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  1. Is it or was it Jamie Hunt that started 2xu ? When he fell out and left Orca ? i heard back in the day 😉 that 2xu stood for two times F$&@ you 😂 two times better than you anyway that’s shit what they did farrking hate hearing stuff like that .
  2. Didn’t even no they still had a Aleeda around they were a great wettie as well. I had that after my wavelength 👍
  3. My opinion get the one that’s 5mm all over and I reckon the cheaper of that one would do the trick . i swam in a couple a few years back in the pool and my old wavelength smoothie from early 90,s was just as fast . Nothing flash just a solid bit of rubber ! looking at surfing steamers lately for me and my boys and I stumbled across I guy that makes and sells them with no marketing no sponsor no shop mark up etc and it’s identical materials and glue seams etc 400 bucks cheaper then the rip curl Hurley’s etc a few guys have them down here and swear by them. So in my opinion you don’t need to pay for the brand especially sleeveless 👍
  4. I’m assuming that red line was the swim course ? How come they put so many turns in it .. instead of just doing a nice loop around 😂😂
  5. I’m not confident I’m thinking it will be a long year My reason is pre 2016 we were letting try’s in with 3 min to go on either half 😔 the magic year we were actually scoring try’s with 3, min to go 😁 and now it looks like we have gone back to our old ways....😢 but as we always say NEXT YEAR ...
  6. Wow some great names all over that list ! i just had Bobby Southwell and Fatman Tony Southwell at my place on Sunday they are doing a road trip and we were actually talking about the great John Baker and the night he sadly passed at the tri club .
  7. Didn’t know it was on but st the moment no ,my lower back is farrked unless I feel better come the weekend I’ll be hanging at home . Spotty would be a good scalp haha Even though he is 45 years past his prime a win is a win 😂
  8. I did a 2.2k ocean swim race yesterday unfortunately my ambition out weigh my abilities It was perfect conditions water was like a bath loved it . but today my lats ,my back my neck and shoulders feel like I’ve been in a MMA cage 😂
  9. Think you have to compare the same course year in year out even then different conditions on the day wind ,rain etc so to me times mean nothing in a race ,unless in a pool or on a track it’s all about position and beating that pesky guy that got you last time to claim bragging rights
  10. Yes I definitely had the advantage in my age group in the sprint races because of starting the sport at 12 years old the muscle memory is there .
  11. Yep all depends where you are on the spectrum, when I got back into the sport from my first race I did which was club champs at foster I swam ok and I put that down to just surfing my riding was well let’s just say it hurt that much I almost cried 😂 and the run wasn’t much different i knuckle down a couple years later. And finally started to get some groove going and was improving every session and race , i have stopped again now for the last couple years but I believe I still had some improvements to go guess I’ll never know . im 43 now and I probably won’t get back to where I was at 40 so I’ll set a 50 year old goal but it will be slower
  12. Na just put tiger balm on ya legs don’t get it to high though .... the smell will scare the other competitors out mentally 😂
  13. Think I’m missing something ,if your fresh and ready your stand alone 5k and 10k should be quicker no questions in my opinion. one of my sporting regrets is not doing a 10k and 5k track race in my prime and there is no way I would run times like that of the bike but I guess everyone is different. i just think if your on the rivet racing in a tri you are going to be slower come the run .
  14. It will all blow over
  15. I heard he only won because he went the wrong way and cut the swim and run short ... which paved the way for a lot of WA athletes .....😉
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