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  1. Race report from yesterday's race, it was a fun day out! It was nice to meet Cranky out on the course too. http://just-tri-hard.blogspot.com/2019/01/qts-robina-january-2019.html
  2. k3vski

    QTS Robina Round 5 - Olympic Distance

    Thanks for reading! Yeah I really need to put a reminder note somewhere, this has happened 3 times already! And almost one more in an Ironman change tent, luckily I noticed the guy next to me removing his, so I remembered!
  3. k3vski

    QTS Robina Round 5 - Olympic Distance

    Thanks for reading! Uh-oh I can't call you out anonymously any more haha
  4. k3vski

    Saucony Guide - looking for feedback

    I started using Saucony Guide few years ago, switched from Asics GT 2000s. I have flat feet with practically no arch, so these shoes with mid sole support suit me. I used to get orthotics but I find they over correct so now I run without them. I have gone through 5 pairs of Saucony Guides and have no complaints. They do make them in 2E widths as well.
  5. k3vski

    Benefits of knowing your swim time

    I do check my swim time during the swim, just to see how I'm progressing. Usually every 500m or so. I do it as I make the pull underwater, the disruption is minimal. No different than checking the km splits during the run leg. After the swim, using the multisport function, it's only natural to look at the watch once I've hit the lap button. Having the watch tell you the distance of the swim also helps explain any deviation from an expected/target swim time. It doesn't change my race strategy for the bike and run. And I'd rather know if the swim was over/under distanced than to have it play it my head wondering throughout the remainder of the race.
  6. k3vski

    Busso 2018 - The 3 year plan.

    Great racing and great report, thanks for sharing. Well done and congrats!
  7. k3vski

    IM Malaysia 2018 - DNF

    I've always been honest in my reports, including this one even if it's a DNF. http://just-tri-hard.blogspot.com/2018/11/im-malaysia-2018-dnf.html
  8. k3vski

    Busso 18

    Well done! And you're improving from race to race! Keep it up!
  9. k3vski

    Safety - There are dickheads and there are dickheads.

    This is pretty interesting. I kinda do both as I run on the same road/path for my out-and-back long run. Outbound I'll be against traffic, inbound I'll be with traffic. Partially on footpaths, partially on road shoulder. Usually in the early mornings, so barely any traffic and the road shoulders are pretty wide. The roads are multiple lanes as well, so cars can move to the outer lanes if required. I start and end my weekend rides through this same road as well, sometimes cycling in the middle of the inner lane to avoid drains and potholes.
  10. k3vski

    IM Malaysia 2018 - DNF

    Wow, talk about six (or less) degrees of separation! Yeah IMOZ 2015 was another memorable one. I guess that only makes the experiences a whole lot richer and good stories to tell. Thanks for this photo!
  11. k3vski

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    Relay swimmer in 2001. First sprint tri in 2002 in Desaru, Malaysia - won the juniors category (only one junior category for 19 years and under). Pic below - speedos for the swim, bike shorts on in T1 and run shoes with flat pedals on a borrowed bike To date, 12 Ironmans (applying for Kona legacy this Friday!), about 20+ half IMs and maybe around 30 ODs.
  12. k3vski

    IM Malaysia 2018 - DNF

    Thanks for reading! Yes have fully recovered. Probably happened while the body is under stress and need to sort out before the next Ironman.
  13. k3vski

    Black Friday Bikebug and Pushys?

    Bib knicks from Scody, 25% off site wide. Used the $25 TA voucher in as well. I actually walked in store to try out for sizing, they wouldn't let me use any of the discounts/voucher in store. So have to wait until they send me an email saying that it's packaged nicely and ready for collection. Talk about wasting time.
  14. k3vski

    IM Malaysia 2018 - DNF

    Thanks for reading guys! Yes onwards and upwards!
  15. k3vski

    TriHusky Standard 2018

    Well done on moving up the ranks. Great report! Thanks for sharing. I'm with you re bike handling skills despite doing this sport for so many years. It has improved though as I started cycling to and from work this year. Always intrigued to try out the triathlon in Huskisson. Perhaps will get myself there one day when the timing is right.
  16. k3vski

    Wurf watch

    His name is on the start list of IM Malaysia too. 2 weeks before Busso.
  17. k3vski

    Kona 2018 - a short story

    Well done AP! And enjoyed this very honest account of the race. 46th Ironman and 19th Kona, bloody legend!
  18. k3vski

    Callum Millward (Get the Popcorn)

    Totally agree. But I have to admit it was pretty entertaining following the story. Bit like the Kardashians for triathletes.
  19. k3vski

    2020 Worlds 70.3

    On Ironman website now too.
  20. k3vski

    2020 Worlds 70.3

  21. And then you have former rugby players, 100kgs packed with muscle, winning this category time and time again. Weight is such a subjective measure.
  22. Thanks for reading! No need to feel sheepish, we all have our individual goals and targets, and do this all for the enjoyment of the sport.
  23. Thanks! I think we started the run together as I called out to you. Probably because I had a disc (that's a four letter word now) wheel on.