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  1. KQ questions

    Nope, it was 30-34
  2. KQ questions

    8:57 missed out last year ?
  3. KQ questions

    Busso will always be tough to Qualify at mate. Lots of people out chasing PBs around there. The pointy end of the age group races are (generally) quite drafty. For what it's worth, the few times I have qualified have been Busso once and Cairns twice, whereas I am ~60kg, so the harder bike/run courses suit me. I think the Asia Pac champs with extra slots is always a good bet. Another option is to travel to an Ironman that is very close to Kona (pre or post Kona date) as a lot of the age group big hitters are racing Kona. Looking at the volume of your training (without knowing intensity or quality) you definitely need to up the hours and build that aerobic foundation. The top Age groupers are the ones that can race just below their (very high) aerobic threshold most of the day. Good luck mate, just remember to not get too caught up in qualifying, it can turn people crazy!
  4. 2018 70.3 Worlds in South Africa - how popular?

    Hoffy nailed it. Happened at Busso 70.3 in May this year. Less people turned up than there was spots on offer.
  5. Changing srm crank arms

    PM'd you mate. To clarify the above, there is no need to check slope according to SRM - I was confusing it with another set I changed the battery in.
  6. Changing srm crank arms

    Hey mate, I did it with my Dura Ace pair a while back. I'll see if I can find the email from SRM oceania for you. For memory there was no calibration needed, however the slope did change and needed to be adjusted due to how the mathematical equation used to detiremine power - the crank length will change this. Details in how to adjust the slope can be found here: http://weightweenies.starbike.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7738 Don't stress if you don't have a PC5/6/7/8 as it can be done with a Garmin head unit ir watch.
  7. Power meter for shiv

    Roadie is my commuter, so quite often
  8. Power meter for shiv

    Can't wait to hear what you think mate. I am keen to order a set for my roadie, but the rubber battery cover has me concerned for wet weather
  9. Tri Toys: best, worst or most wanted.

    Favourite Toy(s): Quarq dzero power meter AirHub Fenix 5x Roka R1 goggles (brilliant!) Waste of money: Kickr (good product, just could have used a basic trainer) Finis arm fulcrums (used once, never again!) Lusting after: Nothing right this second. Will probably change by the time I post this.
  10. Overcooking on the bike or not?

    Do you ride yo power on the bike Zed?
  11. Front Light - How many lumens

    I have the MTB kit, (because I have done a few 24hr mtn races) on the road I only use one set, (ie the road kit) they are excellent! Three years going strong now. Would definitely recommend Ay-Ups!
  12. Normatec in Australia

    Cheers mate. I had given up on getting these due to Amazon not shipping to Aus. Could buy 3 pairs of these for the price of Normatec. Legend!
  13. Normatec in Australia

    Hi Trannies, I have decided to invest in a set of recovery boots for training and racing and narrowed it down to the Recovery Pump and Normatec sets. I can get a hold of the (digital) Recovery Pump set up for roughly the same price as the Normatecs imported into Aus with Taxes and exchange rate etc. Has anyone ordered a set into Australia before? Anything I should be wary of? Timeframe etc? I have found a link on a thread on here saying Crowie was bringing them in to Aus, but the links don't work. Cheers
  14. flogs

    Haha I know the exact crew you speak of! Well said!
  15. Taking a wetsuit to NZ

    For IMNZ I just declared it. The asked if it had been washed and dried and sent me on my way