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  1. oldschool69#2

    Do as i say, Dont do as I do.

    Before I re built our last house it was a old fibro 1953 built shack I kept putting of the build for a couple years the wife kept hassling me to start , it got to the point of pots and pans on the floors to catch the leaks 😂😂 the final straw was we both ended up in hospital with pneumonia! Mold in windows etc wasn’t good I have heard mold is more dangerous then asbestos and I believe it to,
  2. oldschool69#2

    The Photo Thread

    Magic moutntain 😂
  3. oldschool69#2

    The Photo Thread

    NOw I’ve never been a photographer at all but I do like looking at photos that interest me Mainly ocean shots and old school shots from where I grew up , last night I saw some photos that a local girl took from out the front of our place and thought they where pretty cool so I thought I start a page for people to post photos that they like any way enjoy Croobyar rd by night
  4. oldschool69#2


    Just heard that on the radio down here on the south coast ! wouldnr have been to many coaches around that time in the tri game
  5. You should give the ski away as well and become a Ocean Hunter like me 😂😂😂😂 Think I’m about to sell my bike hasn’t been used for 19 months its over rated😂
  6. oldschool69#2

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    WOW I got to 20 seconds !guess I won’t get that back . Bloody hell good luck to them . But they are every where trying to cash in on what I think should be free and fun to a certain extent if you want to go with coaching great good luck. As for running though buy shoes go out the door and run pretty simple A few years ago I bought my first pair of running shoes after not running for close to 10 years went into the shop and I got talking to the sales guy “what are you after mate” me “just some joggers mate “ for the gym ? Me “no I’m going to start running” Oh sweet bla bla we have a run group that leaves from the shop on Wednesday etc Saturday long run etc me “oh that sounds good I might tag along and meet some new people to run with etc just give me a couple weeks to get my run legs going “ i leave the shop he said I”i put a timetable in the bag for you so you know what days we do things etc I’m thinking gezz this guys cool and helpful i get home open the bag to study the time table at the bottom it says $15 /run !!! Fark me I wanted to go and tell the bloke he was a d$&k head haha I couldn’t stop blowin up to the wife about it Here is a guy with I reckon zero idea talking it up and charging $$ when back in a simpler time Andrew Lloyd would have a group going around of various abilities all having fun and training hard ,now here you have one of the all time greats coaching creating fun and banter for guess what free ! Now I get it’s new times and people are making a living etc good on em But dose any one just go out with their mates and train /smash each other and draw of each other learn on the way anymore?
  7. oldschool69#2

    What training did you do today...

    Finally got back in the water for a surf today! My arms are rooted my back is sore, I surfed like a kook but I loved it
  8. oldschool69#2

    All right you new it was coming Ride on Mowers..

    I have come a long way I can now also use Netflix! in saying that I have only opened my computer 3 times since the move ! Farrking love it !
  9. oldschool69#2

    All right you new it was coming Ride on Mowers..

    Ex can you not see it ? Bloody Roxxi must of done something to it ! i can see it from my end could you see it roxxi before you stuffed it ?😂😂
  10. oldschool69#2

    All right you new it was coming Ride on Mowers..

    The first split need a bigger block st the end as the arm falls about 140mm short to split the big ones but was cutting them like butter and I only had the throttle down low. 167631E0-C44A-4F33-8FB7-747EC5AFA3BA.MOV
  11. oldschool69#2

    All right you new it was coming Ride on Mowers..

    Here is my starter pile been bringing home a bit each week after work
  12. oldschool69#2

    All right you new it was coming Ride on Mowers..

    Your old ... old .... school x way tougher then just old school 😂😂
  13. oldschool69#2

    All right you new it was coming Ride on Mowers..

    Well today I assembled the next toy ... Log Splitter! i am now a lumber jack😂 40t vertical / horizontal
  14. oldschool69#2

    Housing Bubble thread.

    It’s been 11 months I think since we sold our joint and it just sold again last week ( getting divorced) is the word on the street. any way almost 200k less I’ve been told definitely slowed a bit wouldn’t say burst though another 10 years probably be worth 800 more 😂😂
  15. oldschool69#2

    Royal Wedding