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  1. Haha i have my fingers crossed that doesn't happen to you. Thanks for the help - i think i will give it a whirl!
  2. jfhar

    Flying with bikes

    Ok great thanks for the tip - might give it a go!
  3. Was a bit worried about damage and it not arriving etc. Have heard some bad stories. Thought if there was a service that took it in one piece that would take one more stress out of the equation.
  4. Hoping someone knows a company that can transfer my bike from Melbourne to IM Cairns? I've searched Pyebikes and Velotrans and both don't appear to exist anymore. I had been relying on tribike transfer but they aren't doing transfers from Melbourne. Any suggestions would be great!
  5. jfhar

    Flying with bikes

    Any suggestion for something similar to Velotrans? Need to get a bike Melbourne to Cairns!
  6. Hi there - new to this forum. Hoping someone can help. I'm looking to transport my bike from Melbourne to Cairns for IM Cairns June 2016 Tribike Transfer aren't doing a Melbourne service and i've read through the thread and the Pyebikes link/website seems to no longer exist. Any help or direction as to how to get my bike there would be great! Thanks, Jess
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