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  1. Great event - you will love it.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/picture/2015/aug/11/sport-picture-of-the-day-the-real-ironman
  3. Aparantly LUDOVIC CHORGNON has done 41.
  4. Yeah anyone dissing the Cowboy is nuts in my eyes - massive achievement. I think the biggest difference between 50/50/59 and this was travel. Very different if you finish, shower, eat sleep compared to having to travel interstate every night.
  5. Yeah had the injury finishing the run for 8, tried it on the morning of 9 and pulled out. Shin/ankle issue.
  6. HE just pulled out with an injury.
  7. The new guy

    Froome GONE

    Ha ha - yep, that’s exactly what I meant.
  8. The new guy

    Froome GONE

    Is it REALLY wide open though, wiggins was aimed to peak at the tour as well in ‘equal leader’ status, and Bernal comes in fresh now after missing the Giro. admittedly, it will be somewhat easier for another team to have a chance, but I would still say INEOS are short favourites with last years winner, and the strongest team in the race.
  9. If you are serious bout wetsuits - get a De Boer - at $2500 plus shipping, it just has to be faster. It just has to be. Besides - Jan uses one. https://deboerwetsuits.com/collections/triathlon/products/mens-fjord-10
  10. This is probably the best realistic scenario, and its good to see them taking some action. Now for a 20m draft zone for the pros....
  11. Hmm - but imagine if the same group put in a race in Adelaide - swim/gun around Glenelg, ride up and into the hills - it would be like Nice in Aus. I’d travel for that.
  12. I hope he takes to the longer distance well, and becomes a genuine challenger for years to come. 70.3 worlds was an amazing race, with 3 genuine greats going head to head. I want that replicated in Kona. Whether he will or not is a different story. There is real potential for the next couple of years to be one of the greatest periods ever - with Frodeno, Lange, Sanders, Wurf all having a genuine shot if the cards fall right. Add in Brownlee, Gomez (post olympics) and wildcards like Tim Don, Ben Hoffman, Torrenzo, Keinle, McNamee, e should be licking our lips at the possibilities rather than hoping people fall flat. Thats a juicy field.
  13. If they both come off int he next 12 months - imagine how many Worlds slots would be available for NZ nation wide😂
  14. Yes, but with the rumoured new ‘sydney office’ using Fairfax staff, the same model could still apply. Say they run one year with the date clash due to permits etc already in place for 2019, they can they change dates for next season and space out better.
  15. The guy systematically dominated each of his rivals last year until injury. He smashed Lionel armoceanside, Lange in Germany, AB and Gomez the Worlds. He targeted athletes and smashed each and every one. Why anyone thinks he is lacking drive or speed with recent performances like that is beyond me.
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