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  1. Busso 70.3

    Well done Zed, top effort!
  2. WS 70.3 - first timer...

    Funny - I remember saying the exact same thing almost 8 years ago at my first half ironman! Great work Sar - fantastic achievement, you should be very proud!
  3. WS 70.3

    Good race mate - great bike split!
  4. 50% off everything Dare2Tri

    I have the sleeved Mach 4 suit - its good. The arms have thinner material, so it doesn’t feel as bulky up top. I was going to buy the blueseventy helix, but went for this instead and its very comfortable. Only slight issue has been the lining has come loose on the inside in a few places, but i took it back to Bill and got it fixed.
  5. Disc wheels - yes/no?

    Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  6. Disc wheels - yes/no?

    Righteo trannies - I’ve been stewing over this one for quite a while, time to consult the experts. Disc wheel - probably the only major purchase I haven’t made. Due to the shame I would feel from someone passing me, I’ve always been against it - coach is saying it would be a good purchase. Riding fitness has improved a fair bit over the years - OD race bike split is now 1:03-1:05, 70.3 is around 2:30. No IM’s planned in the immediate future, but my last one was around 5:30. Current set up - Cervelo P5, HED Jet 6 wheels (they came with the bike - they’re nice). Assume all other stuff (aero helmet, etc) is taken care of. Standard races are Mooloolaba tri, Port Mac 70.3, Sunny Coast 70.3, Noosa. Possibly substitute Cairns for Port Mac also. Noting times and races above, is a disc wheel worthwhile for someone like me? Or am I better off with something else (eg Zipp 808 or HED Jet 9)? I’m open to ideas on brands, etc but don’t want anything crap. I’ve read a lot of material about it only being an advantage up to a certain speed, and anything less is a no-no and can hinder you - is this other people’s experience? I could of course be satisfied with what I have and just train harder, rather than buy more speed. I just see a lot of guys using them so surely others have reached the same conundrum as I. Thanks.
  7. what the one event in the world you would like to do

    1. Kona (not necessarily for being the world champs, I just love the place, having holidayed there many times, and did the 70.3 this year) 2. Escape from Alcatraz (love that swim!) 3. Norseman 4. New York marathon All going well, number 4 getting ticked off next year.
  8. 70.3 bike advice needed!

    Hey Zed, what pieman said. But I would also be using this time to establish a HR and power zone that you can comfortably manage to run well off the bike, because the last thing you want is to undo all that solid run training you’ve done by going too hard on the bike. Sounds obvious (and you’re probably already onto it), but its so easy to do as I understand Busso is flat and fast. As an example - for the Sunny Coast 70.3, I stuck to an average HR of 160 and an average power of 260-270W. There was no doubt I could’ve gone harder, but I held back and this enabled me to run well and in control. Other than that, I’d say pull back on your swimming if you’re stuck for time - 12km per week is heaps for a 70.3! Good luck.
  9. Ironman WC Stream time AEST

    Might give them a try...
  10. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    There’s also those speed bump thingies on the side of the road on Queen K - I accidentally rode over one of them in a moment of weakness and nearly came off. Swimming in Hawaii is amazing though, water is so clear. [Disclosure - I’ve only ever done the 70.3].
  11. 2017 Sunshine Coast 70.3

    Yes, very comfy. I previously had an Argon E-114, which was good but its nothing on the P5. It's just so smooth and fits like a glove. I can pretty much stay aero the whole time. Absolutely love it.
  12. 2017 Sunshine Coast 70.3

    Cheers mate, still not a scratch compared to others on this forum!
  13. 2017 Sunshine Coast 70.3

    Gotta love those pink caps! Thanks Tyno, hope you had an enjoyable day too.
  14. Sunny Coast 70.3 2017 Race report

    That's an amazing run split, very envious. Great job, and good luck for the IM.
  15. Sunny Coast 70.3 2017 Race report

    Nice one mate - that ankle injury looked nasty. See you at Noosa!