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  1. Gentle beats Duffy to win at Montreal

    Nice clip on your Insta burgs. The proud noises in the background are very cool.
  2. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    If you need to ask, you're not fast enough
  3. I know which shower scene I'll be googling later
  4. Tour de France Tipping Contest

    I'm cursed.
  5. Tour de France Tipping Contest

    Sagan worth every cent (point?) at the moment.
  6. Tour de France Commentary

    Sky also had 3 or 4 in the top 10. They'll be able to limit any potential losses in the mountains. It's going to be tough
  7. SO.......???

    My ignorant, internet opinion is it costs fark all for IM to run a race in Asia. I imagine there would be a heap of money from the host city playing the tourism card to get the foreign cash. Doesn't work so well for Australia - too expensive to travel and holiday, even when you live here. Western money goes a long way in Asia. Locals complaining about disruptions? Repeat that down the barrel of my AK.
  8. Wireless headphones

    I totally forgot about the headphones than came with the iPhone. That's probably a good place to start....I do like spending money though.
  9. Wireless headphones

    The cost of the Bose is a bit scary. Do travel a bit so could be handy there, but wouldn't run with them I don't think. Have never run with music to date, don't imagine that will change. Thanks for the other tips, will look into. Still a couple of weeks away. Heading to nz for the snow so will use the tax back scheme. And stock up on (more) scotch
  10. Wireless headphones

    Looking through this thread, dayum it got sidetracked. Anyway, looking for some headphones when using the kickr. Thought noise cancelling would be best and wireless. But open t suggestions. The latest bose get great reviews, but don't know how sweat proof they'd be. What are people using?
  11. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    With contestants selected by public vote, based on their Insta profiles
  12. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    Ocean swim, flat ride, hilly run?
  13. 2017 Tour de France

    Didn't know that. Pity, was a great magazine. Fell more in love with cycling due to it as a teenager. But oh well, times change.
  14. 2017 Tour de France

    The one time a year I buy Ride magazine. And then plan my late nights.
  15. No wonder cyclists are hated!

    Totally agree, all road users should be paying attention, but it's naive to think that because a cyclist is in the right by law, we are protected from harm. The legal system may be on our side, but the hospital system doesn't care whose fault it was. Victim blaming is a nice buzz word. Should we all be free to travel in safety wherever we want to go- yes. Is this the reality - unfortunately no.