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  1. The new guy

    2018 wrap up

  2. The new guy

    2018 wrap up

    Haha, non triathlon related I promise! For what hat it’s worth you have all had a MUCH better response rate!
  3. The new guy

    2018 wrap up

    So this year is nearly done, and I started on another forum a little list to look back on your year and have a review. Have a look below, fill out your answers and lets all have a look back on how this year was on reflection - sport based answers, can be training or racing😎 Lowest moment?Most rewarding moment?Worst race?Best Race?Harshest lesson?What was your aim for 2018, did you achieve it?What was your biggest learning?What is your aim for 2019?Most hated training session?Most loved training session?
  4. The new guy

    Port 2019

    IM in. See what I did there....
  5. The new guy

    Maccas Prince designs a short course for record

    I do most of my swim training in a 50m salt water ocean pool, therefore it feels like every chlorine pool I get into is actaluslly 60m long.
  6. The new guy

    Maccas Prince designs a short course for record

    I know that’s how I Blummen Felt.
  7. The new guy

    Sad news from Noosa Tri

    Yep, agree Brett. TA sanction and insure the event, and Ironman Oceania run it, and it would be nice to think the 2 could have done something to help out of goodwill. But neither hold any power when it comes to insurance payouts, let alone Miles Stewart personally.
  8. The new guy

    Sad news from Noosa Tri

    Yeah that’s got nothing to do with TA.
  9. The new guy

    Maccas Prince designs a short course for record

    Fair call peter, I lost that in the rest of the topic bagging out short courses and princes.
  10. The new guy

    Maccas Prince designs a short course for record

    Do you think that’s why he ran a 1.06?
  11. The new guy

    Maccas Prince designs a short course for record

    Jesus what a negative thread - everyone here knows that course lengths vary - I just jumped on strava and checked out a couple of segments for the 70.3 worlds run, and the 3 I found were all under 21.1k. So are we shooting down Frodo’s 1.06 because the run course may have been slightly short?? Not 1 person has said yet how impressive Blummenfelt was in posting that time on that course. For a bloke who was racing ITU all year, and was in the last months focussing on Super short course in super league, that’s a bloody impressive effort. He can’t control the course length, but that’s a very good performance, and watch out world when he decides to step up to long course full time. He’s got a Diesel engine more suited to long course, and doesn’t spend 3/4 or his year injured like Browlnee.
  12. The new guy

    Cycling. Forget cars. Animals.

    I hit a wallaby a year or so ago before dawn, I was on a decent on the old pacific hwy, luckily it was winter and I was going slowly so my eyes didn’t water too much. It jumped out from under the Armco as I went by, I only saw a flash in the headlight and it went straight into my left shin. Bruised up the shin pretty good, but I somehow managed to stay in the Bike and have no actual injuries. very lucky.
  13. The new guy

    40 Kona spots by just entering. WTF?

    I would unashamedly take this if I was to win one of the spots. While the ideal is obviously to qualify, I doubt there would be many people on here that if push came to shove and were offered this opportunity would actually knock it back.
  14. The new guy

    Busso 2018

    At Port this year (my first Ironman) I ended up on the 4th floor of a stair access only apartment. With 2 kids worth of gear in addition to tri stuff. I have never hated stair more in my life than that Monday morning. But he worst part - I have just realised I booked the same accommodation for next year.....
  15. The new guy

    Safety - There are dickheads and there are dickheads.

    Im a footpath runner - I can't remember the last time I ran on the road outside of competition - but Im lucky to have a heap of good walking paths/foot paths in my are. And access to 2 grass athletic tracks for the interval sets.