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  1. Alp D'Huez Long Course Triathlon

    Well done Scooter, sounds like a real tough day. Solid performance to persist and complete the race.
  2. KQ questions

    Hey Zed, thank you for posting this mate - I think there's a lot of people out there who have often thought about what it would take to get to Kona, particularly if they've been doing triathlon for a while, and also IM's. I'll admit to being one of them, but now firmly in the realisation that it is too big a leap for me, and with everything else in my life, its just not going to happen. But that's just my circumstance. There's been some great feedback from people who clearly know what they're talking about (AP, Cranky, etc), so take all that on board - but don't let any of it overshadow you're own determination. If you've got the time, motivation and family support then go for it - we'll be cheering you on. But the more sobering comments here are just as important as the encouraging ones - and I think you get that, otherwise you wouldn't have posted here. My coach gave me a reality check about 2 months ago - I merely whispered the word "ironman" (I had briefly thought about Cairns next year) and he basically said no way - my run leg is nowhere near where it needs to be based on my maximum training time available (and to be clear, this is me just doing an IM (which I've already done 2), let alone friggin KQ). He wants me to stick with OD and 70.3 only, and sets me average weekly volumes of 12-15 hours/week - and I enjoy it at that level. I do agree with the views here on racing - the more you get in, the more you'll benefit. It might take you several goes but I hope you get there. And yes - early mornings are your friend - and buy an indoor trainer!
  3. 2018 70.3 Worlds in South Africa - how popular?

    The 2019 world champs are in Nice, France - that would be, you know, nice. I spent a month in South Africa about 15 years ago - it'sa beautiful place and generally friendly people, but you still had to be on your guard. Mind you, its probably not somewhere I'd take my family right now (kids too young), and I only know what it was like 15 years ago.
  4. Kickr problems

    Haven't had that problem before where it doesn't pick up on any device, but the computer I use is dodgy and sometimes the Bluetooth is not so good. When that happens I switch to the ANT USB thing. Sounds like your problem is with the Kickr itself - not sure how to fix that sorry.
  5. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    This is precisely what my coach got me to do. Took me a while to get used to it, but its working so far.
  6. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    This is precisely what my coach got me to do. Took me a while to get used to it, but its working so far.
  7. Your 'hardest' race?

    Port Mac IM - pushed the bike way too hard, got to second climb up MFD and felt the legs go wobbly, stomach churn and sight go blurry. Was the closest I've ever been to passing out during a race, and thank god I made it to the top. Pulled myself together, made it into T2 and seriously thought about stopping. The vollie who helped was such a nice bloke, and gave me the encouragement needed to stand back up and start the run. Finished the race with a PB, but that's the deepest I've ever gone. And like Skel, 48 hours later - I was on a plane to the US. NUTS!!!
  8. I got one of these too (from hawaii 70.3). Assumed it was spam, but not much chance of me going on a "holiday" to Nebraska...
  9. Zwift v TrainerRoad v Full Gaz

    I always go trainerroad. It's just simple, reliable and it works (for me anyway). I know what you're saying about it can be boring, but if you've got Netflix, etc setup that should pass the time. I got through nearly all seasons of Game of Thrones training for IM Port Mac last year!
  10. Power meter for shiv

    So I was about to purchase a Quarq power meter for the P5 - are they any good? Or is there a better option? I'm looking for a quality PM, so I'm happy to spend as needed. Thanks.
  11. IM Cairns Debut

    Congrats, great race and glad to hear you're loving the IM lifestyle! Good luck for the next one.
  12. IM Cairns 2017 - #2

    Congrats again mate. And the answer is yes, you can go faster.....when the next opportunity arises.
  13. IM Cairns 2017

    Solid work. Wish I could produce a run leg like that!
  14. Kona Advice Please

    Exactly the same for me - wife is a genius at this stuff. We always get the CBA foreign currency card and load it up with USD before we go, saves a lot on fees etc.
  15. Busso 70.3 2017 May

    Cool, that's where my parents live too (I grew up there but live in Bris). Matty keeps hammering into me that low intensity high volume is the way to go, so I think you're on the right track.