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  1. Yeah I would be careful with the Ironwar book, I loved it as well until I heard that Scott and Allen commenced legal proceedings against the author Matt Fitzgerald... https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.dailycamera.com/2011/09/30/iron-war-legendary-triathletes-dave-scott-mark-allen-sue-over-book/amp/
  2. Talbot Cox has stated that the race plan Lionel told him prior to that race was followed through with. Race hard to midway of the run, and then if in a position to back right off and take the Kona slot without the damage of the back end of a hard marathon, do that. If this is the case, that’s a very smart race plan give the limited run training and limited recovery/prep time for Kona. Must be hard for a bloke like that to back off though.
  3. Bloody hell we like to shoot people down around here.... The guy could have done it on an Ebike and its still a freaking monumental achievement, and more than any human has ever done before.
  4. Yeah I’m looking at getting a Talon 29er, hydraulic disks etc for under a grand. Mass production has its benefits.
  5. Yeah I like them. I would t necessarily call them ‘warmers’. For me they are more like ‘not colders’. It just keeps my toes like they would on a normal ride.
  6. That’s exactly the ones. I fit it just behind the pressure point of the clear. Works a treat👍
  7. I’ve started using little foot warmers in my cycling shoes - bliss. $2 from the chemist👍 Was riding up near Thredbo this week and my toes were toasty.
  8. In my mind if they were unable to continue yesterday’s stage, they should have cancelled it completely with no times recorded. That Thomas group looked to be pacing after Bernal went, saving for the second climb. JA was likely to lose more time, but who’s to say that Bernal hadn’t cooked on the first climb??? Cycling has so many strategies going in, its seems like a crazy idea to say ‘we can’t continue, so we will take times from back there’. And imagine this - tonight’s stage, JA with a 90 second lead, 59km uphill sprint in horrific conditions, one stage decides all. It would have been an epic.
  9. Yes. Up to triple figures.
  10. The stage a coupon of days ago looked like the ideal spectator day, 4 or so laps of the women’s race, then the Men’s TT. That’s actually a fair bit of action.
  11. Haha - fair call. It was the grey style urban camo - he was on a country road👍
  12. I deadset saw a guy out in a camo cycling kit a couple of months back. I just can’t get my head around it.
  13. The new guy

    Ironman Frankfurt

    And she was actually in a fairly safe 3rd until she blew up and started walking from memory. I really hope she learns her lessons, there is talent there.
  14. The new guy

    Ironman Frankfurt

    What’s ironic is that I her debut there last year, she ran within herself as she didnt know What was coming. Every race since she has bonked. I remember reading a lot wheN I took up the sport, and was amazed at how many pros didn’t have a clue on nutrition/hydration when stepping up from short course. It’s like she isn’t learning the lessons, or doesn’t have the right advice. Cant help but think if she was smashing come from halfway that wouldn’t have happened.
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