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  1. Kenneth

    Motivating People - Who's yours?

    This was a great ad. Ignore what eventuated and it still is. Maybe think of a different, clean cyclist. Like Froome
  2. Kenneth

    I just thru up at Tim dons shiv

    Yuck. Hopefully that’s his trainer bike.
  3. Kenneth

    Busso 2018

    Well done prizna. That’s awesome dude. The wife may kill you if you elect to get posted somewhere remote again for a 6 month training camp.
  4. Kenneth

    Busso 2018

    There could be a correlation
  5. Kenneth

    Busso 2018

    Prizna with a not too shabby 51.xx swim. Imagine if he could run.
  6. Kenneth

    Best time to wake up is 6:27

    Well the dog thinks the best time is 5:27.
  7. Kenneth

    If you've done a 13 hour Ironman tell me why.

    Seriously underestimated how much bike training I needed to do, despite the training plan. Focused too much on training the swim, got through that easy. Suffered on the bike getting around the mountainous Port Mac course. Couldn’t run - wouldn’t have mattered how much run training I’d done. Also poor decisions in the race week - stayed with a giant douche.
  8. Kenneth

    Le Tour - Team Sky

    Froome was the better rider when wiggo won it. He’d be expecting the same treatment. Is this his last one?
  9. Kenneth

    The Great Transitions Beer Mile! (Port Mac)

    Tooheys new seemed a popular choice. Understandable given the location. But what’s with Batman drinking cider?!
  10. Kenneth

    Port 2018 - Who’s racing?

    Full  Race no.  Trannie name Name AG   19106 IronmanFoz Andrew Foster M50 - 54 558 The New Guy Nick Hall  M35 - 39    245 Blobby Stephen White M50 - 54   14266 Dave T David Thornton M55 -59  1048 Rory-dognz Richard Houghton M50 - 54 286 Badger77 Staff Hurlston M50-54  694 Trickle Sean Dench M40-44  296 Tall Paul Paul Marshall  M45 - 49 12332 noknees Chris Ernst M50 - 54 30-009 Paul Every M50 - 54 231 K3vski Kevin Siah M35-39 985 Youngy2 Gayle Young   F50-54 1115 Youngy Tony Young M45-49 17-058 AP Allan Pitman M70-74 562 Herby Matt Herbert M35-39   70.3 Race no. Trannie name Name AG  2929 Flanman Michael Flanagan 55.59 (Bronze Wanker 😎) 2533 Wombattri Andrew Ritter M40-44 (Silver wanker) 2983 Goodcatch Kevin Dixon M60-64 2589 MissJess Jessica Edwards F40-44 2333 toolex Alex Hill M35-39 2475 sme1414 Shaun Edwards M40-44 Rooting on the Sideline (i.e. watching) Roxii  iFoz (I'll be out there chalking up the run course)  RunBrettRun (will be in T1 change tent till 10am. Presumably men's tent, conceivably women's) Kenneth (I’ve heard Prizna is competeing, so thought I’d come down to see if actually finishes this one)
  11. Kenneth

    Heart checks, stress test etc

    Without having any symptoms, really up to you and how much peace of mind you need. I had a stress echo done last year (33yo) and was probably the fittest I’d been. Pulled up lame in the pool one night, was like a switch was flicked and I didn’t know if I was going to make it to the end. I had been feeling pretty run down, but forced myself to go. Anyway over the next few days got tightness in the chest which over another week or so settled on the heart. Went to doc who diagnosed myocarditis and ordered rest - no problem as I struggled getting up stairs without being stuffed at the top. Lasted another couple of weeks, and found out had history in family of heart problems. Went back to doc who ordered stress echo due to lingering symptoms and family history. By the time the test came around I was much better, but fark me the test was hard. Unlike goughy, I had to run for as long as I could, which was really a hill sprint on treadmill. Then back on table and having to hold breath while coming down from absolute max heart rate. Horrible. Anyway, everything sinister was ruled out and myocarditis confirmed as far as possible. Took about 10 months for all symptoms to disappear. Haven’t gotten back into real training since April last year. Has made me hyper aware of any niggles. Moral of my text book above, check family history, there’s a lot of things that can be passed down esp heart related. Get checked if any doubts and listen to your body! If more tired than normal, maybe skip a session or two.
  12. Kenneth

    9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    Easy there buddy. You’ve proved in the past you can dnf
  13. Kenneth

    Gentle beats Duffy to win at Montreal

    Nice clip on your Insta burgs. The proud noises in the background are very cool.
  14. Kenneth

    2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    If you need to ask, you're not fast enough
  15. Kenneth

    Sour Grapes or worth calling the Champ out?

    I know which shower scene I'll be googling later