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  1. Cat Lady


    https://www.theaustralian.com.au/world/the-deadliest-maze-how-scientists-tracked-covid19-in-secret/news-story/715b875698e30b1cfa910f2cd54a2376 interesting article on just how far back the Chinese knew about a similar strain.
  2. is that full numbers or are they running limited entries at the moment?
  3. Cat Lady


    Just read about the situation in qld about cycling. Apparently it’s ok to cycle with family and up to 10 friends, but cycling clubs and coached rides are verboten till mid June 🤔🤔🤔🤔. Would really like someone to explain how a disciplined coached ride differs from a group of friends when same number limit applies ???
  4. Jenny Alcorn has the runs on the board, and I’ve heard it’s a pretty good squad https://www.surfersparadisetriclub.com/
  5. Cat Lady


    Have you seen the resurfaced road at Kingy? Reckon there might be a few PRs down the waterfront!
  6. Cat Lady


    they are pretty awesome and really know how to run an event. I'll be signing up for my regular Kingy double and Yamba. Might even toss in a tour de Brisbane next year.
  7. Cat Lady


    just back from Indooroopilly Shopping town. What a farce. People queuing to get into various shops which is fair enough, except it meant that the concourse was packed with people while the shops with their “safe” quota of people were practically empty 🤷‍♀️
  8. Just a note. A lot of people think riding UP to mt Nebo, means you'll be riding DOWN on the way back. Nope, just as many steep climbs on the way back as the way out. Also on the return segment just be very cautious of two hair pin turns. You will know you are coming up to them because there are guard rails. The first part of the turn is OK, but it turns pretty tightly on the way out, hence the guard rails.
  9. thanks Goughy - definitely the font of all wisdom!
  10. Cat Lady


    followed by a spike in divorce statistics....
  11. I have a problem hearing conversations on the upstairs TV. We have a TV downstairs with the whole surroundsound speakers etc and I don't have a problem with it, so it must have something to do with the speaker on the upstairs TV. We don't have the layout to put in additional speakers (power boards and exposed cords) without a lot of expense. I was reading about sound bars and wondered if anyone had any recommendations or experience with them as a viable, slightly cheaper, option.
  12. Cat Lady


    Nope - they went hard early (feb) with stringent and extensive testing and airport screening. The average person can do a kerbside test for approx 25 dollars and get results in under an hour. https://theconversation.com/vietnam-has-reported-no-coronavirus-deaths-how-136646
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