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  1. bengillespie78

    Recovery from...

    Hi Turts hips will be ok as they are both bone frags at the top of hip, I can walk pretty slowly. Thanks everyone for the advice its pretty frustrating and nuts that some idiot took pleasure in knocking me off my bike.
  2. bengillespie78

    Recovery from...

    Hi mate, no operation needed in the fractures so just rest and conservative treatment
  3. bengillespie78

    Recovery from...

    Hi guys Seeking some advice on recovery times and recovery hacks from a recent unsavoury incident. I was riding Saturday and had someone throw something from an overpass bridge hitting me on the side of the head and the force knocking me off the bike. I now have fractured collar bone, 2 fractured ribs and fractured both sides of hips and then there’s the bike. My question is around recovery times for anyone who has experienced similar injuries and anything that may have helped speed the process up?
  4. bengillespie78

    Western Sydney 70.3

    There was a pack of guys who sat on me through out the ride it was appalling
  5. bengillespie78

    Western Sydney 70.3

    I am in!
  6. bengillespie78

    Nike Zoom VapourFly do make you run faster

    Cmon man, these pros that have changed aren’t new to the sport. These are guys who have been around Mackenzie, Reed, Berkel and Hoffman and that’s just the men. Do you think that Gwen Jorgensen is running in these shoes because they are slower?
  7. bengillespie78

    Nike Zoom VapourFly do make you run faster

    The vapourfly 4% are an interesting shoe, I have the model below it and find them a quick shoe although not the most comfortable. A number of pro’s have forgone their shoe sponsorship and forked out the $$$ to run in these shoes this season, gotta be a strong reason for that
  8. bengillespie78

    Cairns 2018

    Ill be there racing, first time in Cairns but lots of racing port/forster/busso. Looking forward to racing a different course! Any course comparisons between port and cairns wouild be great!
  9. bengillespie78

    Alternative therapies

    All the above article shows is an absence of sugars in the blood not a reversal of Type 2, that's creative licensing. If diet and exercise were so successful I would be out of a job.I don't see people's beta cells(which control insulin production) regenerating, they simply just slowed the escalator they are on to insulin dependence
  10. bengillespie78

    Alternative therapies

    I'm a pharma rep and work in Type 2 Diabetes space. I don't take supplements just get what I need from good food. I can see the merit in some alternative therapies, I still laugh at the nutters who tell me they can reverse Type 2 Diabetes , science proves you can't
  11. Hi guys I stupidly have injured myself in the weekend thinking I was a soccer star. I have a grade two tear to my rt rectus femoris and have also managed a 2mm avulsion tear off the bone in doing this. I was after any recommendations for a good orthopaedic surgeon in Sydney withgood exposure to athletes and endurance sports. So shoot me your recommendations thanks
  12. bengillespie78

    Ironman Australia 2017

    Is the pro list available anywhere for this race yet??