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  1. What training did you do today?

    2.6 km swim tonight followed up by a 7.8km easy run, just putting time into the legs
  2. Trannies Strava Page

    im doing all my mon-friday training in the evenings due to the heat here in the Pilbara currently, still stinking hot, but at least bearable.....just. I only ever swim in the PM due to being at work by 0530 and being on pilbara time the pool doesn't open until about half 6 i think...problem with that is, we get storms here just about every night now, not much rain, just lightning shows and they are very quick to get you out of the pool if they spot lightning, so i have to get in and get it done just in case the light show happens.
  3. Tranny kit Ordering

    do one with a big T on the front like the S from superman
  4. What training did you do today?

    last night i did 1 hr wind trainer followed by a 5km run straight after...rolled back through the front door at 9 pm to have dinner at 930.....lifes got busy so train when i can i guess
  5. Best kick-ass songs of all time

    I remember getting this on DVD a long time ago and still reckon its one of the best Metallica shows, how they combine with the San Francisco orchestra is awesome, cant choose one song from this, the whole thing is great.
  6. most patronising thing said

    I dont really understand the word patronising to well, but one thing that shits me at work is people who say I do way to much training, yet they sit around and drink beer all night and get nervous sweats at the thought of having to walk up the hill at work. Also how they comment on my diet, you eat waaaay to much butter Kieran, your cholesterol will be through the roof, yet i turn around at 3 pm and they are drinking cans of coke and eating mars bars and lollies.
  7. 20yrs since Michael Hutchence passed

    Yeah, I remember sitting at home as a teenager in 94 i think when the Cranberries brought out No Need To Argue, I still listen to that album a lot. Good Music.
  8. As I've documented on the Mental health page, my Dad is not well, and its had an effect on me to a certain degree. I've offered my dad a two week camping trip up through the Kimberley next year with my 4 yr old boy and I, Dads agreed to come along which is great, hopefully its given him something to look forward to. and with that I now have another thing to focus on and that is getting my Ute ready for a good trip up into gods country! I took last week off training as I had a couple of niggles, head was spooked after dads attempt on his life and I just generally felt flat and disinterested, i got dropped on a bunch ride at only 32 km/h average, so that was my limit where i needed to say stop, go and have a week off and rest! work on myself and something other than swim bike run. So I compiled a list of mods i want to do on my Ute.....theres a lot! but its given me something to focus on that will enable a good trip away with my dad! this past week I have put in dual batteries on my Ute and wired them up, installed a 12v compressor in a very tight spot and wired it up and is working also, its re ignited my passion for getting the Ute built up to be a capable tourer again. We also spent plenty of time at the beach this past week What do you do other than triathlon training / racing
  9. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Thanks EX, I have a passionate dislike for painting and am also very happy to be recognised as very amateurish in the camp ground, plus I really don't want to be ridiculed by my wife for painting thats not up to her standard...its just easier to leave the "natural" look. ha ha
  10. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Today I finished off my first draw! Really happy with it, it works as it should, and then tonight I bottled our next batch of Kombucha which is apple and cinnamon, strawberry and mint, kiwi fruit, orange, and pomegranate, looking forward to drinking these in 4 days.
  11. What training did you do today?

    I have the laziest Labrador in history....is not interested in exercise, hates water, i gab her collar and lead and she turns the other way and finds somewhere to hide, i did manage to get her in the Ute a few months ago and take her for a stroll up the hill...after our last Labrador who was a nutcase, i thought maybe she wouldn't be as bad but still somewhat active...nope she just wants to sleep...all day everyday..
  12. What training did you do today?

    10km treadmill run and 1hr wind trainer afterwards
  13. Broken Collarbone - who had one, what did you do etc.

    Im in the same boat.....Zero benefit to having it here
  14. What training did you do today?

    I have to follow her because she likes to look around and see what the world is doing, then in her warm up she was doing frogs legs and i copped a kick to the face, she has bloody long legs that kid!
  15. What training did you do today?

