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  1. Are you still competing this weekend FP? If so, good luck and enjoy!
  2. tell the truth, you just went to the roll down because you thought it was an up market sausage sizzle (rolls rather than bread). 😉😂
  3. wash your mouth out!
  4. Cat Lady

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Cycling closet in the valley https://cyclecloset.com/product-category/riders-accessories/socks/ so don’t keep us in suspense - we need a race report !
  5. Cat Lady

    Hamilton Wheelers

    what time are you racing on Saturday Cranky. Thought I might swing by and cheer you on 📣
  6. Cat Lady

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Not that m an expert, but I would have thought surging out of corners in real life and quick sprints on the track would be of more value for race prep?
  7. marketing. trying to differentiate yourself from the other zillion coffee shops out there. My memories of filtered coffee is when you bought it at a servos on a long car trip, where it sat on the hotplate for 24 hours being constantly reheated 🤮
  8. Yeah, it's really carking it here in Queensland. This season: 4 Bribie Races; 7 QTS races; 2 kingscliff races; 2 IM branded events - Noosa & Moo; Harvey Bay 100; HOTW, Tweed Enduro, Moo half (IM); 2 events in Townsville and Magnetic Island; a couple of smaller events around Cairns. Double tri at Rainbow Beach, Gold Coast Sprint; Morton Bay Tri. I might have missed a few. Yep, definitely a dying sport....
  9. If you can leave your wallet at home. Hard to impulse buy junk if no money. I remember years ago sitting down and adding up how much I’d spent in a month on purchased lunches, takeaways etc, then multiplying it out over a year. It worked for me, but then again, I’m tight 😉
  10. Pretty exciting race on the pro side. Women- looks like true is gone, and Adam and Sali are closing on Crowley. Currie has smashed them but van berkel is hauling back a big deficit - could get second. Would that get him to Kona ?
  11. Cat Lady

    Ash Barty

    Betoota advocate nailed it 😂 https://www.betootaadvocate.com/breaking-news/link-established-between-winning-grand-slams-and-not-carrying-on-like-a-****ing-pelican/
  12. Which means a great tail wind at some point.
  13. Glad I live in Queensland. Especially as a shorter distance preferred athlete. So many races to choose from you could probably race nearly every weekend if you wanted to (slight exaggeration). As an aside, Enduro and HOTW cannibalised each other by being so close together.
  14. she could probably do with it.
  15. the early starts with this cooler weather is seriously upsetting my cats.
  16. Reminds me of when I see a review of a movie and they rave about the cinematography I automatically put it in the REALLY REALLY boring basket. 😄 I fell for that one with Out of Africa. Fool me once .....
  17. Spoilers on avenegers Really enjoyed the movie, the captain America bit I found boring and superfluous, but then ive never enjoyed any of those movies. Would have liked to have seen captain marvel and fury reunited. All I can say is bring on guardians 3 - hopefully with a healthy dose of Thor !
  18. https://blog.trisutto.com/the-pull-buoy-debate-2/ this is what Brett Sutton had to say about swimming for an age grouper who doesn’t swim so well.
  19. I did a few days with Brett Sutton last year. On swimming, I shared your suckiness. Hated going to squad, too hard, in the slow lane with lots of chatting. Total meh. I did however start to use paddles and pull buoys so I could at least manage to finish a set. Brett said something which resonated with me, “use whatever tool you like so long as you swim and swim frequently”. He had elite female swimmers who did entire squad sessions with both and refused to swim without them and improved their swim times dramatically. You have to build up with the paddles and after a year of consistent squad (3 times a week) I have shifted up a few lanes where chatting is relegated to before jumping in, and after getting out.
  20. Hmm, those sort of issues will have cost you on race day. Might have to sack the mechanic 😄 on the bright side, it will feel like a new bike at byron.
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