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  1. oldschool69#2

    The POMS have another superstar

    Yep Waldo used to hand it to everyone ,his combination with Benji in the swim bike was another level . But these kids now all swim like Waldo and benji and a few probably ride close to what he did and then obviously run in another league Dont get me wrong I’m with you on seeing another Waldo but they are just so dam fast now .it would be rare to see it in itu . maybe some tough French /Europe courses would be good to see .
  2. oldschool69#2

    The POMS have another superstar

    Holy shit these new guys are getting so frickin fast !! First/second generation now of pure triathletes they all start as kids as opposed to a surf club guy getting into it or a runner etc it’s bloody awesome to see !
  3. oldschool69#2

    Swimming in st Ives

    What time do you swim there ? The masters look like they had some good numbers .
  4. oldschool69#2

    Swimming in st Ives

    Yep he got me out of my bubble.. can only really help him out February jodie back at uni after that .
  5. oldschool69#2

    Creating Value

    Victor radley is an up an coming young fella I guess he had to get his profile out there ..😂
  6. oldschool69#2

    Swimming in st Ives

    Yep only 6 lanes I think though maybe 7 and stinky shower rooms 😂
  7. oldschool69#2

    Creating Value

    Maybe ask some footy players how to do your social media they seem to get a lot of coverage 😂
  8. oldschool69#2

    Swimming in st Ives

    Swam at West Pymble tonight at about 6.30 not a bad pool bit crowded but it was ok everyone was pretty cruisy My only complaining is farrrrk me the shower rooms STINK !! ill stick to the cold shower out side next time👍
  9. oldschool69#2

    Swimming in st Ives

    I know !!! Builder mate of mine had a bad accident (nearly dead) he has a job at st Ives . so he wants me to run it for him as much as I can . so February is it at the moment , I’ll be up there Wednesday Thursday this week then back home as I’m taking my eldest camping with his mates for his birthday after that I’ll be there for a few weeks straight. So swimming in mornings is out as I’ll be on site at 6.45 evening swims are going to suit I’ll look into squads etc but if a couple of you guys are keen I’ll do that as well . ill look in the UBD tonight and see where the job is and pools etc 😉 us country foke are a bit slow 😂
  10. oldschool69#2

    Swimming in st Ives

    Do they have masters squads with a decent group? is that where you guys swim ?
  11. oldschool69#2

    Swimming in st Ives

    Well unfortunately I’m going to be in st Ives for most of February 😞 so was thinking I might jump back into the pool a couple days a week where is the closet pool that has a masters squad in the evening? cheers
  12. oldschool69#2

    Big Husky 2019

    Crowie .. old school tick pj old school mmm I’d say mid school 😁
  13. oldschool69#2

    The Photo Thread

    This photo pop up on my fb the other day and I dead set can’t stop looking at it ! The surfer is Kai Lenny he is a freak I was watching him on fox sports surf 30 plus foot pulling into gigantic barrels and popping airs !!
  14. oldschool69#2

    The Photo Thread

    Took these last week out the front the old man did some editing on the rainbow one as we sat and had a beer together. i reckon the pot of gold was on the neighbors back deck !
  15. oldschool69#2

    What's with so many drownings? Nsw

    💯 Pete their is not many patrolled beaches down here so if they are not strong I just don’t get why they do it ! a few months ago my young fella was out diving and fishing at Bawley point and saw I guy getting baged up after he drowned and winched up to the chopper he was rock fishing in average size waves ! He was from Canberra the local paper said very sad for his family but gezzus ! i surf a lot but I know my limits so don’t put myself into danger pretty simple really