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  1. My two takeaways from the movie. 1. The Empire really should do a lessons learned. 2. Top gun will be amazing on the big screen
  2. I’m a battler, and for me don’t see the benefit of a one piece suit. Two piece makes more sense, with the biggest advantage being more likely to wear them in training. You’ll look like a bit of a rig cruising the streets in a one piece outside of a race.
  3. No doubt you read them all.
  4. General goals - most importantly for me continue to find best work-life balance for me and family. Read before bed (a book, not trannies). Make the most of the opportunities I’m getting at work. Ride to work twice a week. Athletically, In chronological order: 1. Beat mate at Mooloolaba tri 2. Sub 20 minute 5km by birthday (May 2nd, you’ve now all been told, I expect birthday well wishes) 3. Get sister through UTA50 (and myself) 4. See how fast I can do 50km guzzler trail run in July 5. No longer be a BOPer, be MOP at sunny coast 70.3
  5. Well, this is a triathlon forum so goes without saying....we haven’t taken over cool runnings yet...
  6. Yep. My lungs are letting me down at the moment it feels. So more easy km in the legs before I do regular hard sessions
  7. That was a big part of it bosco, having a go a couple of weeks ago was perfect to remind me that I could hurt. Also I think knowing I had to run a certain pace made it do or die. From my splits, from 3-4km was my fastest, but was dying by the last probably 300m. Cooked.
  8. Success! Got the win over my mate! I ran watch time of 22:53, parkrun time 23:06. It hurt. No thanks to prizna who cleared off but was too fat to win.
  9. Race day is here. Week was easy run Monday. Christmas Day was 3 or 4 short efforts in the rain (not up cootha or in the dark), longer easy run on Thursday and that was it. Prizna has flown up to either pace me or go for the win, depends how much Christmas cheer he’s had. Thanks for the tips, it’s a cracking day for running.
  10. Wow! I hope no members of the public were hoping to use the paths 😄
  11. There’s some decent tips in the thread above. New goal is sub 20 by mid year. #inspired
  12. Definitely worried about the weight this week bosco. I’ll be very hydrated over the next couple of days. Oldschool, pacing wise plan was to do a decent warmup then head out on goal pace. Course is slightly up hill on way out. Then last 2k empty the tank. First k will be settling into pace but yes too fast too early and I’m toast.
  13. It’s out and back so won’t be a problem.
  14. I’ve got a rolling park run challenge with a mate from work - who can go the fastest at stones corner parkrun each year. A couple of weekends ago was my first crack at a 5km time for longer than I can remember. Went to Southbank as stones corner was washed out and ran a 25:02, which was probably a bit quicker than I thought I’d be. Course was also harder than I thought it would be with a few hills. Weekend just gone while I was recovering from a hangover my mate ran a 23:40 at stones corner. So I need to find 1:30 in a week to get the yearly title. With better positioning at the start I can save probably 30 seconds. Stones corner is an easier run, maybe another 30 seconds there. My pacing was pretty good considering I didn’t know the course so finished pretty strongly. I didn’t vomit at the end so could go a bit harder.... I’ve been running about 20k per week almost exclusively on trails and all low hr. What’s my best bang for buck in training this week?
  15. Kenneth

    Wurf watch

    Maybe he’s just one of those guys that everyone likes having around. Great for team moral and all that. He might be one of those people that can get the best out of others. He’s certainly got the gift of the gab. Would be great to have a beer with.
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