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  1. I’m going to give the QTS a go this coming season. Towed the line at Mooloolaba this year and have rediscovered the bug. But only for the short stuff. For a while.... Planning is fun, checking out all the events coming up.
  2. Where do you live LON? Brisbane folk tend to do reps of mt cootha, starting at 4am, preferably in the rain.
  3. Kenneth

    AP's training tip # 4

    Barry, he’s hooked you. From the other thread, he didn’t have a family for 6 months, aside from the odd conjugal visit. He was on a work trip ie no friends, with his bike and trainer over there and access to a treadmill. Like pj, he doesn’t need to swim train He also got a rolldown in an an easy ag
  4. Kenneth

    AFL 2019

    I didn’t watch too much over the weekend but there looked to be some great games. Thought the tiges would struggle, but maybe they did considering they were playing port. A win’s a win though. Getting Jack back soon too. Only blowout game was the lions 😭 The loss they needed to have?....
  5. Kenneth

    Energy Balls

    Was half expecting a lance thread
  6. Kenneth

    AFL 2019

    I hate to admit it, but I think Buckley is a pretty good coach. Lies gamestyle made it hard for the tigers to play their natural game. Dees pumped today. Didn’t see the game but thought they’d do better than that. Haven’t seen the cats play either but that’s 2 good results for them.
  7. Moby at splendour years ago was probably the biggest surprise. He put on a great show. Also remember The Cat Empire before I’d heard of them playing at a blues fest. Maybe one of the most fun bands I’ve seen.
  8. Kenneth

    AFL 2019

    Will be tough for them now. Really think jack will only be out for 4 weeks? Would Rance have made a difference to the result? Enough about the poor tigers....how good were the lions on the weekend?! Was at the game and they absolutely smashed the eagles around the ball. Having Kennedy out wouldn’t have made too much of a difference with the midfield dominance. Gaff may have helped though. Lions to make it 2-0 this weekend.
  9. Kenneth

    AP's training tip #2

    Another good bedtime story 🙂
  10. Kenneth

    Mooloolaba Tri

    So it’s pretty much just a standard entry fee version of the mates wave?
  11. Kenneth

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Hoping the swim is no worse on Sunday than today. I went out about 11 to give @prizna a few tips, was pretty choppy. Earlier looked a fair bit better. Won’t be nice for the pros tomorrow arvo
  12. Kenneth

    Mooloolaba Tri

    In! I’m heading up today. First trip away with the 6 month old. Hoping there’s room for the bike 🤭
  13. Yep. But impossible to know how much was changing the gait, and how much was from running more. Maybe one led to another. I felt stronger, but that’s because I was... eta I did this with guidance from someone I trusted, over a fair time. Maybe get assessed by a run coach before changing too much.
  14. I had a similar problem. Through a running coach / physio, we worked on strength through the glutes, hips, notcha (non scientific term...). Worked a treat for me. But had to change very slowly to prevent injury. A tip he gave me was picturing the feeling of running with an electric fence between your legs.
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