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  1. Don't forget Sommerville, a lap of tje gorges is not complete without it. Sydney is great for training on the roadie, I find it's a bit limiting for a long flat fast TT. We have Kurnell which may require travel and has too many trucks during the week, Centennial Park, good for very early hours before it gets too busy, SOP, getting busier and more traffic lights limiting options.
  2. I'm doing GC but also keeping some bike and swim fitness. Most of my cycling is easy commuting and trying to stay aerobic when group cycling, invariably there is some tempo. Alan Couzens did some analysis and it suggests that on average 1.7h of cycling equates to 1h running, obviously there would be a lot of caveats with this. I'm still riding maybe an hour or two more per week than running but I will pare back riding as I approach GC. I know others who suggest no riding so its very individualistic as to what works.
  3. There is someone here who just missed out on Port KQ then did so at Cairns. Everyone's different with their training and recovery though.
  4. I am concerned about a lot you and your understanding of basic physiology.
  5. Yeah Tailwind is interesting just simple sugar (Dextrose?) and no Maltodextrin. I am a few days ahead of you in adapting, end of week 1 was tough but more pep coming back in this week. Weight stabilising after losing 2-3kg of water weight. Aerobic zone running 2h and riding 3-4h hasn't been too bad. Some marathon rp efforts to try this w/e, will not beat myself up if I can't do them yet. I'd wait 2-4 weeks before adding back up to 150g of carbs. Instead have some salt or electrolytes before you exercise and a bullet proof coffee.
  6. Off that! https://www.classaction.org/news/class-action-says-the-ucan-companys-superstarch-claims-are-misleading-deceptive Will just test basic maltodextrin/dextrose at sustainable levels ~<60g an hour
  7. I've had it at both ends... I am going to give UCAN Superstarch at Gold Coast Marathon, it is a B race for me and I should be fairly well adapted by then.
  8. Thanks Lachie good insights. I have had GI issues too and also seeing if the change reduces inflammation. DS is with SFuels, their mix is 4g fat, 3g protein and 2g carbs. I'm pretty sure I have heard Dan Plews (also linked to Sfuels) talk about some of his athletes race fuelling off coke. When I'm closer to racing I might get fat oxidation tested too backsolve varb needs, although not many options for MET testing in Sydney? UCAN superstarch seems popular as a lchf fuel too.
  9. For those lchf adapted, how are you fuelling long races and sessions at rp. I am in the process of adapting and hearing about super starches but need to research more whats available. Keen to hear what others are trying.
  10. Is there any interest in a biggest gainer challenge? My wife's NY resolutions are for me to gain weight and train less. It's tough going, I think I'm up 3kg and onky training 10-11h a week excluding daily 3.8km run to the gym and 3.5h of weight training. I have mates training for 3 peaks, I'm afraid I will fall off the wagon and ride 200km this weekend.
  11. They're back in stock on Nike.com.au (blue knit, red limited sizes). I bought 2 pairs hoping they would sell out so please get on to it, if I can't resell my 2nd pair I will have more explaining to do.
  12. I've been fascinated and known about Goggins for years. His 1st Joe Rogan video reveals a lot about his journey, its a long video though. The audio book is supposed to be really good. Henry Rollins motivation YouTube His music saved me.
  13. I had ave pace and time at Busso. I did a test swim the day before, race day conditions were very similar but with more drafting. I snuck a few peeks along the way, I liked what I saw but didn't change pace. Now would I have pushed harder if my pace seemed slow? Only if I felt I had a little more to give, I should probably have actually slowed up as I cramped up big time at the end. I think you're right though, probably best just to focus on form and sighting, always staying in the moment. I tend to think too far ahead too early, it's a work in progress.
  14. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2018

    Congratulations and thanks for the Trannie cap shout out on course! You're pretty famous in my house, ever since Husky 2017 I have been harrassed to wear Pokemon hat. Given your success I may need to find a Muppets Animal cap although I'm concerned about their cooling abilities.
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