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  1. Hi guys, I have raced in the Carbon X over IRONMAN and 70.3 distance. It’s a fast and forgiving shoe, in my opinion it suits a lot of age group athletes much better than a 4% or next % due to the wider base that Hoyas are known for making it a more inherently stable shoe. Zeds comments about being firm are spot on and you will definitely feel your calf’s working due to the meta rocker and carbon plate putting more load through the calf, but I like it as a long distance race option
  2. In Australia, you can use ASADA page and fill out the form
  3. Yeah not tubeless but insanely wide so they run low pressures well. Race went well for where I was at blew out on the run but ill be back
  4. Heya Luke I ran head jet plus 60/90 combo with conti TT 23/25 tyres on 75 and 70 psi for the ironman up there and found them to be stable and pretty quick
  5. I run the knog power road with the barfly tt mount as it has the extensions for the light under it. Works really well
  6. See ya there I’ll be the wanker on a P5X
  7. Drive to hornsby and park at the pool and ride the old pacific hwy
  8. Anyone know of any of these sales still going? My current watch died an honourable death
  9. If anyone is keen to offload some family friendly reasonably priced accom let me know. (I realise the insanity of trying to find reasonably priced accom around IM time)
  10. Just wanted to thank everyone for this well wishes and help I ended up getting a second opinion on my collarbone and getting it plates this Monday, which has definitely helped me out with the breathing and taking the load off the broken ribs. I am getting used to being quite lazy as I also fractured the ischial tuberosity which makes walking a pain in the ass literally!! I should be getting a new bike through home and contents insurance which is exciting? Decisions to be made their do I stick with current bike or go something different Photos of collarbone pre second opinion for attention and sympathy
  11. Hi Turts hips will be ok as they are both bone frags at the top of hip, I can walk pretty slowly. Thanks everyone for the advice its pretty frustrating and nuts that some idiot took pleasure in knocking me off my bike.
  12. Hi mate, no operation needed in the fractures so just rest and conservative treatment
  13. Hi guys Seeking some advice on recovery times and recovery hacks from a recent unsavoury incident. I was riding Saturday and had someone throw something from an overpass bridge hitting me on the side of the head and the force knocking me off the bike. I now have fractured collar bone, 2 fractured ribs and fractured both sides of hips and then there’s the bike. My question is around recovery times for anyone who has experienced similar injuries and anything that may have helped speed the process up?
  14. There was a pack of guys who sat on me through out the ride it was appalling
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