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  1. KieranR

    What's Perth or WA like to Live in general?

    It’s putting on a good show this morning! Just got off the plane from Vietnam and brought the kids up to kings park and got them a hot chocolate! Never get sick of the views from kings park
  2. KieranR

    Gomez v Bergs. Ironman Cairns

    Go stick it to them Josh! Do you know if Sarah is going back to defend her Frankfurt title?
  3. KieranR

    Vietnam 70.3

  4. KieranR

    Vietnam 70.3

    😂😂😂 I’m out to have fun and keep getting fitter, I’m not going to win, I can accept that, but if I can keep getting fitter and be able to still have a laugh at myself and make some others have a giggle then it’s all worth it 😂. I had crazy amounts of support on the run on the weekend just from strangers and fellow athletes.....lost count of how many times I got told it’s a brave look I’m sporting 😂😂, even after when I wandering around trying to find the family I had people commenting / laughing /shaking their heads. Wife’s really supportive of my clothing she made my daughter rush a pair of shorts over to me when we located each other hahaha
  5. KieranR

    Vietnam 70.3

    They are a limited edition pair by Sam Thaiday (he’s sponsored by them) and his radio show called “thank god its Thaiday” ran a comp, my brother tagged me in an online post and said I should win if I wear them at busso IM his year for the marathon. You won’t find them on the budgy smuggler page but you can find them on a google search. Im building up to wear them on the bike, I’m still fat so wanted to make sure I could get through the run no dramas first before I go with the ride also
  6. KieranR

    Vietnam 70.3

    I was hoping to get a Trannie singlet but missed the order, hopefully by next race I’ll have one....Roxie got 6 months to open the store again.....I already have a ripper pair of new budgies to wear next time too 😂😂😂😂....believe it or not I was the only one racing in smugglers....people have gone soft....and their was a limited amount of people sporting proper moustaches too. I had it covered
  7. KieranR

    Gomez v Bergs. Ironman Cairns

    Just saw Josh has posted his next three months of races, no Cairns IM defence. Switzerland, Frankfurt and Cebu instead
  8. KieranR

    Port 2018 - new age group

    I said to my wife how old do you reckon this guy is...... she said in his early fifties! I would agree if I didn’t know what AG you race.....You look nothing like 80-74! Good job
  9. KieranR

    Vietnam 70.3

    Yeah the iron kids got all the same stuff for their race as what us big kids get, very well done over here, I’ve been impressed, she’s refusing to scrub them off and is keen to show her friends when we go home next week 😂
  10. KieranR

    Vietnam 70.3

    Got it covered
  11. KieranR

    Vietnam 70.3

    Was their idea! I negotiated a good deal
  12. KieranR

    Vietnam 70.3

  13. KieranR

    Vietnam 70.3

    We are now touristing and spent the afternoon / night down in Hoian , it’s just beautiful, me and the kids for right in! If you ever need tips on how to “tourist” just sing out 😂
  14. KieranR

    Vietnam 70.3

    Ok, race done! Very happy with my swim at 38 minutes, that’s a 7 min PB, I planned to go out and ride hard (for me), haven’t looked at the power meter data yet but I think I’ve had about an 11 min pb or there abouts, I crashed on the bike at 30km and have a bit of a sore hip from it, I ended up landing on the aid station table after a local swung in to grab a bottle without warning, I smashed into his rear mech and cassette, his day was done but thankfully my bike was ok (lucky for him), got back to transition 2 and quick dash into he change tent to put the budgy smugglers on and slap a container of Vaseline between the thighs (no thigh gap), the legs were there as I spun a higher than normal cadence and felt good, I knew it was going to be a very tough half marathon and true to that it certainly was, I deliberately walked every aid station and dowsed myself with buckets of water, ice and hoses when available, the run was more a shuffle but I got it done! Now it’s time for beer and reflections on a hard race but one I’m glad I’ve done! Lots of support out here for me in my budgy smugglers, a few you ****ing legend comments, couple slaps on the bum and most importantly no chaffe! A short stint in the medical tent after my race as I collapsed after the finish when my legs finally gave in. Great event, well managed, thanks to the vollies, they were brilliant, without them we don’t race! I’ll do more sunrise events in he future! Cheers to Nik and the kids being out there, without them I also don’t race! 🤘👊👍👌✌️
  15. KieranR

    Busso 70.3 swim cancelled

    Swim went ahead and I PB’d