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  1. Hi Andy, Don't worry about the knobs on here. I am exactly the same. My power is significantly lower on the trainer than on the road and i can hold a much higher power when climbing or riding into a headwind. I don't know why it is but i don't normally train to power on the road, only the trainer.
  2. How many kids of your own do you have FB?
  3. Hi, Any recommendations for long course age group coaches? I have tried a few in the past but want to seek some alternative advise. I'm QLD based but would be ok with an online coach as long as there is regular face-2-face (Skype ok) contact. I have trouble getting to group sessions due to family commitments so the group type coaches are probably not going to work for me. Any recommendations? oh, i've been around for a few years and have done a few ironmans already so not looking for a beginner coach
  4. Awesome event. Only issue i had were the 2 people (maybe husband and wife) running side by side on the run. I was doing a run-walk at that time so had to run past them multiple times. The path is too small to do this.
  5. I donated a while ago and it affected me a lot. I think its different for each person. I ran the next day and was severely out of breath. It lasted for a couple of weeks. There is a heap of data online about this. I think you can donate plasma which affects you less. Either way, i wouldnt do it before a race.
  6. Does anyone know when the new Shiv will be released or what it will look like? I still like mine but its looking a bit tired and the only changes in the Shiv over the years have been colours and a new brake.
  7. Following. I have been thinking of upgrading my Shiv's front brake to a centre pull. There are some really nice options out there but just too much $ for a cosmetic upgrade.
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