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  1. Why don’t you ride it
  2. KieranR

    Brownlee racing IMWA

    Surely we can’t get two good years of weather and no killer sharks.
  3. KieranR

    Brownlee racing IMWA

    I just hope he won’t be wearing a women’s one piece when it happens
  4. KieranR

    Brownlee racing IMWA

    Wonder if he needs a home stay? I got a spare bed in my caravan.
  5. KieranR

    Brownlee racing IMWA

    He’ll DNF, hotter than Kona it will be
  6. KieranR

    Busso 2019

    only Because I’m busy being a fb troll today. #bored
  7. KieranR

    Busso 2019

    Cant believe I beat peter to post this news😂
  8. KieranR

    Busso 2019

    Brownlee a confirmed starter at busso! Someone please control Zed, he will throw his knickers at him when he sees him 😂😂
  9. KieranR

    Busso 2019

    It’s why I drive to Perth and back every time we go away, otherwise going away just wouldn’t happen as a family of four. an example of the rort that is Pilbara airfares- last may we went to Vietnam, two week holiday, 70.3 race while there, didn’t hold back on spending, and drove to Perth and back to avoid the flights from here. We still came out a couple grand in front than if we had of flown from here. 4 x return flights Perth -KL-ho chi Minh city $978.00 4x internal flights Ho Chi Minh - da nang ~$500 at times up here $1500 is lucky to get you a return airfare to Perth and back. ps- if you’ve seen my boat, You will see I’m not wealthy, point being, I paid for the boat with two cartons of bush chooks, got the motor for $450 from Mandurah out boards free postage, blew the gearbox up got a new one for free 😂, trailer was rusted to the point of no return but I’ve made it work......trailer not registered and never would pass the pits anyway......but I found an old WA number plate on the way to the tip one day and slapped it on. Never been questioned by the police yet. But man do I catch a shitload more fish and Crays than some of the 150k + boats up here. want me to talk about my 20yr old piece of shit Navara? It’s worse than the boat 😂😂😂😂😂
  10. KieranR

    Busso 2019

    It’s so sad that you can get from melb to busso for $200 return and I can’t get from Karratha to Perth for ~ $1000 return normally
  11. This actually happened to my little brother on his roadie about two years ago, after discussing things with me and his LBS he decided it was better to retire from cycling altogether and take up ultra running (walking). maybe this is an option for you also?
  12. Go back to racing BMx and MTB.
  13. KieranR

    Wurf watch

    Is there a link to the race or is it all run and won by now
  14. Go train then!! ive had a shit week training wise, wife’s been in Melbourne on a girls trip, I worked mon-thurs 0600-1800, hardly trained but did what I could between the work hrs, dropping kids off to friends houses at 0500 then picking them up from others friends after work, would have loved to trained more considering I’ve got IMWA in three weeks, but I got to yesterday and felt like having a day off so went diving and caught enough food for the week. Didn’t wish I’d trained, don’t really feel like it today either but I’ll get a zwift session in sometime between housework, kids dancing lessons and playing LEGO with the boy. dont regret having a day off, listen to the body, life gets in the way of our hobby at times. Shit happens.
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