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  1. I’ve been lucky to travel a bit through sport my first trip OS was to wales for the world Slsc titles I was 17 1994 my eyes opened up to the world not long after I was in South Africa zimbabwa Canada USA Italy France Swiss Germany Spain Austria Andora Belgium Monaco Ireland Noumea Indonesia Nth Folk island Singapore Most of the list except Indo was for sport I was lucky enough to get a start in an invation race in Monaco (don’t know why ,think they wanted to liven up the after party 😂) any way was awesome got put up in the casino in the water front room raced over part of the F1 circuit,Dinner with old mate Albert and the best part was had celebrity teams races with the likes of Franki Fredricks Tony Rominger F1 drivers Tennis players etc I just went around at the dinner getting photos and autographs sipping on my free beer😂 South African Rave party in Durban in 96 was a bit scary looking back on it especially when you had to put your guns in the house safe before entering!WTF
  2. Yer looks great apparently 6k loop with sections catering for all levels. So good for the area ! Hopefully I’ll have my guest accom up and running by then !
  3. A mate just tagged me in these photos The tracks down here are coming along well
  4. If coach@ programs have 1 # dressing up in superhero suits getting on the bike for a lap of the national park jumping of wattamola half way then going to bundeena for a beer and ferry ride home . 2# Ridding Macquarie pass smashing the hill then ridding home in a daze 3# Doing 400 reps whilst eating Garlic sausages on the track trying not to vomite 4# swimming 16x400 and not missing the time for fear of ridicule 5# weekly meetings at a venue that has a pinball machine and liquid amber (not sissy lime infused crap) Then I will pull out my speedos my ASICS my bike and my Elvis suit and sign up....
  5. Ah gezz don’t know what to say to that ! I don’t think I ever really ran to my potential of the bike though if I’m honest. i was getting there in my last season in France just didn’t execute race smarts a missed opportunity in some races . Running fresh idback my 22 year old self against any triathlete some of those track sessions with Welch and Lessing were incredible. Then I decided to go Surfing 😂 no regret though . lets just go back to taking the piss it’s more fun 😂 Now get started with those Chook raffles!!
  6. Yer I leave it to you old blokes ... very funny though you talk about high knee lift ..... so what you get 30mm of the ground now ? still foaming as well ?😉
  7. Yep just don’t take supplements ! can get all you need from food .
  8. Yep you should see some of the muppets down here that my boy plays against and the parents! thats why I always try to talk him out of playing and surf more
  9. Haha ya probably right but I reckon most grounds would have that element pending where you sit . I’ve only been to two games in two years now and haven’t seen anything out of the normal .at those two .I went to the local game here last week and I was embarrassed to here some of the local boys yelling out the c bomb . But at the end of the day I guess I don’t let it bother my square meter . As for the riots they were blowins causing the trouble they came from Menai loftus and Braden ridge I heard 😉 And don’t worry the burrow are getting some teeth unfortunately my youngest has turned 😁
  10. I made the trip up with my eldest , had a surf went to the footy to watch early games one of the players ,number 20 gave us grandstand tickets at the gate ! so free entry and a win ! Didnt sit in the grandstand though opted for the hill and the bloody burrow set up camp next to us .. gezzus all teams have their weirdo fans but Jesus Christ!!! That burrow is next level farrking inbred I swear to god I only counted 3 teeth amongst them and couldn’t understand 90% of their vocabulary. 😂😂
  11. Cry me a river ! He didn’t take it bla bla just man the Fark up and say you are a shit athlete and was trying to be better by cheating! testers don’t know who blood they have etc it’s a serial number in a lab it’s either got shit in it or it doesn’t.
  12. I just breath to the side that’s got the best sort in the next lane ....
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