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  1. wombattri

    2019 totals

    Swim: 260km (2018: 172km) Ride: 11,977km (2018: 6,672km) Run: 2,009km (2018: 1,573km) Averaged 55 hours per month. Improved across all OD and 70.3 races, and qualified for the first time for 70.3 world champs (Nice). The bump in volume was intended for my third IM, which frustratingly never eventuated. Tore my hamstring a month out from Cairns, and got pneumonia a week before Busso. It would have been great to have seen what the volume would have achieved for IM but it wasn’t to be. I’ll do Port full IM in 2020 but I can’t foresee another one after that. I like the 70.3 distance and so does the family.
  2. wombattri

    Busso 2019

    Thanks Doc - no seriously mate I know what you’re saying, and could well be the case, but right now the pain hasn’t eased up and the quacks have absolutely ruled me out, as has my wife and coach. That aside, I was never going there to make up the numbers and just cruise around. I was there to go as hard as I could and see what I could do off the back of a solid year. I know my own body and more importantly my own head, and thankfully so does my wife to remind me of what’s most important. It’s often a risky game, and there is the possibility of not noticing any pain until the day before or even on race day. That could land me in some serious grief, whether I’m recovered or not. Ultimately it’s just a race. There’ll be another time. All good.
  3. wombattri

    Busso 2019

    Hey guys, I’m officially a no-go for Busso. Got admitted to hospital last night with pneumonia and will be in here for a few days. It just came from nowhere. Pretty devastated as I’m in the best shape of my life and also had to cancel Cairns IM earlier in June from a torn hamstring. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be this year, despite the big volume of training I was able to accomplish. That, qualifying for 70.3 worlds in Nice and a PB in every race I did are enough to make me proud of what I’ve done this year, thanks entirely to the support of my family. On a drip with strong pain killers so I better get back to resting. Wish you all a great race, and a great time. Enjoy the day. Carpe Diem.
  4. 2019 not done yet, but 2020 will be nothing like the volume of training I’ve done this year. I owe the family big time. Taupo would be good though.
  5. Still got that picture you drew for your coach?
  6. Paddles are ok for strength, but over use can stuff your shoulders. More importantly, improper use can lead to an incorrect stroke as well as injury. Band is good for core strength. I only use pull buoy for warm up/down only - majority of set is no toys. Fins are useless for triathlon - as Jim S says, save your legs for bike and run. My 2 IM swims have been sub 1 hour. I hear the swim at Busso is downhill, so here’s hoping for a third under an hour...
  7. Commute could include a double run day to build running km’s.
  8. Zed you’re not going to pick up much fitness now anyway. Rest it and don’t do any further damage.
  9. wombattri

    Busso 2019

    Would be good to have seen you there Kieran but totally understand. 13 days to go - in taper, wrapping myself in cotton wool, disinfecting the kids. All the usual stuff.
  10. PJ also finished 3rd in 2010.
  11. I truly hope this doesn’t happen during the race at Busso.
  12. wombattri

    Hoka One One

    I’ve been using cliftons, which were/are great. Went to buy the carbon x but ended up getting bondi 6, they just felt right for me.
  13. Below 22 deg, according to the info guide.
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