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  1. some good advice above. (sports physio opinion), there is evidence supporting: heavy strength program (especially calf) footwear selection pain contingent exercise (mild pain during ok, needs to be no worse after) Evidence for stretching, massage, needling, injections etc for long term results is pretty poor. Taping can be good short-medium term Mixed evidence on shockwave therapy. I would not use this as a sole treatment Treatment overlaps with achilles tendinopathy as noted above. Principles are very similar.
  2. (I'm a sports physio). Most of them do well with an appropriate non-surgical program, e.g. relative offloading, inflammation management, graded rehab. They can be a bit slow particularly if there is pain on the inside of the angle (normally indicative of some bony bruising). The rehab should be assessment driven, e.g. if balance is good then don't worry so much about it, if strength is poor treat it, if inflammation is high then manage it etc etc.
  3. cairns had 500 (out of 1270) last year from o/s
  4. I don't mind a couple medals for PR for a company that is struggling during COVID-19, but the finisher's t-shirts (for a virtual SPRINT DUATHLON?!) are a bit too much:
  5. It's just a PR thing by Ironman to give the Pro athletes a medal.
  6. World champs the following week. Giro in October (!). No Vuelta.
  7. Aidan


    Was out on beach rd this morning. Never seen it so quiet. One group of 5 but pretty much everyone else riding solo. A couple groups of two.
  8. Ironman has moved quick to fill the void with all the cancelled races. I don't blame them with 90%+ of their revenue being wiped out for at least the next few months. Not sure if April 1 is the best starting date! Will there by Kona/Taupo spots available here? Nothing announced yet but it wouldn't be the biggest surprise.
  9. this is publicly available information or speculation or other?
  10. yeah they won't be pushing Taupo back to December 28... I suspect they have very limited room to move with the timing there.
  11. Race 5 and 6 of the Melbourne triathlon sprint series postponed
  12. Aidan

    MPFL Injury

    Can you explain what happened when you hurt your knee? MRI findings may be a red herring
  13. I found this if it means anything to anyone. I think the 2013 swim data is off but otherwise accurate.
  14. Bit late to the conversation but I went: 11.58 (Port), 11.46 (Port), 10.37 (Melbourne), 11.25 (Port) aged 24, 28, 28 and 29 got a bit more serious and went 9.44 (Busso, 1.14/5.15/3.08) off around 15 hours/week for the 6 months prior. Although I think I missed two days of training in 10 months prior to the even 9.36 (Melb, 1.10/5.02/3.17) with similar volume for another 4 months 10.15 (Maastricht, 1.10/5.46/3.10, tough and long bike!) off perhaps a bit less than 15 hours. Swim was almost always <10, bike only very occasionally >275, and run quite often over 60 (but not always). Consistency was key, had my best results with a good lead in. Managed a few good 70.3 races after that but no good IMs since. yes!
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