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  1. Limited


    I'm sure I saw on the news someone getting a carton delivered when in quarantine.
  2. Limited

    105 or Ultegra

    Cause its the $1000 question. But I agree Red is better Other that wheels and groupset every else is the same. Looking at other brands $1000 looks like the difference between their 105 model and ultegra models
  3. Limited

    105 or Ultegra

    Don't bring facts into this post Ex
  4. Limited

    105 or Ultegra

    Maybe this is a better question red or grey?
  5. Limited

    105 or Ultegra

    I'm leaning towards the 105 and use the left over to get a set of the Assimo pedals. But its a tough decision
  6. Limited

    105 or Ultegra

    Other than the wheels/groupset and colour everything else is the same between the two bike. They are full shimano groupset including cranksets. Electronic shifting is another $1k which puts it way out of my price range. Wheels are a tough one as I currently don't have disk brakes so would be running whatever comes with the bike. But may look to upgrade to something carbon in the future
  7. Limited

    105 or Ultegra

    Whats everyone's preference to groupsets. Looking to upgrade my road bike and its $1000 difference between the 105 model and the ultegra model. Wheels are also upgraded from Shimano RS-370 to DT swiss 1850. It will only be used for outside training rides and gran fondo events. I won't be road racing. So would you pay for the upgrade?
  8. With the WFH it gives me more time in the mornings so I decided to do a bike focus. I've been riding 6 days a week following the trainerroad program FTP started at 225, hit 240 after 6 weeks of Sweet spot and test again tomorrow after 6 weeks of Sweet spot base 2. Not sure on the weight but having the kitchen so close is not helping but at least there isn't charity chocolate in lunch room.
  9. Sold Left Side Crank Arm 165mm Gen 3 Stages power meter $500
  10. Awesome work. If you’re feeling stronger that’s the most important thing.
  11. Any update @Bored@work are you going to hit the 300?
  12. At least you were moving forward 🤣
  13. Had my first swim today since husky. It was ugly. Was never I good swimmer but that was bad
  14. According to the cyclingtips article above he "only" rode 8400m
  15. Very nice. Is that the road machine or team machine? How is it to ride
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