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  1. The new guy

    Port 2019

    How are you travelling mate? Feeling any better??
  2. Im doing a 60>20 brick very easy - that the last big session for the build.
  3. The new guy

    Port 2019

    Bands are picked up at the bottom of monument hill, before you hit the breakwall, so its partway around the lap.
  4. Im a huge Lionel fan, but lets be honest - if anyone is going to go all out at a vegan diet, read a few books and think they are a pro its him. He has self taught and messed up every other facet of the sport, so this shouldn't be much different. I very very much doubt he is seeing a sports dietician and having regular blood work done for example - he still doesnt actually have a real coach. Even reading his post announcing this - he screwed around for 3 weeks with an injury before getting it checked.....
  5. Without starting a huge argument - didn’t Jan get a sacral fractur within 12 months of going vegan as well? Are the weakened bones potentially a side effect of the diet?
  6. He won Wales a couple of years ago.
  7. Its a no from me. Last year I was passed by Siddall on my first run lap, as she was in her last, so Wurf will be well finished😂
  8. The new guy

    Port 2019

    Yours sound worse than mine - rest up mate.
  9. The new guy

    Port 2019

    Me too mate, but the same thing happened last year. Im currently on a course of antibiotics and have reduced the intensity of training. Last year I fought too hard for too long and ended up with a bad sinus infection kicking in on a long ride. This year I saw what was coming and got into my GP quick as, he is a runner so understood and got me straight onto antibiotics. Also had a knee complaint that was reducing the power I could put out on the bike to about 50% ftp for 2 weeks - its been a rough little stint. But Im actually kind of ok with it mentally, as the flu was exactly the same last year and it was a distant memory by the time I got to Port. Id obviously be happier if I was training at 100%, but I realise that one or 2 compromised weeks aren't going to stop me from having a good race.
  10. Saw a video on insta today of the finish arch - the wind was blowing so hard the timing screen fell out of the scaffolding - just after an athlete had run undeneath😳
  11. I love these things.
  12. I heard that but cant find out why?
  13. Time to get excited. Bloody strong field In the men’s race.
  14. I thought this might be the year some decently internationals head over. For a top 15-20 Kona athlete this could be a very decent shot at a Kona slot restively earth in the season. look at how strong the South African field is - any one of 5 blokes racing their could walk into this, but a large number of theM will miss out in SA.
  15. Thanks, I thought it was odd. I’ve been excited for the release, bought it within an hour of the launch, and then saw it was an exceptionally long lead time...
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