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  1. The prices used aren’t exactly right. They have used the lowest spot price over the last 6 years to work out income. Currently prices are 30-40% higher operating cost appear to be in the wrong currency usd compared to aud
  2. The ARU had no problem with Folau sharing his religious beliefs on social media. If you look at his Instagram there is 12-15 post in the last 12 months, All quotes or interpreting passages from the bible. No one really cared. It was only after he posted his last message that was homophobic that he was asked for a please explain.
  3. Lucky I've already signed up for the C2S, No Active fee
  4. Limited

    Bike Boxes

    If you just need it once could you go to a bike shop get get a cardboard box
  5. you are a good man Roxii. early start to the weekend?
  6. Hey Roxii, you don't have a 17deg stem you want to get rid of?
  7. Doubled available qualification slots at all Oceania 70.3 slots to 80. World champs held over 2 days, 28 and 29th November 2020
  8. Can’t you use the ant+ dongle on your laptop to connect to the stages power meter. That’s what I do.
  9. They both give each other heaps on twitter. I think it was a bit of an insider joke that missed the mark. But can see how it could be taken the wrong way
  10. What power meter are you using? does it only transmit in Bluetooth? Did TR explain why it wouldn't connect to your laptop via Bluetooth
  11. I use my laptop sitting on a desk in front of me with ant+ dongle running trainerroad I keep my phone on the bike so I can change music or use social media
  12. If you are going to use a microphone to record your message into text why don't they just call.
  13. Limited

    Port Race Numbers

    70.3 3199 - Flanman 2840 - MissJess 2943 - IronJimbo 70.3 2077 - wombattri (Andrew Ritter) 2599 - Limited  140.6  593 - The New Guy 752 - Trickle 497 - Monkie 31-009 - Paul Every 20106 - IronmanFoz (Andrew Foster) 15 - 266 - Dave T   1169 - scubasteve 
  14. Ex, Do you use a swim buoy or anything when swimming in the dam?
  15. And this is how the money is split
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