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  1. Lifesavers are being sued

    I wonder how many departments, academics, and bureaucrats were employed in changing the name from OH&S to WHS. I don't want to even know why they did. 😄🙉
  2. Townsville Triathlon

    Wave 7 ? - missed out again AA7...
  3. Townsville Triathlon

    10m of elevation on the bike, but I read on a blog somewhere that the run has a little hill at the 3 and 7 k mark
  4. Townsville Triathlon

    one lap swim, two laps bike/ 2 laps run. and O Joy I'm in the last wave to go just before 8.00 and the teams.... and it's going to be hot and humid.
  5. Townsville Triathlon

    wetsuits - bleh! technology rules again. cant access the athletes guide.
  6. Townsville Triathlon

    It appears Active had A few issues and there were a number of people entered not on the list. Apparently they are slowly adding them and should be completed real soon now 😄 better make sure you have your confirmation email handy at registration....
  7. Is there a Plasterer in the house?

    it was an awesome site back when I was in my home handy person phase. covered everything I wanted to know: plastering, windows, painting - especially the plastering section. One of the guys who posted there was a plaster and was extremely helpful with my endless questions.
  8. Is there a Plasterer in the house?

    This is a pretty good place for what you want http://www.woodworkforums.com/f79
  9. Townsville Triathlon

    how do you know how many have entered? Is there a start list up somewhere?
  10. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    I'm sensing a boom in stroke correction and swim squad attendance :-)
  11. Townsville Triathlon

    First Injured, then abnormal heat, then stingers, now crocs - aaarrrgggghhhh - might just head straight to magnetic island....
  12. The Art of Tapering!

    I'm on an enforced 2 week taper for Townsville OD (tripped over my own feet doing nothing in particular) just as well there are another 2 qualification races. Sigh...
  13. Calf Cramps

    No expert here but I used to get cramps a lot swimming. The residual pain would be from a low grade tear, nothing to worry about. No evidence to support this, but wearing a calf sleeve for a few days helped me.
  14. Townsville Triathlon

    When I queried why it was a wet suit swim they said they had a special dispensation from TA - when I asked if it was to protect against stingers I didn't get a response.... so I presume so
  15. Townsville Triathlon

    forecasting 29 degrees next saturday ?!? and it's a wetsuit swim ??!?