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  1. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2019

    Different AG this time but our paths may cross. If I observe the same level of drafting then given a chance I will deliver a verbal spraying. Just focussing on executing this time, never executed in the 5 Ironmans to date.
  2. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2019

    I'm in the 45 AG as well 😎
  3. Definitely substitute some pool running and treadmill. Use your safest shoes. I had something similar 5 weeks from NZ and reinvigorated 2.5 weeks out. It was soleus or higher up on achilles so daily heel droos and stretching. Over training and my shoes were toast not providing the touch of stability needed. I ran with no pain at IMNZ, also no motivation after flat tyres but still shuffled around in a respectable time. In fact it was faster than my vomitfesses at Busso and Cairns.
  4. Kiwinoz

    Hoka One One

    I did some more testing, 4x800 on the track, Saucony Fastwitch, Carbon X, fastwitch, x. Fastwitch 2s faster but carbon x less impact, not unexpected really. I will do one more longer run in carbon X and if overpronation under control I may seriously consider them for Busso. Running in them right after using my flats is the first time I have come to appreciate cushioning over speed.
  5. For most sessions you will burn at a rate faster than you can refuel but muscle glycogen gives you a few hours fueling. As you become more experienced with long sessions your body naturally becomes more efficient at providing some fat as fuel. Hence many people go from needing sugars ever workout to only water for shorter sessions. You should consider fasted and fuelled workouts as part of your plan. There will be times you want to improve fat oxidation at low and high intensities with fasted sessions. Other times you will want to be fully fuelled to hit peak intensities. Do the math of how much you are burning and putting back in furing and/or post session.
  6. Kiwinoz

    Hoka One One

    My go to shoe is the Saucony Fastwitch, 2:58 @ GCM and I have used in Ironmans without issue, other nutrition and poor bike pacing issues plagued me... It's the lightest racing flat with a touch of stability. I have tried 4% and now testing Carbon X. 4% hurt my knees, maybe too much heel to toe drop and narrow plate leading to instability with my gait. Carbon X have fared much better with the wider plate providing enough stability. Had hip tightness on a long run but not dissimilar to my trainers and mostly due to my current training load. Had a good tempo session in X but coming from the fastwitch I notice the additional weight and not as much pop as 4%. Metarocker seems to dull my foots natural tendency to splay and feel the ground, or at least it feels a bit artificial. I can see how if your foot strength is weak or tiring it that it helps. It does help "rolling" a good cadence, whether midfoot or forefoot striking. For now I will stick with Fastwitch as I only have 5 weeks until Busso but the X is something I will keep testing.
  7. Yeah I saw the same thing again yesterday at the Bowral Cycling Classic, 3 of us triathletes taking turns to drag 30 lazy cyclists πŸ˜‚ Back to Busso 2018, the TOs saw him and pointed the finger but they were going opppsite directions. By the time the TO has turned around he is listening out and drops back. In the words of the great Wurf - what a douchebag.
  8. Kiwinoz

    Busso 2019

    I'm back for redemption πŸ•Ίor a repeat of last year 🀒. Have a room in a home nearby, via Air Bnb, what could go wrong... Surely it will be stupid hot and windy this year! Bring it on! πŸ’ͺ
  9. Don't forget Sommerville, a lap of tje gorges is not complete without it. Sydney is great for training on the roadie, I find it's a bit limiting for a long flat fast TT. We have Kurnell which may require travel and has too many trucks during the week, Centennial Park, good for very early hours before it gets too busy, SOP, getting busier and more traffic lights limiting options.
  10. I'm doing GC but also keeping some bike and swim fitness. Most of my cycling is easy commuting and trying to stay aerobic when group cycling, invariably there is some tempo. Alan Couzens did some analysis and it suggests that on average 1.7h of cycling equates to 1h running, obviously there would be a lot of caveats with this. I'm still riding maybe an hour or two more per week than running but I will pare back riding as I approach GC. I know others who suggest no riding so its very individualistic as to what works.
  11. There is someone here who just missed out on Port KQ then did so at Cairns. Everyone's different with their training and recovery though.
  12. I am concerned about a lot you and your understanding of basic physiology.
  13. Yeah Tailwind is interesting just simple sugar (Dextrose?) and no Maltodextrin. I am a few days ahead of you in adapting, end of week 1 was tough but more pep coming back in this week. Weight stabilising after losing 2-3kg of water weight. Aerobic zone running 2h and riding 3-4h hasn't been too bad. Some marathon rp efforts to try this w/e, will not beat myself up if I can't do them yet. I'd wait 2-4 weeks before adding back up to 150g of carbs. Instead have some salt or electrolytes before you exercise and a bullet proof coffee.
  14. Off that! https://www.classaction.org/news/class-action-says-the-ucan-companys-superstarch-claims-are-misleading-deceptive Will just test basic maltodextrin/dextrose at sustainable levels ~<60g an hour
  15. I've had it at both ends... I am going to give UCAN Superstarch at Gold Coast Marathon, it is a B race for me and I should be fairly well adapted by then.
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