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  1. most patronising thing said

    "Did you win?" I get that question each time I said I participated in a triathlon, half IM, IM, road run, park run etc. on the weekend
  2. Busso 70.3

    Congrats and well done! It was a tough day, didn't know the shark was that close! Glad they cancelled the swim for IM then, could have been much worse!
  3. IMWA 2017

    Flying in from Brisbane tomorrow (it's going to be a long flight!) and drive down to Busso on Friday. Down for my 4th IMWA (used to live in Perth before this) and hopefully 12th IM finish. I can almost smell the Legacy spot (sure I have to wait a couple more years). All the best to those racing! Might be a hot but wet one!
  4. Wheelset recommendations

    I switched my Cadens to Parcours https://www.aciumsports.com.au/collections/parcours not because I didn't like my Cadens, but I wanted a disc and it was reasonably priced. They're based in Melbourne and I received my wheels within 3 weeks of ordering.
  5. Disc wheels - yes/no?

    I was in the same boat and almost got myself a disc cover. Tried contacting DYMA multiple times but no reply, heard from a friend that they're no longer in business. Almost went down the Wheelbuilder route but read plenty about their warping issues. In the end, I decided to bite the bullet and sold my wheels (60mm front and 88mm rear) and got myself a set of Parcours disc and 56mm front from Acium Sports based in Melbourne, because we all know that the decals have to match hahaha. Would be racing IM Busso in a couple of weeks, so I can't wait to put them to test!
  6. Long Course Weekend 2017 - Report

    Great report and well done! Sounds like an interesting event. Definitely something to consider, something different.
  7. QTS Robina Olympic Distance

    A shorter race than the usual 70.3 or IM but here's my report anyway for those interested http://just-tri-hard.blogspot.com.au/2017/10/qts-robina-triathlon.html
  8. QTS Robina Olympic Distance

    Thanks for the wishes and thanks for reading!
  9. Sunny Coast 70.3 2017 Race report

    Thanks Wombattri! What I lack in my bike, I try to make up in my run. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.
  10. Dyma disc covers?

    Sorry for reinstating this old thread. Thinking of getting one myself. I know Austrimag did a brief review in the May edition but interested in hearing feedback from other users? Thanks! I've emailed and sent a message to their Facebook page early this week but haven't heard a reply, hopefully they are still in business!
  11. Sunny Coast 70.3 2017 Race report

    The Good Bar on First Avenue, next to the athlete check-in area. Mostly American style but that burger was really good!
  12. Sunny Coast 70.3 2017 Race report

    Great report and well done! Here's my report and coincidentally, I too ride with Caden wheels! So they must be doing something right! http://just-tri-hard.blogspot.com.au/2017/09/sunshine-coast-703-2017.html
  13. Which Ironman will you be doing in 2018?

    Busso 2017 and Port 2018 for me!
  14. Ironman Whistler

    I did this race in 2013 when I was living in Canada. While the bike course is tough, it is simply gorgeous. Very honest and fair, long climbs, long descends and a long flat stretch for the time trialists, something for everybody. My bike split was about 20 minutes slower than usual. I still think the bike course is not as bad as the likes of IM UK, Wales, Lanzarote or Nice, but I've not done those races either. Run had some climbs as well but many parts of it were shaded being in the forest and running on dirt road feels quite nice compared to harsh concrete.
  15. Springfield Duo

    Did the standard yesterday, 6 minutes slower than when I last did it two years ago but the bike course was shorter then. Overall felt better yesterday, so considered that an improvement! Still slow on descends and cornering, so got to work on that. Funny story, as I got to the bike mount line I realized I still had my run shoes on! Brought the bike back to the racks, removed shoes and went back out again. You can tell I don't do duathlons too often!
  16. Season 2017/18

    Springfield duathlon this weekend - eeps! Not sure if I should use the roadie or tri bike, given that I recall hardly being on the aerobars the last time. 6 lap bike course for 40km total, with plenty of steep climbs and tight corners! Then Sunny Coast 70.3, QTS Robina OD, Busso IM, Tweed Enduro, Kingy OD and most likely Port IM.
  17. New full Ironman in Philippines Subic Bay

    Subic Bay, Philippines 3 June 2018 http://ap.ironman.com/triathlon/events/asiapac/ironman/subic-bay-philippines.aspx#axzz4l3bAXRQu
  18. IM Cairns 2017

    For those interested, here's my race report. Well done to all those raced last weekend! http://just-tri-hard.blogspot.com/2017/06/ironman-cairns-2017.html
  19. IM Cairns 2017

    Thanks for reading!
  20. IM Cairns Debut

    Great race and write up, Kieran! Well done on your first IM, many more to come! Personally, I've only experienced the passing blood once myself, after a long run in training. I think it was due to dehydration. Hope it doesn't happen too often. Best of luck!
  21. IM Cairns 2017

    Thanks everyone! Looks like the run leg was my only saving grace! Hahaha. Cheers!
  22. IM Cairns 2017

    Thanks for reading! I just read yours too, great read.
  23. IM Cairns 2017

    10:28:56 for me and my 11th Ironman finish (3rd one in Cairns). Not my best but am really stoked with the results given how much training I have done. One more step closer to legacy! Race report in the reports thread if anyone is interested. Well done to all those who raced!
  24. IM Cairns 2017

    Anyone has a link to last year's race which was shown on TV (the one hour-ish one)? The only one I could find is this on YouTube. I enjoy watching prior year's race highlights on race week to shit myself!
  25. IM Cairns 2017

    I'd say both are fairly similar for the bike elevation. Matthew Flinders is steeper than the Wangetti lookout but you have do Wangetti 4x (twice on both sides). Roads on Cairns are not as rough as Port, but a bit more exposed to the wind. Run course is dead flat in Cairns. Cairns swim a bit more lumpy. I enjoy the Cairns race experience a lot more - the course, the atmosphere, the place. But that's just me.