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  1. If I was a betting man, I would put down money on Busso being 40 slots in 2018. It was so many in 2017 as they were trying to bump the numbers up to secure a sponsor for the next 2 years
  2. Ad mentioned above mate, they are the same (time for a new shop!). The 7800 arms are actually used on the 7900 units as the 7900 standard cranks couldn't be milled and tapped to retrofit the SRM spider like the 7800 crank arms could. Essentially if you add 7900 rings to your "7800" SRM set, they will be indentical
  3. I'm sure a few of the locals will make him feel "welcome" Zed. Maybe trannies should run a betting ring with odds on how he will cheat this time. Snorkel? Pull bouy? Holding onto the boat? Neoprene shorts? The possibilties are endless!
  4. 80 years old or not there is no excuse. Those roads in Kings park are very narrow and if you didn't cross fully into the other lane you wouldn't give a 1m gap as required by law in WA. Also, the fact he says he will get back in his car and run the cyclist over would be enough for me to take action too. WA has to have the worst drivers I have ever come across and the treatment of cyclists is appalling. I'm not remotely suprised the rider reacted the way he did.
  5. Sadly this has happened more than once in the past few years. Perth drivers are bad enough as it is, then add to the fact some of them have the "all about me" attitude, things go south quickly.
  6. From the race director himself. This Robson fella is a wanker of the highest order: Australia Day Ultra and the subsequent Disqualification of Mark Robson. On Saturday the 20th January, 2018, I had the privilege of co-Race Directing the Australia Day Ultra with Alexis Oosterhoff and Event Director Ron McGlinn for the 100k/50k/25k distances. During this event, it is our duty to ensure the safety, etiquette and fairness for all competitors and volunteers alike. As this event earns IAU (International Association of Ultra Runners) labelling and the course is measured and certified, and numerous national and international records were being attempted at the event, an additional timing mat was established at the turnaround (6.25k) end of the course to give additional breakdowns and accuracy for the event. The timing system utilised by us and operated by Ron McGlinn has an accuracy of 9999 in every 10,000 reads. It was after lap 3 that missed readings at the turnaround from one particular runner, Mark Robson, came to our attention. Ron asked me to keep an eye on the readings as this was very strange that it was missing, particularly due to the accuracy of the timing and the fact it was running at 100% reading strength. Mark had recorded a reading on the first lap, but none since (and consequently none at the turnaround for the remainder of the race). I alerted Ron to the fact that Mark Robson had previously been accused and subsequently banned from Triathlon Australia for 2 years after investigations into suspicious results. Giving Mark the benefit of the doubt, we presumed his transponder may have been on his wrist, but discovered it was around his ankle and as close as possible to the transponder mat giving the most accurate of readings. It was at this point that we asked 2 AURA members at the turnaround point to look out for Mark crossing the mat and confirm if he even made it to that aid station as we were starting to get suspicious. We also had an additional AURA member start manually recording timing for segments Mark ran (approx. 3.125k segments between the aid stations) and keep an eye on his movements on the course. At this time, now the start of his 5th lap, Mark was taking an approx. 5 min toilet stop and aid replenishment. I also decided that I was not comfortable with the possibility that inaccuracies may be happening and decided to discreetly follow Mark on the course and not only Mark, but the 2 runners in front of him AND the 2 runners behind him (with those 2 running behind actually competing in the 50k distance at a slightly quicker pace than what Mark’s 100k pace was – confirmed by start/finish line splits). I observed all 5 runners making it to the middle aid station (approx. 3.125k out from the start line), and consequently continued my attempt to follow all of them to the turnaround point. It was here that Mark disappeared from the course approx. 500m further on down the road (where very dense bush is present) and I could not see him. I observed the other 4 runners (2 in front of Mark and 2 behind) continue on down to the turnaround point and cross the mat and record a split. I waited an additional 10 minutes for Mark to show up but was nowhere to be seen. None of the other 3 AURA members witnessed him making it to the turnaround line either. I headed back towards the finish line observing the other 4 runners heading back towards the middle aid station from the turnaround and still no sighting of Mark Robson. As I came towards the finish line, I observed Mark running back out towards the turnaround about 500m after going through the finish to record a time. He had gained an incredible 3.5k on the other 4 runners I was observing over a 6.25k section!!! Keeping in mind that 2 of these runners where running fast 50k races (eventual podium finish for 1 and 4th for the other) and yet he gained so much distance on them over an incredibly short measurement. I also asked one of the 100k runners in front of him whether Mark had passed them which he confirmed he had not. In fact not at any stage in the race, and yet the start line recordings would suggest they were leapfrogging each other. Consequently, this lap (lap 5) was his ‘fastest’ lap of the race even with a 5 minute toilet/aid break. I already knew that there was only one explanation and my suspicions now had been confirmed. Mark had cut the course short from the out and back, hid in the bushes at the bend approx. 