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    2018 wrap up

    Lowest moment? Walking in the NYC marathon in front of the huge crowds. Most rewarding moment? Gold Coast marathon PB. Worst race? NYC marathon - mind was in holiday mode, and was so underprepared and unfit, but it was still great. Best race? Despite focusing on Port 70.3 and SC 70.3, I think Mooloolaba OD was the better race, performance wise. Harshest lesson? Have improved my running a lot with Matty (coach), but I still suck in comparison to others. It’s demoralising how fast some guys are. What was your aim for 2018, did you achieve it? Yes and no. I wanted Sunny Coast 70.3 to be a good race, and I went well (even after taking into account the shorter run) but the month leading into it was hampered by work stuff. What was your biggest learning? Consistency and a good diet. What is your aim for 2019? Improved run split - I don’t worry as much about the overall time. Aiming for a sub 1:40 for 70.3 run, and sub 4hrs Mara for IM Cairns. Most hated training session? 1 hour treadmill at HR160. Most loved training session? Any swim set or the long easy run.
  2. wombattri

    IMWA 2018: A love story

    Great job Zed, the mechanical issue sounded annoying but sounds as though you kept calm enough through it. I would’ve lost my shit.
  3. wombattri

    Busso 2018 - The 3 year plan.

    Well done Brett, amazing time. You might have been disappointed with your run but most of us can only dream of that kind of split.
  4. wombattri

    Port 2019

    Port half, then Cairns full.
  5. wombattri

    Benefits of knowing your swim time

    I like this, it makes sense - might give it a go at next race. I tend to agree with the majority of comments here - if I look at my watch after the swim and its not what I expect or hope for it messes with my head a bit.
  6. wombattri

    IM Malaysia 2018 - DNF

    Love the honesty - best of luck for the next season.
  7. wombattri

    Short and to the point.

    I’m calling BS on this, because I said the same thing! No seriously, well done Sam. Enjoy the time away from it - it’s always there when you want to come back.
  8. wombattri

    Ironman WA 2018 - The Comeback

    Completing an ironman off 10 weeks of training. Bloody well done.
  9. wombattri

    Ironman WA 2018-My Last

    Well done on the IM career BigRig - enjoy retirement!
  10. wombattri

    Busso 18

    Great work Kieran - if you change your mind and are keen on Cairns next year I’m in for that.
  11. wombattri

    Busso 2018

    I find going backwards down stairs helps.
  12. wombattri

    Busso 2018

    Great job everyone- had a family thing on all day but tracked all that were racing. And yes i got in trouble for looking at my phone too much by wifey!
  13. wombattri

    KQ at Ironman Cairns 2018

    Amazing performance and a great read. Well done.
  14. wombattri

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    Tri’s since 2009 - before that swam in team tri’s, masters swimming and some ocean swims. 10 x Mooloolaba 9 x Noosa 10 x 70.3 2 x IM (third coming up in Cairns 2019)
  15. wombattri

    NYC Marathon or Kepler Challenge

    Merv I can’t speak for the Kepler Challenge, but i just did the NYC marathon this year and it was unbelievable. Incredibly bad race time (very poor prep and too much of a good time in NY leading up to it), but I really didnt care. Stopped to take photos, chatted to random people, and just enjoyed it. Easily the most amount of supporters I’ve ever seen in a race - streets were lined with supporters for most of the course. I think there were 52k finishers and it was really well organised too. If you want more details on what I did, travel options, etc send me a PM. I used Flight Centre.
  16. wombattri

    Pick your 1st and 2nd men and women in Kona 2018

    Sanders, currie ryf, charles
  17. Reed wurf amberger berkel mckenzie
  18. wombattri

    It's goodnight from me..............

    Long time observer, minimal poster. Best of luck Roxii.
  19. wombattri

    Sunny coast 70.3 Anyone there now?

    Bloody hell, well done - wish I could run like that! Had almost the same bike split but a 1:40 run was the best I could manage for a 4:39 overall time. Even adding the extra time for the short run course I managed a PB, so I was happy with that.
  20. wombattri

    Wrist based heart rate monitor

    Other option is to go with an arm based HR monitor, can go on either forearm or on my bicep. No chaffing issues, and reliable. I have the Sosche Rhythm which has always been good. I think Wahoo make them now too.
  21. wombattri

    70.3 World Championships in South Africa

    Good luck out there today Zed. Have fun and enjoy it.
  22. wombattri

    Challenge Roth

    Live stream https://livestream.com/accounts/27458947/events/8260154/player?width=640&height=360&enableInfoAndActivity=true&defaultDrawer=feed&autoPlay=true&mute=false
  23. wombattri

    Cairns IM 2018

    Well done, great effort under adverse circumstances.
  24. wombattri

    Gold Coast Marathon

    Those things looked hideous Brett - pacing a marathon, particularly at your pace is tough in itself, but to carry that thing on your back as well must have been insane. Well done for toughing it out for 32km. I was happy with my run - 3:21 official time (watch says 3:19?), but a clear PB anyway.
  25. wombattri

    Coeur d’Alene 70.3

    Hawaii 70.3 did that as well - really great idea.