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  1. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    No doubt! 😂😂😂😂
  2. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Another job done on the 4wd build, UHF install done and powered up, I wanted it out of the way, so being that my ashtray serves no purpose it was time for it to go, and the uhfsots in beautifully, I’ve powered directly from my fuse block I’ve put in so I can keep it powered on even if the ute isn’t running, I’ll have to come up with an idea to use something to fill in the gaps around the uhf, I’m not sure material to use yet but it can wait. Starting to get closer to the bigger ticket items now, the winch arrived on Friday but I have no bullbar as yet, and my two spare steel rims arrived also, I’m switching over to steel rims because I’m not a fan of alloy wheels when travelling remotely, got the steel ones for $110 each on the work account, I’ll end up with 6 Steelies soon. Next purcahse is a suspension upgrade and I’ll fit that myself also
  3. Malcolm Young - RIP

    Very sad indeed! I was just reading about it and didn’t realise that he actually wrote a lot of music
  4. What would you do?

    I’m going to invest in me! I’ll accept the 2/2 and take it as a good thing, like goughy said, think off all the training, I’m also going to do a primavera P6 course, I like the little bit of work I’ve done with our planning dept and it’s something I think suits me, also going to look into some autocad courses as something that has interested me for a little while is scaffold design, I have absolutely no idea about it, but hey, 2 weeks off a month should give me plenty of time
  5. What would you do?

    I was born in Tauranga, lived in Te Puke for a year then back to Taupo where mum and dad are from. Cant go wrong with Taupo or Wanaka
  6. What would you do?

    Im of the same opinion as you guys, i love the place and would love the opportunity to go back and live, hopefully one day it comes to fruition, every time we go back it gets harder to leave. my kids absolutely love it and my wife does too...but its just the cold she reckons would do her head in. shes a born and bred nth qlder.... the discussion will be had with her again in due course about taking up this opportunity...its a win win i reckon. My Aunty lives directly across the road from Sam Warriner the ex ITU world champ, i met her last year when i did the 70.3. shes awesome to talk to, and then after the race Meredith Kessler came round for a BBQ at Sams house, she was awesome with my kids.
  7. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Nice work there softy....some talent there for sure! i cant even paint a stick figure without being ridiculed
  8. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Thats sounds so great Paul..very jealous
  9. What would you do?

    Underpaid these days.... i was in mining once, out near leonora / laverton...
  10. What would you do?

    I work on the Karratha gas plant on the Life extension program (cvx are part owner in the JV), I work for one of the implementation contractors. I've worked on most of the major O&G projects the last decade, train 5 here at KGP, Pluto, Wheatstone, GLNG, APLNG, Macedon etc. they were all in construction and now ive transitioned into the maintenance side of things...its definitely different and i saw the slowing down coming a fair while ago so made the switch to maintenance because that is where the work is headed as these projects all move into ops. We were told to save 30%, which equated to about 10 million from within our own organisation, same with the other IC, and our EPCM which equated to about 67 million for them im told by my boss. we have just last week laid off 25 staff and moving to a 2/2 roster is apart of the saving process also.
  11. What would you do?

    I'm in Oil and Gas - dont call me a mining man haha Career change, one day, i just have no idea what i want to be honest yes home every night, just standard 10hr days 0630 - 1700 the bit i struggle with is a "different lifestyle" what do you mean by that.
  12. What would you do?

    no issue with working 2/2 yes concern on who will manage kids if wife is working weekends - she may not have to depending.. Yes can do lots of training i guess. yes happy to stay here in Karratha for anywhere up to next 5 years Id like to be more handy with bikes - like servicing etc
  13. What would you do?

    I commend you on taking a chance like that and borrowing a lot of money and glad it was rewarded. I dont think i would ever be that brave, borrowing big sums of money scares me. My mortgage scares me and I only have $368k left to pay. Id happily sell my place to then take a risk on going to much lower wage to get a qualification.
  14. What would you do?

    My uncle manages an electrical company in Taupo NZ, has confirmed to me on multiple occasions that he would put me through an electrical apprenticeship if i moved over there. Taupo is my home town so im always keen on that, the wife has said she would but its her least preferred option. a couple of years of pain to go through financially but the long term benefits would be positive. I haven't lived in NZ since i was six but we go back often.
  15. What would you do?

    Im a local doing mon - fri the fifo guys are currently 3/1 roster so its great for them yes there will be a drop in the site uplift payment (not known how much yet but rumoured to be 5-10%), base salaries are not changing Im not worried about the salary component, i have a good base wage