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  1. I got a set of Cadens after recommendations from here, I think they are a great set of wheels. But I can't compare to any other carbon rims as these were my first set. I gave Ben a call he was great to talk to and gave me a few recommendations on the wheels
  2. Did anyone get one of these? Do they work?
  3. He didn't really have anywhere else to go. He wanted out of Redbull, Ferrari and Mercedes didn't want him and Renault are paying him a motza
  4. In regards to the cleaning of the panels, Our panel were already on the house when we moved in about 5 years ago so I think they are 7-8 years old, I've never cleaned them but check them every 12 months or so, just run a finger over them to see if they are covered in dust, and they are always clean. Very unscientific but gives me a peace of mind that i don't have to worry about trying to clean them, 2 story house I'm not a big fan of being on the roof
  5. Limited

    Big Husky 2019

    Yeah I only measured just under 86km. Made up for the swim which I measured at 2.3km was a good weekend even if I had a bad race. Didn’t do enough work in the lead up and cramped badly in both quads about 2kms into the run. From then on it was a mix of run and walk for a 5:50 total
  6. Limited

    Big Husky 2019

    Was she following you? I remember thinking at the time " that bloke must be pacing her" she was only a wheels length off the back of who ever she was drafting.
  7. The new course should be more protected then the old course. Roads will be similar to wollamia rd. Watch the turn from Fairfax onto pnoll it’s looks wide but is very sharp Bogfrog national park is the best riding
  8. Could you get an underwater speaker? might work better than something in the ear
  9. That would be an extra kick in the guts after the race, Emotion high - finishing and woohoo free beer, quickly followed by bitter disappointment after finding out it was alcohol free
  10. Yep - 12 mins but you could build up to it. It was more of an example of how close to FTP you ride. The difference between efforts is only 20 watts for me. Where if I was going over FTP by 30 watts it would be more of a VO2 workout
  11. An example of over/unders I've done is 2min at 95% FTP - 2min at 105% x 3 then 5 min break, repeat x 3
  12. you would think with a 25min head start most people should be out of the water by the time OD starts. Given a 20min swim plus 20min ride for the quickest to reach the 10km turn around, gives the slowest riders in the sprint 40min to ride 10km
  13. Richie Porte is the same
  14. Limited

    nick kyriois

    we don't see Tom because he sold out to one of the international betting agencies and you see lots of their ads
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