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  1. Aidan

    Chongqing 70.3 Cancelled Again

    50 slots last year with only about 550-580 entrants, the odds looked reasonable!
  2. Aidan

    Chongqing 70.3 Cancelled Again

    I got a partial refund from travel insurance but was still out of pocket for the excess. Ironman offered to help with this but then didn't reply to the emails. Flights to Chongqing were actually very cheap (maybe $500-$600 return from Melbourne), so it wasn't the money so much but the principle of following up on their offer.
  3. Aidan

    Chongqing 70.3 Cancelled Again

    I signed up for the race last year and it was cancelled 7 days out. Ironman said they would help me out with refunds for flights - then never replied to my emails. Ended up with an entry toThailand instead which was a good substitute...
  4. Aidan

    Where to place your bottles? Some aero data.

    Straight from the article: "Placing the bottle behind the saddle is a good option for aerodynamics because of the disturbed air caused by the riders body - having the bottle on the downtube where the airflow is more consistent affects the overall aerodynamic drag more than in "dirty" air. In this instance however having the bottle between Jess' arms may encourage her to drink more than if it were out of sight behind the saddle, so worth giving up some aerodynamic penalty for greater practicality."
  5. Aidan

    Frodo out?

    funny I've never seen a sacral stress fracture in a fast bowler. Lots of low back ones (pars interarticualris).
  6. Aidan

    Frodo out?

    It's his sacrum. What a bummer. Can be a bit slow. It's an injury you only really see in skinny distance runners...
  7. Aidan

    Word me up on the new Shepparton Course

    flat, granular road surface, wind exposed. Not too different from the old one but the roads might be a bit slower.
  8. Aidan

    Calf extension

    thanks for the link. Lots of case series. Would be good to see it compared to a procedure or treatment with demonstrated efficacy (as opposed to a plantar facsciotomy which does not).
  9. Aidan

    Calf extension

    A gastroc release? There is a Melbourne foot and ankle surgeon who is very big on these, I actually spoke with him about this procedure a couple weeks ago. Initials OW? I have no idea whether it works, haven't really read up on it.
  10. Aidan

    Sunny coast 70.3 Anyone there now?

    Very quick course helped by a slightly short swim and a significantly short run. Drafting was top 3-5 worst that I've seen over about 25 long course races that I've been in. TOs often came along side the packs but I never saw a penalty administered. Penalty box largely empty when I rode passed as well. Witnessed first hand two of the female a/g winners riding at 1-2 m off a wheel for extended periods at a time without making attempts to change the situation. To improve the drafting issue I'd suggest a] spacing out the rolling start to 2 athletes every 5 seconds rather than 2 every 1-2 seconds, and b] reintroducing some hills on the bike. In saying all that, it was a fun race otherwise and a great break from the Melbourne winter. Saturday was just glorious up there, 24 sunny and light winds. Sunday was wet pre-race, intermittent rain on the bike and a bit of drizzle on the run. Very heavy rain for those who were still going at 6.30-6.40 or longer.
  11. Aidan

    Sunny coast 70.3 Anyone there now?

    I can vouch that Jeff is trustworthy:)
  12. Aidan

    Let's talk Hematocrit Levels

    Before an EPO test existed, the UCI had a 'safe' level of 50% for haematocrit (Hct). I believe they chose 50% as there was only a small percentage of people that were naturally above 50%, maybe 1 in 100 or 1 in 1000 (I can't find the normal distribution tables). Unfortunately Hct testing is very inaccurate as it's variable by hydration status, e.g. if you are very dehydrated in will read higher and vice versa. Lance et al were aware of this and would infuse a litre of IV fluid to drop themselves below 50% if the testers were on the way. Haemaglobin mass is the most accurate method of testing RBC oxygen carrying capacity but the test is complicated and expensive (you need a lab and to breathe in a known volume of CO2). It's what is used to assess for response to altitude training or other haemaglobin boosting training methods. Your 47% isn't unusually high. You might get another 3-4% on top of that (3-4% of 47%, not from 47 to 50 or 51) if you went and lived at altitude for a month or so. Rule of thumb is about 1% per week for the first 4 weeks although there is a huge individual variation.
  13. Blue-green algae in the swim course. https://www.tri247.com/triathlon-news/event-news/ironman-hamburg-swim-cancelled I don't think I've ever seen an extra run replace the swim for an Ironman. 48.2 km of running for the day!
  14. Aidan

    Drafting at IM Austria

    The data isn't damning at all. 12m at 36km/h is 1.2 seconds. There is only one split there that is 1 second (the rest are more). Riding legal at 12m could reasonably see splits 1 second apart.
  15. Aidan

    Aerodynamics of Ironman Cycling

    I think you missed the 😂 part of Alex's post and/or didn't read the link!