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  1. surfer101

    Age group Doper Ironman Florida

    Thats crap! Sack that man for cheating or being a muppet or both! Calling Alex - does this mean officials dont check or put bikes on the jig before racing on the track as they do at road TTs for state & national titles?
  2. surfer101

    The Mental Health thread

    Sam I dont have anything in the way of wisdom, just to say putting that into words & asking your buddies for some help is a brave move & the start of you getting this sorted. Take care dude x
  3. surfer101

    Trump is the President

    Seriously .. who 'styled' the front row making all the chicks sit with their legs crossed 'appropriately' & the dudes wide eyed & busy tailed ... . ready to go get 'em. 😞
  4. surfer101

    Australian Music

    You make a good point Goughy. I think there are 2 things that make me see this a bit different to you. 1. I didnt grow up in Australia so havent experienced the pub music scene in the way you have & 2 Im not a fan of those artists.
  5. surfer101

    Australian Music

    What about, for example, Sia, Kate M-H, John Butler trio ? All very different styles, doing good stuff internationaly. Maybe when theyve been around as the others (old farts 🙄) , they'll attain the same status?
  6. surfer101

    Work place politics and millennials

    Maybe teaching her some self-awareness & good nanners via mentoring would help
  7. surfer101

    Shorter cranks, anybody gone to them or using them?

    I think weve previously talked crank length, I cant find it. Maybe it disappeared in Roxii-Improvement-Incident or Im crap at searching 🤔
  8. surfer101

    What training did you do today...

    Hope your house is up a hill, away from that fence! Take care Skel ☺
  9. surfer101


    I dont play cricket & really know nothing about the game but even I know that was a dumb arse move when the ground is surrounded by cameras. Muppets !!!
  10. surfer101

    No Ironman Frankston this weekend

    Yourself in the mirror 😁
  11. surfer101

    Australian Music

    TBH - Im not excited about any of those people, lots of others around doing good stuff & will continue to do so
  12. surfer101

    Work stuff ups.

    I made a mistake recently, Im not perfect so a mistake is going to happen sometimes but what really p***d me off was the email from the senior manager, cc to a load of others that didnt need to be involved & highlighting my name in a bold & bright colour. Not nice, not necessary
  13. surfer101

    No Ironman Frankston this weekend

    Sorry - cant confirm or deny either of those
  14. surfer101

    No Ironman Frankston this weekend

    No! Ive been practising course-cutting all season in prep for an IM pb. Gutted. 😭
  15. surfer101

    What's the technical name for this

    Ive got a few of those neck things, theyre brilliant. You can wear them like a beanie for an early mornin winter run then stuff it in your pocket or waistband or wrap it around your wrist when you dont need it. Get one from Willie. Or 2