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  1. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2018

    Just sold my wetsuit to fund my entry! If it's a no swim race and super hot I'll be the guy laughing all the way.
  2. Kiwinoz

    Ironman Mont T (sanders)

    Where is the link confirming Lionel's a vegan? I just thought he was eating more fruit and vege and raced too light. I'm sure if other pro's disclosed their experiments and finessing then anytime they came 2nd or worse all the arm chair critics would also be out with their tiny little arrows. How would Sutto be a good coach for him, Lionel is not a girl?
  3. Almost 100 days out so locking in Busso and looking to see if anyone wants to share accomo and\or travel. Looking to arrive from Syd to Perth Thur or Fri fly out Mon or tues. If you are looking to do the same or think you can help me out just pm or reply to the thread.
  4. Interesting insights Willie. For better or worse my previous filtering had been based on similar stability, heel to toe drop and stack height. Will give the Asteria a try.
  5. I run in the Saucony Fastwitch, it is similar to Brooks Cadence, Asics DS Racer and allegedly the New Balance 1500 (I haven't run in this one), the DS Racer and 1500 might have been discontinued anyway? Like most "tempo" shoes it wears fast so best to rotate with something more durable. I injured an achilles running too many miles in a dead pair, subsequently raced an IM in the more conservative Asics Feather Guide (more heel-drop, cushioning and stability). Everyone's different and while I feel extra cushioning reduces the 30km-ground-fee-burn I felt the increased weight creates more ground force impact. I am now back in the Fastwitch, I would try the Nike Zoom VaporFly if they weren't so expensive.
  6. I'm researching this also. Some additional things I have read: This article cover quite a bit and also comments on saddle height change and crank length change. http://bikedynamics.co.uk/FitGuidecranks.htm cda (aero-ness) is usually reduced but not in every case. http://biketestreviews.com/cranklength/ I dropped my bars 20mm for Cairns, but didn't really look at the change in angles, probably not the smartest last minute change but at times I'm a contrarian, or stubborn bastard. Need to dust off the Bike Fast Fit app and investigate further.
  7. Kiwinoz

    Which workouts should you drop first?

    Consider the travel weeks as swim/run or recovery focus weeks. You can still start your program with a focus on strength, aerobic conditioning and technique while maintaining a sprinkling of intensity. Then as the season progresses become more race specific. For example in the early phase instead of 1.5-2h @80-85% consider 3-4x10mins low cadence @ 80% with the rest being easy at high cadence, as you get closer to the race substitute this for tempo intervals (SST). After a month or two of traditional gym sessions consider substituting the gym for a weak point swim, bike or run, just maintain strength via shorter 15-20min sessions using body weight and bands etc. Definitely consider doing a longer mid-week run (commute) and add another 3-4h bike on Sunday. Maybe in the early prep that Sunday ride is just an easy undulating ride on the roadie, keep intensity low enough for you to complete the afternoon session, be that swim or run. As you get closer to the A races the Sat bike should be 6h+ with rp efforts, the Sunday ride can be reduced or phased out. The great thing about having cycling as a limiter is that it responds well to volume and there is less likelihood of injury and unlike swimming it's not as dependent on technique. The downside is higher volumes become a time constraint, where you can't do the volumes you have to short cut with intensity.
  8. Kiwinoz

    Which workouts should you drop first?

    Start with a calendar of A & B races. Then figure out your volume and intensity factor in hours per week. Then break it down by sport. 120-150% FTP is brutal, maybe sub some of that for more SST 88-92%. Do 10-20 mins of core/limiter strength and yoga/weak point targeted stretching 3/4 times per week. Early season running can include 10mins of strength, sgl leg dead lifts, squats, anything that includes a balance and glute activation/strength. What are your fitness benchmarks 1k or 2k swim? 5k 10k run tines, ftp watts per kilo. Can you do any commuting? Early season mid week long run to free up a 2nd weekend longer ride?
  9. Kiwinoz

    Cairns 2018

    I'm also getting over a cold. Just keep doing what you can control Andrew, work on mobility, keeping the weight off and committing to a race plan. The bike is listed as 178.5km on Multisport. The rollers are much gentler than port so you literally can roll over most. Wind wasn't much of a factor last year, only the last 5km or so, could be very different and if so back off a bit until PD turn around for home.
  10. Kiwinoz

    Ironman Cairns is going to be amazing (men)

    Braden Currie is a darkhorse too.
  11. Kiwinoz

    IMNZ 2018 Roll Down

    Great stuff thanks for posting, bumped into 6th 40-44 on Sat so pleased he made it.
  12. Kiwinoz

    IMNZ 2018

    That section seemed to go on forever. More rolling hills on the run than I envisaged, nothing too steep although there was a short bloody downhill which was a quad killer on the 3rd lap.
  13. Kiwinoz

    IMNZ 2018

    Just under 10:30 for me. Lost 20-30mins with flats and a pump that didn't work, saved by mechanics twice! Rode to hard making trying to make up for lost time and paid for it a bit on the run, no achilles pain though! Got so ne trannie support with my cap, cheers for that. Top day for it.
  14. Kiwinoz

    IMNZ 2018

    You must be confusing me with someone more talented! I will just keep grafting away and have a few good cracks next year when I age up, maybe even Busso 2018 as I hear the new swim course is easy.