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  1. I think it's sad that this is overshadowing the great performance of Titmus! those final 20 meters were just amazing.
  2. Cat Lady

    Challenge Roth 2020

    Tempted, but will settle for stalking you on the tracker 🤣
  3. Cat Lady


    I dropped mine significantly with diet. Cut out processed foods. Increased fruit and vegetables. reduced red /white meat down to 2 times a week. increased fish seafood to 3 / 4 nights. Tossed a in few vegetarian meals the other nights. Dairy consumption remained the same, ie always full cream milk/greek yoghurt. snacks of choice were nuts and dried fruits.
  4. Cat Lady

    Challenge Roth 2020

    Roth is the one race I would be tempted to disobey my life goal of never doing any race longer than an Olympic distance. Thank goodness it sells out so quickly 😂
  5. Cat Lady

    Ironman spain

    Just watching IM Spain. Is it just me or does costes bike look like it is really unstable. He seems to have a real back and forth motion?
  6. Cat Lady

    Hamilton Wheelers

    It is a very important issue... https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/racing/tour-de-france/uci-measuring-socks-ahead-tour-de-france-2019-team-time-trial-429955
  7. Cat Lady

    Hamilton Wheelers

    About 15mm too long.....
  8. Crikey FP - I thought running was safer than cycling ! Take care and heal fast
  9. 4.4 A competitor cannot be accompanied by any non-competing athletes, team members, team managers or other pacemakers on the course or alongside the course. A competitor cannot be accompanied by any non-competing person in the finish chute (unless an exception has been issued by the use of a special rule approved by the sanctioning officer or Technical Delegate) so does this mean coaches who come up and advise their athlete that they are six minutes clear of the opposition or they need to pick up their pace by x amount to catch someone else will results in a DQ?
  10. Cat Lady

    Challenge Roth 2019

    Crowley was telling the motor cyclist to get out of the way running on the bike path, think he was kicking up dust according to the commentator.
  11. Spirig had her third child 3 months ago as well....
  12. Cat Lady

    Challenge Roth 2019

    Crowley on the move as well
  13. Cat Lady

    Lausanne Bike Course

    There’s a bit of discussion on the road/tt option on slowtwitch along with elevation and technical. Apparently, there is a cobbled section which caused a few crashes. https://forum.slowtwitch.com/forum/Slowtwitch_Forums_C1/Triathlon_Forum_F1/Age_group_world_championship_questions_P6799746-2/
  14. Cat Lady

    Ironman Frankfurt

    Interesting reading Skye's interview on tactics. She didn't "race" the first 10kms of the run, just loaded up on nutrition and hydration. True always had the other two well covered in terms of PR's for the run as well. Poor race strategy. (sez this keyboard warrior 😀)
  15. Cat Lady

    Ironman Frankfurt

    the AG didn't stop her IMO, he put his hand on her shoulder to see if she was OK and she spun and collapsed. Just read she had heart issues during the Cairns race. Kind of wonder at her race strategy though. She could have walked each of the aid stations for last 10km and crossed in 1st.
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