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  1. Cat Lady

    Good Job Roxii......have i missed much?

    I was going to write a race report for the worlds but after reading the one from TTT I have changed my mind. Anything I write would pale into insignificance 😂🤣
  2. Cat Lady

    SVT ; who’s had it ; had the op ?

    What health fund are you with Pete? If it’s BUPA they got into a bit of trouble earlier this year by cutting a few heart related treatments from their lowest level cover - they then gave their members a grace period to upgrade without waiting periods. It might also be worth talking to a private health fund broker and discussing which fund would be the best to switch to without onerous waiting periods. One broker is john small health advisory - no affiliation.
  3. Cat Lady

    Good Job Roxii......have i missed much?

    TTT - OMG
  4. Cat Lady

    Operation Brownman accomplished!

    Would love the back story on this one? Quite bizarre reading.
  5. Cat Lady

    DISCS banned ITU gc tomorrow

    When I was leaving transition I saw one bike hanging there with a disc wheel still on. Do not know if they raced or not.
  6. Cat Lady

    DISCS banned ITU gc tomorrow

    One of the more bizarre scenes this morning was a guy standing next to his bike as a mechanic swapped out his disc. On the front was an zipp 808 and the replacement wheel was a shimano clincher 🤔
  7. Cat Lady

    DISCS banned ITU gc tomorrow

    As an aside I’ve done moo the last 4-5 year’s and the head wind there had nothing on today’s. Advantage of today’s is that you got rest every 10km before heading into it 😂
  8. Cat Lady

    DISCS banned ITU gc tomorrow

    So I went off at 8:40 and had 60 wheels. Definitely got the worst (and best) of the wind. It was a smashing tail wind out and revolting headwind on the way back. A few short sections of cross winds where I had to brace slightly but nothing onerous - personally I found the head wind on the run way more challenging. Super day out overall and a time way better than I expected or deserved. The support on the course was awesome.
  9. Cat Lady

    DISCS banned ITU gc tomorrow

    Easy to accept and adapt if you have a spare wheel with you and don’t have to source one at 8:00pm the night before a race ...
  10. Cat Lady

    DISCS banned ITU gc tomorrow

    And now they are offering those athletes who can’t source a wheel a separate start time 8:44 so they can borrow wheels from people in earlier waves - triple WTF - do they not understand the concept of racing - at that time the wind will be stronger so their times will be affected by not only wind but current ....
  11. Cat Lady

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    Can’t believe it ! An announcement not 20 minutes ago stating that disk wheels will not be permitted in race tomorrow due to high winds - there hasn’t been any change to the weather forecast - it was always going to be windy and the really high winds won’t come through till lunchtime - bikes have been racked and people on Facebook are frantically making requests for spare wheels ! I’m not often inclined to be deeply critical of organizers because I think it’s a tough gig - but this sucks big time !
  12. Oh, that was so not good for my heart - I was in the grandstand and watching ash as she headed for the corner you could almost see her thinking when do I go - and then she went and the grandstand went nuts - only quibble was she looked over her shoulder right in front of me - WT ? She looked so strong all the way through that run
  13. Cat Lady

    Transitions - What do you want?

    First response to the heading was a new bike - will get back to you on the rest 😄
  14. Cat Lady

    9 year old takes a knee

    We used to say the Lord’s Prayer - totally non religious these days but it irritates the heck out of me with the modern words - it’s trespass not sin, and thine is the kingdom 😬 I’m just a grumpy old woman