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    Alloy Ski Bend extensions

    I think i ordered mine off bike bug or 99 bikes, had to wait as they were sold out but i hit the notify me when in stock and they were back in stock within a week and half.
  2. KieranR

    Flu shot

    Never had it as an adult, dont know why or why not, i just haven't had it. wife is talking about getting it, i probably still wont.
  3. KieranR


    Ever done anything really nice for someone...a total stranger? I just put a message up on the Broome community notice board about wanting to come up and do the Cable beach Marathon in July (first week of school hols), but with the cost of accommodation nudging 1k for 3 nights with my family i cant justify it, sure i could go up and swag it by myself but the family love Broome just as much as me, so i asked if anyone up there had a caravan i could hire for 3 days etc...and a semi retired lady who is a nurse at the hospital messaged me and said as there kids have just recently left home and moved north they now had 2 bedrooms in the downstairs part of their house with a pool etc that they would be happy for us to stay in, that was so nice and then she said they would just love to have us as guests and not expect any payment. Seriously how nice is that......looks like im doing the marathon now. Of course i'll do my due diligence etc...am I being to trusty?
  4. KieranR

    What's Perth or WA like to Live in general?

    Lived in Perth for 2 years when we bought a place in Shelley in 2005, whilst I find it a wonderful city to visit I don’t think I could live there again but I never say never, moved to the pilbara and never looked back. I found people in Perth weird, at least we say hello to people up here in the pilbara πŸ˜‚.
  5. Don’t hipsters wear things called Chinos?
  6. KieranR

    Latest update, Emoticons galore

    🐯 ooh look a tiger
  7. KieranR


    Same here! and he's a ginger, ...good on him!
  8. KieranR


    Brilliant stuff. Happy endings all round. good work. so many people these days would just have kept going past.
  9. KieranR

    Cairns 70.3 - any good?

    Great race mate, swim wont get cancelled because you cant see the sharks and crocs due to the murky water, not even helicopters and drones will help there. The ride is awesome, I think in 2016 there was a big dead pig on the side of the road about 20 km into the ride. Like is said above, probably a stiff SE on the way back to town and likely a bit of rain at some stage. Enjoy it, it's where i grew up and is fantastic. The run support is great but will get a bit quiet up the top end around the sports fields.
  10. KieranR

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    the Brazilians are happy, they have been whinging on social media that they dont feel safe out there....soft cocks..take up a different sport.
  11. KieranR

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    The WSL just cancelled the remainder of the Margies PRO due to the recent shark activity at lefties and cobblestones.
  12. KieranR


    5 years ago when travelling up in the Kimberley on our way to the Kimberley muster up in Kununurra we came across a stranded couple who had blown two tyres on their troopy and the spares were buggered also, we were about 250 km from anywhere and it was late in the arvo, we loaded up the wife in our ute, left the husband with the car and my sat phone and plenty of water and drove to the next place, sourced two tyres and drove all the way back, got them sorted and ended up camping the night on the side of the road with them, made it to Kununurra two days later and bumped into them again, the shouted us dinner and copious amounts of emu export, turns out he is a millionaire business man from Perth. Was nice to help them out when they really were in the shit.
  13. KieranR

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed? Probably, but lets just get this year done before its cancelled, my race fees are paid and accomodation booked.......just have to work out the annual leave bit.
  14. KieranR

    Regrets - Do you have any?

  15. KieranR

    Boston Marathon

    Your left sleeve is higher than your right, my Wife can’t handle this and she’s annoying me about it....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ best of luck tomorrow mate
  16. KieranR

    RunWith - Monday Madness

    how does someone get in touch with Willies shop by phone, no phone number on website that i can find...seems to be hard to contact, cant send PM's from here etc etc, happy to spend my $$ there but want to talk on phone to them....
  17. KieranR

    Heart Rate Straps

    Can you wash your strap in the washing machine or hand wash it, ive got the Wahoo Tickr?
  18. KieranR

    Cell Bikes Webshop, problems??

    this shits me...why do businesses that are closing still accept orders online if they are not going to fulfill it, first step i would think is shut down the online shop, its dishonest in my opinion.
  19. KieranR

    The Mental Health thread

    If there was chocolate stockpiled in my cupboard I'd be in big trouble, i wouldn't be able to control myself and would gorge on it.....hence no chocolate in my pantry.
  20. KieranR

    Gomez v Bergs. Ironman Cairns

    I see Cairns is sold out also.
  21. KieranR

    Free Ironman Entry to a North American Race

    Brilliant stuff guys.
  22. Ive been thinking about this all day, honestly I dont know....I mean my life at the moment goes like this I train for an upcoming race most days..this doesn't make me feel normal at all but keeps me entertained mentally I work Mon - Fri (i guess this is normal for most) 3 nights a week im at the pool ( that doesn't make me feel normal either) I work on my 4WD somewhere amongst that My young fellas eczema is causing us all sorts of grief at the moment as its (in doctors words) severely infected so the AM and PM routine with him is quite exhaustive currently due to what we have to do to get the skin under control again. Maybe the best way i could answer is when im at the beach with the family sitting under the shade of the awning listening to some light music eating cheese and crackers while the kids play in the water.....thats probably when i feel most "normal"
  23. KieranR

    The Mental Health thread

    good topic Sam. I cant add any more advice, i think whats above is wonderful from the crew here, Im very similar but i seem to have hopefully turned the tide, I come from a long history of poor eating habits, right back as far as i can remember so maybe 10 yrs old or so, Mum and Dad always busy, take aways on the way home after sport, never learning how to cook. It all lead to me becoming an adult with a lazy attitude to food. I would hate to count back the cost of what ive spent on take away since leaving home just before turning 17. The real turning point for me was when i decided to live a healthier lifestyle and that was after both my kids were born, nothing magic for me, it was just the want / need to be better, so i made a conscious decision to try my best to avoid the takeaway shops (after all i had ballooned to about 125 kg). I still have my moments, not with takeaway meals, but if im at the coles checkout and have all my items in the bag and ready to pay, i might see a mars bar for $1 or a twirl or whatever and im like, yeah you can have that, you ran for 2 hours today, or its only $1 that wont break you...go on reward yourself...i struggle with moments like that. Mate keep talking here, plenty of great posts above.