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  1. Clear fall away in TA numbers but still around double what it was 9 years ago. Admittedly the increase in 2013/14 was largely due to the 'compulsory' TA affiliation with being a club member.
  2. Aidan

    IM Malaysia 2015

    The tracker missed Philip Koutny who ended up 9.45 ahead of Gomez after the bike. Gomez made the pass at around 28 km and is just about to finish with the win a ~2.54 marathon which surely must be the quickest ever at IM Malaysia. It is such an oven there. 32 C and 86% humidity today.
  3. and M-PRO had a 30 min headstart over the first AG wave. Can't be an AG athlete
  4. Aidan

    Wurf watch

    He is trolling (successfully!)
  5. 8 women under 9 hours. quick day
  6. Cooling device not sure what it’s called
  7. Lucy now running the slowest of the top 5 and Frodeno the fastest of the top 5 Women's race may go down to the wire!
  8. Frodeno had the quickest first 3 km of the top 5
  9. it's a lightning quick day. men to be off the bike at 5.07, starting run at 5.10. A 2.40 run will see a 7.50
  10. Ref slowly losing time, will be interesting to see what happens in the last 80km where she normally rides so strong
  11. Lange dropped from the lead 5 wurf making up time already (about 45 sec)
  12. Lange made the front swim pack Sarah True with an early flat roads are wet!
  13. good one pager from Thorsten: https://gallery.mailchimp.com/1a50ded1e43a9f73cc97f7b28/files/b4bd8c45-fc2e-4264-b9c1-d05273201b24/TriRating_Kona_2019_Cheat_Sheet.pdf
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