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  1. KieranR

    Zwift Roll Call

    This is what showed up on my Zwift again today, is this the ride ?
  2. Swim smooth program, going back to the very start.
  3. KieranR

    Zwift Roll Call

    Ah ok, maybe I mis read something. It’s just something to do, I don’t work, weather is crap so no diving, kids back at school and wife back to work this week.
  4. KieranR

    Zwift Roll Call

    It popped up on my zwift today saying it could be done until the 28th July.....is it the 28th yet
  5. KieranR

    Zwift Roll Call

    I can't see this in the events pages, I wanna have a crack at it, how do I know when its next on? I've got nothing on apart from a planned spearfish later this week, s can do any session but I can't see any........help..
  6. Went swimming, 2.2km. Never been an efficient swimmer so am going back to basics to see if I can reform my swim and become more efficient and comfortable in the water
  7. 80 min run (let’s call it a shuffle/ walk) keeping the HR under control. Fitness is a long long way away, but it’s a start. Rode my bike yesterday too
  8. I was going to run today, but I over tightened my dive knife to my calf yesterday and it’s sore today, so I went diving again, put the knife on other calf not as tight,
  9. KieranR


    Let me get my results out of the boat in the morning and I’ll get back to you
  10. KieranR


    I like butter
  11. KieranR


    No nothing like that mate, had a vasectomy a few years ago. spoke with doctor today, she isn’t concerned about the cholesterol yet, diet should fix that she reckons.
  12. KieranR


    How does one bring their cholesterol down without meds?
  13. You should try it! Seriously good
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