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  1. Reminds me of when I see a review of a movie and they rave about the cinematography I automatically put it in the REALLY REALLY boring basket. 😄 I fell for that one with Out of Africa. Fool me once .....
  2. Spoilers on avenegers Really enjoyed the movie, the captain America bit I found boring and superfluous, but then ive never enjoyed any of those movies. Would have liked to have seen captain marvel and fury reunited. All I can say is bring on guardians 3 - hopefully with a healthy dose of Thor !
  3. https://blog.trisutto.com/the-pull-buoy-debate-2/ this is what Brett Sutton had to say about swimming for an age grouper who doesn’t swim so well.
  4. I did a few days with Brett Sutton last year. On swimming, I shared your suckiness. Hated going to squad, too hard, in the slow lane with lots of chatting. Total meh. I did however start to use paddles and pull buoys so I could at least manage to finish a set. Brett said something which resonated with me, “use whatever tool you like so long as you swim and swim frequently”. He had elite female swimmers who did entire squad sessions with both and refused to swim without them and improved their swim times dramatically. You have to build up with the paddles and after a year of consistent squad (3 times a week) I have shifted up a few lanes where chatting is relegated to before jumping in, and after getting out.
  5. Hmm, those sort of issues will have cost you on race day. Might have to sack the mechanic 😄 on the bright side, it will feel like a new bike at byron.
  6. Deposit for a new bike to celebrate 😄
  7. I have a sleeveless ROKA. I hated my sleeved wetsuit. Love my ROKA. I am a MOP swimmer..... got mine for $200 (including postage) at one of their regular clearance sales.
  8. Love the name of the venue - ouchy 😂
  9. Cat Lady

    Snake ID

    My community FB page has a snake ID request at least twice a day . Funniest one was where some joker posted a picture of his garden hose. 😂😂
  10. I don’t get all the different types of hot cross bun. Asked for a pack of hot cross buns at the bakery yesterday and the girl wanted to know what type. I said, the plain ones. She offered me some without sultanas, so I modified my request asking for traditional ones. Finally found a packet under all the chocolate, apple, and salted caramel- salted caramel 🤦‍♀️ ??!!??.
  11. Of course, however it takes an effort to ensure you have modified the diet to keep up the natural deficiences which occur from cutting out entire food groups. Most people go: I'm going to be a vegan and not eat meat or fish or dairy. Easy enough to do, but then to actually sit down and research HOW to prevent the deficiencies. Vegan diets are deficient in Vitamin B12, Calcium Iron Zinc and D. You need to work hard and plan, doable, to overcome the shortfall.
  12. nutritional research is probably the most unreliable going around. However, there is some indication that Vegan diets result in weaker bones. But this could be the result of poorly designed vegan diets, ie, not compensating for deficiency of vitamin D and Calcium in the vegan diet
  13. Knowing AA7’s luck they might follow in the footsteps of Triathlon Australia and give her a nice swim cap and goggles instead of a medal 😂
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