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  1. Limited

    The Politics Thread

    I would never vote for him or his party but now I would place them last cause of the text messages
  2. Limited

    The Politics Thread

    I got one too. I couldn't believe it. Are they trying to piss people off?
  3. Limited

    Gold Coast theme parks

    Yeah I've had a look at the websites and started looking at minimum heights for all the rides. Based of what you and Ex have said Dreamworld looks to be winning. Think I'll try and avoid the lego shop, only so much lego 1 house needs.
  4. Limited

    Gold Coast theme parks

    The time has come to take the kids to the theme parks on the gold coast. Will go either next school holidays or the October ones. Looking for any suggestions or tips. Dreamworld or Movie world multi pass? Kids are aged 3, 8 and 10, all boys
  5. Limited

    Big Husky 2019

    They have parking at the soccer fields which is only a short walk down the main st to transition.
  6. Limited

    Aus Road Nationals Start Tonight

    That would be pretty good if that was the case. Cutting it pretty close only 20 secs the difference in the end
  7. Limited

    Aus Road Nationals Start Tonight

    I wonder if Dennis is more focused on GC now or just lacking some motivation after the world champs and Durbridge was after some revenge after not getting a ride at WC Also Dennis not on a BMC anymore definitely worth at least 30sec 🤣
  8. Limited

    What's with so many drownings? Nsw

    Most people who haven’t grown up around the surf have no idea of the power in the water. They think they can just go out in the water waist deep. No idea of the channels where one minute the water is knee deep next second after a wave knocks them over they can’t stand anymore. It’s happened to most of us at some stage only difference is we can swim and don’t panic
  9. Limited

    What's with so many drownings? Nsw

    The problem is people who can’t swim go to the beach and enter the surf in the calmest area between where the waves are breaking. Unfortunately this is normally where the rip is so they get in trouble
  10. Limited

    Garmin 935 icon question

    It’s on a scale 1-100. One complete rest 100 yelling at the kids for no reason.
  11. Limited

    Garmin 935 icon question

    It’s meant to measure your stress levels
  12. Limited

    Port 2019

    Its only 5500km to drive 😂
  13. Limited

    Big Husky 2019

    New bike course is out
  14. Limited

    Maccas Prince designs a short course for record

    I assume AP is referring to the rpm which is 180 revs per min. Twice the normal cadence when cycling. Running is normally 180 spm or steps per min.
  15. Limited

    Power Meter Recommendations

    I think the issue with the single sided measurement and imbalance between the legs is that the imbalance is not always consistent. So its not so much a matter of acting on the imbalance, its more a case of getting the correct power output from the dual sided unit.