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  1. I suspect the RBA would claim authority for Monetary policy, and that the Govt will have to work around that.
  2. "When I took this job, I said there would be tough days and great days. This is a tough day but the great days are coming," "We will stand up for what we believe in until the bell rings and the bell hasn't rung, Liberals" - Mr Morrison said. Praise the lord, I'm a believer... oh, wait... this wasn't today's Pentecostal sermon?
  3. XCOM!

    Robot vacuums?

    FWIW: According to Choice... when it comes to cleaning (as opposed to getting lost/stuck/etc) most can do an OK job on hard surfaces, but only the Electrolux Pure i9 PI91-5SGM was better than mediocre on carpet. Of the rest, the iRobot Roomba 637 and 980 both got a mention as being better than useless on carpet, with the more expensive 980 being better than the cheaper 637. Basically, when it comes to carpet, none of them have the power to be a serious alternative to a standard vac. A couple of them can manage to clean most of the obvious dirt from the surface but not from in the pile (which is bad for the carpet) while the rest of them can't even manage that. It's essentially a trade-off limitation of battery size/power/run-time - to produce the same suction as a hand-held unit and have enough run-time to be useful, you'd need a unit too large/heavy to be practical.
  4. The issue is not that Turnbull asked for Alberici and Probyn to be sacked for giving him and the govt a hard time, that type of response is to be expected for any political journalist doing their job, but that Turnbull's mate and ABC board appointee Milne pursued it, and then pushed to have Guthrie sacked when she wouldn't cooperate. The reasons Milne pushed to sack Guthrie vary between acting in the interest of the govt (Turnbull) to avoiding the govt's ire so that the ABC's funding is not at risk, but either way, the issue is one of the ABC's independence and ability to be critical of the govt, while being funded by the govt.
  5. They refused to release the numbers (despite Abbott's own “Warringah Motion” promoting democracy and transparency) and the reports seem to change depending who's telling the story. - Some claim 46-for, 38-against, 9-informal, 93-total... meaning he had less than the 50%+1 required for endorsement. - Others claim that the informal count was slightly lower, and that he had 55% support. - Abbot himself claims he had at least 70% support. Regardless of who's correct, it's revealing that an unopposed candidate has so much lack of support. It's also reported that when asked if they would like Abbott to give an address on the past year, the response from the floor was "No". Warringah would never be a Labor seat, but might be open to a "centre-right" independent.
  6. Complex estates with executors or public trustees, or estates without wills, etc etc, can take a long time to research and settle. It's not uncommon for such an estate to take a year to settle, some may take multiple years, and if there are multiple accounts and documents can't be found easily, then the banks can have a field day in the interim. I know that one of my deceased family members has a couple of active accounts - one with a zero balance and the other with $10 - and the banks refuse to close them unless provided with an original Death Cert and a request from the executor. The person died intestate and no executor was appointed, so that's not going to happen. Meanwhile they keep paying to mail out statements every month...
  7. I see that Jones has lost the defamation case with the Toowoomba quarry owners, and that they've been awarded $3.7m. I wonder when Jones becomes too much of a liability.
  8. XCOM!


    Peter Fitz explains: https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nfl/nike-s-kaepernick-stance-alienates-all-the-right-people-20180905-p501yg.html
  9. Being an ex-politician, regardless of the party, should be a disqualification from being GG - who is supposed to be non-political.
  10. Worse, is that he has said he intends to stick around. He plans to contest the next one, and no one is likely to challenge his pre-selection, so the only way he'll be gone is if his electorate actually vote him out, and that's not likely given how safe his seat still is, despite a -9% swing last time.
  11. XCOM!

    Skin checks

    One of the checks some forget is a retina scan - if you are in the 'at risk' category for melanoma, you should get this done.
  12. Church day tomorrow - so time for a bit of prophesying, snake-handling and tongue speaking.
  13. Abbott was rolled after he'd been given an ultimatum by his party and had narrowly avoided a spill motion by agreeing to conditions that he then failed meet - i.e. to change the way he and Credlin ran their office. Turnbull was given the green-light by that group, and that's the reason Arthur Sinodinos made the effort to be there yesterday. The newspoll thing was as spurious then, as it is now. As for the rest of it, Turnbull knew he was gone and was just buying enough time for ScoMo to secure the numbers he needed.
  14. Yes... obviously the next NewsPoll will be much better than the last one: LNP:76, Labor:69, Turnbull preferred PM to Shorten Morgan Snap Poll: Turnbull preferred PM to Shorten, Shorten preferred PM to Dutton, ScoMo and Shorten equal. Well played guys.
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