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  1. hasnt visited the forum since December 27?... Hope he's OK.
  2. Interesting there wasn't any reference to Twiggy's visit to Wytaliba last Friday. Quote: Mining magnate Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest is considering purchasing a high-tech 3D printer to re-print the more than 50 Wytaliba homes destroyed in last year's deadly bushfire. The iron magnate landed in the alternative community last Friday by helicopter, before holding a meeting with the village. It was an inspirational moment, said Wytaliba RFS Captain and resident Kym Jermey. "I'm surprised, but I'm inspired by it," he said. "I find it inspirational that this guy has just turned up here out of the goodness of his own heart and just gone - right, how can I help." First steps for Wytaliba will be setting up temporary demountable accommodation. He will also help cover the cost of ongoing water supply, including new bores, and repairing damaged piping. Two months on from the deadly bushfire much of the community is still living in tents, or on dirt floors, or has not returned to the village. Mr Jermey said the priority has to be getting the entire population back home, for fear of losing them for good. But Minderoo doesn't plan to leave the village for up to two years, with a live-in liaison officer to stay to coordinate long-term recovery. Mr Forrest had a simple message for Wytaliba: think big. "We're talking about a 3D printer that prints mudbrick concrete," said Kym Jermey. "Basically they're considering footing the cost of that either on a loan basis to us, or buying one in the first place. "We'll continue to work the machine after we've rebuilt here, it then becomes a job and we can go to other places and rebuild." It can print a new house in a week. In just a year they could rebuild every home lost to the bushfire and start a new high-tech construction business. "The first step of that is to get the machine here, do a test of the strength and the fire durability of some of the materials, decide on what materials you're going to use. "This is new technology so we need to get this through council approval - he's also going to help us with that, and help supply the engineers to test all this gear." End Quote
  3. Cat Lady


    https://www.gleninnesexaminer.com.au/story/6580796/iron-baron-to-the-rescue-wytaliba-could-3d-print-a-new-village/?cs=422 pretty amazing if you ask me. Not only in rebuilding a community but giving it a high tech business going forward.
  4. Cat Lady

    TV Shows

    For the cat lovers out there 😎 Netflix "Don't F@#$k with Cats". Might have to close your eyes once or twice, but is weirdly fascinating. A gang of computer nerds and animal lovers use the power of the internet to try and track down a particularly sick individual who enjoys posting videos on killing kittens.
  5. I don’t charge my teenagers board. I pay for their translink card to get to uni and any sporting related equipment - still live in hope they will join me in my triathlon lifestyle but it ain’t going to happen 🤷‍♀️. They both have part time work. They pay for everything else. Gave them both a copy of the barefoot investor. My son didn’t finish it. My daughter devoured it and as a result has changed her major from advertising to accounting. She has created spreadsheets and budgets for anyone who looks even vaguely interested. I figure at this rate she might recall fondly her parents never charging her board when she makes her first squillion 😂😂
  6. not related but still related. my niece and her husband decided to take their 2 girls to japan this christmas, ages 7 and 9. The girls decided they wanted to save up spending money so after a few ideas were tossed around they came up with the scheme of collecting the bottles in their apartment complex. Their parents said they'd match dollar for dollar whatever they made..... bad move. 😀 it seems there's a lot of money to be made in recycling. $653.10 later. That's a lot of sushi ! 🤣
  7. Cat Lady

    Rain and Storms

    wasn't it just amazing! Very happy, except for the fact that I had to climb up on the roof and empty the gutters..... That rain was VERY chilly. It's been such a long time, that little chore had slipped under the radar!
  8. Cat Lady

    Busso 2019

    whoever designed that shirt should win the award for optimist of the year considering the recent history of the event.
  9. Cat Lady

    Busso 19

    when people talk about gutsing it out to the end I'm pretty sure they meant metaphorically rather than literally. 😀 Well Done!!!!
  10. Cat Lady

    Busso 2019

    Thanks ! Now that the operator knows what to do the app works perfectly 😉
  11. Cat Lady

