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  1. Don’t know if it’s the case at all events, but the first timers welcome from all the check in volunteers was pretty nice at port. Thinking back, they may have just been trying to drum up cow bell sales
  2. Here’s a nerdy one. Add a column to your spreadsheet and fill with series. So in future when you sort data on a different column you can get back to original order if you fark it up.
  3. Ouch. That would have hurt lawman. Will be worth it though. Looks great
  4. Back on topic, most places have Black Friday sales that started before Friday and are finishing on Monday anyway. Nice retail boost to kick start the festive season.
  5. After my full price trail shoe purchase a couple of weeks ago as first hoka, have just ordered a pair of Mach 2 and Clifton 5. Saucony’s going in the bin. Commitment.
  6. Would a Mooloolaba pb be too much to ask for?
  7. Beautiful scenery. When you doing it fp?
  8. Keep the top notch videos coming fp. That was great.
  9. Imagine trying to moderate that many seppos
  10. Kenneth

    Hoka One One

    So. In what seems to be true Kenneth fashion, I went to buy a pair of trail shoes yesterday. Went in open minded, said what I was after. Something not full blown tech trail shoe, something that will be more suited to fire trails, grass and some bitumen. Have only run in Saucony since trying them a few years ago. The options given were topo and hoka challenger atr. They were both good. But hoka were freakin amazing. The others felt like I remember hoka feeling like when I last tried them. A foot collapsing / stuck in ground type feeling. Ran in them this morning. Wow. I just wanted to keep running. Poor poochie got worn out so had to cut it short. Nothing like a missed sale to pay full price. My wallet is shaking in fear that I’ll need to change over all shoes to hoka i didn’t tell mrs Kenneth that I missed the sale by a week.
  11. Consider it done. I already like him just knowing he’s a fellow ginger.
  12. He had a good point about Vino. The previous years of doping has already given the benefit. No need to do it anymore.
  13. Kenneth

    Hoka One One

    Not from me. I was only providing a public service cause I got an email about it. I don’t like them myself. Based on the 5 minutes I wore them in a shop a couple of years ago.
  14. That aid station looks amazing! I’ve watched a couple of billy yang’s movies now. They’re great. Watched the one on Hardrock last night. There are some epic events around
  15. Agree with most you said More except the above. Maybe I’m naive, but I’d like to think that people want the truth, and want something real they can believe in. The state of politics at the moment doesn’t inspire much in me at the moment. Unfortunately the nature of the beast is to get re-elected at all costs, which means lack of conviction on controversial topics for fear of upsetting the apple cart. Maybe, I just read an article on how hard it is to destroy an ideology. Analysis: What Trump doesn't understand about winning the 'endless' war http://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-02/islamic-state-abu-bakr-al-baghdadi-death-war-on-terror/11662608 I agree he’s doing things, he’s coming at problems in his own way, and no doubt he wants the best for his country. Politicians generally do regardless of which side they’re on. I don’t agree with a lot of what he’s doing. Can’t please everyone. What I take exception to is his manners, his arrogance, his pigheadedness - the list goes on. He doesn’t behave how I think a leader should.
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