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  1. Agree. Hard to sprain an ankle when you don’t have one. I’m no prosthetics expert, and yes I’m sure they were extremely painful to wear, but wasn’t the whole point that they were designed to be the equivalent (to whose I don’t know) to a leg? And yes, gaining a longer stride compared to your natural stride I’d view as unfair and a mechanical advantage. How that would ever be proved and regulated I don’t know.
  2. That’s the other thing that appeals with ultras - walking is expected 😄
  3. I was thinking that as I was reading the article. One persons foot / lower leg mechanics might give them an advantage or disadvantage over another. Should the natural playing field be levelled through use of technology to predefined limits? My opinion in no way. Not everyone is equal. If you’re gifted athletically then good for you. Make the most of it. Use of technology for athletic gain needs to be controlled to make sports accessible and relatable. The comparison was made to the swim skins, surely we can all agree that they skewed results. And yes I think it’s safe to say that some Africans have physiological advantages. Even some South Africans - Bladerunner came to mind.....he had a clear advantage over other that he was immune to lower leg injuries....
  4. AA7 was onto it. Athletes hit out at shoes worn by marathon record-breakers, claiming they are 'no longer a shoe' http://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-19/outrage-over-kipchoges-mechanical-advantage-marathon-shoes/11619856
  5. What do you mean by that FP? As in distance, terrain or a mixture of both? Not know much about the various events, they’ve all got bulk elevation, so presumably you’re not trying to fins a flat one! The other thing I’m excited by is having a run only event to focus on. I’ve only ever had tris in mind and used that fitness for any running races I entered. I’m lucky in that I live only a 5-10 minute walk from some trails, not a huge network or steepness, but certainly preferable to running on the footpath.
  6. Kenneth

    Wurf watch

    That was a nice write up. He’s becoming one of my favourites, if he started getting on here then he might go to number one, for now Josh still has the title. Love it how he’s not afraid to speak his mind and doesn’t pull punches, no love lost for Lange there! Also wasn’t expecting his respect and self proclaimed man crush on Ali.
  7. I hope so for Prizna’s sake, but how often do official rulings get overturned in any sport? Normally the refs decision is final, no matter what the video replays or evidence says. Time might also work against him here. No one will remember shit 2 weeks after the fact. He hangs a lot of shit on here so opens himself up to get some back every now and then. He would have been pretty cut about his finish time and race, but toughed it out to finish. So good on you buddy. I’m looking forward to his race report. Well done to all those tranny’s who raced.
  8. In for the 50. Pretty excited by it. Have watched a few ultra docos as well - it seems a pretty laid back sport. Sinking beers and eating donuts. Sounds like my kind of sport. Am doing it with my sister and it will be her first real running event. So looking forward to the shared experience there. I don’t think I realise what I’m getting into, but at least I’ve got some running and endurance history. She definitely doesn’t know what she’s signed up for!
  9. Geez you’d be spewing if you were the one scapegoat done for drafting. I’m with Peter, there’s no way they’ll overturn a DQ. Worth a try, as they took down wrong description so there’s something to stand behind. I think Prizna would have said if it was drafting though. Maybe he didn’t make it to the porta potty in time and pooed on the bike?
  10. I’m going to give the QTS a go this coming season. Towed the line at Mooloolaba this year and have rediscovered the bug. But only for the short stuff. For a while.... Planning is fun, checking out all the events coming up.
  11. Where do you live LON? Brisbane folk tend to do reps of mt cootha, starting at 4am, preferably in the rain.
  12. Kenneth

    AP's training tip # 4

    Barry, he’s hooked you. From the other thread, he didn’t have a family for 6 months, aside from the odd conjugal visit. He was on a work trip ie no friends, with his bike and trainer over there and access to a treadmill. Like pj, he doesn’t need to swim train He also got a rolldown in an an easy ag
  13. Kenneth

    AFL 2019

    I didn’t watch too much over the weekend but there looked to be some great games. Thought the tiges would struggle, but maybe they did considering they were playing port. A win’s a win though. Getting Jack back soon too. Only blowout game was the lions 😭 The loss they needed to have?....
  14. Kenneth

    Energy Balls

    Was half expecting a lance thread
  15. Kenneth

    AFL 2019

    I hate to admit it, but I think Buckley is a pretty good coach. Lies gamestyle made it hard for the tigers to play their natural game. Dees pumped today. Didn’t see the game but thought they’d do better than that. Haven’t seen the cats play either but that’s 2 good results for them.
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