, even @more who I seem to fundamentally disagree with I'm sure we could have an interesting discussion and if I could help him in any way then I definitely would.
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