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    We might have cooked them a bbq we opened the school up for toilets and coffees tea and eggs bacon etc kids took ice blocks around to kids in cars etc then played handball etc it was really good to see that community spirit and for the kids to see and feel it . Dead set ghost town now .. I secretly love it surf is empty !! No Sydney attitude in the water 😂😂
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    Quick update and re cap we have rain here this morning seems to be a constant drizzle the feeling I get now is it’s turned the corner and calming down . All the tourists have gone which is hard for local businesses but I love the peace and quiet. So Saturday was going good here fires close etc it was bloody hot I had a lay down for a while after cleaning gutters and moving things etc it was all sweet then that southerly hit and it went so farrking Smokey and dark we got the kids in car and bailed to the surf club car park and set up camp. The kids loved it was good to distract them I felt like a gypsy on the A1 outa Paris setting up camp under an overpass. The wife upgrade and slept in the front seat of the car with the dogs we had heaps of offers to stay in places but that wouldn’t have been a adventure. We came home yesterday and all sweet some grass fires a few paddocks to the west from us and they gradually got worse the further down . so any way all good 👍 some friends not so 😢 couple pics from Saturday 😉
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    20 min ago but same thing heading west if the wind was nth I’d put two undies on ..
  4. We might be here for a bit longer now ... so close but yet so far
  5. DO NOT SPRINT OUT HARD AT THE START ! Go easy ish for first 1k let the legs get used to it then build then give it everything. my 2cents worth 😉 easy 30 sec there !
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    💯 mate we have had some Barney’s over the last couple days about it I guess it’s hard for them to relax and realise it is what it is . The police knocking at the door sent her into overdrive and I feel there was just know need for it . like all the schools shutting down the other week ,now I get if the teachers can’t get into work for ratio etc but farrrk me the first closure down here the nearest fire was 230km away !! it was just a hot summers day !some bean counter making stupid decisions based no where near here 🤷‍♂️ I just think everyone needs to calm the f down and have common sense
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    We are all sweet here just a shit load of smoke to the nth my biggest problem is dealing with the bride she is stressing out to the point I think it’s bad for her health our property is in the middle of cow pastures and not an issue . i blame these stupid bloody app things she keeps looking at endlessly and the media hype for the drama ,I get it’s bad in some areas and intense but it’s driving me crazy like those bloody shark alert app she looks at in summer !!! Thats nth of us at the moment
  8. Been lazing around on the lounge since nippers and was looking through photos came a cross this shot from my last indo trip a few years back this shot doesn’t do it justice on the shear size of this day .and how it broke directly onto the reef i didn’t paddle out on this day my pants were full of .....!! couple of mates did one got busted up
  9. yep They are still 💯 shut mate
  10. The best thing about the sport for me is the mates I found throughout the years and still speak with hang with and put shit on A lot of travel stories with Chappo from over the years !
  11. Wow ! I was 17 years old then can’t believe I let those three old pricks beat me 😂😂 That was the first time I legitimately met Chippy he was a legend in my eyes from doing uncle Toby’s and tris we went on to race in France together and he always took me under his wing with advice etc when travelling we still keep in contact through social media ,he lives in France these days and is going well 👍
  12. Yep Fidler did win that race chippy won it one year and warren Curtis the first ever year I think the year Fidler won it nearly everyone got crook from the swim The following days ! filthy water !
  13. In the newly appointed Gods country 😉 its starting to drizzle don’t think there is much in it but gots be a good thing 🙏
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    Got hammered down here yesterday this photo is nth Durras we are ok here but every thing south of Burill is shut they have road blocked the top of our street for a few days now residents only allowed through . tough time for a lot of people from Burill to Batemans bay .
  15. 5star sports promotions Mark Pringle talking away ..Bankstown Typhoon Triathlon Chippy taking the win or possibly Warren Curtis depending on the year 😁
  16. Think Crowie won that day or maybe O’Brien by memory
  17. It was short lived series It was a long Sunday arvo down the other end of town old school days = race winnings on the bar 😂
  18. Yes different race mate different century 😂 I remember that race as well I’d stopped racing by then .Matty reed who won that day was staying with me so I went down and watched him and my old man go around . bring it back I say !
  19. This was 97 or 98 I think at Wanda Jason Harpers old man put on a race there with loops around the car park hard to see the surf in background but easy 8ft ! we got called in for a meeting to see if we wanted to swim every one jumped at the chance except for Luke Gratton very funny sledging at the time poor bloke was from Canberra not much surf there 😂 many way I rest my case way harder back in the day 😉😂
  20. I’m a bit of a believer if you can swim ok ditch all the fluffing around and just jump in an do a main set around 2k get out . i swim mainly all the time now with a pool bouy throw the paddles on here and there and do a bit of band only every now and then . We are not pool swimmers so the perfect technique is not going to happen for most of us just get strong ,fit and swim more 😁
  21. He will see the glow stick coming so it won’t be a shock for him ... 😂
  22. Typical millennials always trying to take short cuts 😂
  23. Na early 90,s was way harder 😂
  24. Morning mist over the lake we will be here for a while .
  25. I was going to ask about the quality of them As a builder that watched a couple shows here and there over the years all I see is rushed shit and no detail in small things painting...... for farks sake that’s a 4 year trade and they get them to paint ... ive seem water come through roofs and bedrooms have been carpeted ? They must pull it out and replace it ? At the end of the day I don’t care what any one says you can’t build that quick and expect quality. Good luck
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