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  1. oldschool69#2

    Royal Wedding

  2. oldschool69#2

    Port - Right Here, Right Now

    I blame his stupid mobile phone on those handle bars bad luck mate
  3. oldschool69#2

    Port - Right Here, Right Now

    I’m more worried he’s left his phone on his handle bars ! Bloody kids of today
  4. oldschool69#2

    My new bike purchase

    I looked over it this morning nd couldn’t see any thing on it so bit of a mystery
  5. oldschool69#2

    My new bike purchase

    Not sure definitely not Malvin star ill have a good look over it and see if there is any markings on it think it’s just a poor mans version the bloke that had it had it in his shed up in the roof hanging there for 35 years or so he said
  6. oldschool69#2

    My new bike purchase

    Think it was $850 ! cheap ride for him around the Goldie when the take the licence of him😂 although last time I saw Ap running around at port he looked like he could do with one a bit earlier 😂
  7. oldschool69#2

    My new bike purchase

    Haha yes of course they did😂 but they did say they are keen to clean it up and re spray it. Am thinking of changing front wheel too. the eldest thought we were going to pick up a motor bike for him 😂😂
  8. oldschool69#2

    My new bike purchase

    My whole life ive been blessed to have had bikes given to me up until recently when I bought my first tt second hand ... but on Friday I consider thisto be my greatest ever bike purchase although it doesn’t have the 3 speed shifter I couldn’t resist telling stories to my kids of how I learnt on such a wonderful bike and found my freedom...😂😂
  9. oldschool69#2

    Boston Marathon

    Just sayin...
  10. oldschool69#2

    Regrets - Do you have any?

    I have no regrets but a couple of what ifs The first one was stopping triathlons when I was just starting to knock off and be competitive against the big boys at the time a few more race smarts and I think I could’ve kicked on one of my last races I went head to head with Lessing and Amos who were current 1 2 in the world got pipped was sitting in the top five of the French gp etc but my heart wasn’t in it at the time so it turned out brilliantly my girlfriend at the time who I met in the gold coast whilst training with Col ( bloody nervous as telling him I’m moving back to Sydney to chase the girl of my dreams)is now my wife we have 3 great kids I’ve left the city and stoped chasing the dollars for a simpler life and spend way more time with the kids before they brush me. so definitely no regret because of how it turned out. the other one I often think of is not doing a couple of full seasons in indo surfing in the mid 90,s it definitely wouldn’t of been as quite as the 80,s but gezzus it would have been good ..... but if I did that I wouldn’t have lived in France and travel the wirld racing etc so all good I definitely don’t dwell in it i really enjoyed watching the boys over the years kick on and dedicate themselves to racing and gaining world titles and Olympic medals and teams etc they deserve it for all the hard years before hand .that not many people know about , eg sleeping in the back of a van across the seats with Beven Docherty and Crowie to save hotel cost eating a banana and baguette as a staple meal to race and win coin to get to the next race funny times😂 No REGRETS
  11. oldschool69#2

    Boston Marathon

    You can always be tuff and ridiculous at the same time and go for the old school hard core tigger look from fun runs back in the day...😂😂 ps that’s not me I wasn’t tuff😂😂 but might be related.. haha
  12. She tells a classic story of one of these sessions , where she was begging Dick to let her do every second freestyle answer NO .. go then with tears in her goggles kept going then asking again and again and getting the same answer with 2 to go Dick said to her ok Janelle you can do the last 2 freestyle she pulled her goggles down and politely told him to F$&k off and kept going fly hahahaha
  13. Just to add to the topic I was talking to a mate the other week who is a swim coach from a while back and look at the women’s 800m not sure of the years but I think 93ish was the last change prior to that good old hard core women training the house down from the 70,s and 80,s in nylon cozzies in pools with ropes and corks on them. 3 of them swam with Dick Cain who by the standards isn’t a coach because he doesn’t have a shiny bit of paper 😂 i put it down to to much technology and analysing and not enough hard work and mongrel . I think they need to rebalance with the two systems But things might be changing soon Janell Elford use to do 16x400 fly leaving on the 5min ! Then back up in the arvo! Legend! Now her Daughter is coming up the ranks and being coached by her think she is just 16 and just clocked a 8 minute something time
  14. oldschool69#2

    1/2 Marra in d*#k togs?

    No chaffing this day just slot of pain hahaha
  15. oldschool69#2

    What training did you do today?

    Swam 1k with my eldest boy felt ok we raced a 25 kick he beat me 😞 his 12 he now has achieved fastest kicker in the family I have lost one of my mantles 😂😂 all down here from here haha