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  1. This is also me, I’ve had a really crap year personally, and I know I haven’t made the best food choices, it’s something I’ve battled all my life if I’m honest. Keen to see how I go, shedding a few kg in the next couple months is important and hopefully keep it off
  2. I paid $1193 on Webjet, the direct airline site airfares were more than $1200 plus whatever fees they have. oh, I sorted the extra luggage query anyway.
  3. Airline direct page was not cheaper
  4. Anyone used Webjet? Ive found some flights but need to book extra luggage (bike). Site says for intl please contact airline directly, (virgin). which I have but I got the run around so ended the call. i get 1x23kg which is my suitcase. has anyone had issues booking extra luggage direct with airline after booking via web jet?
  5. Have had a joint acct with my wife since We were 19. That when we moved out. We each have a separate acct that we transfer 10% of any money that comes into our joint acct into our own ones, this is our individual spending for each of us to use how ever we like. All bills are serviced from the joint acct. we also have a separate acct for our kids that we put $100 a week into. Twice a year we withdraw from it and invest in shares for them. My wife has only gone back to work last year after not earning an income for 10yrs and does approx 10hrs a week, not once in that time have I considered that the money I earnt was “mine” it’s always been “ours”
  6. Rodeoing weekend with my kids at pannawannica rodeo, and will no doubt get best on dance floor again BCD9110F-AD57-4C58-A829-97072EDCF917.MOV
  7. Quick run in the boat this arvo to grab a feed for our Father’s Day dinner we are having at the beach tomorrow evening as I’m working Sunday. Might sneak out and grab another couple crays tomorrow morning. Lexi the Labrador always gets in on the filleting action and gets her dose of fresh fish
  8. I worked for a little but then on way home went and shot dinner.
  9. Mike Phillips will be a contender Laura wood to finish in top 5
  10. KieranR

    Wurf watch

    What type of donut. It’s very important
  11. Do any of the above earphones have capability to load music onto them. I don’t train with music for lots of reasons, but if music were able to be loaded on them so you don’t need to carry a phone / iPod I could be swayed to give them a shot.
  12. Just hanging with my daughter at the beach, had a dive, no decent fish around today, so just colouring in lady beetles and watching all the boats zoom past
  13. I got to ride in the loco taking a 30 000t train to the car dumper at Parker point and bring an empty one back to our yard.
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