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  1. IMNZ 2018

    You must be confusing me with someone more talented! I will just keep grafting away and have a few good cracks next year when I age up, maybe even Busso 2018 as I hear the new swim course is easy.
  2. IMNZ 2018

    I'm driving down Thurs morning from Auckland. Fittest I have ever been but struggling with a lower leg injury and not confident I will be able to run. I will have a trannie cap on so give me a cheer when you go past.
  3. Disc Wheels (again)

    Need to set Flo as your homepage . This is a nice rough guide, obviously depends on your power output etc in which case you can play around with BestBikeSplit.
  4. Disc Wheels (again)

    Lol I should ask them for a commission. Funnily enough my current rear is an older used Caden 80mm. Plenty of choices just depends on your preferences.
  5. Disc Wheels (again)

    I did some more reading and agree that Flo disc is a spoked disc not too dissimilar to a deep dish covered wheel. Having said that, I am not totally convinced the difference in quality or performance is as much as the difference in price. Flo sacrifice 'whoop whoop' in order to reduce price. Similarly weight differences in and of themselves have an immaterial impact on performance for the majority of flat and rolling triathlon courses. Aero trumps weight. Even Flo suggest a covered 90 will have almost the same performance as their disc, but the disc is more convenient if you don't want to deal with a cover. Also interesting is they consider their cheaper aluminium/carbon to be slightly faster on most courses. However if you want the 'woop woop' and all the infinitesimal gains then Caden will be a well priced choice, once its available. I like the 'woop woop' too, sounds and feels great when I pass it.
  6. Disc Wheels (again)

    930 usd so close to $1250. Maybe I'm a sucker for their marketing, yaw angles from actual IM course rides, CFD optimisation and transparent time saving methodologies. Why do you think Caden is much better?
  7. Quest for Kona

    Loving your book AP. I age up next year and will have a good couple of cracks at KQ. Training is easy, consistent diet and proactive core and strength needs work. Take another 10mins off my swim and I will be there.
  8. Disc Wheels (again)

    No budget constraint: Zipp's best disc. Good mix of quality and cost: Flo or Caden. Low budget gambler: Chinese knock-off but research required.
  9. I'm a little lost - Post Ironman

    Keep some base, coffee rides 3-4 hours, 90m long run. Go heavy at the gym, work on your weaknesses.
  10. IM Cairns 2017

    I'm intrigued by how you emulate Trumpism diversionary tactics but nonetheless I'm still confused by them.
  11. IM Cairns 2017

    He was 2nd at IMNZ which I'm sure does more for his coaching brand and sponsorship than whatever you're suggesting, don't quit your day job.
  12. IM Cairns 2017

    I didn't think drafting was too bad. I went from 476th place to 195th so I had a good sample of the field. There was one group I passed later on where I almost felt the need to call them a bunch a funkin cheaters but instead I Just out the hammer down and hoped karma would sort them out, not a lot of TOs to rely on.
  13. IM Cairns 2017

    Swim was much like last year. Bike was probably faster with no rain and the wind was not too bad except the last 15km or so. Wasn't too hot on the run, cools down a bit before 5pm, so good for most AGers. I think last year's times had more people targeting the race this year, at least that's what my analysis of 40-44 suggested.
  14. IM Cairns 2017

    He might think you should quit the sport until you are as fast as he is.