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  • Year of first Tri race?

    There is negligible benefit from 1-2 hours of hypoxia (low oxygen) exposure 2/week. Best options for altitude training to get improvement: 1. Go live somewhere high (1800m +) for 2-5 weeks. Ideally you go down to a lower altitude to do the very hard sessions (live high train low) 2. Altitude tent - ideally it's 18+ hrs/day which isn't really practical but there is some benefit from 8-10 hours/day. 3. Do hypoxic 'intervals' (not while exercising) with low oxygen concentrations (you need a machine of some sort to change the oxygen percentage). John Hellemans has published on this, it's quite interesting 4 (a very distant 4th). Doing 1-2 hrs in a mildly hypoxic environment as you've suggested. Some of the research actually suggests it decreases performance! As mentioned above there are probably better uses of your time/$
  2. Where did my legs go?

    I reckon the training volume is the big one.
  3. Mo Farrah, does the 10k/5k double

  4. Mo Farrah, does the 10k/5k double

    So much smoke around Farah Borrowed from Twitter but: 1 Miraculous transformation aged 26 2 The two missed tests (minimum) 3 The doorbell excuse (it's a classic) 4 The @BBCMarkDaly Panorama doc 5 Subsequent FBI investigation into Salazar 6 Lying about his connections Jama Aden 7 Jama Aden's subsequent arrest for EPO in Spain 8 Taking 83 times the recommended dose of Vit D (USADA report) 9 Using prescription drugs without medical need (USADA report) 10 The Sabadell/ Font Romeu debacle 11 Being flagged likely doping by WADA (then cleared) 12 Training in Kenya until the testers moved in 13 Then training in Ethiopia 14 Lying about the number of TUEs he had 15 Getting a two week retrospective kenacort TUE from Gabrille Dolle 16 Claiming no knowlegde of the Panorama documentary even though he'd been told about it weeks earlier 17 Lying to @EwanMacKenna at Rio 2016 18 Lying about taking L-Carnitine as a drink not an infusion, which the USADA report disproves 19 Badly kept medical records re L-Carnitine 20 The dodgy dealings that went on with his charity foundation 21 Constant associations with dopers including Hamza Drioch,Justin Gatlin etc 22 The interesting admission of khat use 23 Making testers wait two hours to get a sample in Font Romeu, which he videoed for Facebook live Maybe he is clean? But no one has ever been that good over such a big spread of distances (1500-5000-10000-half-full).
  5. Norseman

    coverage is excellent. Cheering for Meredith Hill who I went through uni with - her second race as a pro!
  6. Challenge Shep introduces new races

    It's struggled the last few years unfortunately 2016 - 383 finishers 2015 - 473 2014 - 809 2013 - 1062 (last year as 70.3)
  7. Gelatin

    full article (the Gelatin + Vit C supplementation) if anyone is keen for a read: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=8576521&d=1487853531
  8. Gelatin

    One of the dietitians at work flicked me through a podcast on this topic. http://sigmanutrition.com/episode143/ I haven't had a chance to listen yet but the interviewee (Keith Baar) is well reputed.
  9. IM Frankfurt & Challenge Roth

    Both on now! 6000 + IM athletes all racing on the same day in Germany, shows how big the sport is there. Frankfurt stream with English commentary on ironman.com, with Kienle, M. Raelert, Lange, Boecherer, Cunnama in the male race and Lucy Charles, Liz Lyles and a lot of Garmans in the women's race. Roth stream starts in an hour or so, should be English commentary, brsport.de. New run course this year. Ryf racing but not in WR shape according to Sutton.
  10. I actually met him recently and he is confirmed again for this year (filming already finished!)
  11. IM Cairns 2017

    I heard 8 slots for M35-39 and rolled to 10th.
  12. ITB Release

    one of our docs at work does an in rooms procedure for this condition, it's an alternative to the full surgery (with general anaesthetic etc). I'm not sure where you are based (we are in Melbourne) but send me a message if you have any questions. http://www.ashburtonphysiotherapy.com.au/news-and-blog/itb-iliotibial-band-surgery-option You can go home immediately after and return to running in ~4 weeks. I've got some anecdotal data on success rates from the last 15 or so that he has performed. Treatment for this condition has changed a lot over the last 10 years Now, more: hip strength, run technique and activity guidance less: stretching, ITB massage etc
  13. Quite a big position statement from British Medical Journal in the last week, with a recommendation to NOT have arthroscopic surgery in patients with degenerative knee conditions e.g. meniscus tears, osteoarthritis. http://www.bmj.com/content/357/bmj.j1982 Such a change in stance from 15 years ago
  14. Need new Tri Shorts for running

    Tri shorts from Desoto and Fusion Multisport have been the best I've owned. Might be a good opportunity to try some running shorts!
  15. 70.3 run pace question

    The best indicators would be recent race performance eg. 10km/half mara/OD triathlon and see how your times fit in on the triathlon VDot table. Predicting race time from training sessions is pretty tricky...