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  1. Bendigo running clubs/groups

    Hi all. Moving to Bendigo for 6 months placement and looking to join a running group/club in Bendigo to maintain fitness (won't really have time for competing). Wondering if anyone knows any groups/clubs, preferably training in the morning as a bonus as well? Cheers
  2. Just wondering if anyone has actually gained any benefits from doing any form of strength work, ie. speed, injury prevention etc. I'm currently doing 2 sessions per week (full body), but am not sure if I will gain any triathlon benefits? cheers
  3. Slanecycles

    Anyone ever purchased anything from Slane cycles? How did you find them? Cheers
  4. Training rut

    Hi guys, So this year I've gotten into a bit of a training rut, and my training has been steadily declining, until I imagine I might get to a point where I don't train. I'm a medical student, and this year particularly I'm finding it incredibly difficult to fit into training. Any advice from someone with a very hectic schedule? I've always had the motivation, but now I'm prioritizing everything else ahead....
  5. Best place to buy garmin

    Hi just wondering if someone could tell me the best place to buy a garmin 920xt? Cheers