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  1. Pushys 15% off SITE WIDE (not just selected items) and free shipping as well. Use code BLACK15. Ends 11pm tonight
  2. k3vski

    Xiamen 70.3

    Thanks! Well done to you too! It is the tough races that makes overcoming the challenges more satisfying
  3. k3vski

    Xiamen 70.3

    Thanks! I'm pretty ok in the heat but I would struggle more in extreme heat and humidity in say, SE Asia Thanks for reading, I'll keep on trying!
  4. k3vski

    Xiamen 70.3

    My report here from the Xiamen 70.3 race last weekend if anyone is interested. https://just-tri-hard.blogspot.com/2019/11/xiamen-703.html
  5. k3vski

    Cairns IM 2020

    Definitely stay in Cairns, instead of Palm Cove where the swim start is. Somewhere along the Esplanade, with plenty of food options and along the run course. The shuttle bus runs seamlessly. Even if you do not have a car on the days before the race, the shuttle bus to check in your gear and the bike transport service are very convenient.
  6. Thanks for reading guys! Good to see you at the session this morning @dazmuzza
  7. My race report below, well done to those who raced! See you again next year! https://just-tri-hard.blogspot.com/2019/09/sunshine-coast-703-2019.html
  8. Great stuff! It was a tough day with the winds. Good on ya for giving back to the sport and well done to both yourself and Dean! Truly inspirational!
  9. I have the Di2 on the tri bike and love being able to shift gears on the base bar. Especially on the hills. Don't have a Di2 on the roadie and don't see the need to have them, other than the cool sounds of electronic shifting.
  10. k3vski

    IM Cairns 2019

    Thanks! While tough for some, I know of others who achieved PB's as well. All the best for Busso!
  11. k3vski

    IMOZ 2020

    Yes, with the Season Pass, you can get a discount for events that you have previously registered for. You'll have to email them your registration confirmations in order to get the refund of the original entries.
  12. k3vski

    IMOZ 2020

    Me! Registered yesterday and realised I could have gotten a discount through the Season Pass, DOH! Anyway I registered again through the Season Pass and hopefully they will honour the discount.
  13. k3vski

    IM Cairns 2019

    Thanks and thanks for reading!
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