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  1. Test dummies required...

    They are fairly effective, dont taste awful and cost about $1 a gel. Im a huge fan of the humas now I've had them, but need to justify the fact they are around $5 a gel (not sure what you're selling them at Willie, your website was down when I looked.)
  2. Test dummies required...

    Bollox. I got a heap as they were pretty good and very cheap compared to most.
  3. Test dummies required...

    I used these yesterday at Husky Ultimate, alternating 1:1 between these and another brand I usually use. The huma's definitely sit better, and have a more sustained energy than the sugary based gels. Not quite as peaky, but better for a long race/session.
  4. Husky Weekend

    It was blowing hard this afternoon - should be calming down for race start tomorrow!
  5. Who is the best Aussie IM Male Athlete right now? Why?

    I think the fastest he has run is a 3.01 in Cairns
  6. Husky Weekend

    Thanks FM.
  7. Husky Weekend

    Was just looking through the event schedule and it has different check in times and transition openings for different waves in the long course race. Any idea how you find out which wave you would be in??
  8. Husky Weekend

    First time at Husky and doing the ultimate on Sunday. Any tips on the course??
  9. Icarus

    Whilst it's all a giant farce, there is some twisted logic to the IOC playing it this way. Without any stats to back it up, I think it's fair to assume that the majority of spectators/viewers of an Olympics globally have little or no idea what has happened in those sport since the last Olympics. Think of it like the Melbourne cup. Once a year everyone watches that race, many of which will not watch another race for the rest of the year. If the IOC actually play hardball, and confirm everything that Russia has done, there is nowhere to hide, and it becomes a farce 'to the general public' rather than sports fans who have been following the saga or who have watched Icarus etc. the ignorance of the issue is keeping the Olympics relevant to the general public. The Olympics are the pinnacle of the majority of sports that are included. The knock on effect to global sports would be staggering if it was widely accepted that state sponsored doping programs and illegal doping test measures where now known and likely more common than we would believe. During the film it is explained that the IOC put pressure on China to cease high quality steroid production once Beijing was confirmed. If they were selling to Russia which we are led to believe, there was likely a similar program happening within Chinese sports. One part of that film that was really concerning (spoken in more detail in the forward podcast) is that if the IOC admits that sampling bottles are no longer tamper proof, athletes have the ability to argue that any adverse analytical finding using that method is invalid, which opens up a whole can of worms...
  10. Icarus

    Great film. Yesterday Lance just released part 1 of a Forward podcast interviewing Brian Fogel , star and director of Icarus. Lance starts opening up on his doping program etc. Interesting stuff to hear the comparisons, Lance says Fogel didn't need to do 70% of the stuff he was doing to dope successfully, and he was gobsmacked at what the Russians were doing.
  11. Test dummies required...

    when I started tri's 3 years ago I was 113, so I still think of myself as the big guy!! PM sent.
  12. Trannies Strava Page

    Finally got a longish run in this morning after nursing shin pain for a couple of weeks. Back in the top 10!
  13. Test dummies required...

    Hi mate, happy to help out with any product testing, and happy to pay postage on any items and supply any relevant feedback. Am 6'2 and 88kg, so probably at the bigger end of your clientele!
  14. WATT WOW

    Holy crap- that seems.....amazing. I watched 'All for One' for ten first time this week, and they mentioned Gerrans was pushing 1000watts out of corners chasing Cancellara after 300k of racing, and I though wow, what must the sprinters be pushing! This answers that question!
  15. most patronising thing said

    I saw this on a poster or something once: "You did a marathon?? Thats cute, maybe one day your mum will let you do the whole race!"