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  1. Woolongong Tri - 18 March

    Have a great race, take care in the heat Good luck those neediing points , race hard 👊
  2. No Ironman Frankston this weekend

    Soooo glad you posted, I had sleepless nights all week because I couldnt find the start list & noone in IM Frankston HQ would pick up the phone
  3. Bowral.Juniors

    Southern Cross cycling club & look up Complete Cyle coaching. Jenny Triggs is very well respected as a coach & working with cycling NSW
  4. Tranny kit Ordering

    Serious? I love those sessions
  5. Thank God for race directors like EMO

    And whenever Ive rung EE up, everyone I have spoken to has been helpful & friendly
  6. Average Aussie eats 44 snags a year

    With beards?😊
  7. What training did you do today?

    Nice work, if there's no coffee, it didnt happen 😊
  8. Mool meetup

    Pic pleeeze?
  9. Woolongong Tri - 18 March

    I read that a charity walk is on the same weekend - www.greatillawarrawalk.com
  10. When Finisherpix get it right...

    Nope, I reckon Mrs Monkie deserves a gold medal for that kiss - I bet you tasted yuk at the end of an ironman 😉😉
  11. What training did you do today?

    Me too. My training has taken a big kick in the guts from a stupid stupid muppet of a chemist who thought my GP wrote 100mg on my prescription when it was in fact 50mg. OMG I thought I was about to drop off the twig 💀☠👻 Thankfully I can read all your training stories while Im on the road to recovery. Keep em coming 😎
  12. The Politics Thread

    Thanks .. Im glad you dont understand either, makes me feel a whole lot better 😀
  13. Femoroacetabular Impingement (my hip is stuffed)

    Fingers crossed x
  14. The Politics Thread

    Sorry , can you say that again, Im not sure I get it
  15. IMNZ 2018

    Well done Ifoz on being smart out there , great read too.