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  1. Sounds like great conditions for the GC50.....
  2. I’m on the central coast and it’s terrible. I have been training on zwift and treadmill all week. I wont train outside while I can see and there’s burnt leaves falling from the sky. I get in the garage to train every morning and need to turn the fan on, because there is a smell of smoke inside. Bloody terrible
  3. Broulee is the greatest town in the world. But bloody hell don’t go telling everyone, they will all want a look!
  4. Ironkids has been cancelled today due to air quality, Sunday looking better.
  5. So..... if everyone brings a bag of ice to check in on Saturday and dumps it in the right spot....
  6. I liked a blog that Sutto did recently that basically said, ‘there is no substitute for time in the pool. If toys help you spend more time in the pool, use toys.’
  7. Makes the most sense with the announcement this afternoon that WS70.3 is moving to September next year.
  8. Melbourne or Shepparton on the old challenge course.
  9. There’s a lot more sense being made on Slowtwitch right now. Let that sink in. there seem to be a dozen people more interested in fighting amongst themselves right now. If that’s the case, create a Facebook group. Western Sydney is this week and it’s got 2 pages of chat. compare that to what’s going on around ownership and refunds - there are some serious direction issues.
  10. I wonder if Ironman will add a telecast to this race now?
  11. I listened to Rick Roll interview the founder of ‘impossible meats’. It was fascinating. i could t understand why you would spend so much time making a meat copy product - I thought no vegan or vegetarian would want it. The reason behind the burger is not to offer an alternative to a vegetarian eater, but a sustainable substitute to a meat eater who still wants to eat meat. Some of the statistics surrounding water usage (and we are currently in a drought) land damage and damaging gases surrounding the meat production industry are simply mind boggling. Way more damaging than vehicle based pollutants overall, but not in the limelight. I strongly suggest listening in to the pod.
  12. I have been using Clifton 5-6 for the last 2 years, and it has been the best running in my short time in tri. Prior to that I was an Asics guy, in a variety of kayano, noosa, nimbus. Common to all Asics with me was achillies tightness after every run, I thought it was because I was a new runner, and kept increasing distance and it was just a byproduct. Got a cheap pair of Cliftons from running warehouse, and I haven’t had pain since. I did also start getting some blisters around the arch like fatpom mentioned, but the orthotics I started using this year have cleared it up. I ‘think’ the main advantage in the Hoka for me is the reduced drop height - when coming back from a foot injury this year I did a Parkrun in a nimbus as it felt a little softer on the area with pain, and I instantly got the achillies pain again. Switch back to Hokas, nothing. Oh, and just started trail running in Hoka Mafetes, only up to 8k so far but feel really solid, grippy and supportive.
  13. The new guy

    Wurf watch

    Man he had a good dig at Lange there!
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