500m past the middle aid before turning back to ‘complete’ his lap, running only approx. 7.25k of the 12.5k lap each time (with the exception of the first lap). It is physically impossible with the manually recorded times (that we recorded with a manual timing and witness) that we have of Mark and compared to average times from the 2 x 50k runners that were just behind him, for him to have run the times he is claiming. We decided to not let Mark know we knew of his cheating as it would give us only more confirmation and evidence that he was not witnessed making it to the turnaround for the remaining 3 laps of the race. We let him continue on to ‘claim’ his finish coming in at well under 10 hours, shouting a big “BOOYAH” crossing the finish line. I congratulated Mark on crossing the line, shook his hand, and took off his transponder. He asked for a medal saying ‘I think I’ve earnt one of them’ and as I grabbed the medal to present to him, with Ron McGlinn as my witness, I asked him to just explain a few queries we had. Firstly asking him why (with the exception of the first lap) that we had no recordings for him at the turnaround electronic recorder? With very shocked eyes (obviously not realising there was a turnaround recorder) he mumbled and suggested that he didn’t know why it didn’t record. I asked him if he had anything he wanted to tell us as we have suspicions. His only reply was that he ‘busted his arse out there today’. I explained that I did have an explanation as to why we had no recordings, because I had followed him on the course for lap 5 and had people observing him out on the course from lap 3 to 8 with none witnessing him at the turnaround, although witnessing him at the middle aid station. We had eyes everywhere and I told him I had confirmed him cheating by observing him for the lap 5 and seeing him “jump” 3.5k ahead of 4 runners over the 6.25k section!!!!! He asked me where I thought he had hid with me explaining that I suspected it to be approx. 500m past the middle aid station. With a shocked and disappointed look (best explained as guilty) he mumbled that he is “not going through the same shit he did 3 years ago”. With that, Mark grabbed his stuff and left. Now, we don’t take accusations lightly and have accrued very solid evidence to support and confirm Mark cheating. We even asked Mark to supply us with a copy of his gpx file from the race to which he has confirmed he doesn’t have one. Not only is Mark cheating himself, but he is cheating fellow runners (supposedly friends), us as race directors and the volunteers and supporters, let alone training/coaching partners that have helped along the way. As Ron and I have ZERO tolerance for cheating and quite obviously this is a repeat offence for Mark Robson in the sporting world, we have no choice but to implement a Lifetime ban for any Ultra Series WA events. We have also passed the information onto Australian Ultra Runners Association and other relevant sporting bodies.
  7. Pretty solid artical by Matty. One thing he didn't touch on is the "value" (monetary) of a pro licence. If you are a "pro" and take out a $2000 licence, that means if you race 3 Ironmans (or 2 and 2 x 70.3) in a year you are ahead financially. Couple this with a swim that is less rough (ie sit on the back) than an AG mass start as well as bike racking priority etc, it makes sense these "pros" renew their licence every year
  8. Hope you stay all clear into the future Flanman. I am one for wearing gloves on the bike for the reason below, but the sun protection is definitely a worthy cause.
  9. ghettodeluxe


    Sure can. It may take 24-48hrs but it worked for me. You just need to make sure the settings are configured correctly
  10. ghettodeluxe

    KQ questions

    Nope, it was 30-34
  11. ghettodeluxe

    KQ questions

    8:57 missed out last year ?
  12. ghettodeluxe

    KQ questions

    Busso will always be tough to Qualify at mate. Lots of people out chasing PBs around there. The pointy end of the age group races are (generally) quite drafty. For what it's worth, the few times I have qualified have been Busso once and Cairns twice, whereas I am ~60kg, so the harder bike/run courses suit me. I think the Asia Pac champs with extra slots is always a good bet. Another option is to travel to an Ironman that is very close to Kona (pre or post Kona date) as a lot of the age group big hitters are racing Kona. Looking at the volume of your training (without knowing intensity or quality) you definitely need to up the hours and build that aerobic foundation. The top Age groupers are the ones that can race just below their (very high) aerobic threshold most of the day. Good luck mate, just remember to not get too caught up in qualifying, it can turn people crazy!
  13. Hoffy nailed it. Happened at Busso 70.3 in May this year. Less people turned up than there was spots on offer.
  14. PM'd you mate. To clarify the above, there is no need to check slope according to SRM - I was confusing it with another set I changed the battery in.
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