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  1. Loftus loop

    Will do. Thanks👍
  2. Loftus loop

    Never ridden this loop but want to start. WILL I GET LOST? How easy is it to follow and repeat the 10k loop. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Formula 2 Elite Energy

    I'm in. We should support anyone that wants to put on new and interesting races on my opinion.
  4. Long course weekend

    Emo thankyou for your reply. I will pencil the Husky race in.
  5. Long course weekend

    Does anybody know if the long course weekend that was mentioned on this forum earlier in the year is still a go. Sounds like a great event. Just wondering.
  6. Long course weekend

    Emo. Thanks for your quick reply. I just turned 45 and words like adventure and challenge excite me more than race and PB. Plus I did a few im's a few years back and they put me in a hole. This race will give me cause to do the long training which I love without the bricks, intervals and transitions which I hate. Plus a soft landing on race weekend is what I love about elite energy events. C u there.
  7. Long course weekend

    Is the long course weekend still a chance or has the ultimate Tri series taken its place for April 2017
  8. Ultimate triathlon

    Thanks for the feedback. Batemans Bay sounds like a good race at a good time of year. I think I will give it a go. Thanks again.
  9. Ultimate triathlon

    Has anybody done an elite energy ultimate triathlon. I have done Husky in the past and loved it. Looking for something new. Any feedback on Batemans Bay or any other NSW ultimate triathlons. Thanks
  10. Australia's Newest Triathlon Format

    I watched the YouTube clip of this event in the UK. Looks unreel. Does anybody have a date or a venue for this race in Australia yet? It would be a great way to break a 5 year drought from long course training and racing.
  11. New Tri Club in NSW - Sutherland Shire Triathlon Club

    Is the club looking to run off road tris as well. If so I'm in. Would love to be part of a club that competes both on and off road.
  12. Is there a simple answer on which bike to buy for trails and xterra racing. Also on a budget of $1600 for example are you better off with a Giant stance with lesser components or a hard tail with all the grouse gear on it. Not a front of the packer at all but I am planning on moving 2/3 of my bike Ks off road for a few seasons. Thanks
  13. Transitions Winter Fish 2015 Edition

    I'm in to be a winter fish
  14. Triple tri

    I'm looking at doing the triple tri in canberra this November. Questions. 1 what is the price of entry for a team of 3. 2. Has anyone done it and is it good/bad. Hard/easy. Worthwhile and what Dort of training load would you do for 3 legs. Eg 3.5 swim, 40k mtb, 12k run. Thanks
  15. Xterra mud

    Thanks I took your advice and used cleats. Couple of Minos slip offs and one endo. Great event and a top day. Thanks to all