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  1. Close call he just made the cut off of 15 hrs .
  2. Well I guess those leg warmer Fame dance socks really don’t work ..
  3. So is he an Ironman... 11.02 at Busso would be 13.02 at Foster therefore going of Transition leaders he doesn’t make the cut ....,
  4. Just had my first surf in a long time ! always at the beach but pushing my youngest into them etc but my back finally feels right after a few months of pain some times to the point of being in tears . so happy ! It’s ment to be building swell as well !
  5. I heard it was way Harder to both back in the day ...
  6. Just give the kids behind him some participation trophies and ribbons they will be stoked 😂😂
  7. Roxii you are becoming quite the ocean man .... next season south coast swims! forgett the sewer infested Bondi and east swims or the wanker northern beaches ones come down to us backward folk and swim in the crystal clear waters😂
  8. I’m pretty sure they use to pay age groupers cash for wins as well do they still do that ? if so AA7 the rule I was bought up on was ....... winner shouts !
  9. Top bloke bloody good athlete, Old fella now 😂
  10. Enjoy ! Awesome place great race I raced there a couple times in the mid 90,s great after party good prize money . Guy Vernay the father of Patrick used to organise it .
  11. Is it or was it Jamie Hunt that started 2xu ? When he fell out and left Orca ? i heard back in the day 😉 that 2xu stood for two times F$&@ you 😂 two times better than you anyway that’s shit what they did farrking hate hearing stuff like that .
  12. Didn’t even no they still had a Aleeda around they were a great wettie as well. I had that after my wavelength 👍
  13. My opinion get the one that’s 5mm all over and I reckon the cheaper of that one would do the trick . i swam in a couple a few years back in the pool and my old wavelength smoothie from early 90,s was just as fast . Nothing flash just a solid bit of rubber ! looking at surfing steamers lately for me and my boys and I stumbled across I guy that makes and sells them with no marketing no sponsor no shop mark up etc and it’s identical materials and glue seams etc 400 bucks cheaper then the rip curl Hurley’s etc a few guys have them down here and swear by them. So in my opinion you don’t need to pay for the brand especially sleeveless 👍
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