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  1. Lachie's New Bike

    challenge iskandar puteri
  2. Bored@ killing ironman 19

    Whats his name or race number? I would like to track
  3. varying cost of Ironman Races

    Thats in line with the early entry fees here generally
  4. varying cost of Ironman Races

    Whats with the big cost difference in Asia to here & everywhere else Just browsing the net and there's quite a difference in race entry fees between here and there Is there a ranking or something or is it due to popularity...even 70.3 is a decent difference. Danang where ill race next may is currently at $297 entry.
  5. Bike Paint Job - Carbon Frame

    If your willing to post your bike up to Brisbane, get in touch with Ben Wallis from Wallis Paints. He does amazing work, highly talented. he is on Facebook if you want to check his work. *I've no financial interest or association with his business*
  6. Sharks vs Broncos

    been a cowboys fan since day 1 of their existence, and Id love to see them going on beyond the roosters this week.....however i think honestly the boys will be celebrating mad Monday instead of grand final prepping. I hope im wrong.
  7. Australia Post - Who was it that worked there

    Can anyone advise as to who delivers for USPS once something arrives in Australia, ive typed the USPS tracking # into Auspost & DHL with no luck
  8. COD an option? In other scenarios in the past, i have had a mate buy a boat in Mackay while he lived in Darwin, he transferred the 25k to my bank acct, i then drove down to Mackay and picked his boat up for him and payed the money. On another forum im on a few years ago i asked if anyone on there would mind having something at their place for me until i could travel to collect it, someone contacted me and had no problem doing that for me, once it was delivered I payed the money immediately before he left the house where he had delivered it to. I guess I was then very trusting of the people who had offered to look after it for me. It was a tight knit small forum so i had no concerns.
  9. SO.......???

    I was going to mention that everyone must have signed up as its the last year...
  10. SO.......???

    I see Busso half has now sold out
  11. Hawaii Ironman betting

    is there a pro star tlist available yet? Fellas at work want to place a bet and dont trust what im telling them to bet on
  12. Croeso i Ironman Cymru

    FP I watched the crowd belting out the anthem before the start on the ironman wales fb page tonight! Spine tingling stuff. I so wanna go race there after your report!
  13. Croeso i Ironman Cymru

    So well done FP! Congrats
  14. Danang 70.3 Vietnam

    Flights have just been booked & payed for
  15. Sunny Coast 70.3 2017 Race report

    Nice work, what did you think of the Caden wheels? Looking very closely at a set for my bike.