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  1. Jezza78

    Chain lube

    If you have the time to read what Zero Friction Cycling is doing on this topic https://zerofrictioncycling.com.au/lubetesting/ He’s now onto chain testing.
  2. Jezza78

    Challenge Shep

    Will be a wetsuit swim. The organisers put a post on Facebook saying the water was 20 degrees.
  3. Jezza78

    Track Standing fine $425

    I live in SA and he missus is a Detective in police force. She has said there is precedence here with a 'stop' for a cyclist is to unclip/foot off pedal and touch the ground. There was a blitz here during TDU with quite a few people getting fined for not 'stopping' correctly, I.e. not making a complete stop and unclipping from the pedal. As said before this is a total waste of police resources with worse crime going untouched.
  4. Jezza78

    Dick Swinging - Put yourself out there.

    I paid enough $$& to WTC and Active to be Gold All World Athlete two years in a row!!
  5. Jezza78

    Adelaide Duathlon Worlds - Anyone Racing?

    Word has it they will be hot on drafting - a mate is TOing. There will be 5 TO's on the 10km loop. Will see what happens in the day.
  6. Jezza78

    Bike Bug: site sponsor

    I've used Bikebug for a couple of years now. Found their delivery is excellent. I'll do an order at lunch time and have it the next day by 9:30 - in rAdelaide. As most items are cheaper or similar price to the UK shops I have changed to support the local guys.
  7. Jezza78

    Best Rear Light...

    What about for a Tri bike around an aero seat post? Preferably rechargeable...
  8. Jezza78

    Best place to buy a Polar HR Monitor Strap

    I've bought from pursuit performance as the official dealer. Use the code myrewards or myreward for 35% off. I used the code when I bought the V800 late last year. Love it. Edit. Here is the link http://www.polarrevolution.com.au/medibank-my-rewards
  9. Jezza78

    Nike and Asics shoes online

    Stringer sport has DS trainer for around $150
  10. Jezza78

    Nike and Asics shoes online

    There are a few Aussie sites I use that have great prices - stringer sports, slashsport.com. There may also be a couple of codes for further discount. Start fitness from the UK is also another one.
  11. Jezza78

    Kona spots at IMMelbourne for the military

    I went to the roll down. There were 10 spots as mentioned above. One spot wasn't taken and so was put back into the main AG. Think it went to 40-44 male group. It may have rolled one spot there also as most ppl left the tent at start of Military roll down.