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  1. I wouldn’t bet against him, the guys a tough as hell legend. I hope he kills it and sets a new standard for head to head battles. Can’t wait
  2. A mate wants me to do the convict. Can anyone tell me how hard it is please. It’s my first mtb race (came from tri) are the 44k or the 68k good options or should I bite the bullet and attempt the 100. Thanks
  3. Never ridden this loop but want to start. WILL I GET LOST? How easy is it to follow and repeat the 10k loop. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. I'm in. We should support anyone that wants to put on new and interesting races on my opinion.
  5. Rodder

    Long course weekend

    Emo thankyou for your reply. I will pencil the Husky race in.
  6. Does anybody know if the long course weekend that was mentioned on this forum earlier in the year is still a go. Sounds like a great event. Just wondering.
  7. Rodder

    Long course weekend

    Emo. Thanks for your quick reply. I just turned 45 and words like adventure and challenge excite me more than race and PB. Plus I did a few im's a few years back and they put me in a hole. This race will give me cause to do the long training which I love without the bricks, intervals and transitions which I hate. Plus a soft landing on race weekend is what I love about elite energy events. C u there.
  8. Is the long course weekend still a chance or has the ultimate Tri series taken its place for April 2017
  9. Rodder

    Ultimate triathlon

    Thanks for the feedback. Batemans Bay sounds like a good race at a good time of year. I think I will give it a go. Thanks again.
  10. Has anybody done an elite energy ultimate triathlon. I have done Husky in the past and loved it. Looking for something new. Any feedback on Batemans Bay or any other NSW ultimate triathlons. Thanks
  11. I watched the YouTube clip of this event in the UK. Looks unreel. Does anybody have a date or a venue for this race in Australia yet? It would be a great way to break a 5 year drought from long course training and racing.
  12. Is the club looking to run off road tris as well. If so I'm in. Would love to be part of a club that competes both on and off road.
  13. Is there a simple answer on which bike to buy for trails and xterra racing. Also on a budget of $1600 for example are you better off with a Giant stance with lesser components or a hard tail with all the grouse gear on it. Not a front of the packer at all but I am planning on moving 2/3 of my bike Ks off road for a few seasons. Thanks
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