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  1. Torn

    Movescount sync with Strava

    Is the distance in Strava the same as in Movescount?? I only used Strava with Movescount a handful of times before changing to garmin but i know friend of mine has similar issues. I don't think it's anything you can change though. You might find an explanation here: https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216919737-Why-is-Strava-showing-different-data-than-my-Garmin-?page=4
  2. Torn

    Running Songs Recommendations

    Eminem - Lose yourself - great running song. This is not for everyone but seems to help me to pick up the cadence:
  3. Torn

    Port 2019

    Good plan!..except I haven't really swam since November 2016 - this won't be good
  4. Torn

    Port 2019

    I'm in for the full.. Better start training ...next week
  5. Torn

    Ultraman Hawaii 2018

    191 actually ..he's nuts😀
  6. Torn

    Garmin 935 $399 at rebel - good value?

    That's a great price, you probably won't find it cheaper. It's a great watch worth every cent but as Slunnie said it really only up to you to decide..
  7. Torn

    BB30 convertor

    Thanks again guys! I'll try the crankset from willie first and see what happens...
  8. Torn

    BB30 convertor

    Thanks willie, I'm definitely interested, could you have a look and let me know? Also how much you'd be after? Thanks
  9. Torn

    BB30 convertor

    Thanks for the replies! Looks like the way to go. Just to make sure, is this what you guys are talking about? https://www.pushys.com.au/praxis-works-bb30-pf30-bottom-bracket-shimano-hollowtech-ii.html
  10. Torn

    BB30 convertor

    Has anyone used one of these? http://www.wiggle.com.au/fsa-bb30-conversion-kit/ I currently have a FSA crankset with BB30 on my bike and I wanted to swap to a shorter 165mm cranks, which seem to be quite hard to find. I also have a spare Ultegra 6700 crankset with the right arm length so I’m thinking of getting the converter and then change to the Ultegra crankset. Has anyone done it?…would you recommend it or are there better options?
  11. Torn

    Challenge Roth

    Lets face it, long runs suck, especially solo” Peter V used to say the same thing. Maybe sucking it up and getting that 2hr run in every Sunday morning followed by another hour AT RACE PACE in the evening like Crowie for the next 3 months instead of racing every weekend might ... just might ... have a better effect? Petr Vabrousek is one of a kind! He considers himself as a lazy person that doesn't like training (funny for someone who's done over 185 IM's). He only does 2 -3 session a week, but he would do a race almost every weekend (from a 5k fun run to an IM). His long run doesn't go over 2hrs and long ride is 3hrs max. It will be interesting to see how he goes at the Ultraman World Championship this year.
  12. Torn

    TA Membership time

    Everyone mentions $120 - 140. I received an email saying the renewal will cost me $235 (I believe last year was even more)!! Is that because I'm not a club member?? I've only been doing about 3 races a year (Kurnell included ) and I just can't justify the money anymore!
  13. Torn

    c02 on planes?

    Flew to Perth no issues (Virgin) but was given two choices when travelling to Austria - either leave the bike case in Sydney ( I had 5x cO2 in it) or let the airport stuff to break in and take c02 out. Thankfully they failed to break the locks and called me to bring the key. Apparently only 40g is allowed I was told.
  14. Torn

    Running gait - splayed feet

    If runners like Emil Zatopek taught us anything -it's that running style/technique doesn't matter as long as it works for you (your body).