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  1. Torn

    Running gait - splayed feet

    If runners like Emil Zatopek taught us anything -it's that running style/technique doesn't matter as long as it works for you (your body).
  2. Torn

    What saddle are you using?

    Same for me. I even tried different saddles but had similar issues, until I was recommended Ryan from 3D bike fit (apparently the seat was too high). Been on the Sitero since a no issues...
  3. Torn

    Coast to Coast

    Same here
  4. Torn

    Bike Fit

    Yep, Ryan @ 3D
  5. Torn

    Borrow a bike box?

    B&W International bike box (the older version) in Naremburn if you need. It's ugly and heavy (11kg) but it certainly does the job!
  6. Torn

    Bike stolen - Busselton

    Xentis apparently
  7. Torn

    Bike stolen - Busselton

    Now it just needs to make it all the way back to Europe..
  8. Torn

    Bike stolen - Busselton

    Yeah, he says he's too lazy to train so he races "every" weekend instead.. I think the most IM he's done was 8 in 9 weeks. Apparently he's never had an injury too... just amazing!
  9. Torn

    Bike stolen - Busselton

    Yeah, not great ..to travel 17000km just to do a duathlon and get your bike stolen...ouch
  10. Torn

    Bike stolen - Busselton

    Hi everyone, As if the race wasn't bad enough yesterday... Petr asked me to share this but I don't have FB so was just wondering if you guys could help and maybe share it...? Thank you... https://www.facebook.com/PetrVabrousek/posts/1957352784281348
  11. Torn

    Kangaroo Island 3.8 / 180 / 42.2

    I wondered what happened to him! He was trying to get Petr and obviously burnt out! I really enjoyed the course, although it was a "tough" day... but 28 ppl doing the full distance was a bit disappointing.
  12. Torn

    Race wheels hire

    Pm'd you roxii. a disc cover ..didn't even know there's a such a thing
  13. Torn

    Race wheels hire

    Thanks for the links Ex and bumcrackjack! But what about the 3min I’d save with race wheels? Naah, you’ re absolutely right and I’ll most likely use my training wheels. Just wanted to see some options first and then decide.
  14. Torn

    Race wheels hire

    I’m thinking about hiring wheels for Iron distance race. Can anyone recommend somewhere in Sydney to hire which wont cost me an arm and a leg? The only place I know that rents wheels is Fastgear.
  15. Torn

    Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    I have the Speed Instinct 1 and they're great!!...like them probably more then the Clifton's, but I've used them only twice so far..