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  1. The new guy

    Wurf watch

    Man he had a good dig at Lange there!
  2. Actually they nearly all had them on as a head band. I’m sure TO had one as well, and I think from memory it was Skipper that did as well. I was trying to figure out what Sebi had in his forearms. I saw him adjusting a strap like thing heading to an aid station, and wondered if he had a wristband that held ice?
  3. I have no doubt he had a fever, felt faint and got dizzy on the. Thats what happens when you have to ride with your nose in the wind.
  4. I know its easy to say now, but all the photos Id seen of Lucy recently she looked REALLY skinny. A lot like Lionel looked last year.
  5. Anyone know what Sebi has on his forearms?
  6. When was the last time a drug test actually worked, this isn’t really random, they would be very aware an out of comp would be likely. Even if he was doping, INEOS are not going to let him roll up glowing for an event like this.
  7. Yeah fair call, didn’t think about their online options.
  8. The new guy

    taren in kona

    Let’s be serious here - the guy has a larger youtube following than Lionel, hosts his own podcast, and reviews and interviews from the angle of an age grouper. He has more guests and content than anyone else in the sport. That is why brands are lining up to have him rep their products - brands are realising that pro endorsement is always the biggest marketing tool, but pros aren’t buying their products are they, age groupers are. So to have them promoted by age groupers for age groupers is the new parallel to pro endorsement. With social media reach such a huge impact in any deal, the guy is far ahead of the majority of pros.
  9. I just set a reminder on their youtube channel. It’s streaming live from there - I don’t hold a lot of faith in 7 changing their peak scheduling for a live telecast of a marathon- maybe rh e last 5 minutes of the record Looks like going. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrc3XCtBGtWErZUVVvn15jQ
  10. Announced as 5.15 edst tonight!
  11. I don’t think they are announcing start time until Friday local time. I just checked chanel7 and there is a TBA window early Sunday morning - I figure there will be some overlap with Kona, so I took the liberty of setting up a second TV in the pain cave today😎
  12. He is the ‘Giant German Sausage’ according to CJWurf.
  13. The new guy

    Wurf watch

    Anyone dropping Wurf this week is either dreaming that Wurf is pushing, or is blowing themselves the hell up.
  14. I dont condone doping at all. But there is an element of it al all top levels of sport. But the bit that gets missed from the masses is that in cases like Lance, apparently Alberto etc, it is a COMPONENT of success. Lets list vital components of success in a 90s peleton: Endurance training Interval training Cadence work hydration nutrition team composition body mass recovery time massage bike mechanics body position in TT blood levels. People are right in thinking that if Lance didn't dope, he wouldn't win. But if you took the nutrition discipline out he wouldn't win either. If he didn't recover properly, he would win. If his body fat% was wrong, no chance. If he had a different team composition he wouldn't have won. He won 7 because he did all of these things better than anyone else, not because he did one of these things better than everyone else. You dont just start a doping program and become the best in the world. If everyone is doping, you need to find your advantages somewhere else. Salazar MAY have doped during his heyday, but the stories of him pushing himself so far he had his last rights read sow that he didnt just take a few pills and run faster than anyone else, he is still an amazing athlete. And in that era, it is again very likely that he was on a level playing field in regards to pharmaceuticals.
  15. The new guy

    Nepean 2019

    Also a completely different bike - it’s through the industrial suburb next door - great fun with lots of 90° corners, but not as fast as WS70.3
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