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  1. I used to have a pair of adidas bostons. I really enjoyed running in them, and ran my fastest HIM run leg in them
  2. Suburban Kid

    Nepean 2018

    I cant even remember the last time I swam in my wetsuit.....................better see if it even still fits
  3. Very raw. I feel for the guy. I hope he gets a coach
  4. Suburban Kid

    Nepean 2018

    hahaha - second last wave start. oh dear
  5. Suburban Kid


    I use it on all my races. I used it during the IM and by the end of the bike run, I felt as though I could have smashed a Vegemite sandwich or something, so i've since upped my protein to make me feel fuller - Yet to give it a whirl under race conditions
  6. 90 Min Trainer ride this morn. Light 9K tonight if the rain holds out
  7. 2k swim at lunch. This is my 2nd swim in months. Plenty of room for improvement, at the moment I feel like im just swimming on the same spot! 90 min trainer tonight
  8. I'm considering doing it as a for WS70.3 Maybe the 3.8K ocean swim on Fri / the 180K bike (training ride), and then 21.1k run on sunday
  9. Bikram tonight - can't wait to get my sweat and stretch on
  10. I'm really interested to know how how these guys run that quick. I get it they train quite a lot. When I was a younger whipper snapper and was the fittest i've ever been, I managed an 85 minute 21.1k - FRESH. 1st place in 2018 Sydney Half marathon was a 1:05, given its probably a hillier course than what was at the world champs. In that training prep I was doing 1K intervals at around 3.30-3.45 and was absolutely cooked at the end of it. At first I thought it may have been Jan's stride, but then again Gomez is quite short. These guys are absolute machines!!!!
  11. Smashed Bikram last night - man, I've never felt better than how I do after a bikram session, I'd recommend it to anyone.
  12. I used to use taptalk but not sure if it works anymore. Anyone use something they can reccomend?
  13. ABC pool doesnt open until 1st September, if you are there before then, and staying near hyde park, your best bet is Cook + Phillip which is indoor
  14. I actually enjoyed the run today, just wanted to go around in 70 mins to retain my red group start. Crossed the line at 68 mins, after feeling a slight calf / top of achilles tear at the 4K mark and had to stop for a little bit. Lots of nice hills, wasnt as difficult as last year Hopefully this is the start I need for WS70.3, and Blackmores half marathon. I also think I need some new shoes, I'm currently running in Nike Flyknit Racers
  15. Is there much benefit on an 11 speed VS 10 speed?
  16. Hey All, I'm not too bike techy, so I thought I'd ask a question. I have a Quintana Roo with a SRAM Rival Groupset - with a 10 speed cassette / 11-25 tooth / 50-34 chainring (I think) I have a training tyre that I want to use on the trainer rather than my racing ones. I can get a Shimano 105 5800 11 speed for $50, which seems cheap enough. Will that work on the new tyre and with my existing setup on the TT bike? Or would I be better upgrading the cassette on my TT bike, and moving the SRAM existing to the training tyre? HELP!
  17. 2hr 30 fasted bike yesterday, 1hr 10 fasted run this morning 😫
  18. sweet - thanks. Might go the light blue and red
  19. Hey guys, Wondering if someone could point me in the right direction, the band holder on my watch has broken (not the band itself, the little plastic thing that goes around for the bottom to go through (clear as mud?). Not sure if I can get one of those, or whether I have to replace the entire band?
  20. Suburban Kid

    Training solo

    I've always really trained on my own. 70.3's, IM's, all solo. I've got to the stage where it got a little bit boring so I joined my local tri group a few weeks back, yet to go to a session, but once the training starts to ramp up I will.
  21. Any running tights or running shorts? Couldnt see any on the site
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