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  1. Yeah right. It happens to the best (and worst) of us. Some race days just suck. I once took a (short international) flight to a Sprint race, was quite unwell in the days leading up, then left helmet, chain and pedals at home. Realised as the flight was taking off. No matter, it would end up being an expensive weekend - I'll buy new..... 4 bike shops later all over the city and i couldn't even source what I needed, bar some ultegra pedals. Sweating bullets from a fever I thought what the f*ck am I doing?!?!?! Mental. Just rest. Then I heard a friend was also in the same city for the weekend so we got drunk. Kienle should have just hit the tins with Frodo.
  2. Well, as an update, I haven't been able to add any extra sessions a week yet, but have tried (a couple of times) Andrew's 100s reducing the time every 5x and with the championship set thrown in. Killer! Problem is I've just burned my calf on a neighbouring motorbike exhaust as I was parking mine, so am staying out of pools until healed...
  3. As i said in the other thread I got to 50 continuous days of running 5km -18km daily. Then my 'desire' for it waned. I thought my body was ok at the time, but with all the work and other training I was doing, I'd dug myself so deep into a pit of exhaustion, it took a bout of glandular fever and then solid rest to get back into training, and even then, I just couldn't cope with anything high intensity for quite a while.
  4. this_guy32

    Run Hundred

    I tried this Jan 2017. I went for 100 runs in 100 days, on top of teaching indoor cycling 3 or 4 times a week, running HIIT sessions twice a week, and trying to get some swimming and cycling in. Oh, and on top of a full time job and beers at the weekend. I'm suprised I made it to 50 days, but I really noticed an improvement in cadence and technique. It became a mode of transport. I couldn't mentally invisage continuing for another 50 days. I don't think I ran anything over 18km during those 50 days, and mostly 5km or 10km, with some fast efforts. Good luck to anyone trying this. Definitely dial it back often.
  5. Gold. Thanks, I'll try this for sure. 1:35s on 2:00 seems doable. I doubt I'll maintain it below 1:50 as that's 15 x 100m and I'll be toast. But it's a starting point.
  6. Well yes, max efforts. If i was doing 40 x 50m I'd probably need every one of those 30 secs rest by the time i get to rep 15!
  7. Hi all, this is absolute gold. I really appreciate the advice! Oompa Loompa - I'll try those 3 things. I used to use an old inner tube around the ankles, but haven't done that in ages. Peter - yep, i"ll give it a go maybe 5 times a week and see what happens. I'm a school teacher and there's 16 working days left until summer break, so i'll be able to do that as soon as the holiday starts. 7 or 8 weeks of good swimming. RunBrettRun - I like the idea of 40 x 50. What sort of rest intervals would you take? is 30 seconds too long? I like the idea of your flat out 100m x 5, then 500m pull recovery and repeat. Zed - re. drills - yes I always do some freestyle after a drill to carry it forward. Basically i do some 1 arm laps with then without a bouy. I do some 1 fist laps to work on the catch. I do a one paddle and opposite fin drill that seems really effective for proper kick and proper catch/pull. The difference in freestyle immediately after that one is noticeable. I do kick set with a kickboard but I have no snorkel, so my head is always up, which i dislike. I also hold the board vertically in the water to work hard for 25m every 125m. The last drill i do is hard to explain. Every 2nd stroke in freestyle i put in a backstroke, so i roll over. Keep rolling all the way over into freestyle, 2 strokes and roll the other way. It seems good for 'feel' of the water, and balance/stability. Yes, the 3 x 1km are pretty cruisey. I'd be happy to drop them as they really are boring me now. Rog - I think I'd got in the mindset of paddles = bad. I always take them but rarely use them for long as I read somewhere that becoming dependent on them is all too easy. That's ridiculous, as I've never become dependent on them before?!!?!! Anyway, I used to use them for, say, 5 x 200m at the end of a session to add on some mileage. I'll up my paddle game for sure. I don't think i have sinky legs, and I'm not much of a kicker either. What i have noticed though, is recently after maybe 6 months of consistent 3 times a week swims and regular hard efforts, my trapezius muscles seem to be much bigger and my posture has changed somewhat. I'm not sure if that's good or not. I very rarely do any backstroke, just freestyle.
  8. Looking for some tips. I've been stuck at the same speed over 100m for a long time. Generally I'll do 1 long swim per week, (usually something like 1km x 3 or 1km, 4 x 500 m.) And 2 other swims that might total 2km each where I do drills, and max efforts among other things. (either 5-10 x 100m max, or build to max, depending on how i'm feeling. I do plenty of core work. I've tried to build the number of 100m efforts, decrease rest intervals, do 150m efforts, 200m efforts, but pretty much 1:30 over 100m is all I can do. I can maintain that over maybe 8 reps with 30secs rest, but the last 3 reps will be really vomit inducing tough. Technique wise, I can definitely improve, but my catch feels pretty solid after drills and I make a point of pull/pushing past the hip. I can't join a master's group - there isn't one! Due to location I'm pretty much limited to a warm outdoor 25m pool in the tropics, so I'm lookin for some ideas for things to work on to get a bit more speed. Why? Just because. I just want to be quicker. I have no races coming up... I can still manage 3.8k without wetsuit in sub 60min, but I really want to try to speed up my shorter distance swims. Am I looking at this wrong? Should I forget my 100m rep times and perhaps work on my 500m or 1km TT ? Any advice (other than hitting the lap button early! I had thought of that!) would be good!
  9. I live in Cambodia, and I'll be racing 70.3 Da Nang on May 13th. Let me know I you intend on coming to Cambodia!
  10. this_guy32

