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  1. I used to change my battery and never had an issue with water leaks. I have a brand new one of those if you need a new one?
  2. That one closed a few years ago. It’s out of Sydney now.
  3. What model do you need repairing?
  4. From what I know it’s to do with the cost of putting the event on.
  5. Just seen SBS is broadcasting this today at midday..
  6. Running along the Torrens and through the Parklands is fine. Or out along the coast if you are staying there There is a 25m pool on Flinders st (near content of Frome st) in the Freedom Fitness gym. Or yo could taxi to the North Adelaide swim centre.
  7. I’m trying to work out where I said it was a pb. But let’s not get facts in the way of your story.
  8. That’s a nice run also. It is a nice race to do! I always know a few people racing it, so it’s good to catch up with everyone. And enjoy the sunshine! If I could swim, I’d be even happier with my time 😬😬
  9. It was a good ride back, sitting on a decent effort. I had NP of 250 which I was happy with. Then managed to hold 4 min pace on the run, for a 1:24, and 4:27 finish time. This put me 12th in 40-44. I think the weather helped with faster run times. For me anyway coming up for the Adelaide winter! Not sure I could have handled a sunny and hot day! you?
  10. Yeah my mates are always looking to get in my wheel.
  11. Were you in a Cupcake Cartel kit? If so then yeah we ride into T2 together. I found this pic of myself and the group I was towing...
  12. Agree the drafting was pretty bad. So many choosing to ride in a bunch. I had a go at one rider who kept dropping in front of me - when I was 12m behind another cyclist - along with a few others in their ‘group’. Told her in no uncertain terms to stop dropping in and that she needs to keep passing. I managed to get a break on their group ride before coming into T2. Sad thing is I saw she won the 30-34 age group.
  13. Jezza78

    Chain lube

    If you have the time to read what Zero Friction Cycling is doing on this topic https://zerofrictioncycling.com.au/lubetesting/ He’s now onto chain testing.
  14. Jezza78

    Challenge Shep

    Will be a wetsuit swim. The organisers put a post on Facebook saying the water was 20 degrees.
  15. I live in SA and he missus is a Detective in police force. She has said there is precedence here with a 'stop' for a cyclist is to unclip/foot off pedal and touch the ground. There was a blitz here during TDU with quite a few people getting fined for not 'stopping' correctly, I.e. not making a complete stop and unclipping from the pedal. As said before this is a total waste of police resources with worse crime going untouched.
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