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  1. Marathon Swimmers Federation FB page has a good video of her finishing.
  2. live feed (I think) https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/united-kingdom/england/dover/dover-beach-kent.html?fbclid=IwAR24QSIENx9Yv8f3qQg71xZYMCSnXY85DDbzGpCaLExnXfKmsHq0wjgxG44
  3. something about arriving at shakespear beach in an hour or so, change of course - this from openwater swimmer
  4. must have missed that one. what happened with your uniform Turts?
  5. Cat Lady

    TV Shows

    Netflix - Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.
  6. I'd rather take the euro tunnel 😁
  7. Yeah, definite plus one for nick and mark http://www.bikefitstudio.com.au/
  8. I’m totally confused. I thought the zones were within age groups, but some say it’s over all. That is REALLY weird because zone 1 is sub 30 minutes. I do not consider myself a strong swimmer but on a good day I go under 30 minutes. It’s going to be a b@#$y big zone 1.
  9. If I remember correctly last year they published on facebook the status of the teams as they came close to selling out. So if that happens again this year you can probably leave it for a bit.
  10. joint accounts for everything and a personal "ask no questions, tell no lies" account which receives an allowence each week to do with as we will. with a bit of judicious saving on my part, this has enabled me to purchase my bikes. Only problem is, I'm very worried he might sell them for what I told him I paid for them if I died.....
  11. why would they limit it to 100 swimmers?
  12. It was actually yesterday, but I took part in brisbane’s Inaugural car park climb race - levelled! Talk about a hoot. Race from ground level up to the 5th and top level on the bike of your choice. Going off in pairs and getting a time. The fastest of the day was one minute !. One guy on a fixie did it in 1:04 ! You did a couple of rounds before only top 8 went through to eliminations rounds. King and queen of the mountain scored $500. Oh to be young and fast 😂. If you live in Brisbane it is definitely one to do next year. Great random prizes as well! There were cow bells and screaming hordes on level 4 as well to give you that extra boost for the last tight corners and ramp to the roof and glory. 😉 if you want to see some of the action photos search levelled on Facebook
  13. your physio can access the report. don't need to see the GP.
  14. I lasted 30 seconds watching the video .....
  15. Keep reading https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/06/170627105433.htm my daughter played netball for two seasons. During that time none of the girls on her team suffered anything worse than a broken fingernail.
  16. Cat Lady

    Mooloolaba 2020

    last year, about 3 weeks out they obviously had pretty low numbers for the OD so shoved a sprint in at the last minute. I prefer sprint and contacted them about dropping down and getting a rebate on my OD entry. bahahahaha. they also made it a draft legal which was really funny because they were selling it as a "come and try a tri - all beginners welcome" beginners in a draft legal sprint, on wet roads, yeah, nah.
  17. Cat Lady

    Mooloolaba 2020

    no tiered pricing for sprint. but $90 not too bad. buckleys of selling out no matter how much they spruik it so I'll wait.
  18. just don't take up Yoga! it ranks even higher than netball on the injury scale.
  19. Not sure how "true" it is, but someone said on Twits that she has dropped the keto approach to racing and went full carbs this time.
  20. It's almost humiliating to relate the following, but way back when I was 20 or so (before trip advisor and maybe ever before the internet :😀_) I decided I wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef. I had four weeks holiday owing so I tossed the windsurfer on the roof and put a mattress in the back of the Subaru and headed north. that was the sum total of my planning. I started to drive north. And drive. and drive just a little bit more. Crikey! no one told me how far it was to Cairns. A few days later I pulled into town and gazed out at the mud flats in total disbelief. Where was the white sand, where was the coral just off the beach! I'd seen all the posters for hamilton island and this was not it. I told you I didn't do any research. Parked my car and wandered down to the local dive shop and asked about a dive trip out at the reef. Managed to get a berth for a 3 day trip. So hopped on the boat and headed out to sea, and kept on going, and going, and going! Crikey! no one told me how far the actual reef was from Cairns. Mind you once we got there it was absolutely stunning. Heading back south I decided to stop at Mission Beach. Dreams realised! One of the best days windsurfing I ever had.....
  21. this is why I love spotify.
  22. Cat Lady

    Chop Garmin file

    need to do it on your computer. open the ride you want to edit. on the left hand side next to the edit button are three small dots which when you run your cursor over will say "more" if you click on that then a side bar opens and you will see one option saying "crop" just move the "end point" button back till you get to where you stacked.
  23. Cat Lady

    Hamilton Wheelers

    You missed the most important information, did your kit and socks match 🤔 Well done 👌
  24. Drive down to mission beach - very pretty sitting on the sand looking out at dunk island. Better than the mudflats of cairns
  25. this blog is a few years out of date, not sure how relevant it is to your particular case. https://www.evidentlycochrane.net/catheter-ablation-persistent-atrial-fibrillation/
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