    Starting Again

    I'm in a similar place. Last race was IM UK July 2016. I've signed up for a 70.3 in 12 weeks time. I've been fairly consistent on the swim and bike, but my running is needing work. I've chosen a flat (but very hot) course for my first race back. My advice is be set a goal and be consistent in training. Dial it back a bit with the number of intervals at first. Lots of swim drills and skills. Fitness will return!
  11. The issue is, if you shave, how high do you go? Stop at the hem of your shorts? The hem of your undies? Either way you'll look like you've got hairy pants on. Speaking from personal experience here....
  12. Try Metafit, if there's a coach near you. Or other similar online HIIT workouts like fitness blender. Great for shedding fat and building lean muscle as we age.
  13. Thanks for the responses. I do sleep with my phone nearby as it's my alarm clock, and it's a bad habit but I'm usually reading on the screen before I sleep. But I don't feel the issue is with the quality or duration of my sleep. It could be exercise addicition. We're all addicited aren't we?! I'll certainly try the dark choclate before bed idea and sleep with a tin foil hat as someone else suggested And for the record its not a fitbit, it's aforerunner 735xt. i wear it as a regular wrist watch. I'm assuming the optical HR remains accurate through the night...
  14. Hey trannies, Since wearing a HRM round the clock for 2 months, I've noticed that my heart rate drops very low over night. Last night I hit 34bpm for the second time, but I'm usually 36bpm. Last weekend I pushed too hard on the bike and after a massive day, my waking heart rate was 40 or 41 until Wednesday, then dropped back down to 36 this morning after two rest days. Now I wouldn't really be concerned about this, as it sounds super efficient, but I'm not an elite athlete. I'd class myself as someone in very good shape, and a 7 out of 10, if 10 was tapering for kona. But the reality is I wake each day really shattered and struggle to get going. I ideally need a good hour to get breakfast and showered, as I'm really slow and stiff. If I have an early ride or run I start VERY slow also, and rhen it disappears and I feel as normal as I ever have on morning workouts. But it's like I'm bipolar in regards to fitness - absolutely flying during a workout, but shattered and wasted when living my normal life. I'm not training for anything, so no doing massive volume, and can stop anytime. I'm just a little concerned by the really low heart rate overnight. If anyone has any experience or input is appreciate it. And before you say "see a doctor you idiot!" I plan to next week. I just wanted a triathlete's perspective first. My background is 4 consecutive years of 70.3 and IM, spin coach for 2 years. Regular cyclist. Base training for running and swimming at the moment (tick over).
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