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  1. I regularly refer to segments, not because I am chasing KOMs, but it gives me a good reference of where I was at for that particular ride. For instance, if I feel good for hour 2, I can go back and check the segments in that section see how I stack up.
  2. Someone should organise a pack ride to go past there and put 40 odd riders above him on the segment😂
  3. Or the other way to look at it is zwift can do everything TR can with added simulation and interaction.
  4. He went again yesterday, there was one (of the many) segments that he DIDNT take from Sam Long in the last video, so he went to attempt it, so he would own every segment. No spoilers, but no crashes.
  5. Where are you hearing that? Talbot has been online saying Erin filmed the attempt on Mt Lemon yesterday and is editing ready to put online, I wouldn’t think he’d be doing that if it ends with a big wreck?
  6. Well I jumped on the bike this afternoon and topped up the bike Ks for a full VR Ironman distance. Im cooked now.
  7. Just realised all I need is a 90 spin tonight and I would have done an indoor Ironman...😐
  8. 16k this morning and I am DONE! that was a big weekend - 132k of racing/ running without leaving my garage.
  9. Day 1 done, 5k and 21k of the Hoka run fest, throw in a 90k ride in between and it’s VR5 done as well. Niw to top up the Ks in the morning to finish off 42in42👍
  10. I’m tying IMVR, Hoka and 42in42. sat 8am, 5k for Hoka and IMVR sat am 90k turbo ride for IMVR saturday 2pm 21k for Hoka and IMVR sunday am 21k to top up 42in42 sunday pm, drunk.
  11. Oh - and I loved him smashing a beer in T2!!😂
  12. Whatching the insta stories it looked like a fun bit of entertainment. Kudos to them for creating something unique, having so many quality interviews etc, and raising a s**t-tonne of money.
  13. True, but technically we are also permitted to travel 5 hours to do our grocery shopping, but that’s not the way it’s intended to be used.
  14. NSW - I’ve been exclusively indoors for 3 weeks, minus yesterday when I did laps of my block because my treadmill shit itself doing IM VR on Sunday. Picked up a gumtree treadmill today, I’m back indoors.
  15. At the start of the video he’s explaining that the course isn’t great and the style of racing doesn’t suit him because he doesn’t work on 1,2 and 5 minute power. That makes it more impressive.
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