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  1. It should also be noted that the documentary is produced by James Cameron who is a radical Vegan and has companies which focus on producing vegan products.....
  2. the email I received today had this as the last paragraph: Legends are given priority entry as a benefit for your loyalty to the Noosa Triathlon and your achievement, we do please ask this privilege is not abused by sharing links to non-Legends, so we can assure this priority entry is continued for future years.
  3. try googling the brand and model number to see if it is a known issue. sometimes you can get around standard and extended warranty if it happens to be a dog of a machine. You can then ring them and say, look, all of these particular models had "loads" of issues (sorry couldn't help myself). Mine just managed to last a bit longer. Can never hurt to ask.
  4. Cat Lady

    Wurf watch

    Anyone watching Wurf at his first itu ?
  5. What about the French one where the aid stations are wine and cheese https://www.marathondumedoc.com/en/ Met a lady who signed up for her first marathon at 65, where else but the birthplace of the marathon athens https://www.athensauthenticmarathon.gr/site/index.php/en/event-en/general-en
  6. I have a P2 105, wheels are SwisseSide 60 front and back, I'm also the same weight as you. Also did Noosa πŸ˜€ I have never had shuddering as you describe. When I had a bike fit he said that with a bit of work he could make me more aggressive. I just laughed. Comfort is where I'm at and I have to say there is nothing like getting up to speed then dropping onto the bars of my beloved TT Bike. Mind you, it took a bit of work to get really comfortable staying down. Once triathlon season is on the horizon I switch out my road bike for TT bike on the WT. Takes about 6 weeks to get "comfortable" staying down on the bars - but I'm kinda old and not really flexible so may not take others as long. As far as stability goes in wind, I've never really had an issue and I've raced in some windy races. Then again, I learned to ride the TT bike at nundah crit track which is renowned for being a bit breezy so maybe you need to practice in windy conditions? Maybe you need a new bike fit? Who did you use?
  7. Cat Lady

    TV Shows

    I can’t wait to see what they do with wheel of time.
  8. you will now be able to drive forklift trucks in your garage! πŸ€£πŸ˜€
  9. Cat Lady

    Noosa Tri 2019

    Yep 😎 and the size for my T-shirt....
  10. Cat Lady

    Noosa Tri 2019

    I’m staying at halsa lodge as well so look forward to meeting you. I’m #1691 and this will be my 10th Noosa. As a 50+ I will be in a really early wave - should be a nice change not running at 11:00, although knowing my luck it will be a really cool day.
  11. And I'm done. My happy race weight has been achieved just in time for Noosa πŸ’ƒ Even though I didn't register I have been following this thread for interest. Post eye-surgery I hit 59.7 kilos. Started training and didn't budge a gram even after 2 months of solid 8-11 hours a week exercise. Desperation measures resulted in examining what I was eating and discarding processed foods. Result 55.00 kilos this morning. So for me it's not so much how much exercise I do, but how much I eat and the quality of that food. Good luck everyone on achieving your goals.
  12. Noosa water temperate is around 22 degrees at the moment. Old age is settling in, what is the wetsuit legal temperature for OD swimming? Had to be asked πŸ˜€
  13. photo or it didn't happen. whoops, that's Strava. Sorry 🀣
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