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  1. The new guy

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Because every 33.5 she pushed off the wall again....
  2. The new guy

    What training did you do today...

    My first crack at C2S today, was aiming at 70min best case scenario, but the course was a bit more challenging than I was expecting! Got a big headspin at about 10k and walked about 20 metres and smashed some electrolytes. Came in at 70.29, so looks like I missed the red group qualifier by under 30 seconds 😫
  3. The new guy

    Movie night - We Are Triathletes

    It was an amazing book. unfortunatkey I heard a podcast with one of them and they spoke about the book - it was so innacurate they sued Fitzgerald aparantly!
  4. The new guy

    Movie night - We Are Triathletes

    It got much better once they realised the sound was turned off!!
  5. The new guy

    Anyone fancy Run Nation Film Festival?

    Yep, I’ll be there.
  6. The new guy

    Movie night - We Are Triathletes

    Anyone attending tonight???? I’m hitting up Newcastle.
  7. This is good news for Tim Don I think, he is having the hardest time getting back to swimming, with head rotation for bi-lateral breathing being a challenge. I think he needs top 5 to validate, this helps.
  8. The new guy

    Le Tour - Team Sky

    Without doing any research at all, given this is a shorter punchier stage, does it start at the same time, therefore finish earlier than most? Or have they delayed the start??
  9. The new guy


    I just picked up a new bike and REALLY dont want to be restricted to the trainer... Dont bloody maggies know you cant ride a bike up a tree? We are not a threat!!
  10. The new guy

    Ironman IVs

    Heaps of collapses. I would guess 2 per km. I think that was a combo of sneaky humidity and poor aid station stocking myself - they only had x1 gel station at 32km, and only had Electrolyte at every second station, so you could go 5-6km without access to salts. Im sure that caught up with a few people.
  11. The new guy

    Aero bottles on frame

    I agree with AP here, if you lose one bottle, you lose your whole nutrition plan. I used for the first time yesterday the small re -usable Endura squeeze bottles for gels, I put 3 of my normal gels in and diluted a little with water - it was really easy to use, didn't leave a mess like a normal gel or get sticky fingers, and I didnt have any rubbish afterwards. Im thinking of using this style for Port next year to save having so many wrappers. They also fit in jersey or trisuit well, or I will ride with a couple in my top tube pouch bag on my TT bike. Worth a look.
  12. The new guy

    Lances Tour Podcast.

    I still quite like it - but it is far from a news piece. If you have no idea of what happened on the stage, you wont really find out here, but there is an honest opinion piece every pod. Many may not respect or agree with that opinion, but thats what makes it different.
  13. The new guy

    Ironman Frankfurt - LIVE NOW

    Burgs opening the gap in the Bike - pretty good coverage so far! Its going to be an exciting night on the turbo with the end of Frankfurt and another TDU stage!
  14. The new guy

    TriEvents WA

    Yep potentially. I like the way Emo has a 'Try a Tri' race - same distance as enticer but you can use flippers if you want?? Maybe have a class within a class, and you can enter Try a Try for $X, then graduate to Super Sprint for a slightly higher rate after that point. I guess its the balance between attracting and keeping racers.
  15. The new guy

    TriEvents WA

    I was really hesitant to ever tackle a triathlon, because I wasnt capapble of completing a sprint when I started. When I discovered enticer, I went out the next day and got a road bike. Did 3 enticers, 1 enforcer, then 3 sprints, then onto long course over about 18 months. There is definitely a place for these shorter distances, if not for the enticer I would never have bought a bike, or started tri's. But I agree with many that the name needs modifying - Super Sprint and Ultra sprint or something that sounds awesome and something that you can do repeatedly. How many times do you want to tell your work mates you are doing an enticer before you are enticed??