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  1. I imagine it's hard to understand the 3rd world perspective if you're not from it or haven't been there. Many in the world have no understanding of the concept of insurance, retirement or a resort holiday. Half the worlds wealth sits with a few thousand people. Look at Haiti or the DR and how much a baseball player can make, much easier to understand how someone could cross the line.
  2. Take me back to Busso and the flies... Mostly indoors and low intensity atm. I feel 20 years younger, you know like when you've been at the pub all night and wake up smelling like an ashtray.
  3. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2019

    For anyone trying to predict their times, have a play with Best Bike Split. You can input one of your race files and calibrate the results plus most IM courses are already available to model results.
  4. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2019

    I think Cairns 2019 was the same story, 45-44 AG KQ faster than 40-44. I swore I'd never do Cairns again because of the swim but it has double the slots IM Aus does...
  5. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2019

    I'd go very close to 5h on 195w and I know of people more aero. As Kienle recently said, drafting 12m is legal and gives about 15watts. Not all PMs give the same number.
  6. I was definitely true to form, a feeble pretender with another DNF. Good times watching the champions, can't believe Ratdog wasn't arrested although I'm unsure what trouble broke out at the after party.
  7. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2019

    There was no 5h train for 1:10 swimmers 😂
  8. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2019

    I missed the little out and back so about 500m short. Moot point as I fell off KQ pace and my new AG was actually faster than my old one (10th spot), go figure. They came amd spoke to me, it was all very civil, it was my fault for not oaying attention to the turn, just wish someone else was on course that I could have followed.
  9. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2019

    Solid effort. Wasn't easy out there, bit breezy and then warm.
  10. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2019

    Humbled by an Ironman again. Maybe overseeded too much on the swim as feet were hard too find, also not enough long ocean swims in training. Had to use HR on bike as Vector 2s were way about 30w over reality. Was still in it but somehow missed the 1st lap band turn. 500m short? DNF. Add 2-3 mins to the 10:10 and I was 22-23mins over plan. Walked quite a bit on the run, especially once I knew my pending DNF and maybe the heat got to me. Also my tri bar was loose and popped out at one point. Back to drawing board but first some rest and food!
  11. Thanks. Hope we get to meet, and we may know each others faces as from memory from online posts I think we have the same employor, the place with a new boss next week...
  12. Nice meeting you guys! Best of luck this weekend. Those beers were tasting good, unsure I'd feel the same way if it was via a beer mile. 🤔
  13. I'm the emancipated skinny guy in the above pic. Short guy is my training buddy, we walked it in last year, hopefully a better race this weekend! Might get settled in on time to meet Kiwi Cam Brown! But for now it's lugging stuff on trains and planes.
  14. That does suck, I recall when my achilles plagued me for 6-12 months a number of years ago I would just sit at the computer watching videos of Killian Jornet running in slow motion up mountains. I was lucky and able to cycle but was considering finding a new or rekindling an old passion (speed chess anyone?) but I got lucky and recovered. I have a mate who has arthritis, he has been able to run again albeit with some pain by going Keto and low carb. That's pretty extreme but removing sugar and processed foods might help if you are not already doing so.
  15. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2019

    I think my rp plan was 4:45 and the ave would drop to maybe 4:48 with the walking bits. I also figured fatigue would see me lose a few seconds so overall average 4:50. Maybe that was too optimistic but so I just need to stick to the bloody plan until 28k and then if I feel great go for it, not have the 1st km as my fastest.
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