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  1. Hi I've just joined the triathlon family, completing the Trithegong Olympic distance. I competed on a Cell road bike I found in a bin... Just changed the front wheel and the pedals. The problem is that the frame is a size 59.5cm and I'm 1.73m. Hence the urgency to find a new bike since I registered to the Port Stephen Olympic and Cairns Ironman 79.3. I spent my Saturday morning going from one bike shop to another in Sydney. I want a bike a can train and race with. I short listed 3 bikes that suit my budget ($4,000 max for the bike and race wheel - if the bike is not already equipped): - Felt AR3 - $2,700 (Ultegra / Shimano RS31) - Cervelo S3 - $3,800 (Ultegra / Mavic Cosmic Elite S) - Giant Propel Advanced Pro 1 $3,700 (Ultegra / Giant P-SLR0 Aero; 55mm deep full-composite ) Can I please ask you expert advise? Any tip or experience is welcomed as I can't make my mind. Re the Felt I would maybe add and extra set of wheels to race. Also with my height being in between 51 cm and 54 cm, is there a best option considering the type of usage I will have. Thanks a lot for your help, I know choosing a bike is personal but I'm not familiar enough with the technical side of things to make a quick decision. Thom
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