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  1. Saw that earlier in the week as it was posted on some local Facebook pages. It’s in a bit of bush that extends off the end of the local running path that I do most of my running on There are some pretty ordinary people around.
  2. Limited

    Collins Cup

    The race format looks pretty interesting. I member from each team racing against each other with points awarded for each race and bonus points based on time gap. team with the most points wins There will be some interesting tactics on who races against who
  3. I run about 80-85psi front and back but run 23mm front and 25mm rear. Think I read it somewhere on slowtwits that is better/ quicker for the tyre to conform around the small bumps in the road than to bounce over them. I’m a 70kg rider
  4. Could you just do the sustained power build then the 40km TT specialty plan on TR, with some slow cadence work?
  5. He was of the opinion that running was the worst exercise with impact to the knees.
  6. We saw lots of turtles snorkeling off the beach at Hamilton island
  7. I used Bruce Caldwell, use to operate out of Toronto private but I think he is now at the Lingard in Merewether for a full ACL reconstruction. Surgery went well but he did tell me not to run again. That was 5 years ago, I've been doing triathlons for 3 years now
  8. Limited

    Tacx Neo 2

    Now sold out 😤 if you bought extra to take it over $100 did you get free delivery?
  9. The thing I like best about Strava is seeing where other people go. Can always find somewhere good to ride or run. When I travel somewhere I use segments to find new routes. I don’t pay for any of the extras
  10. Obama gets paid $400k per speech. Its reported in the 2 years after leaving office he did 50 speeches per year. In 2017 Bill Clinton was reportedly getting $750k for a speech. In 2006 Trump was paid $1.5M per speech
  11. Just adjust your FTP upwards by 50w then do your normal workouts. If you can't finish them you must be having a bad day, may be something you ate or drank. Remember to race at correct 85-90% of your new FTP. guaranteed best bike split. If you need to walk on the run it was most likely a GI issue
  12. Limited

    Hoka One One

    AJS I'm the same. I've got a pair of claytons, felt great but as soon as I wear them for too long I get blisters in my insole. they also give me achilles soreness after long runs
  13. So whats the answer? Lemonade or not?
  14. Limited

    Caden v Roval

    I've got a set of the basic Cadens, and like the others have had no problem with them, If I had my time again would probably fork out the extra for a set of the deCadence (Lighter, better hub, faster?). Ben was really helpful when I called him. I haven't had a set of carbon rims before so nothing to compare them to.
  15. Last k had to be a 2:40. That was incredible
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