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  1. Ironman Store Online

    Yep, tried to order a bag but when I got to the checkout I was told it couldn’t be delivered to Aust. This was from one of the many emails I get from them promoting stuff. Sent of a complaint but was surprised not to get a response 😄
  2. Disc wheels - yes/no?

    For the uninitiated, where do you see the difference in technique when riding them?
  3. Seat height, TT to Roadie?

    I raise by 6mm. If you move your seat forward for TT position the seat height will be less. Dig out the old trigonometry textbook 😀
  4. Giro d'Italia - Tipping Comp

    Just realised that there'll be no broadcast on SBS. Arrrrrgh!!! Is there a tech friendly way to watch and record the broadcast? Sent from the mobile client - Forum Talker
  5. World record - One for the sleuths - the 80's/90's

    I've got a slower run, but WAY past 10 hour finish. No record. Sent from the mobile client - Forum Talker
  6. Bike fit - Melbourne east

    +1 for Stuart. Had the fit a few weeks ago. Much improved comfort levels and quite an imformative process.
  7. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    I've looked but not tried Hokas particularly for the reduced DOMS that they are supposed to help with. I'm a slow and heavy runner and have been in Adrenelines last 8 years or so. Have avoided any significant injuries so I'm sticking with what works for the present. Sent from my GT-I9507 using Tapatalk
  8. Running Streak Ends

    Amazing physical resilience. Especially considering the significant number of training km in the legs. I assume he didn't just rock up to a race saying "I'll give this marathon thing a crack" and proceed to punch out a 2:10. Sent from my GT-I9507 using Tapatalk
  9. When did you last do an Iron Distance?

    Cairns 2016. Thinking probably Kangaroo Island this year. Sent from my GT-I9507 using Tapatalk
  10. Outside assistance

    The simplest solutions are often the best. I'm gonna use this. Sent from my GT-I9507 using Tapatalk
  11. Would you like to inherit the IM brand

    I can lead a very simple life. $1m do me till I fall off the perch and I'll go semi-pro. [emoji1] Sent from my GT-I9507 using Tapatalk
  12. Your insights about triathlon training routines are needed

    Done. I like that they put age in age groups rather than just asking your age. Got a tri feel about it ☺ Sent from my GT-I9507 using Tapatalk
  13. Kangaroo Island 3.8 / 180 / 42.2

    Mrs Pareto saw a massive shark there years ago when we were on the ferry. Then again, she was afraid of getting seasick and had taken Quells. Mucked it up dose tho and took 4 in an hour instead of one every 4 hours. Got a bit trippy, thought the giant shark was gonna capsize the ferry I reckon I'll be in on this. Ripper location, good for a holiday afterwards and affordable. Sent from my GT-I9507 using Tapatalk
  14. Addictions. What do you have?

    Grog. Was a terrible piss artist for many years. Haven't been a drinker for many years but the addiction stays with you. Sent from my GT-I9507 using Tapatalk
  15. DRAFTING is Here to Stay

    Attach the death ray to a drone then roll the ray to the back of the draft zone. To go into the draft zone you need to pass thru the death ray Sent from my GT-I9507 using Tapatalk