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  1. https://m.twitch.tv/runnersknee this works
  2. The good thing about UTMB or similar is the qualifying events must give you an idea of what is involved, i.e. you can't front up and race without planning at least 18 months in advance. From people I've spoken to, the majority of UTMB isn't actually runable unless you're FOP. Also interestingly the good trail athletes measure their training week in vert metres rather than in total km. Good luck - I'd love to do a euro ultra one day. My brother did an Italian 125km from Bologna to Florence last weekend, 125km with 4500 vert.
  3. I thought the numbers doing full IM races had declined, but not according to this (from coachcox.co.uk)
  4. Unfortunately Sanders has done the same as Jan again, this time by having the same injury (a sacral stress fracture). Will probably kill his season.
  5. 800m short 3 years in a row
  6. Aidan

    Had PRP today.

    The latest on research for PRP suggests - some benefit with PRP up until 12 months for knee osteoarthritis, similar results to hyaluronic acid (Synvisc) - no benefit for tendon pain (achilles, patella, gluteal, shoulder, elbow etc) which compared to an insert substance (e.g. saline). It seems to have better results in some tendons but only when compared to corticosteriod (cortisone), which is thought to be harmful to tendons. Good luck!
  7. Aidan

    Ironman South Africa

    Two athletes died during/immediately after the swim Very sad.
  8. Aidan

    Is Cranky clean?

    Around $700-$1500 depending on what they test (urine/blood), which substances they test for, and how many athletes are tested on a call out. Not 100% sure who pays the bill, I would guess the NSO. It's somewhere around 2-4 weeks, they normally get a letter advising of results.
  9. At least it pays 6 deep so guaranteed pay day
  10. there is only 1 F (and 1 M) slot
  11. Aidan

    Barkely Marathons

    this is a good read from John Kelly who has finished (I think) 3 times and also is a very good triathlete. He did some training on the course. http://www.randomforestrunner.com/2019/03/2019-barkley-marathons-training/
  12. Aidan


    Peking duck in Beijing was sensational.
  13. Maastricht Netherlands. Was an amazing race.
  14. full article here: https://outline.com/NZj9s5
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