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  1. I need to get my favourite spear gun off my supervisor, he took it out to the Montes this week and was too weak to load it! 😂😂😂😂 he’s got some great bruises from trying though 😂
  2. KieranR


    On Tuesday our intrastate borders are shutting down, as Mark McGowan said today if you are away from home, get home now. The Kimberley , the Pilbara, The Gascoyne, The wheatbelt, the goldfields/ Espearance, Perth/peel, there will be no travel allowed between zones. Great call by the WA Premier and his advisors.
  3. I won’t call it a pain cave because I rarely make myself hurt when training (currently not training). But seen as though most of Aussie is home let’s see your set ups! I wanna see Zed’s as all I’ve been getting lately is zwift notification that he’s zwifting (all the bloody time 😂) here’s my new cave- clearly not set up yet
  4. Haven’t even looked at it since I posted. We have internet and the chrome cast thingy so the kids have been watching episodes of Youngbloods while I’m sorting out the new pain cave for when I decide to start training again, but I just found another speargun (an old one) I’m going to now rebuild, it’s a little shorty so will be great in the tight holes some big blue bones hide in. and coming into winter soon so I’ve decided to save up for a big 1400 or 1500 long blue water gun to go chase some Big Pelagics out in the deep blue. i also found all my scuba gear and a couple tanks I’ll need to get re certified and may go for some deep dives exploring some caves again and wrecks from cyclone Damien, 12 boats went down and I’ve got all the coordinates...woohoo
  5. Received a care package from mum and dad. New work shoes and a going out pair for special occasions. Have never been able to find original double pluggas in WA. So mum and dad always keep me freshly stocked up from over east.
  6. Well we have finished moving house and Nicole And I have managed to do it without having one single argument and we remain married. That’s a massive win 😂
  7. KieranR


    99% of the people I know who went to uni are in fact not all that intelligent- their decision making skills in the real world are outrageous 😂😂😂😂🤦‍♂️
  8. Likewise. Never ever been interested in a cruise.
  9. I decided to go diving today so rang the maintenance mob and they will get someone out to fix it while I’m out. Perfect
  10. Except if you’re my wife- honestly she loves that thing! Every bloody day
  11. I had already tried the one on the right and it didn’t work either but will get an adaptor for the middle one and give it a shot
  12. At the old place it worked fine. Yeah I’ve rung the housing maintenance people (company house) so I won’t be out of pocket either way. I refuse to buy a new tv as long as this one still works.
  13. Ok, moved into the new house - I’m not a big TV watcher and struggle with the tech side of it and setting up. TV is from 2008 a Samsung plasma, plugged the antenna cable in back of TV and into wall (see pic) Used google to find out how to tune it and followed instructions using the remote, but I get this (pic 2) any suggestions?
  14. KieranR


    My plans are to go out diving at the montebello islands for a week, however work is still full steam ahead, residential workers here for Rio Tinto in rail (me) have been told at this point we are still required here for our shifts, China is still wanting the iron ore. Nothings changed in that respect. Our business is a key driver for the Australian economy, can’t really see them shutting us down.
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