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  1. k3vski

    Moreton Bay tri

    Thanks for reading NSF and Surfer! Actually no, I rarely do run events. A few Parkruns during the off season is about it. However I would be happy to pace some run events if the timing suits.
  2. Race report here from the weekend's (Olympic distance) race if anyone is interested https://just-tri-hard.blogspot.com/2019/04/moreton-bay-triathlon-2019.html
  3. Congrats to those who got their spots! For the benefit of those soon to apply, I applied in the recent application (Nov 2018 to Jan 2019) and have been guaranteed a spot for 2021. While it seemed a bit far away, it probably worked out for the best for me as there are quite a few commitments for this year and next year.
  4. Thank you! We hardly get to take family pictures like these post race as usually both wife and son are cranky after waiting so long! Thanks for reading! Yes, consciously reminded myself about the swimskin this time. Sebastian knows he's cute too and uses it to his advantage haha Thanks mate! Didn't manage to see you out there, well done to you too!
  5. Race report in link below, I love this race! Will be back again! http://just-tri-hard.blogspot.com/2019/02/tweed-coast-enduro-2019.html
  6. Ditto. It isn't the fastest of courses and the patchiness of the road surfaces can definitely take it's toll. I've just posted my race report in the Race Report section, if anyone interested.
  7. Me and another 9 from the Logan Tri Club. 4th time in a row for myself, love this race! But yes, would be better if later in the year.
  8. Thanks for reading! Yeah I really need to put a reminder note somewhere, this has happened 3 times already! And almost one more in an Ironman change tent, luckily I noticed the guy next to me removing his, so I remembered!
  9. Thanks for reading! Uh-oh I can't call you out anonymously any more haha
  10. Race report from yesterday's race, it was a fun day out! It was nice to meet Cranky out on the course too. http://just-tri-hard.blogspot.com/2019/01/qts-robina-january-2019.html
  11. I started using Saucony Guide few years ago, switched from Asics GT 2000s. I have flat feet with practically no arch, so these shoes with mid sole support suit me. I used to get orthotics but I find they over correct so now I run without them. I have gone through 5 pairs of Saucony Guides and have no complaints. They do make them in 2E widths as well.
  12. I do check my swim time during the swim, just to see how I'm progressing. Usually every 500m or so. I do it as I make the pull underwater, the disruption is minimal. No different than checking the km splits during the run leg. After the swim, using the multisport function, it's only natural to look at the watch once I've hit the lap button. Having the watch tell you the distance of the swim also helps explain any deviation from an expected/target swim time. It doesn't change my race strategy for the bike and run. And I'd rather know if the swim was over/under distanced than to have it play it my head wondering throughout the remainder of the race.
  13. Great racing and great report, thanks for sharing. Well done and congrats!
  14. k3vski

    Busso 18

    Well done! And you're improving from race to race! Keep it up!
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