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  1. Limited

    Ironman spain

    Bergs posted this morning that he got a spot via roll down
  2. That is such a cool story, Thanks for sharing
  3. It's harder to see the battery in the Bianchi. The pinarello looks odd due to large down tube where I assume the battery is. Cancellara makes a good point - you have to choose the right times to use your energy. If they help people get out on a bike I'm all for them.
  4. Its all good until the battery runs out 7km from the top then you have to drag the extra weight up
  5. other than the cut out near the rear wheel I think it look s pretty good. Guess its a good spot to connect the battery for the hidden motor
  6. Limited

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Forget about the last part and just tell everyone about that time you rocked up and beat all the cyclists wearing only your runner. And in only your second race
  7. Limited

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Did you still podium with only your runners?
  8. Limited

    Froome GONE

    He looks pretty good for someone that hit a wall at over 50kmh. Where is all the bark off, bruises and neck brace?
  9. What I've found that if you get up to speed with your feet onto top of shoes its easier to keep the bike going straight. At low speed trying to get your feet in causes the bike to wobble over the road more plus there are always more people near the mount line.
  10. Ha. There you go. Always looked like a fit bugger
  11. Limited

    Time management

    There is no way I could be a teacher. I last about 20 min coaching the kids at soccer before getting cranky. And that trying to do something they all like doing. And only 10 of them
  12. Has Mat Roger done a triathlon? I've seen him post a few things on social media about zwift and Ironman
  13. The prices used aren’t exactly right. They have used the lowest spot price over the last 6 years to work out income. Currently prices are 30-40% higher operating cost appear to be in the wrong currency usd compared to aud
  14. Limited

    Israel Folau

    The ARU had no problem with Folau sharing his religious beliefs on social media. If you look at his Instagram there is 12-15 post in the last 12 months, All quotes or interpreting passages from the bible. No one really cared. It was only after he posted his last message that was homophobic that he was asked for a please explain.
  15. Lucky I've already signed up for the C2S, No Active fee
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