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  1. The Politics Thread

    Problem is that she's ugly on the inside, and the Burqua doesn't help with that.
  2. The Politics Thread

  3. I think the 'nuance' is voting on party-lines vs. a free vote. Both sides have been guilty of using party-line voting to make the issue a wedge tactic rather than addressing its merits. The LNP are still using the plebiscite/postal-poll as the blocking prerequisite to a free-vote - i.e. no free-vote this term unless preceded by a plebiscite/postal-poll to allow an opportunity for stirring up sufficient FUD to dissuade those who might vote YES.
  4. The Politics Thread

    Apparently, the facts of the Joyce case are not important, but what is important is how those facts were uncovered - treachery, treason and sovereign interference accusations. Classic - look, over there - tactics.
  5. They decided to use a plebiscite as a means of delaying-denying a conscience vote, and muddying the public argument sufficiently to justify their NO vote afterwards. To suggest that hard-right nut-bags such as Andrews, Abetz, Abbott, Christensen, et-al happily agreed to a plebiscite (and are now pushing for a post vote) because they consider this to be democracy in action and good governance, is either naïve or disingenuous. You just need to look at Abbott's actions 5-mins after the postal-vote announcement to see the real agenda. They know that if they allow a conscience vote now, the YES side already has the numbers, and they know that if they don't force through their plebiscite postal-poll in this term and try to manipulate a NO vote, then it will go to a conscience vote. This is why the LGBTI community either wants a conscience vote now, or wait until there is one.
  6. I think that definition is very narrow and that other dictionaries would have a far broader one. Anyway, to paraphrase Frankie Boyle, I don’t have time to hate gays, blacks, asians, jews or muslims... I’m too busy hating white hetro Christians.
  7. The Politics Thread

    We elect and pay members of parliament to make decisions and legislate on our behalf. The use of plebiscites and referendums should be limited to issues that elected members are not able to debate and vote on, and the marriage act is not one of them. It’s an expensive, divisive, non-binding distraction designed to placate the LNP right-wing, and which still needs to be followed by a parliamentary debate and vote, so why not save the money, time and aggro - do their job and just have the ****ing vote.
  8. It has already been made clear that churches, ministers, etc, will be exempted from performing marriage ceremonies on religious grounds, but that won't stop the dog-whistling to the religious that this is a serious issue to consider - Abbott was out doing it 5mins after the postal thing was announced.
  9. The Politics Thread

    It must have come as a huge shock to Joyce when informed that his father was a Kiwi, because obviously if he had known he would have already checked his status and referred himself to the courts.
  10. The Politics Thread

    Fortunately, the one question being asked is no longer limited to resolving the issue of same-sex marriage, but already also about protecting religious freedom and resisting political correctness. I feel sure that the yes team will manage to propose a number of additional issues that we can resolve with the one question so that Australia gets much better value for money from this postal vox-pop.
  11. Somewhat surprisingly, I’m not a constitutional lawyer... but although I know we don’t have a bill of rights, I’m waiting for someone to mount the argument that worked in the USA - a vote on allowing same-sex marriage is in effect a vote on whether or not to restrict the rights of some citizens – which in the USA at least, the courts decided was illegal.
  12. Perhaps another? Should any organisation shown to be involved in paedophilia and/or protecting paedophiles within its ranks, be banned from attempting to influence public policy with moral-ethical arguments.
  13. We are going to have a postal 'vote' on whether or not to allow some the same rights as others, but don't get a say in whether or not to go all the way with Trump.
  14. Photography philosophy

    Kodachrome - the photo.
  15. Photography philosophy

    Well there you go... I never thought there was a line in the first place.