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  1. Aidan

    Boston Marathon

    Well done Brett! it was the slowest Boston for 40 years! https://t.co/uITdOnGChG
  2. Aidan

    Ironman WC moving or a typo?

    70.3 Worlds are in Nice in 2019
  3. Aidan

    Commonwealth games chat.

    There is a high chance the Tokyo marathon will be hotter than any previous Olympic marathon, even Barcelona in 1992
  4. Aidan

    Commonwealth games chat.

    That’s a sensational run from Butterfield. It would have been easy for him to just jog around. He now has the Bermudan national record - previously held by his father! Agree re: the slow medical response for the Scottish athlete. Not a good look at all. It was almost certainly a hypoglycaemic collapse rather than heat stress as was speculated. One more gel might have been enough to get him home.
  5. Aidan

    Commonwealth games chat.

    You can pay for the premium package on the 7 website ($19 I think) which lets you watch replays.
  6. She has only had three marathons I think Amsterdam (2.29) Rio 2016 Olympics (18th), and London 2017 worlds where she was 23rd but her slowest marathon (2.35) She still has plenty of time!
  7. Good read. Female marathon running is looking good with Trengove, Milly Clark and a few others. Lisa Weightman has the fastest Australian time for years in London last year but she will be retiring soon. comm games marathon should be good tomorrow
  8. Bit more cricket on now compared to 20-30 years ago!
  9. Aidan

    Commonwealth games chat.

    female para basketball is a bit different in that you only need to have a condition that stops you from being able to play able bodied basketball to qualify. You just count at 4.5 points on the court, where 1 is the most profound disability and 4.5 is the least. This exists 1/ to give opportunities where there might not otherwise be any, and 2/ to help the depth of female para basketball globally
  10. Aidan

    Drugs in triathlon 1 in 7. Really?

    pretty sure Iron infusion is legal unless it's high volume (>50ml/6h) and even in that case, you can often get a TUE.
  11. Aidan

    Drugs in triathlon 1 in 7. Really?

    Sensationalist headline - if you read the article, 'doping' includes caffeine tablets, (legal in and out of competition), anti-depressants (generally legal), "stimulants" (which they haven't defined), as well as other substances that are legal out of competition. The authors of the article have formed their own classification of 'doping' which is completely different from the WADA code. I'm very confident there is significant use of WADA prohibited substances but I don't think it's anywhere near 1 in 7. Full article here: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Pavel_Dietz/publication/303484417_A_Comparison_of_the_Cheater_Detection_and_the_Unrelated_Question_Models_A_Randomized_Response_Survey_on_Physical_and_Cognitive_Doping_in_Recreational_Triathletes/links/5744a6e208ae298602f7591f/A-Comparison-of-the-Cheater-Detection-and-the-Unrelated-Question-Models-A-Randomized-Response-Survey-on-Physical-and-Cognitive-Doping-in-Recreational-Triathletes.pdf
  12. Aidan

    Commonwealth games chat.

    crazy finish but great run from Luke Matthews for bronze in the 800m
  13. Aidan

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Butterfield has run 2.27 before. I'd be surprised if he is any quicker than that.
  14. Aidan

    Commonwealth games chat.

    It was Rasmus Henning - said he could run 2.12
  15. Aidan

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Tyler Butterfield is entered in the men's marathon. Interesting to see if he has a proper attempt at a quick time.