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  1. I'm placing bets that it will go ahead and training accordingly. Heck, if state borders are still closed by then, we can have it as QLD 70.3 championships!
  2. Same sentiments here. My (self prescribed) training block for Ironman Busso begins in a couple of weeks. Despite positive signs that community sport and sporting events would go ahead, I'm not sure if Ironman will want to go ahead if the numbers are small with international borders likely to still be in place. I had a look at last year's results and the % of internationals for Busso and Cairns are over 40% whereas for Port Mac, Sunny Coast, Western Sydney are only in the range of 10-20%.
  3. I'm currently using Ultegra Di2 on my tri bike since 2015 (so none of this synchro shift etc. stuff) and when I'm back in Malaysia for holidays I ride my sister's with SRAM Etap. I find it harder to press the shift buttons on the side bars with the Etap but this could be easily fixed by cutting holes on the bar that goes around the shifters.
  4. I'm tipping this and Western Sydney will have higher chances of going ahead compared to Port and Cairns. Especially Cairns with historically higher % of foreign participants. Having state borders lifted and approval to go ahead is one thing, not sure if it is commercially viable to run the event with say, 60% occupancy when international travel is most likely to be disallowed.
  5. I'm doubtful Sunny Coast 70.3 would happen at this stage. But still keeping hopeful that Busso IM would happen in Dec. In my own tiny world, I would be gutted if I progressed my IM training build only to be told that it would be off about 4-6 weeks before the event (like what happened for Port).
  6. I was invited back to consider these new dates. Originally to compete as Legacy in 2021, then got bumped down to 2022 because they said there won't be any legacy in 2021 and now invited back again. I reckon I'll go with October 2021. February still seems pretty early and plus, I have a family wedding to attend.
  7. k3vski


    I just want to put a shout out here to NXSports (organizer of Tour de Brisbane, Kingy Tri, Byron Bay Tri and Tweed Enduro) for this initiative https://www.nxsports.org/kingy-tri-covid-19-offer/ I would imagine they would be doing it tough themselves, yet they keep on giving. I myself have benefited from their 100% credit when I had to withdraw from another race, there were no questions asked. Giving my support and registered for Tweed Enduro next year, my 6th year in a row!
  8. With the announcement of staged easing of restrictions, I think there is a good chance that Sunny Coast 70.3 could go ahead in 2020. My motivation levels have dropped off in the last couple of weeks so this gives me some incentive to get my head back in the game.
  9. What Cat Lady said. Honestly I find Coot-tha (back) much steeper, so you should be alright. Nebo is about 2x longer but there is plenty of rollers on Nebo (hence there is still climbing whilst on the way down) to get a break from the climbing every now and then.
  10. I ride Mt Nebo every few weeks and this is the segment I usually keep track of, starts from just after the bus station at the bottom and finishes at the cafe at the top. https://www.strava.com/segments/3299651?filter=overall
  11. 2018 60kg 5:52:54 Average power 149 Normalized power 174 Not sure if this would help at all. I pretty much struggled on the second lap and soft pedalled most of the way after that.
  12. I'm thinking the other way round. I think that travel restrictions would have to be lifted first (for businesses and tourism) before any mass gatherings would be allowed to go ahead.
  13. k3vski

    VR3 Garmin Stuff up

    Yeah this could be it. I find that with the new speed sensor that goes around the wheel hub, rather than the old one that goes on the chain stay - the Garmin pauses for a few seconds every now and then even when still moving. But not to the extent of having to do an extra lap though.
  14. k3vski

    Cairns IM 2020

    That's going to be one packed September! Sep 13 - Sunny Coast 70.3, Port Mac 70.3, Port Mac IM Sep 27 - Cairns 70.3, Cairns IM, Western Sydney 70.3 Though I'm still placing bets that none of them would be allowed to go ahead!
  15. Oops got me there. OK I was only 7 then. Yes an am accountant, obviously a pretty dodgy one haha. All this working from home is making me see the wrong numbers
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