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  1. I think I beat that this year
  2. Currently plodding along in NB 1080 fresh foams.
  3. This is right, maybe he was just a nasty fukka already and CTE had nothing to do with their actions in the crimes committed but who knows really
  4. Good news Katz! Hopefully it all goes well. our house is having it’s first open day this weekend. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long to have a buyer. It’s time to move it on. We made the decision that WA is where we will be long term now. So are selling the house in Townsville, it was going to be our retirement home as it’s beautiful but things change and it’s time to let someone else enjoy it.
  5. I wonder if any of these fighters will end up suffering from CTE disease...... interesting doco coming up on Netflix about Aaron Hernandez the former NFL player for the New England patriots who was sentenced to life in prison for murder and then took his life in 2017. Recent studies have shown he was in an advanced state of CTE after his brain was examined since his death as it was donated to science. Whether CTE has a link to his crimes I don’t know but it will be interesting and I worry about these fighters suffering this. Same with any other contact sports players.
  6. My workplace today just looks like a dust bowl and it’s farking hot. And we have about a thousand brake shoes to change. No pic required
  7. It's just thuggery - id rather watch a Taylor swift concert
  8. I disagree, where I live, a lot of the housing is very old, very similiar to the housing commission style of old, so affordable in regards to the purchase, but the ever increasing insurance premiums are making it increasingly difficult for some to afford the insurance. also take in acct the cost of power here, some of the most expensive in the country I believe. For example I just paid last week $1006.00 for 60 days of power, and we live conservatively. I’m looking forward to moving back into company housing and having no power bills again.
  9. My comment was just in general, not relating the bushfires. If you are not insured then you are not insured, it’s a choice at the end of the day, if you choose not to be insured, then you wear the risks and deal with the outcomes of the worst was to happen, I’m not willing to wear the risks of being uninsured so I suck it up and pay the fees as much as it sucks.
  10. What about those who genuinely can’t afford it. Here in Karratha the cost of house insurance is ridiculous. Whilst I’m not a home owner here In Karratha I have read numerous posts online In local groups of people asking for insurance info as their renewal has come through and is 10k dearer than what it was for the previous year. my house insurance on the east coast is dear enough, I doubt I could afford it over here. Even my contents insurance here is very expensive. Throw on top the car insurances, health insurance, income protection, TPD, it’s a heck of a lot of money and I feel for those here that can’t afford it.
  11. I did stage one. Might retire now
  12. It’s probably his bike that cracked
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