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  1. Clive Palmer rebuilding the Titanic

    There's a Wikipedia article about it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titanic_II
  2. The Politics Thread

    He only 'changed his mind' because the numbers had changed - jump or be pushed.
  3. The Politics Thread

    Mind you, that's going to be a sizable pay-cut.
  4. The Politics Thread

    True, and yet they are touting Matt Canavan? Meanwhile, Clive Palmer is talking up a return... eyeing off the public funding?
  5. Ok so who shutdown the main forum?

    This isn't the main forum?
  6. The Politics Thread

    It's become traditional that the NAT (nee: Country) leader is the Deputy Prime-Minister, and that is not likely to change. Given that Bridget McKenzie is the current NATs deputy, it's interesting that she's not even mentioned by any of the pundits as a contender.
  7. The Politics Thread

    Michael McCormack, Darren Chester, David Littleproud, or Matt Canavan Wow... what a choice.
  8. KF no C

    I want one of these.
  9. USA shootings and gun laws

    In comparison to other nations, USA is a land of selfishness and entitlement. Their concept of "freedom" is warped to the point that the individual believes their personal rights to be more important than those of their community. People who own guns simply don’t want anyone telling them they shouldn’t or can’t, and all the arguments in defence of it are simply rationalizations of that position. In reality all they are saying is: It’s my right to own a gun, and don’t care what the communal impact of that is. Changing the gun culture in the USA would require a wider change in communal responsibility, not an easy task.
  10. USA shootings and gun laws

    I think it's actually higher. Last stats I saw (2017) were that 42% of households owned at least one gun. However, half of all guns in the USA are owned by 3% of the population.
  11. Big computer monitor split screen

    FWIW - Windows-10 does do quadrant sizing by dragging into the monitor corner, for 3 and 4 way split sizing, and the Snap-Assist will help you select app to fill the available space, but I don't think that it can set up a re-sizable splitter-bar for more than a 2-way split.
  12. Big computer monitor split screen

    Windows-7 and later works out a 50% split for itself if you grab an app by the titlebar and drag it to the side of the monitor until the mouse hits the edge, and let go when it indicates. Windows-10 will let you select a 2nd app when you do that, and sets up an adjustable splitter for you. I use a 4-monitor setup and run split apps on at least two...
  13. Browser Query

    Sounds like the home-page setting rather than the search-engine setting.
  14. The Politics Thread

    He lost me way back when he opposed the introduction of the HPV vaccination because he was 'deeply troubled' by the 'family values' social implications of a government giving 12YO girls a license to be sexually promiscuous - as if. Essentially, he was prepared to opportunistically block a proven protection against cervical cancer, in order to promote his standing with conservatives by claiming he was the white-knight defender of traditional family morals and responding to the voice of the community. Standard strawman BS (if you are in favor of immunization then you are in favor of 12YO girls having sex) and his basic M.O.
  15. Getting wifi into shed???

    Circuits are not an issue, and they can actually work across phases, but you take a bit of a performance hit. The 120deg phase shift was an issue for the older adapters, but the newer adapters are able to do re-timing to accommodate it. RCDs can give some of the older adapters a challenge, but again, newer adapters deal with that ok. I have a system working across phases using newer AV1200 TPLINK adapters and it's rock-steady and doesn't seem to lose too much performance from adapters on the same phase.