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  1. In my industry everyone is drug tested before starting work. And then all sites have random drug testing. Think I’ve been tested 4 times this year alone. I don’t have a problem with random drug testing for people on welfare
  2. Strava is probably best, Newcastle or Maitland tri clubs. A couple of routes are head south from Newcastle along Fernleigh track to Belmont then follow Pacific Hwy for as long as you want, Shoulder/bike lane pretty much the whole way. Can ride around the lake (90km) but the road is pretty narrow on western side of the lake in areas. better to go anti clockwise. A lot of guys travel north via Pacific Hwy, again for as long as you want. Can also follow the Hunter expressway and loop around the back of Maitland
  3. Newcastle is pretty good. Lots of places to open water swim. Lots of paths along the beaches and lake to run and the roads are ok for riding, plenty of other cyclists out on the road
  4. I think the radar needs a camera. That would be a game changer
  5. No idea. Like Peter said he thought they were trying This was posted in the official results: 31.5C doesn't seem too hot that you have to shorten the race. Maybe it was due to the water temp? https://triathlon.org/results/result/2019_tokyo_itu_world_olympic_qualification_event/337765
  6. Spoiler alert. I didn't watch but I heard not racing to the end. intentionally tying the race
  7. Did the British girls get disqualified?
  8. On gcn they wrapped their toes in alfoil to keep them warm.
  9. Have to feel sorry for the blind guy who he was a guide for. (Assuming he was innocent and unaware)
  10. Limited

    Ironman spain

    Bergs posted this morning that he got a spot via roll down
  11. That is such a cool story, Thanks for sharing
  12. It's harder to see the battery in the Bianchi. The pinarello looks odd due to large down tube where I assume the battery is. Cancellara makes a good point - you have to choose the right times to use your energy. If they help people get out on a bike I'm all for them.
  13. Its all good until the battery runs out 7km from the top then you have to drag the extra weight up
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