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  1. Well this morning I turned my hand to a bit of UFC against some punk who was trying to break into my house. Got a call from the wife at 0500 asking if that was me trying to get in. I was still at work, rushed home and disturbed them. I’m a better street fighter than I remembered. Think he wishes the cops got here before I did.😉
  2. My house smelt like a fish shop tonight 😂 IMG_1721.mov
  3. Five minutes before that I was running round in my budgys but Nicole told me to get dressed because the new car (new for us) we bought was getting delivered and apparently I was not dressed appropriately
  4. I should have taken the GoPro today! The water clarity was epic, we went wide and didn’t get home til we’ll after dark. Some great spearing today by me and two mates. We dove deeper today from 6m to 20m And even at 20m you could see the bottom from the surface! Days like today are epic. And to top it off we nailed a bunch of squid on the way home. Pics below are my share from the day. The chinaman was epic! He tried towing me around. And the shot placement on the big trout was perfect, right through the gill plate.
  5. And a nice way to finish the day off, fresh seafood cook up at the beach and the young fella got his first fire going. IMG_1664.MOV
  6. Shore dive today, nice jack, nice trout, a cod for a mate who loves them (weirdo) and cray. Maybe a fire down the beach tonight while watching the sunset.
  7. Probably hasn’t got anything intelligent to say So is keeping quiet. give it time he’ll come out and embarrass himself again soon enough
  8. Nothing has changed for me from before vivid-19. Work has not been adjusted for me, social life was always fishing and diving and I’ve still done that. I rarely go out in public anyway so cafes etc being shut didn’t bother me.
  9. Black white, whatever colour you are- you won’t die in custody if you don’t do anything wrong or suspicious in the first place! Don’t wanna die in custody, stay out of trouble I might come across as a prick for this but Fark me im over it. same as the blow up about Rio Tinto destroying Ancient caves at Jukkan gorge in the Pilbara. Was legally agreed in 2013, yes I agree it shouldn’t have happened (it’s important to preserve significant history) but when it’s agreed, and no doubt financial compensation was made and accepted then you complain 7 years after it was approved and the blast is done..........
  10. No fish today worth shooting, but what a day to be boating in ya budgy’s
  11. Currently have a mortgage, but today we accepted an offer to sell the house and signed the contract of sale. Mortgage was via a broker 12 years ago through colonial (subsidiary of commonwealth). Will be debt free in 60 days 😄. Then the hunt for a retirement block in the sth west (margs, busso) begins.
  12. Today we signed a contract for sale of our house, we received a fair offer and after a bit of tooing and froing we have a greed a price with the buyer, We will come out of the sale with a nice swelling of our bank account so that’s always nice. Tough market to sell in but it’s a beautiful house so Was always confident of a sale.
  13. No diving today, so I finally got round to wiring up my solar panel on the ute properly. Running perfect.
  14. Farking cold when the waves were crashing over the side. I think the depth sounder was saying 26.7deg which is freezing for us here 😂😂😂 no diving yesterday, waaay to deep for me at 70m and man was it sharky, we lost so many good fish to sharks yesterday. Diving tomorrow, maybe first for the year with a wetsuit.
  15. I walked up this, jogged down the other side, walked up another bit and jogged along the trail at the bottom back to the car, no idea how long or how far as I don’t use technology now very often, it sucked, I’m unfit, but the cooler weather is making going outside and doing stuff a bit easier. Fishing was gnarly yesterday, easterlies suck.
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