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  1. Good read Paul and condolences mate Dad and I would always marvel at your mum when I first got into the sport definitely a trailblazer!
  2. I went to a few events was 10 rows back from the sand pit for Jai Before I went I thought he was a wanker seen a couple interviews with him talking shit etc thought to myself who are you you’ve done nothing .... Got caught up in the atmosphere left there loving the bloke 😂 he had the gold by memory until the last jump from the dude from USA . Went to a couple parties with Robbo on his coat tails Super fun we hired a house at palm beach with him and catering funny night The best was we were all around a massive tv watching the chicks water polo the place erupted when they
  3. Thanks for that it looks cool I’ll definitely watch it maybe with my old man . My first surf video I ever watched was endless summer with dad and we still to this day drop a one liner from it from time to time 😂 ”it didn’t bother Robert and it didn’t bother mike “ always walking over hot or cold sand “this is crazy this is crazy this is crazy “ 😂😂 actually I’m definitely gunna watch it with dad 👍
  4. I always surfed as a kid from the age of about 10 and still do when my body isn’t broken 😔 it’s my go to sport The old man always tells me about a story when I was 12 ish that I said to him “Dad I’m really struggling to decide weather to be a professional surfer or triathlete for a job “😂😂 Guess that’s why I idolised Spotty😂
  5. Massive Perkins fan ! I think his best performance was Sydney in the heat He hadn’t swum under 15 minutes for 4 years Hackett was the new king he comes out and sends shivers down the spines of his competition going under 15 and taking lane 4 ! They must have been a tad nervous unfortunately he got silver but still he is da Man !
  6. A sad day for the old school tri community and any one that new Bob I last caught up with Bob for a beer At lake Conjola with tony and john not that long ago He was a great man even as a young kid I always enjoyed having a beer with bob. looking back I love how he opened his house up all the time for many “functions” I was lucky enough to be involved in a lot of memories 👍 just a great man that raised a great family RIP
  7. Nowra sprint tri I think 2016 maybe 17 haven’t laced a run shoe or bike shoe since that day
  8. Yep keep Canberra people in Canberra They will be fine smoking cones and watching fireworks
  9. I half agree but his crime is against himself and I guess club .I wouldn’t want to see him neck himself . Maybe they should seek it themselves not sure . But I’m strong on life for any cheat no excuses no supplements!!
  10. Give him mental health help and ban the farker for life ! when will world sports just ban these Drug cheats for life ! i hate all their bullshit excuses you hear fark off cheats ! rant over
  11. A mates son Olie hoare ran a 7.48 for an indoor 3000m not sure what that translates to on a outdoor track ? He is at Wisconsin uni think he is only 20 years old now could be wrong but he is bloody quick ! He use to swim as well and I’m pretty sure he went 4.2x for the 400 free at a swim meet when he was at trinity. I had Miles ringing me tracking him down a few years ago to get him to commit to tris but obviously his passion is running . My opinion at the time was why bother running and probably never beating the Kenya or Africans etc when he could have a shot at being the be
  12. What a great bathroom Reno at the old fossils house 😉
  13. Gold ! I threw out boxes of shit years ago in a council clean up which I sometimes think I shouldn’t have 🤦‍♂️ Plus lost stuff that I didn’t think meant anything and now I wish I hadn’t ,specifically A couple Nsw blues awards. But I do have a heap of CHS medals which I have great memories of most of them are all silver I came into the running scene a little later in school year 9 by memory and I used to get flogged by a guy named Tony Auchellio ,we had a great rivalry and relationship he was the pure runner and I was the triathlete the banter was great ! I finally started b
  14. We should do a team time trial !😂😂
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