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  1. Is there any interest in a biggest gainer challenge? My wife's NY resolutions are for me to gain weight and train less. It's tough going, I think I'm up 3kg and onky training 10-11h a week excluding daily 3.8km run to the gym and 3.5h of weight training. I have mates training for 3 peaks, I'm afraid I will fall off the wagon and ride 200km this weekend.
  2. They're back in stock on Nike.com.au (blue knit, red limited sizes). I bought 2 pairs hoping they would sell out so please get on to it, if I can't resell my 2nd pair I will have more explaining to do.
  3. I've been fascinated and known about Goggins for years. His 1st Joe Rogan video reveals a lot about his journey, its a long video though. The audio book is supposed to be really good. Henry Rollins motivation YouTube His music saved me.
  4. I had ave pace and time at Busso. I did a test swim the day before, race day conditions were very similar but with more drafting. I snuck a few peeks along the way, I liked what I saw but didn't change pace. Now would I have pushed harder if my pace seemed slow? Only if I felt I had a little more to give, I should probably have actually slowed up as I cramped up big time at the end. I think you're right though, probably best just to focus on form and sighting, always staying in the moment. I tend to think too far ahead too early, it's a work in progress.
  5. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2018

    Congratulations and thanks for the Trannie cap shout out on course! You're pretty famous in my house, ever since Husky 2017 I have been harrassed to wear Pokemon hat. Given your success I may need to find a Muppets Animal cap although I'm concerned about their cooling abilities.
  6. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2018

    Today I have had to winch myself down onto the toilet and timing became critical, thankfully it ended well. My time in Busso has been short but I've been very impressed with the race venue. Next time I'll bring the family here for a good holiday, maybe even next year;) Safe travels and recovery well
  7. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2018

    Well done RBR and to all the racer out there. Tough day for me, for me it started well 1:07 swim vs 1:17 at Cairns. Pushed the bike too hard and imploded, more than 15m slower on the 2nd lap. The run lasted 18km then I ran walked with a mate who was also sufferring. 10:35 for a bad day isn't too shabby but obviously not the sub 10 result I was hoping for. Good to see the worst draft cheat in my AG only finished 15th, it was a shocking display of sportsmanship, I hope I don't sound to bitter bit I call it as I see it.
  8. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2018

    I asked and this time we get then on bike drop off.
  9. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2018

    I will spare you all from seeing a pic of my lewd laundry heat sessions... btw love the front wheel riser, it screams feck buying that shut. (kiwi accent). Not sure about the mat, might get a bit soggy.
  10. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2018

    I reckon most people going by feel go too fast too soon. I agree that feel is very important, my best half IM was faster than planned and a negative split. I also agree that APs racing mindset is more important, but hope someone has tested running and biking an IM with an IF > 0.80. Most marathon WR are negative splits for a good reason.
  11. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2018

    So how do you choose a pace. Most pros fade on the run too. Whats wrong with taking the conservative pace as a starting point?
  12. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2018

    I used aqua jogging, lots of Achilles heel drops and new shoes to get through IMNZ. But evey injury and case is different, what shouldn't change is that you shouldn't lose much run fitness with 3 weeks to go. For run pacing I look at this chart. I generally run bricks and long runs a touch faster. I have also switched to walking 45 seconds every 3km, this allows me to reset each time and keeps me focussed on just my current interval.
  13. This morning some guy aggressively honking his horn screams "I'm going to fkn kill you". Then again to my mate 30m up the road. For no other reason than we were on the road I guess #Syd Oly Park.
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