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  1. The new guy

    Sanders still obsessed with jan

  2. The new guy

    AP. What else does it take?

    Im only new here AP, and don't know the history, but thanks for your tips. I take some, and leave some, but always appreciate the views.
  3. The new guy

    Husky not 100% confirmed?

    Cheers Sebee, really looking forward to it this year!
  4. The new guy

    AP. What else does it take?

    Great question Roxii, Ive just finished reading 'Bedtime Stories', and got a lot out of it. Looking forward to the response.
  5. The new guy

    Husky not 100% confirmed?

    I guess there have been a few people get cold feet - I jumped inline to look for some accom in Nowra today, and picked up a Cabin in Culburra for 3 nights for under $550. Looked like a late cancellation.
  6. The new guy

    Zwift Roll Call

    Agree, I do hill reps on a particular hill on Watopia to keep consistency - it was driving me nuts gettingup at 4.30 and finding out it was bloody New York that day...
  7. The new guy

    Looks like I’ll never pay rego for a pushbike.

    My take was that it ‘looked’ like a share path, which is not always the safest to ride fast with kids, pets etc. but I also saw the riders and didn’t think there was any reason to be riding wide like that. That’s what pisses motorists off most - if they were single file on the white line, no one cares. Disclaimer-I don’t know the area, so that’s based on assumptions.
  8. The new guy

    Looks like I’ll never pay rego for a pushbike.

    Ha ha, that’s different though, they just ride them on holidays down the middle of the road, half cut with no helmet and wearing thongs.
  9. The new guy

    Must follows on Instagram

    Amberger is at it again, check out his current IG story for a great laugh. Best rambles online.
  10. The new guy

    Splitting a long run

    I usually split my weekly 30km run over a number of days....
  11. The new guy

    Motivating People - Who's yours?

    I like this one - its a short version of the full 40 min interview.
  12. The new guy

    Big Husky 2019

    Yep, I headed in early to make sure I was waiting for transition to open, parked in a side road leading into to town to make sure I could get out easy as well. 5 min walk to transition.
  13. The new guy

    Big Husky 2019

    I live in the central coast, last year I drove down Saturday morning, went to the event for rego Saturday afternoon. Stayed at a motor inn in Nowra, $110 a night. Drove home Sunday arvo, had a cracking time. I’ll be doing similar this year. There are options outside of Husky.
  14. The new guy

    I just thru up at Tim dons shiv

    Cam Wurfs comment was the best (as usual) he said something along the line of it ‘looking like a cross between a Stumpjumper and an F1 car’😂