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  1. just be careful and don't force anything. Never, ever do anything which causes "pain" tightness is OK. with Yoga, pain is never your friend. 😀
  2. Cat Lady

    Mooloolaba Tri

    the white box the "prizes" came in was pretty flash though.....
  3. Cat Lady

    Mooloolaba Tri

    If it had been me being drug tested they’d be only just packing up now. 🤔 maybe I need to drink more water.
  4. Ok just had a really good bike leg, and I’m not making excuses because it was a PB BUT what is it with some people, read men, who can’t hack getting overtaken by a woman and do their best to mess with my race. It was at mooloolaba and I was approaching the turn around. I stood up to stretch my legs and get a drink blah blah. A couple of guys passed me. Fair enough. I do turn like the titanic in races 😄 once we straightened, I dropped back on the bars and got back up to speed, caught the three guys (on road bikes) who were in a nice little peloton with less than a metre between wheels, rode past them at my comfortable race pace, then all of a sudden they surged past me. I sat up let them get ahead then dropped back on the bars to find myself closing on them quickly, my race pace had not changed, the road was flat, no reason for their abrupt drop in pace, ie no head wind. I passed them again. Same story, I kept a close eye on my speed after that thinking I was either slowing or the false flats were messing with my rhythm. This happened half a dozen times and I was getting a bit disgruntled because I had to keep dropping back to let not one but three riders in. I was trying to work out what to do when another guy went pass me followed by a woman a few meters back. The little peloton didn’t skip a beat when the male went pass them, but when the girl went pass the leader stood up and sprinted after her, followed by his minions, till they got past her when they pulled in and slowed down. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ She was smarter than me though whereas I’d been sitting up, she just swung out and zoomed away from them. They tried to go with her but a couple of the false flats broke them, so when I eventually caught them, still maintaining my race pace , I was able to go past and leave them behind me. Talk about irritating though.
  5. Cat Lady

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Missed the podium by 11 seconds - is this where I come up with all the excuses ? 😂 i thought initially I could have gone with her if I’d known I was in contention but in retrospect I was totally done. Nothing left and I’d given it my all etc etc etc. I was however fastest on the bike in my age group 😄. Pbs are hard to judge with differing conditions so I tend to judge my performance against the faster and similar riders. As such I am more than satisfied with my overall performance which at the ripe old age of 57 was an 8 min PB.
  6. black box for sure! our land valuation remained pretty static right through GFC and beyond despite the collapse then resurgence of prices in our area. Didn't budge an inch till this one when it leapt by circa 20%!
  7. you should have asked me Goughy! King of Knives in indooroopilly stoke these things. whenever my dad visits from the country we do the obligatory stop off there to restock on toothpick things and other stuff he needs replacing repairing.
  8. Nope, we had a big jump as well. Land taxes and rates are based on these valuations so it's whatever the various governments need rather than sales which drives it.
  9. the young girls do draft and are quite blatant about it. Talking short distances here. From what someone told me, they are doing it under coach orders because they are "training" for when they race pro. Don't care if they get pinged as they all sit in a group together in the box, then take off again.
  10. when I was a kid a bike was for getting to school and back, not for mucking around on (saved the hijinks for our horses). However, we'd often ride in a pack to school and holding the handlebars was for chickens. Friday was swimming day at school and we'd ride home in our swimmers. It was too hot to put your bare foot on the tarmac so we'd all do track stands on the rare occasion we had to let a car pass on an intersection. Crazy what I did without thinking as a child and cant do now no matter how much I practice.
  11. Cat Lady

    Mooloolaba Tri

    Me - with fingers crossed for the cool change 😀 Although I have an early wave for once so maybe not so bad. Should be fun.
  12. The older you get the more important it is to train smarter not harder. A friend of mine, admittedly starting running later in life ran her fastest 10km last year at the age of 60. I think she was running twice a week and doing lots of specific strength training.
  13. Also I note quite a few were not members of TA so that improves your chances. Good luck
  14. Interesting point about sitting and standing to get away from the lights in a group situation. I prefer to stay seated and spin my way up to speed. I know that for a short burst standing is faster, but in my limited experience, the group wants to get away from the lights swiftly, but in formation. So the leaders go off quickly but understand it is not a crit, but a group ride. The problems only occur when someone misses the clip, looks down and wobbles off line or even stops.🤷‍♀️
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