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  1. Trainer Road indoor cycle programs vs Training Peaks

    For TrainerRoad, yes - unless its now changed from when I first subscribed. TR and Wahoo kickr is my setup - all but one of my weekly rides are on the trainer.
  2. 9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    That’s good - my shoe got stuck in the mud a couple of years ago!
  3. Got 404s, what next?

    Glad you’ve raised this FP, because I’ve been struggling with this for a while. The cost doesn’t bother me, but just when I think I’m all keen to buy a disc, I chicken out and say to myself “FFS just train more”. It is quite a nice feeling passing someone in a race who has a disc too! The Customer is the first person I’ve ever heard say they would rather not have one (having had one), so that’s interesting. Where I’m at currently personally is I’d like to hire/borrow a disc for a race (and practice a bit beforehand) to see what it’s like - I’m thinking of doing that for the Port Mac 70.3 in May as it is also hilly. If it makes a difference to me then I might make the purchase. If not then I’ll stick to my HED Jet 6 (similar to your 404’s).
  4. Trainer Road indoor cycle programs vs Training Peaks

    Trainer road program is pretty good - I used the IM one for Port Mac training a couple of years ago. You’ll get plenty of cycling done.
  5. IMNZ 2018

    Nice one iFoz, love that Taupo is still your favourite despite the challenges.
  6. Geelong 70.3

    Nice work, great race and yes the sub 5 hours is definitely there. Agree with Zed, more running will always be of benefit.
  7. IMNZ 2018 - First Full

    Fantastic, well done and great write up. Love reading these.
  8. Mool meetup

    Easy ride with a mate this morning - wind was blowing the rain so hard that I couldn’t see as I didn’t have sunglasses with me and had to tuck in behind him. Im happy to race in whatever conditions but I do hope it calms down as there could be carnage tomorrow.
  9. Is 70.3 a brand or distance?

    Doesn’t Ironman also brand Olympic distance as 5150 (or is it 5i50)?
  10. 9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    I’m in for the kids race (70.3 or the half - I don’t know what to call it now!).
  11. Light headed

    Yep, me too. Also sometimes get it walking up stairs - I do think I need to drink more water though, so it could be I’m not hydrated enough.
  12. Apologies

    That’s not good mate. ITB?
  13. Mooloolaba wave starts

    Do you mean premium mates wave? There’s one that goes 4th wave after the paratriathletes. The other mates wave I think is the cheaper version.
  14. April and May Races

    Also the bike course is 36km, at least it was the last time I did it. They are pretty laid back in Byron Bay.