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  1. QTS - Race 3 - Kawana

    I swim at UQ. My gold pass allows me unlimited squad sessions, so cost isn't a factor. I had a lot of input when I started there which really helped. However, these days it is mostly Lengthen my stroke and finish it off seem to be the main comments. I know I shorten up when tired and don't finish it off. The 4th swim is normally what I term a recovery swim/strength session so I do it with pool bouy and paddles. Enables me to really focus on my technique. the time base with paddles at the moment is 1:50 which gives me 8-10 seconds rest, the last couple might be 5-7 rest. At squad when we do a 10 x 100m set, I'm currently a 2 minute girl. (started as a 2:30 and unable to complete set ) I have attempted the 1:50 time base, but it's touch and go from no 5 and form goes to the toilet and from I understand it's a waste of time and energy if the form isn't there.
  2. QTS - Race 3 - Kawana

    Time is a factor with the current squad sessions I do - Can't get there any earlier and need to get out pretty much straight away. However, I might switch to a different squad session which does a 90 minute session on the Tuesday and Thursday mornings. A question though. I race sprint and OD and I always thought it was frequency which dictated improvement. Obviously for IM and HIM the bigger sets are a given. However, the general school of thought being: twice a week will get you to the end of the swim, three times a week will see minor improvement, four times will get you faster.
  3. QTS - Race 3 - Kawana

    3 squad sessions a week - and if I'm not racing then I do a solo swim of either 20x100 or 10 x 200. Distance per week is about 8-9 km a week. Think I might add another squad session - I'm gunna grow a set of gills at this rate.
  4. QTS - Race 3 - Kawana

    Aside from garmin I was speaking to one of the organizers and he admitted it, I referenced yesterday's bonus swim and one of the other guys (another organizer) gave him a hard time. one of the very good swimmers didn't even look at her watch, just told me straight out that distance was long and she rattled off the discrepency between her expected time and actual time as well as the other woman she was racing. technically it was an awesome swim with the rowing markers every 10 metres or so to guide you so it was very hard to add extra distance by weaving backwards and forwards
  5. Pushing hard enough on the bike

    Always have a target . In a congested race I pick out a kit a couple of 100 m ahead and work hard till I catch them (if I can) once caught, select someone else. No option of slacking off. In a more open race with nobody around I'll glance at my bike computer periodically and try and lift the average speed (ignore current speed)
  6. QTS - Race 3 - Kawana

    After torrential rain on the drive up the sun came out and stayed out all morning ! - even had to borrow sunscreen !!! Fortunately roads had dried out. I swam much better today but they still gave us an extra 150 m or so🤔 I really am going to have to do something about my swim, but I don't know what - getting tired of having to run down my fellow age groupers. Managed a 4th when I wanted/expected a top 5. Lesson learned - forget about socks in future. Spent what seemed like forever faffing around getting them on and on looking at the results I was less than 30 seconds from 3rd. 😢 Well done cranky on your second !
  7. QTS - Race 3 - Kawana

    😂 no idea who it was
  8. QTS - Race 3 - Kawana

    First ever aquathlon (sp?) done and dusted. Event crew decided to give as more value for our entry fee with an extra long swim - approx 1.4 k vs advertised 1 k 🤔 Run course is really nice, that's if you weren't sent the wrong direction. 🙈 Surprised at the low turnout for a surprisingly enjoyable event. i just don't understand some people tho, arrived in T1 to see a second pair of shoes parked on my towel, actually ran past it because of that,. Arrived in T2 and the competitor had used my towel to wipe their muddy/sandy feet clean 😡 Crikey.
  9. QTS - Race 3 - Kawana

    Start lists are up for those interested and Wave Starts
  10. QTS - Race 3 - Kawana

    Decided yesterday to take my roadie in for a quick tune up when I saw how yucky the cassette looked. Just as well. Mechanic - you know the back brake isn't working - demonstrates total lack of movement on back brake. Me - um, really? Mechanic - your gears are totally out. - demonstrates by moving up and down and it wouldn't go to the either the top or bottom gear. Me - um, really? Mechanic (moving back wheel in ways it shouldn't move) - the hub doesn't look real good. Me (there goes the new Feen kit Ive been eyeing off) - oh dear. Maybe I should do a basic bike maintenance course..... So if I can afford the petrol after paying for all this I will be there. Maybe it's time for a new bike
  11. Noosa Tri 2017

    Although it looks like the accommodation is sold out well in advance of Noosa, I noted this year a whole lot coming back onto the market once the "free cancellation" on Booking.com kicked in. At lower rates as well (but the 3 day minimum still applied) I picked up a (for Noosa) reasonably priced room on Hastings Street five weeks out. I don't mind (well not much anyrate) paying a hastings street premium because I love just being able to walk everywhere.
  12. Housing Bubble thread.

    in my opinion, the true financial experts are either sitting on the beach in the bahamas or waiting for their insider trading case to be heard. Not pulling down a couple of hundred thousand writing for newspapers or talking on TV. Doesn't matter how smart these guys are, anybody remember Long Term Capital?
  13. Noosa Tri 2017

    don't give them any ideas
  14. Noosa Tri 2017

    Wow - Just saw that after an hour Noosa is 75% full.
  15. Kingscliff Tri Hill

    I'm expecting it to be particularly steep this year, as the only hills I've run recently were the bridges at Noosa.