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    Improved race times

    I'd amend to say that, no matter how much training you do, or how fit you are, at the end of the day it's all in your head.
  2. Cat Lady

    Mooloolaba Tri Drafting Legal Sprint

    yep, looks like OD gets pushed back 25 minutes or so. Not much but probably enough to make it marginally safer.
  3. Cat Lady

    Mooloolaba Tri Drafting Legal Sprint

    I am hard pressed to see how they can do this safely. They have on their website both OD and Sprint starting at the same time : circa 6:35am. Obviously sprint will start half way down the beach, OD, all the way down. All things being equal, those lead bikers in the OD are going to be on the freeway at the same time as the drafting sprinters. 🙈 They are also trying to sell this as a good "beginners event" Draft Legal? Beginner? yeah-nah!
  4. Cat Lady

    Mooloolaba Tri

    yeah, I really hate the minimum stay, especially when it's just me going up. Even the caravan park had 2 night minimum!
  5. Cat Lady

    Mooloolaba Tri

    From $200 to $270 with various points in between. The sprint is about $100, for some reason when I clicked through on my phone for race entry info it looked like the entry fee was $200, but when I checked now on my iPad it showed the lower cost which is pretty reasonable.
  6. Cat Lady

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Just saw the entry fee - I would probably have to pay them to switch !
  7. Cat Lady

    Mooloolaba Tri

    So they have just announced that there will be a draft legal sprint race at moo tri this year. I hope I can transfer my entry across because not only do I prefer sprint distance, but I have a brand new road bike which I can use 😄
  8. Cat Lady

    Whats a lifestyle expert?

    Tata Consulting Services - sponsor of the NYM - thanks Dr Google 😀
  9. Cat Lady

    Bike fell off roof racks (not mine)

    how could one not notice? I could understand (maybe) it coming off the back, but off the roof of the car?
  10. Cat Lady

    What training did you do today...

    time for a new bike
  11. Cat Lady

    Creating Value

    I follow Josh_amberger on insta because I like his sense of humour. He's the only person I follow who I don't know personally so he must be doing something right :-)
  12. Cat Lady

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    After seeing this photo I now see why you are not losing weight - there's nothing to lose! Unless of course you have very weighty calves.
  13. Cat Lady

    Watch my friends desert me

    Just think of the satisfaction you will have when you leave the sneer-er-arties in your wake.
  14. Cat Lady

    Mooloolaba Tri

    couldn't manage a sell out last year and that was with points up for Worlds so doubt it will sell out this year.
  15. Cat Lady

    Cats - How can I get them out of my yard?

    I don't know why people insist cats need to go outside. my cats are indoor cats and have a wonderful time using their hunt and kill instincts on spiders and cockroaches. Have not needed a pest inspector in years. edit to add: they also have a passion for cobwebs. now if they could only handle dust my life would be complete😀
  16. Cat Lady

    Cats - How can I get them out of my yard?

    contact a local cat protection society, not the RSPCA, they might have some non lethal ideas.
  17. Cat Lady

    Time to play with a scammer

    I enjoyed this story of one guy interacting with a scammer https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/man-transforms-thought-online-scammer-village-saint-sending-30-camera/
  18. Cat Lady

    What training did you do today...

    Hi ex, if you are having trouble finding when shares were bought and sold, the you can go the share registry of the stocks, either Computershare, linkmarket servies or boardroom radio, and they will have the total history of buy, sell, dividends, splits, consolidations etc. sometimes stocks change the share registry so you might have to check with both or all three.
  19. Cat Lady

    Vertigo (strokes)

    Any possibility the medication you are on caused it ?
  20. Cat Lady

    Straddie Salute 2019

    Strong all round runner. Lots of stairs, but not only a normal step, mixes up one and a half stride stairs and double stride stairs, depending how short you are 😄 also beach running, a bit of soft sand. No where to hide at all come to think of it. Lots of fun.
  21. Ok, do you have high blood pressure ? There is some pretty good research out there on the benefits of daily monitoring of blood pressure. Because BP is so variable, a one off at the doctor’s can sometimes muddy the water. But if you take it daily at different times, then take the records to your checks up it can assist the doctor in prescribing medication etc. anyhoo, if it’s an issue can be worth discussing with doctor.
  22. I wouldn’t be depending on them for monitoring a serious condition. More a curiousity IMHO. The Apple heart tracker is a good data capture. Also their alerts for high heart rate and if you have a heart attack they will ring nominated number is pretty cool. We got one for my dad who lives alone. It also can detect a fall which is essential for him these days. Goughy, did they say what might have caused the strokes?
  23. Cat Lady

    Financial planners

    Depends. If he wants to do it himself he can set up an online account. The big banks have their own online platforms. If he banks with commonwealth he can open a CommSec account. Transfer his shares to them, he will need his chess code or HIN. Being a bank customer he will get a slight discount on the trade, usually they charge 19,95 for first $15k then a percentage for amounts above. If with NAB likewise. Avoid Westpac and Anz as they are high fee providers. There are a stack of other online trading platforms which offer various benefits. Canstar have a rating system so if you google it they will give you a better idea. If it’s a really big portfolio then maybe a broker might be a good idea as they can drip feed into the market for best price. Have no idea about how they structure their fees sorry.
  24. Cat Lady

    Podcasts - What's everyone listening to?

    if you have even the slightest interest in your health and the state of the medical system world wide : https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/the-recommended-dose-with-ray-moynihan/id1296082205?mt=2 Hosted by acclaimed journalist and health researcher Dr Ray Moynihan, The Recommended Dose tackles the big questions in health and explores the insights, evidence and ideas of extraordinary researchers, thinkers, writers and health professionals from around the globe. Produced by Cochrane Australia and co-published with the BMJ. .......... It may sound a little dry and there aren't too many laughs but It will make you think twice when your doctor recommends the latest drug for whatever condition you suffer. Also some excellent info on how to navigate the maze of health info out there.
  25. Cat Lady

    Vertigo (strokes)

    thinking of you goughy and fingers crossed.