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  1. Ah well to close this one out, I’m no longer aiming for worlds 2020, I’m full of excuses but the big one is I’m just not mentally there. I’ve had a few battles lately that are well documented and is driving me to do other things - like my spearfishing and just purely exploring with my kids and wife. im Going to rock up in Taupo this December and have a fun day swimming riding and running. cheers.
  2. Shovelled what felt like approx 2 tonne of sand into sandbags today then delivered them to the houses in risk of flooding.
  3. I don't get people who don't get fishing lol! This is my catch from last Sunday. no fishing this weekend though with Cyclone Veronica on our doorstep.
  4. Not that I need to explain it but I have for a long time followed crime very closely, it intrigues me greatly. I have the ability to separate what I have seen and read from my feelings / life etc, although I understand that could maybe clouded at moment. I’ll be sure to let my psych know I saw it when I see him on Wednesday.
  5. Kia Kaha NZ (stay strong) its absolutely abhorrent. I saw the whole video today as the guys at work played it on FB, how someone can do this is absolutely beyond me, he stormed in and killed people, he then went outside and shot up the street, back to his car changed weapons and went back outside and quoted “you’re not getting on the barge today boys” then went back inside and shot everyone again, he just kept on killing. I was standing there shaking watching. In NZ toughest day their leader Jacinda has stood tall and lead from the front with exceptional compassion but absolute clarity.
  6. I’m totally cool with casual. The work is ongoing long term for Rio Tinto, if I want to go back to PFT later I’ll take it up with them. As a business the company have a lot of work on the books and coming up so I’m very confident there is a place for me long term in the business as long as I want it and keep performing to my highest ability.
  7. That’s ok this is good to know, I didn’t know so at least I do now know to check before the funds go on the mortgage. The form I received shows my annual leave being paid out and taxed. There is nothing on the document showing LSL to be paid out, then the bottom section shows the redundancy type (it’s an alphabetical letter) and states tax free. We have in our business three types of employment that I’ve seen, which is casual, fixed term and permanent full time. I was told today that after three months and everyone is happy I will have the option of going back to PFT, but I’m happy being a casual with everything else going on in my life at the moment.
  8. I’ll be checking, but it’s a totally new role, different site, have to do a full pre employment medical etc. but I’ll be checking. I’ve had my fair share of shit from the ATO in the past, I don’t want anymore
  9. Thanks for that info, I will certainly do that for sure. The document does state it’s tax free, I’ve never had a redundancy before, I’ve only received end of contract bonuses which have been taxed in the past. I have an honest accountant so I’ll touch base with him in the morning. I’m going from full time to casual so not sure if that has anything to do with it?
  10. Even better news just now. Just got a call from recruitment and They are actually going to be putting me in as a Junior Planner which is precisely the role i have wanted and been working towards, and only on $6 an hour less than my current wage as a lead. I finish here on Monday and they have me down to start on the 25th, which is maybe a bit sooner than i had hoped but it will give me a week of fishing to do before i start. 9 day fortnight too so thats great getting a long weekend every two weeks. And because its not a like for like transition from here to there they are paying out my redundancy which i got the figures for today and was very pleasantly surprised. so thats a nice bonus to be getting and will still be employed by them.
  11. In Australian Motorsport a prime example of someone with oodles of talent but not oodles of money is Ryal Harris, this kid should have been driving v8 supercars years ago but has battled along in V8 Utes for for over 10 yrs now and won multiple championships and has this year also been given a drive in the touring car masters. I've known and followed Ryal since his karting days, so much talent, so little money. at one point years ago he had a drive lined up with a multiple championship winning team, only to be told sorry mate, we have just had someone come to the team with a sponsorship deal or big dollars, (essentially bought the drive), this guy has now won a V8 title and will win more. Money talks in Motorsport, its a real shame we see drivers like Ryal not given a shot in the big time, not sure if the utes or TCM are racing in Melbourne this weekend but if they are watch Ryal tear it up in his EFS sponsored ute and camaro
  12. I Chased the chickens around the yard for 16 minutes trying to get them back in the coop
  13. Thanks for the chat Sam, appreciate it. For now I'm just enjoying going 4wding in my Ute, walking the coast with my fishing rod & spear gun and trying to catch some fish My wife's very concerned about me, and isn't really keen on me heading out by myself, but I've made a commitment to her & the doctors that if i feel like im having an episode that i call them immediately. For those that don't know, two weeks ago on my birthday i called the police on myself, i was sitting at home alone and was about to cut myself with my hunting knife, So i'm now in the care of the Pilbara Mental health crisis team which consists of psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse and social worker who are working with me. Thanks to Sam, Stikman, Willie, RBR, BCJ and Rimmer for the chats over the past couple weeks - much appreciated
  14. heres the trails i get to ride on in Karratha. bit different to the "normal" MTB trails but its what we have to play in. it hurts a lot when you stack though
  15. I went out yesterday and got a video, just waiting for you tube to publish it and I'll put it up here but in the emantime have you seen any of the Megavalanche videos? they are epic, check these out
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