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  1. Given how quick the full IM sold out in the first two years in Melbourne (minutes); yes I think it may sell out very quickly
  2. Sports physio opinion I'd need to know a bit more to be more confident but whenever someone comes into the clinic with plantar heel pain you need to consider diagnoses other than plantar fascia. The numbeness certainly isn't consistent with plantar fascia (or with FDB / FBH injury). Nerve entrapments are not that uncommon in that area - medial calcaneal nerve entrapment I have seen a couple times and Baxter's nerve entrapment I keep an eye out for but I don't think I've seen a true one. You won't see either of these on imaging. The treatment of choice here seems to be high volume saline injection which 'disrupts' the nerve entrapment. Need to also consider a low back referral although this sounds a lot less likely from what you've said. Will be interested to see what the end result is, good luck
  3. Aidan

    Athlinks add results?

  4. you've swallowed the Kool-Aid... Their doc, Freeman is currently being popped for ordering testosterone https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Freeman_(physician) Brailsford's 'marginal gains' was a smokescreen, things he claimed that were 'cutting edge were already being undertaken on a routine basis. Wiggins took a substance (triamcinolone) for 'allergies', but only just before the tour every year, with a review stating that it was for "not to treat medical need, but to improve his power to weight ratio ahead of the race".
  5. Aidan

    New 70.3 in Oceania

    2 lap run it's more or less the old Challenge Melbourne course but 2 lap ride/run instead of 3. Both pancake flat.
  6. I'm not sure what your sport is, but if it's triathlon (or something else with no pivoting/twisting/cutting), have a read up on some of the research surrounding treating ACL injuries without surgery. There is a lot to be said for considering it. I'm mid 30s and if I did my ACL tomorrow I wouldn't have a reco unless I was having giving way episodes with day to day activity after 3-6 mths of rehab
  7. Clear fall away in TA numbers but still around double what it was 9 years ago. Admittedly the increase in 2013/14 was largely due to the 'compulsory' TA affiliation with being a club member.
  8. Aidan

    IM Malaysia 2015

    The tracker missed Philip Koutny who ended up 9.45 ahead of Gomez after the bike. Gomez made the pass at around 28 km and is just about to finish with the win a ~2.54 marathon which surely must be the quickest ever at IM Malaysia. It is such an oven there. 32 C and 86% humidity today.
  9. and M-PRO had a 30 min headstart over the first AG wave. Can't be an AG athlete
  10. Aidan

    Wurf watch

    He is trolling (successfully!)
  11. 8 women under 9 hours. quick day
  12. Cooling device not sure what it’s called
  13. Lucy now running the slowest of the top 5 and Frodeno the fastest of the top 5 Women's race may go down to the wire!
  14. Frodeno had the quickest first 3 km of the top 5
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