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  1. How many kids of your own do you have FB?
  2. Hi, Any recommendations for long course age group coaches? I have tried a few in the past but want to seek some alternative advise. I'm QLD based but would be ok with an online coach as long as there is regular face-2-face (Skype ok) contact. I have trouble getting to group sessions due to family commitments so the group type coaches are probably not going to work for me. Any recommendations? oh, i've been around for a few years and have done a few ironmans already so not looking for a beginner coach
  3. Awesome event. Only issue i had were the 2 people (maybe husband and wife) running side by side on the run. I was doing a run-walk at that time so had to run past them multiple times. The path is too small to do this.
  4. I donated a while ago and it affected me a lot. I think its different for each person. I ran the next day and was severely out of breath. It lasted for a couple of weeks. There is a heap of data online about this. I think you can donate plasma which affects you less. Either way, i wouldnt do it before a race.
  5. Does anyone know when the new Shiv will be released or what it will look like? I still like mine but its looking a bit tired and the only changes in the Shiv over the years have been colours and a new brake.
  6. Following. I have been thinking of upgrading my Shiv's front brake to a centre pull. There are some really nice options out there but just too much $ for a cosmetic upgrade.
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