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  1. It says a lot about who is planning this whole thing that the US is it’s own team, when it is probably at the weakest point in its triathlon history.
  2. The new guy

    Collins Cup

    Good to hear there is an actual event happening now, at minimum it should put pressure on Ironman to step up the treatment of pros. but I can’t figure out the layout of the event - it seems they will have 3 teams, and 3 reps from the teams start a mini race within a race, with a new trio starting every 10 minutes, with each mini race getting points allocation, most points wins?? I really don’t know how that will play out on tv, seems very messy. why not just have a flat out shootout over middle distance with the best in the world racing for a slice of the $2mill prize purse??
  3. I use these. - they switch from aero road bike to TT bike with no problems due to the stretchy rubber mounts. https://www.wiggle.com.au/lezyne-lite-drive-1000xl-strip-pro-light-pair/?lang=au&curr=AUD&dest=27&sku=103186815&kpid=103186815&utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Shopping+-+All+Products&utm_medium=base&utm_content=mkwid|s7v1o2l97_dm|pcrid|295392710873|pkw||pmt||prd|103186815au|&pgrid=59608586096&ptaid=pla-522612204405&dest=27&curr=AUD&gclid=Cj0KCQiAgebwBRDnARIsAE3eZjRTNFb-kt6nv4GfIlEHGvgaCDOVdRn6O4VAcx9icI17xGnEI7qykbEaAilwEALw_wcB
  4. There is every chance she will end up like Mark Allen - coming home second a bunch of times against some greats in their prime, until she hits her straps in her peak age range and wins a bunch.
  5. Here it is! https://twitter.com/alibrownleetri/status/1214976872133648384?s=21
  6. The new guy

    Festive 500

    Easier to fudge indoor Ks. Ive got 110 to go tomorrow, 1 last century for the year.
  7. The new guy

    Festive 500

    I’ve decided with the smoke returning here I will do a ‘fake’ 500 and include the trainer Ks. no roundel for me...
  8. The new guy

    Festive 500

    I am up around 290, but have just forgives our yesterdays zwift session doesn’t count.....
  9. The new guy

    Wurf watch

    I’m a big Wurf fan. Love what he is doing for the sport and the way he races. But I just can’t get my head around his association with Ineos/sky. He isn’t sponsored, so why in earth would ineos keep paying for his training? He goes on training camps as one of the crew, as shown in yesterday’s ride in Majorca. He gets all the cool bits, like those aero bars worth a chunk. His coach is actually employed by the biggest cycling team in the world - why would Ineos be happy with him moonlighting as a tri coach on their time? he is VERY marketable, but doesn’t seem to have a major sponsor, just a bike and clothing partner. How is he working with national swim coaches, the biggest cycling team in the world, and the breaking 2 team at Nike? Surely there are actual runners that would give Nike a better return on that investment?
  10. Sounds like great conditions for the GC50.....
  11. I’m on the central coast and it’s terrible. I have been training on zwift and treadmill all week. I wont train outside while I can see and there’s burnt leaves falling from the sky. I get in the garage to train every morning and need to turn the fan on, because there is a smell of smoke inside. Bloody terrible
  12. Broulee is the greatest town in the world. But bloody hell don’t go telling everyone, they will all want a look!
  13. Ironkids has been cancelled today due to air quality, Sunday looking better.
  14. So..... if everyone brings a bag of ice to check in on Saturday and dumps it in the right spot....
  15. I liked a blog that Sutto did recently that basically said, ‘there is no substitute for time in the pool. If toys help you spend more time in the pool, use toys.’
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