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  1. wombattri

    Nice 70.3

    Sorry mate, I didn’t see your post. I’ve got to say a big thank you to you and all the volunteers - it’s a huge thing you’ve done and it’s really appreciated. I had a so-so day. Male 40-44 so was first to go after pros. Swam a 29min, rode bang on 3 hours (!) and ran 1:44. I shredded my legs on that ride, the only word I can think of is brutal, amazing scenery though. I took the road bike and I’m really glad because I think I handled the decents with more confidence, not being a great decender. Some of the other riders were going at break-neck speed - no regard for human life. Pretty impressive though. I think the hard ride meant my run was off. Coach wanted a sub 1:40 split from me but I spewed twice and just wasn’t going to happen. All in all, probably overall the toughest race I’ve done but it was great to be a part of it. It’s really motivated me to qualify for Taupo next year now.
  2. wombattri

    Nice 70.3

    Thanks for the tips mate.
  3. wombattri

    Nice 70.3

    Yep I’ll be there. We get in on Wednesday arvo, maybe drive the bike course on Thurs, Ironkids (x2) race on Friday. Watch the girls race Saturday, race on Sunday. We are staying about 2 blocks back from the race start/finish. Having a week in Nice after the race and will do some day trips. I’ve been to Nice once before, but that was nearly 20 years + 20kg ago - I really enjoyed the donuts back then. I’m at the “geez I’m sick of training” stage, so maybe that means I’m ready. Happy for a coffee and/or ride pending family requirements.
  4. Yep. Will be interesting to see if Nice in a few weeks trumps it.
  5. You get 3 beer vouchers after crossing the finishing line at Hawaii 70.3 - I love that race.
  6. Susie also had the third fastest female swim (including pros) - clearly hasn’t lost her touch in the water.
  7. wombattri

    IMOZ 2020

    Will be there.
  8. Yes mate - the change to consulting instead of employee has created flexibility and less impact on the family.
  9. Thanks - yes, really looking forward to swimming with the sharks now!
  10. Nice race again Kevin. Looks like Cairns was a pretty tough day - kind of glad i’ve changed to Busso now!
  11. Anyone know what M40-44 rolled down to?
  12. Companies have to demonstrate sufficient earnings capacity to list, or at least demonstrate they have sufficient capital and what they plan to spend the dough on. Also need to state when they plan to be profitable (if not already). With an IPO this size there would be extensive modelling done with external verification, otherwise the big firms like Morgan Stanley, DB and Citi wouldn’t touch it.
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