    Busso 2019

    Ironman tracker help needed. Since Ironman redid their site I can’t find a live feed of placings for various groups. Just downloaded the IRM tracker app but it only shows the first or second person and the rest of the screen taken up by a massive advertisement for active 🤔. Above I can people have screen shot placings for whole groups. What am I doing wrong ?
  12. And yet there is some research which supports running for OA, specifically marathon training. It is an interesting read, https://bmjopensem.bmj.com/content/5/1/e000586 Of particular note, under clinical significance: The improvements seen in the BME of the subchondral bone of the medial compartment may suggest that marathon running and/or training could have a protective effect on the knee joints of sedentary asymptomatic individuals.26–28 Perhaps regular running prevents medial compartment overload due to muscle strengthening.29 30 Further investigations are needed involving longer follow-up but the implications of these findings are important because subchondral bone marrow defects are linked with the onset of osteoarthritis,31–33 and exercise is recommended for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Our study helps to understand the optimal dose of exercise for human knee joints. Marathon training and running may be above the dose recommended for the patellofemoral joint: or recovery treatments should be targeted at this area of the knee. However, marathon seems to be a satisfactory dose of exercise for the medial and lateral tibio-femoral joints. Before the marathon we found a number of asymptomatic meniscal tears—including bucket-handle tears. After the marathon, the tears did not develop further, supporting conservative/non-surgical management of meniscal injuries in general, if asymptomatic.
  13. Don’t forget to work on hip flexors and quads. If they are really tight it can cascade down to calves.
  14. though it was about time I made a contribution on my experiences with triathlon. On how I got into it and why I stay involved. In 2007 I did my first triathlon. I had actually trained for a triathlon back when I was 21 (quite a while back) but managed to develop planta fasciitis which hung around for 20 years or so. Post children I decided to start running and this time I used the “coach potato to injury free running in six weeks” programme (and to be honest I was definitely a potato) – It was a total game changer. Within months I was training for my first half marathon and this kept me happy for about 3 years when running became a bit boring. It was the night before the gold coast half marathon when I picked up a brochure in the hotel room advertising a triathlon. Hmm, sounded a bit easier than a half marathon. 1.5km swim? I’d done the Byron bay swim which was 2km so didn’t seem too much of a problem. 40km bike? Used to ride my bike to work in Melbourne and that was about 10km each way - doable. 10km run? Hell of a lot less training than for a half marathon. Piece of cake I decided. 🤓 Next thing I know I’d: bought a book on triathlon training, internet wasn’t quite the font of all wisdom as it is now; purchased a bike – I decided on a mountain bike, because road bike wheels were too narrow for my nervous disposition and the book said it was OK to use them in triathlons. I also rang the organisers and asked if it was OK to ride one and they said “yep!”; sussed out a tri swim squad which was local; and, most importantly, signed up! Back then Noosa did not sell out in 8 hours. I was in! The next 16 weeks was spent training (diligently following my OD training plan from my book) and agonising about various things like cut off times, what to wear, cut off times, whether to wear socks or not, cut off times, nutrition, cut off times. All typical newbie thoughts. Getting a flat tyre was another worry, but a cycling friend came around one afternoon and I changed tyres till my fingers were black and blue. I had a ball. 🤣 Race day arrived and I fronted up in transition (still stressing about cut off times). I had my water bottle to rinse my feet off, small esky with Endura drink, 2 bananas, and a small folding chair so I could put my shoes and socks on. This was the days before they worried about athletes having more than shoes and race belt in transition. I also had my list to make sure I didn’t forget anything. When I think about it, this was the most organised I’ve ever been in transition….. I must admit that I was a bit concerned that my bike appeared to be the only mountain bike amongst the thousands there….. However, compared to cut off time phobia it was nothing in the scheme of things. The race is a bit of a blur but some highlights. Getting swamped in the swim and having a little cry halfway and swearing never to do this again. Getting lots of cheers on the bike with comments like “go the BMX” and fellow competitors as I rode up “the incline” complimenting me on my choice of bike. Hopping off the bike without needing to change a tyre 💪 Running towards the finishing line with literally thousands of people cheering. Sitting in the café eating pancakes with my family absolutely elated and planning on doing it again next year.