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  1. hey_burgs

    Felt IA FRD's

    51cm frameset or build options available. Please message for more info!
  2. hey_burgs

    Gomez v Bergs. Ironman Cairns

    Yep, heading to the Western Front to take on the Germans. I took it pretty easy coming back into training from South Africa, and wanted a bit more time to prepare, for my next Ironman, plus it's a great year to race Frankfurt for me with Frodo hopefully playing into my strengths for the swim/bike. Sad to miss cairns, but this should be really exciting.
  3. hey_burgs

    Ironman South African competitor was drowned

    Sadly, I think this was a suicide. I haven't read this personally but my friends in PE informed me. RIP
  4. hey_burgs

    Gomez v Bergs. Ironman Cairns

    Thanks for the vote! I've got no idea how Wurf's swimming is, the guy is a bit of a wildcard in the swim
  5. hey_burgs

    Gomez v Bergs. Ironman Cairns

    Well he hadn't really, until the race where he had the $$$ win in triathlon at stake. On paper, and compared to what he had done in the distance, it should have been easy. I don't know if there was anything else going on, illness etc., but I imagine for a big win like that he would have had everyone opportunity to be ready for it. http://ap.ironman.com/triathlon/events/emea/ironman-70.3/bahrain/results.aspx
  6. hey_burgs

    Gomez v Bergs. Ironman Cairns

    I'm looking forward to taking Gomez on, & stoked he chose this race to debut for Ironman. His biggest challenge is going to be getting through the bike. We saw what happened in Bahrain when he became isolated & was put up against the ropes. He was racing for $1million and couldn't get the job done, but he can win 70.3 Worlds pretty easily when he has lots of other good riders around him to get him through. It should make for a great race.
  7. hey_burgs

    Sebi visits a pom :P

    Great concept for a video. Would like to see more in this style, maybe I'll pitch one to Felt and go visit Daniela (when I'm in shape)
  8. hey_burgs


    What big city craft beers can we find in Gundy??
  9. hey_burgs

    Amberger and Wilson's new venture

    Thanks mate! I think Dan got your order out on Friday. We will always keep the code active
  10. hey_burgs

    Kona race day thread

  11. hey_burgs

    Kona race day thread

  12. hey_burgs

    Female Kona Champion and top Aussie.

    And so far that has affected her how?
  13. hey_burgs

    Female Kona Champion and top Aussie.

    Having trained with some of the other top females this year, I can't see anyone coming near Crowley for top Aussie, and I predict she will be 2nd place behind Ryf. I reckon Ryf might get a scare this year.
  14. hey_burgs

    Anyone riding a road frame as a TT bike.

    I guess this is a TT as road frame post though. I think I've developed dyslexia these last weeks
  15. hey_burgs

    Anyone riding a road frame as a TT bike.

    This is me & my P3 from back in the day. I did a season in 2011 of non-draft and ITU racing in Europe. BYO drop bars and away you go. I must have done this for 4-5 races that year. It was pretty rubbish really...