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  1. Great to see Roxie out to day carving it up .........
  2. Hard to find good help .... so I put a call out and skip turned up ....
  3. Yes expensive but as a one off bucket list but of fun and banter would be good . If Roxxii dose it though in the team the other three members would get an extra 1.5 k to their name 😂
  4. Is that for each member or per team ? Hopefully it is on the following year .
  5. What’s the entry fees for the 4 man team ? i see it’s wait list only now
  6. That would be funny ! i would think about it
  7. Took my two boys late this arvo down there for a ride it’s open but not officially. It is I think by memory 6 different loops definitely 5 around about 1k each loop nothing technical a few jumps and a couple rocks but super fast turns and burns kids loved it , I reckon it will be packed at holiday times
  8. Went on Wednesday for a quick trip ended up down the coast a bit The trip back was insane NE wind chop swell slow and wet !!! But funny when I gave the fish a bit extra burley 😂
  9. What legends! the people looking into giving them a fine etc need to have a good hard bloody Aussie look at it ! Mates having fun not Fark Ken hurting anyone! good on em
  10. I’ve been lucky to travel a bit through sport my first trip OS was to wales for the world Slsc titles I was 17 1994 my eyes opened up to the world not long after I was in South Africa zimbabwa Canada USA Italy France Swiss Germany Spain Austria Andora Belgium Monaco Ireland Noumea Indonesia Nth Folk island Singapore Most of the list except Indo was for sport I was lucky enough to get a start in an invation race in Monaco (don’t know why ,think they wanted to liven up the after party 😂) any way was awesome got put up in the casino in the water front room raced over part of the F1 circuit,Dinner with old mate Albert and the best part was had celebrity teams races with the likes of Franki Fredricks Tony Rominger F1 drivers Tennis players etc I just went around at the dinner getting photos and autographs sipping on my free beer😂 South African Rave party in Durban in 96 was a bit scary looking back on it especially when you had to put your guns in the house safe before entering!WTF
  11. Yer looks great apparently 6k loop with sections catering for all levels. So good for the area ! Hopefully I’ll have my guest accom up and running by then !
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