    1700m swim, my daughter did 300m of swimming also and once I got home after showing my daughter how to do the nutbush I put my new Altras on and went for a 8km jog
  16. Your 1st race

    Being a very late comer to the sport im interested to know how your 1st race went, any thing funny / embarrassing / horrible happened I did my 1st triathlon in 2015 for my local club, it was called the Anzac 100, 1 km swim, 90 km ride and 9 km run on Anzac weekend the swim...yeah not to great, i think about 30 mins the ride......on my mountain bike with MTB Tyre's, i think about 3.5 hrs from memory the run (shuffle)...not so good, got to about 5km and was done, walked a bit and then said to stop being a sook and run (shuffle) got the award for most bravest competitor or something like that. Since then i have done that same race again 2016, i went a lot better and i have done 2 70.3 and 1 IM since then. I was never home to do any other races so all my triathlon experience has been in 100 km or longer races.
  17. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    After a couple of weeks off the 4wd build, im back into it when time allows. My buddy who is a boiler maker welded up the frame with his tig welder, im very happy with his work, its perfectly square so im stoked with that, only thing is the welds protrude into the inside of the frame (which was always going to happen) which has made fitting the ply a bit tricky to get perfect, Im not willing to grind down the welds, so I've just done my best when sheeting the insides, i will run a silicon bead along all the joins just to seal it off before i carpet it, I need to put a piece of ply on the front but am waiting until i decide which style of handle i want to use...I probably should have decided by now.....typical me...build it as i go along.. I went with 12 mm ply on the bottom and 6 mm on the sides and ends. So thats my progress this past few days, hopefully will have the second draw in my hands next week and can then get it all finished off for the draws and move onto the next modification.
  18. Are you a meal prepper?

    The only time I ever cook is on the Weber, I light the heat beads up at 3 pm each Sunday, pop the roast in 45 mins later and close the lid, take it out 2 hours later and pop on the bench. I also make my eggs every morning before work. apart from that I am not welcome in the kitchen except for cleaning up, i do the dishwasher each night. My wife likes her cooking and enjoys it, She also doesn't believe that I'm capable of producing something decent in the kitchen. I get in her way so to save her nagging me i just avoid the place, shes happy, Im happy, the food is fantastic.....everyone wins.
  19. Cycling kits. What's yours and why

    17 hours is good gear
  20. What training did you do today?

    Last night I did some pilates again, this morning a 2hr ride and 15 min ROTB.
  21. Mobile phone cradle and GPS

    just a thought, does quad lock make mounts for cars? i hear the ones for bikes are pretty good, also check out johnny Appleseed website or their stores, years ago i bought a mount for my depth sounder in my boat and it was bloody superb, cant remember the brand sorry but id check their shops and give them a call.
  22. 2018 Goals-what are they ?

    I ran a 4 minute Km once.......just once and it was only 1km, then i was done!
  23. What training did you do today?

    Well shes got a strava and wants Trannies folk to follow her! she logged her first ride last night, a smidge under 9k in pretty feral heat and flies, followed by a leg massage from her mother, me and her brother, no one got away without giving her legs some care If you want to follow her strava and give out some encouragement to a kid having a crack search for Azra Charlotte on Strava
  24. What training did you do today?

    10km easy run tonight! Really hot here- shouldn’t be surprised being that I’m in the nh west! It just feels hotter this year! Az rode 9km on her bike beside me acting as my mobile water station
  25. Are you a meal prepper?

    Get on it, its superb! We never thought we would like it, but its been awesome. My wife likes Coke (drink) and in an effort to get her to reduce her intake of it we thought we would give Kombucha a go, it is also good for Gut health, something particularly relevant to my son with his Coeliac diagnosis, but equally important for all of us. This brew in the pics is what we have at home right now, Raspberry and mint, strawberry and mint, and mango and ginger and the other pic is it brewing away at about day 3, at day 10 we bottle it and add in our flavor, leave it on the bench for a further 4 days and burp it once a day (open lid), then chuck in the fridge and drink. I have a glass at night as its refreshing, the boy will try and drink it all if we dont hold him back and the daughter tried it last night and her eyes lit up and gave us 2 thumbs up, the wife loves it and hopefully reduces her coke intake. to make the one that size, we just boiled the kettle and poured the water into a glass container, 1 cup of sugar, stir til dissolved, then add in 5 black tea bags, let it cool down to room temp, then pour into the big jug thing (see pic below), add in the scoby which is the bacterial thingy (its quite gross) and add the liquid it was sitting in, cover the top with the cloth and leave it at room temp for 10 days (can leave longer). then we bottle it add in our fruits and mint, leave for a few days and then cool it down and drink it. You can get a scoby off some one who already brews it as the scobys grow babies so we give the older one away and keep the new ones. you know if a new scoby is growing as the top of the brew gets quite cloudy and bubbly, you can also cut the existing scoby and share to someone else, they get quite large