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  1. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Hope it taste better then a jam butty.....
  2. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    When I first stopped the sport in 2000 I was never thinking I would get into it again the ongoing years I was surfing heaps more again got married kids and all the rest . so when I did start again it was just for the social bit like Goughy i was doing it for my time out and was enjoying it now I've stopped again and I'm learning how to fish,paddle board and I think I'll pump up the mtb tyres again all stuff I can do with the kids I'd like to do some tris again but I'm in no rush ,I reckon just go with the flow tris will always be there. Oh I also garden now! Wtf is with that haha I've changed... this photo was taken this arvo with one of the young guys I work with !
  3. Swimming at Taren Point, San Souci, Ramsgate

    Mate Go to Carss Park pool Im sure Dick Cain is still there (council have moved to push him out after 50 years) its worth just swimming with this icon of the coaching world just once it won't be crowded . and the best part is it's Friday main set 16x400 ....lol but seriously if you go there have a chat with him absolute legend
  4. All right you new it was coming Ride on Mowers..

    I've got know idea mate maybe ring a mower shop and get some feed back . mine came with a built in driver...
  5. Nepean Triathlon

    Na Conjola just south of the lake entrance very rare like this . Look at a job near by and threw the board in incase .. paid off
  6. Nepean Triathlon

    South coast ....... lol
  7. Nepean Triathlon

    Haha yep mate ! I've been learning how to worm ,fish etc with my eldest boy ,growing veggies and now have 13 chooks! Throw in some surfing ... and well biking and running have disappeared funny cause this time last year I was thinking I'll keep going for a while.. but when you knock of work and go to this.... to yourself well...
  8. Nepean Triathlon

    I'm out this year ...lost to the wilderness ,maybe next year
  9. Sharks vs Broncos

    If their fan base stop wearing scarfs and collar up shirts and drinking Chardonnay and became more inner bogan they would win a lot more.... look at us sharkies supporters we definitely lifted them in that champagne year 20016 lol
  10. Matt Russell crash in Kona (Bad)

    Could of been Allah forcing the van and crash and God saving him... or maybe Buddha dude saved him and the Scientology dude was guiding the van .... oh I don't know I'm confused.... main thing is his breathing good luck to they guy
  11. 60-64 age group 9:46. Wow

    I first met rob in 97 didn't know wether to shake his hand or ask for an autograph lol i still get shit put on me by chippy about a French GP race we all did. long story short he rode with those bloody platform cleats and runners! 40k. Gets the jump out of transition I think no worries I'll catch the old ($&@ 2k in I caught and past him and cleared out from everyone I was on a high at 8k thinking yep I'm gunna win my first GP 9k Rob runs back past me for the win! Haha the old bastard was good! I think old Ralph eggart got me as well! Just a young pup and was stoked to toe the line with those guys.
  12. 60-64 age group 9:46. Wow

    Rob is an absolute legend and even better guy, he has achieved so much in the sport his joy at making the Sydney Olympics was bloody unreal . If you haven't heard of him do a google search
  13. Pick the Kona male winner & top aussie 2017

    What your not giving Chuckie V a chance?
  14. Household Budget

    We have never had a budget but we aren't big spenders on stuff for the sake of it , heck if any one has seen my dress sence they know I save heaps! The wife worked out a while ago some expenses we had I nearly had a farrking heart attack ! i found if I just made sure what came in was more then going out I was happy .surf holidays family holidays and eating out was our thing. in saying this though now that I have taken a massive income reduction I might set something up But I'll probably be to lazy lol and just coast along again . The expenses down here are know where near Sydney .school fees are half .even gymnastics is way cheaper eg Sydney was $30 per kid every Saturday so for us $60 bucks down here in The New Gods Country $8 bucks !!!crazy
  15. Super league is back

    Same weekend same place but sprint race 12th August if I new how to put up the video link I would haha . emma carney is a starter! simon Lessing as well .. hell probably party on his own though with all his mates lol