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  1. XCOM!


    An omniscient supreme leader has no need of such unworthy devices.
  2. XCOM!

    Microsoft Excel help

    Dare I say it... TypeScript.
  3. XCOM!

    Microsoft Excel help

    Waiting for the day our AI overloads at MS implement a feature where if you even start thinking of using the wrong datatype, evil clippy jumps out with a taser gun...
  4. XCOM!

    Trump is the President

    Possibly not. Both USA and Russia use multiple warhead design on their missiles to make it harder to defeat them, but plutonium is heavy and the weight of each warhead (it's quoted at around 1000kg => 1MT yield) and the size/thrust of the vehicle required to launch it, means that there are practical limits the size of each warhead in a MIRV design - I believe that around .5MT is the biggest the USA uses on their ICBMs, and most are much smaller.
  5. XCOM!

    IoM TT, anyone following?

    Part of the reason for that figure is that it used to be the British round of the MC-WC until '76. Riders began seriously protesting and boycotting the event on safety grounds, beginning in the early 70's. Agostini boycotted from '72 after the death of his friend Gilberto Parlotti, and when Barry Sheene became '76 WC while refusing to race IOM, the FIM finally relented and dropped it from the calendar, moving the British round to Silverstone.
  6. XCOM!

    The Politics Thread

    I had far more interesting things to do - cleaning the oven and taking the garbage out...
  7. XCOM!

    Amazon. What the?

    I only buy technical books, which have a life expectancy of 2-3 years-ish, so I haven't bought a 'paper' book since the advent of Kindle.
  8. XCOM!

    Amazon. What the?

    OPAS.com for me. The geoblocking thing would appear to be their attempt to prop up their commitment to a local service that is not performing as expected, because the argument of it being too difficult/expensive to implement add-on GST doesn't stack up with Ebay.
  9. XCOM!

    The Politics Thread

    Personally, I just block him for all the same reasons - but unfortunately it doesn't filter the quoted content.
  10. XCOM!

    The Politics Thread

    Keep in mind, she worked as a media adviser - perhaps she has different expectations of 'normal' behavior.
  11. XCOM!

    The Politics Thread

    I doubt he would win as an independent. It's the NATs' responsibility to ensure that's his only option, by disendorsing him and preselecting an alternative candidate.
  12. XCOM!

    The Politics Thread

    Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I thought that the Parliamentary Privileges Act specifically prohibits the upper/lower houses from expelling their members - so it's not really an option for Turnbull to get rid of him, all he can do is make him a back-bencher - and of course that's complicated by the LIB/NAT thing. The house can suspend a member, but the conditions for that are very limited and specific. Should he do something to violate anything in 44/45 of the constitution (e.g. break the law) then the court can remove him. Wasn't this the problem with Craig Thompson? - until found guilty of an offence, there was nothing the house could actually do to force his resignation.
  13. Still... who gives a f* about that P.O.S. ?
  14. Keep in mind that Dell don't make the touchpads and so the driver is likely a Synaptics HID driver (or some Dell variant of that).
  15. Functions like scroll on hover are application features, which rely on being able to accurately detect and access the pointing device. If the device is not fully accessible because of an incompatible driver, that's really the responsibility of the vendor - they are supposed to provide the appropriate driver to MS during the milestone development phase - 6mths. I'd personally be looking for a newer driver from the vendor (Dell and/or Synaptics) that specifically addresses the 1803 upgrade.