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  1. The new guy

    Training solo

    Do 99% solo. All the above works. Also the biggest change I did heading i to Port was to make each session purposeful. Using zwift gives a really structured option for riding, and I did long rides and recovery on road. Adding Fartlek or track sessions to running. Doing drills and sets in swimming. It keeps it fresh, and when you start a session with a specific goal to accomplish, rather than just 'going for a ride' you are more likely to focus on achieving it.
  2. The new guy

    FFF1077 - Just for you mate

    This is awesome guys, massive congrats to all involved. Much respect!
  3. The new guy


    I've got such a man crush on Sanders. He just looks like he would run through a brick wall if he had to. He isn't the best swimmer, he isn't the prettiest rider and potentially the ugliest runner, but he just grunts out results. Such a bloody impressive work ethic.
  4. The new guy


    I love it! It gives a hopeless runner like me hope! in other news, Frodeno is officially making everyone look silly this year. He has held a 6 minute lead over Lange to halfway if the run in Germany. After smoking Lionel in Oceanside, he looks like he has the fire back this year.
  5. The new guy


    Yep, Lionel's surge downhill off the dam wall finished it I think. man, Lionel has had to work for it today!
  6. The new guy


    THis is a cracking race!
  7. The new guy


    Yep I'm tuning in. Unfortunately ironman have a blog only, I was looking forward to split screening the 2 big battles tonight!
  8. The new guy

    Ironman Cairns is going to be amazing (men)

    Raced and won Challenge Salou, half distance today, not Lanzarote. He did a 3.45, but have no idea what the course is like.
  9. The new guy

    Ironman Cairns is going to be amazing (men)

    Bloody hell thats strong. Dies anyone know if it's being live steamed like Kona and South Africa??
  10. The new guy

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    Yep, agree totally now I've done one. Half the battle this time was buidling up the base, now it's much easier to just maintain.
  11. The new guy

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    And I'm more than happy to charge $$$ to anyone who wants some tips!! I have a very addictive personality, which I recognise. It's very easy to go overboard once I have a goal, so I use my wife as my voice of reason. I asked her straight away what all the negative parts were of the last 12 months, highlighted the relashionship, family and financial challenges, and then worked out if I could make changes to the approach to overcome those challenges. And the answer is yes, now we have both experinced what it takes to combine IM with children and jobs, we can change the approach to get the balance better. It really shifts the sacrifices back to me, I would need to increase mid week training loads to free up weekend family time, and the decision really comes back to wether I want to make that sacrifice. And the answer to that is - hell yes.
  12. The new guy

    Giro - Grand Tour Tipping Contest

    Looks like the pollen count was low again overnight - Froome with an 80km solo effort to take a 30sec lead in the GC. Nothing to see here.
  13. The new guy

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    One of my self imposed conditions when committing to Imoz this year was that I had to limit the time away from my young family for training. A standard day training would be up at 4.30 for swim/run training before work, 45 min commute. We have 1 hour for lunch, so a short run a few days a week, finish about 4pm. 5-7.30 was family time, dinner, baths, books etc. after that was a combo of zwift, or long run on Wednesday nights. Prep all clothing and food requirements for the next day, so all you need to do is wake up and turn on the kettle! weekends I did bricks on Saturday morning, so I could do swimming lessons with my son at 11.30, then family time. Sunday was long ride until lunch, then family time and a nap with my daughter. i tried to manage the bulk of my sessions while the family was asleep - was this optimal? Probably not. But it was the best balance I could manage, and 4.30 starts were the only way to do it. Ive already had a debrief with my wife, and her comments were that she would be happy for me to do more Ironman races, as she appreciates that the journey has improved me as a person, the only change to make is to the weekend sessions, committing an entire day to family, not just afternoons. And that is not only possible, it may actually be better from a training point of view. I will try to maintain a high fitness level by doing marathons and 70.3s which dont take the 20-25 hours I was using for IM, and when I commit to another Ironman I know now that I can take that fitness step with a good 3 month lead in.
  14. The new guy

    Which current triathlon has the fastest descent?

    Fastest potential descent I've been in in a race would have to be the drop back onto the coast in Noosa. I had to keep dragging the brakes at 65, as it was the first time I had hit those speeds on my new rims, and it was starting to get the death wobbles.
  15. The new guy

    Stand alone Marathon times - 1st half versus 2nd half

    First and so far only stand alone 2.08 - 2.38. World of hurt.