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  1. Paretojack

    What lifetime do wheels get?

    Took wheel to LBS where they spoke in a hushed, reverential tone about “The Wheel Builder” who they regard as a Zen Master. Received a call from him yesterday. He’s going to rebuild wheel, replace aluminium nipples with brass and retension. Remainder of hardware felt to be OK. Fingers crossed.
  2. Paretojack

    What lifetime do wheels get?

    Hey, I'm beginning to bust a few spokes on these wheels. The nipples are breaking off at the rim. Rims and brake surface seem fine. They are 3 years old, have about 6000km on them and carry around a svelte 90kg rider. I'd prefer not to have tp buy another set of wheels, but is this the kind of lifetime I can expect?
  3. Paretojack

    Physio in Melb

    Hi all, Pranged my bike a week ago. Initially thought only my ego was hurt but I still have a shoulder that is sore and droopy. Guess it’s time to see a medical professional. 😪 Any recommendations in eastern suburbs. Mitcham or Macleod. Cheers Jack
  4. Paretojack

    Shimano 11 speed 11-32 on standard cage? help!

    I recently put a 32T rear cog on a TCR with standard Ultegra cage, but with the mid-compact chainrings. Wound the B sceww in and Have had no issues, although I’m mindful not to run big rear cog and large chainring.
  5. Paretojack

    UCI Worlds

    Watching the live feed at the moment. Team Ireland ought to ask for a refund from the kit designer. Looks like Kermit racing in speedos.
  6. Paretojack

    If you've done a 13 hour Ironman tell me why.

    I’m the eternal optimist and still believe I have a sub 13:00 in me. But history proves otherwise. Done 4, all over 13. Lack of consistent training usually the killer. Last IM Was Cairns 2016, dumb pacing (gees I feel great, let’s lift the pace) on run meant I walked a LOT and turned a likely PB into my slowest yet.
  7. Paretojack

    Froomey banned from tour (and then not banned)

    Guilty or not, the timing is piss poor a week out from the race start. It’s not like this has snuck up on them from left field.
  8. Paretojack

    Data and Running Shoes

    I’ve been in Brookes Adrenalin for a decade. Not getting injured so sticking with them. If I had to change would be a PITA but I might use something like this to point me in the right direction. I don’t do the mileage to need to get a new pair often, so it’s always a well thought out exercise. Kinda like voting, I go in with an open mind but usually come out with the same result.
  9. Paretojack

    Plantar fasciitis

    I had it a number of years ago. No real issues now. Did a lot of strengthening and stretching, lots calf raises. Continue to do these daily after riding or running. Losing a few kg helped reduce the load on it as well, although I’m hardly a lightweight.
  10. Paretojack

    Ironman Store Online

    Yep, tried to order a bag but when I got to the checkout I was told it couldn’t be delivered to Aust. This was from one of the many emails I get from them promoting stuff. Sent of a complaint but was surprised not to get a response 😄
  11. Paretojack

    Disc wheels - yes/no?

    For the uninitiated, where do you see the difference in technique when riding them?
  12. Paretojack

    Seat height, TT to Roadie?

    I raise by 6mm. If you move your seat forward for TT position the seat height will be less. Dig out the old trigonometry textbook 😀
  13. Paretojack

    Giro d'Italia - Tipping Comp

    Just realised that there'll be no broadcast on SBS. Arrrrrgh!!! Is there a tech friendly way to watch and record the broadcast? Sent from the mobile client - Forum Talker
  14. Paretojack

    World record - One for the sleuths - the 80's/90's

    I've got a slower run, but WAY past 10 hour finish. No record. Sent from the mobile client - Forum Talker
  15. Paretojack

    Bike fit - Melbourne east

    +1 for Stuart. Had the fit a few weeks ago. Much improved comfort levels and quite an imformative process.