😂 By the way, I did make the various cut offs. My time was: 3:16: 26. Swim was 38:03 (it was a VERY strong current in the canal that year because I did dog paddle quite a bit) Bike 1:38:27 and run 59:56. These times included the transitions and considering I was most diligent in washing and drying my feet and consuming my nutrition in transition not a bad time for a first race in retrospect. Fast forward to 3 November this year when I lined up for my 10th Noosa triathlon and a few things have changed. Noosa and Mooloolaba had been my main races over the years and I regularly finished in the last 5-10 of my age group (to be honest I didn’t even know there were official results for quite a few years). Kids sport interrupted a few years, then chatting with a cyclist friend one day he said if I really wanted to do better then I would have to ditch the mountain bike and actually train, and not just the river loops I’d done previously. Next thing I’m riding a borrowed road bike, doing mt coottha and corso repeats (if not in the rain then in the freezing cold). Then I’m buying my own bike, then a few years later a TT bike. Training is now a year round thing and last year I did something like 17 races, OD and sprints. Which brings me to my race report: Lobbed solo into Noosa this year. Stayed at the backpackers which was just awesome, especially when I paid the bill for 2 nights and had change from $100! I’d had a nearly perfect preparation. Actually, who am I kidding, it was a perfect prep. Didn’t miss a single training session and was as niggle free as any 57 year old has a right to be. The draw meant I was going off at a ridiculously early hour and would not be running in the heat! Oh yeah! The stars were aligning. Race day: The announcement, as I wondered back into transition after forgetting my water bottle (I always forget something, maybe I should revert to lists like I did for my very first race) that the swim would be shortened surprised me somewhat as the ocean had looked pretty good at 5:45am. Didn’t really worry much as I wandered down to the beach. When it comes to swimming, shorter is always better. Caught up with my friend and arch rival, she had decided we were going to go off together so she could keep an eye on me and then we were off. The rolling start was advertised as being implemented to improve the swim experience for the athlete… ROFL. No offence guys, but swimming with you lot is a nightmare. When a woman wacks you with a stray arm, we tend to adjust our lines and move away. When the gentlemen I was swimming with wacked me they just kept doing it, even if I swam away from them. Oh well. Ran down towards the point like everyone else did then headed into the water. A bit dumpy on the swim out, but surf doesn’t worry me much. The swim was pretty good as once I rounded the second bouy I hopped on the hip of someone who knew how to sight. Every fifth or sixth stroke I watched them lift their head then continue swimming, just like a video on how to sight. Other than getting dumped coming into shore and losing my brand new $50 goggles the rest of the swim was unremarkable. Time: 25:27 (9th of 51) T1 Ran the longest T1 transition in the world, collected my beautiful time trial bike and headed out. Flying mounts are never going to be part of my racing itinerary so clopped out well past the mount line and mounted sedately. I admit I also spent a bit of extra time putting on my socks, though I didn’t use a water bottle to rinse and dry my feet 😎 Time: 5:37 Bike: The ride out was just awesome. Even “the incline” was fun – just love the group who ring the cowbells at the next to last turn! I don’t ride with power and I don’t look at my heart rate monitor, I just ride as fast as I can, keeping half an eye on my average speed on my bike computer. I figure if I was sitting on an average of 33.5 at the bottom of “the Hill” then I was within my desired goal bike time. However, as is the way with racing, I encountered a trio of cyclists in the last 1km who were busy blocking the road as they tried to undo their shoes for a flying dismount. Honestly, if they’d just cycled flat out to the finish line, braked 100m out then unclipped at the dismount line they would have been much better off and saved themselves a minute or so. Oh well. That’s racing for you. Time: 1:09:30 (3rd of 51) 2 minute PB!!!. Oh Yeah! T2 Had been a bit concerned at my propensity to cramp on my longer runs over the last few weeks so I bought some revolting anti cramping stuff at Expo – I know, “nothing new on race day” but I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything but the taste buds – crikey it was a foul tasting concoction. Grabbed a few sips as I headed out on to the run. Bleh! Time: 2:56 Run: Had put a bit of an effort into run training this time around. It tends to be the first thing I skip if I’m feeling tired. Joined a run group and had progressed very well to the point I thought I’d be able to do a 51:xx – a personal best for 10km triathlon. As I headed out I felt really good. A most unusual sensation. Ticked through the first 2 kms dead on my target pace of 5:05 per km. It was lovely and cool as I ran along enjoying the crowd and sipping on the vomit worthy cramp stuff. 3km was a tad slower 5:10, that was OK I thought. Picked up the pace, or so I thought, to register 5:15. O oh! Not quite to plan. I knew I’d slow down at the 6 and 7 kms. 5:20km for 4th km. Sigh, I was feeling absolutely stuffed. Kept getting slower and slower till I finally walked an aid station. Was really cranky because it was so cool and I couldn’t work out why I felt so weak. Walked once or twice more before I gave myself a mental uppercut and pushed on to run the last 2kms at a more respectable pace. The run down through the crowds really does lift you and there is nothing quite like it. Time: 54:56 🤷‍♀️ Total time :2:38:28 for 5th in my age group. Absolutely stoked! 💃 So there it is, I finished my 10th Noosa triathlon, collected my “Legends” T-shirt (most expensive item of clothing I own) and managed a PB at the age of 57. I love triathlon. 😍 p.s. I found out when I was changing out of my tri gear why I faded so badly on the run. The 2 gels which I needed were still in my pocket. So busy sipping on the cramp stuff I totally forgot to take any calories on board. I blame old age. Either that or I’m an idiot. 🤡
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