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  1. My 2c. 1. The problem with TA Membership is you don't get anything out of it. Nothing. Yeah, yeah, there is the insurance for races which covers something (?? the organiser??) but besides that, nothing. The need for a governing body doesn't apply for people like me that are not going to the Olympics. The auto-renewal is also a total scam and probably the only reason the numbers are not worse than they are. 2. The problem with the club system is there is (in most cases) no disconnect between the social club and the coaching. I think you would have a lot more people in the sport if tri clubs were established as a group of people into triathlon with coaching as an option for the more competitive. I pay for a coach and get a lot out of it but im sure there are many people who want to try a triathlon or get together with a group of similar people without paying $$$ for the privilege.
  2. I take it the bottom left photo is after surgery. Pretty impressive stuff if he can do that. Unless the morphine helped.
  3. Good signs? I don't think so. At best, things are not any worse than they were before. At worse, we are trending in the wrong direction.
  4. Pushys has some good gear and sometimes has a similar price to Wiggle and others. My only concern with Pushys is they never answer the phone and they take ages to reply to emails.
  5. Agree. I think the key message from Ironman is: Please pay $1000
  6. I just noticed there was no free delivery for orders over $100 from Wiggle. I went and tried on Chain Reaction and same thing. I wonder how long ive been paying for delivery without noticing. Wiggle seems to be free over $200 now. Where is everyone buying from now? Im a regular with Science in Sport bars and usually end up buy about $120 worth of stuff when i do buy.
  7. Townsville was just postponed to 2022...
  8. Are you sure he didn't just create the website himself? It'd be a great way to get attention.
  9. Mermaid Waters to Tugun are the picks in my opinion. Mermaid is a bit too busy but has a great lake to swim in so i would make an exception.
  10. Vote 1 for the Southern Gold Coast. I live here and think we have great riding, running, heaps of pools, beaches, rivers, lakes. We also have races but they are 10 minutes South on the Tweed Coast. We can also access the hinterland with a short ride from the beach or ride over into NSW (when its open) relatively easy. Some great tri clubs as well. I think both are probably close in terms of training areas. I suggest you look at what you like to do outside of triathlon. The Goldie is more densely populated than SC which some people don't like. For me, it brings other good things like better roads, restaurants, entertainment etc.
  11. I'm training for September. I really hope it goes ahead in one form or another but i wont be upset if its delayed again for health reasons. It's not my first or last race. The worst thing that will happen is i'm fit for no reason.
  12. I saw this article on News.com.au and wondered if we may see some athletes using COVID-19 as a way to get on the gear without worrying about testers knocking on their doors. From what the article says, this guy seems to put in the hard work where others don't - rather than being 'on the gear'. https://www.news.com.au/sport/american-sports/mlb/aroldis-chapman-looks-ridiculously-huge-after-cancelled-baseball-preseason/news-story/11bf289794be6a8b75a4edb4cd277445
  13. The roads were fine. Much better than I remember last year and probably on par with Port Mac roads. We need to be careful what we complain about. Soon there will be no races around at all!
  14. Hi Andy, Don't worry about the knobs on here. I am exactly the same. My power is significantly lower on the trainer than on the road and i can hold a much higher power when climbing or riding into a headwind. I don't know why it is but i don't normally train to power on the road, only the trainer.
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