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  1. The Politics Thread

    I would prefer he moved an amendment she take a vow of silence. Forever & ever. Amen
  2. Is there a Plasterer in the house?

    You might need a multi tool ...... 😆
  3. Heart Issues

    All the best with your recovery & getting your fitness back x
  4. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    For me our govt doesnt mind the 'pink dollar' being spent during the weeks around Mardi Gras celebrations which is a serious amount of dough. Happy for tons of visitors/tourist to come here, pay inflated prices for everything cos its Mardi Gras time & yet treat these same people as something less than they, less than equal. Just plain wrong.
  5. ATEC Expo Cancelled

    Agree. I went to the ATEC last year. Loads of nutrition in comparison to everything else, limited opportunity to buy stuff, expensive coffee & the hall had no atmosphere. It had to improve or give up the ghost. Seems it did the latter
  6. Help me pick a multi-tool

    Someone needs to break the chain
  7. What training did you do today?

    'tis good to hear from you ☺
  8. Alp D'Huez Long Course Triathlon

    Congratulations! Great report, course sounds brutal. I wouldnt encourage anyone to 'disobey' race officials but Im so glad you did 😉
  9. Things to do in Sydney

    Maritime museum is good fun
  10. Wage Increases

    Well done Bored@ & good luck
  11. AP maybe Ive misunderstood your post - I have plenty of friends, good athletes, that dont pin on a number. Thats ok, theyre happy, I dont think any of them are unwell.just cause they wont or dont race. They enjoy a hit out or social get together followed by coffee. Happy days
  12. Norseman

    Big congrats Truck, Im looking forward to your race report
  13. Gelatin

    Maybe a catering supplier if they would sell direct might be a good option?
  14. Clothing for cycling in the cold

    Aldi has some fantastic long finger thermal gloves. I wear them under my short finger gloves if i need extra warmth but theyre great on their own. Long sleeve merino base layers DHB or Helly Hensen have been a good buy. I look at the winter gear as an investment, lasts ages because it isnt that cold for long. A buff or similar is a must have for cycling running & paddling but doesnt fit under a swim cap lol Buy stuff on sale, it will last & youll get out more & enjoy your rides
  15. Proud Dad moment

    Aww great pic & well done Flipper ?