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  1. My 2c from a sports physio pov and having spent some time with some exercise physiology PhDs: stretching - probably less important than most think ice baths - probably detrimental or at best unhelpful in a 'normal' weekly training environment. Save it for post races. S&C - proportionally more important as you get older esp. after 35 y/o. compression - maybe maybe helps a small amount, probably best used in recovery rather than during exercise diet - same as per S&C, i.e. more important as time goes on.
  2. It was cancelled several months ago
  3. Aidan

    Casey Neistat

    I haven't watched many of his videos in the last year. Are they still good?
  4. Aidan


    Interesting take. Work as a doctor and make positive changes for 5-30 people a day, or work in public policy and make decisions that help thousands?
  5. If you're a Queenslander with Kona aspirations make sure you are on the start line F1824: 1 entrant F2529: 0 entrants F3034: 2 entrants... Probably the best opportunity to qualify ever except for that funny race in Asia in the early 2000s where they ran the race but without IM support and had 30 or 40 slots for about 60 entrants from memory...
  6. Ironman just cancelled 3 x 70.3 events in Spain and Ironman Barcelona
  7. Aidan

    RIP Nina Kraft

    I've just seen she has passed away. Young - 51 Won a lot of IM races. Also finished first at IM Hawaii in 2004 but was later DQ'd for a +'ve EPO test.
  8. Aidan

    Wurf watch

    Wurf finished in the main pack in Stages 1 and 2
  9. Indoors ok - looking forward to some 6 hour Zwift rides... 😆
  10. Wout to attack on the Poggio
  11. no cancellation announcement for Ballarat 226!
  12. I've missed pro cycling Entertaining coverage of a prologue in Romania from Lanterne Rouge on Youtube:
  13. Queensland now closed to Sydney residents, makes Cairns look less likely to proceed.
  14. A colleague of mine is a pro triathlete in Melbourne. Has been very tough with no swimming available still. PTO has been very helpful (paying in $USD!). The Ironman VR races actually pay quite reasonable 'appearance' money. Sponsors have been largely supportive. All in a bit of a holding pattern. A bit more social media work but otherwise it's been a bit more emphasis on gym/bike/run without the swim.
  15. Aidan

    Roller - Pain

    Sports physio input: Most research shows that foam roller on ITB creates a very short term increase in ITB length, probably hours or less. And a ‘long’ ITB is not less likely to cause issues. I would not advise ITB foam roller for ITB issues
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