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  1. Yep, as far as I know. They got the tick a few days ago according to their FB announcement. I'm still holding off registering until closer to the date, in case the situation here changes.
  2. I'm in QLD and planning to race GC Running Festival in a few weeks and probably some of the QTS races following that. Currently, QLD has low case numbers, closed borders, and it's tentatively looking like we might avoid the escalation being experienced by those down south. But, if that changes, I would probably not race. All going well with continued low numbers, I'm comfortable that I won't be mingling and will have minimal contact with anyone/anything. For a bigger and busier event like Noosa, I'd be watching the infection numbers closely, but might still consider it.
  3. Looks like Gold Coast running festival officially has the green light for 6 Sep. Same organisers run QTS, so hopefully that's a positive sign for the tri series. No doubt, things could change at short notice depending on how the current covid situation develops, but a good sign for now (for those in SE QLD).
  4. I guess the difference in this example is the measure of success. Just learning to play a musical instrument might be more akin to the success of training for and finishing an IM. Qualifying for Kona requires training to a standard far beyond just being able to complete the distance and requies having to beat other people, who's performance you can't control, so might be more like practicing and auditioning for something with limited spots like an orchestra etc.
  5. I bulged a disc (L3/L4, I think) about 7yrs ago. I went to Brisbane Sports and Spinal at UQ at St Lucia. That's a little while ago, so I'm not sure if the same people are there, but they were good and got me sorted. No problems since.
  6. bRace

    Strava Help

    I get that occasionally when viewing via the Strava app on my phone, but it's only been for short periods and I've put it down to my internet connection rather than a Strava issue. (I have a paid subscription). It's always eventually loaded or resolved itself, so I've never really investigated further. Sorry, that might not help much.
  7. I think generally QLD gatherings are still only 100 people, but I'm not sure how many a triathlon with an approved COVID safe plan would be looking at. QLD tri series seems confident of their races getting approved and starting in Sep, but they're smaller than 70.3, of course. I'm still holding off on my Sunny Coast entry, as it just feels a bit unlikely at the moment.
  8. I've only had to call them a couple of times. Once to arrange to drop by their warehouse to pick up an item I needed that day. Another was to organise replacement of a faulty powermeter. Both occasions I had no issues, but I might have got lucky. Otherwise, prices are usually pretty competitive for the things I buy, and delivery is fast.
  9. +1 for Pushys. I've bought load's from there over the years. They have regular discounts/sales, delivery is fast (usually next day or two), and locally based for me in Brisbane. I usually pick up running shoes when on sale online from Stringers Sports (Melbourne based?). Also fast to deliver, even though interstate. The best fitting (for me) cycling gear I've found lately has been from Cannibal and Wyn Republic, which are both local for me in SE QLD, and have sales at different times. I used to buy from Wiggle a lot, but haven't for years since local options improved.
  10. That's the one I'm waiting for as well. I don't want to shell out for entry and accom until it looks a bit more certain.
  11. I'd say the chances are slim, with the exception of maybe NZ travel being allowed. Other individual countries may make it to an 'approved travel' list, but it all depends on how things play out in the next couple of months with infection rates and active cases, etc, etc.
  12. The problem with international travel will be that different countries are at different stages and that will continue due to various factors, such as health systems, population density, government policies, etc, etc. With Australia's approach and relative success (so far) of suppession, I think it will be a long time before the doors open to overseas visitors/travel. NZ will likely be a lot sooner than others due to the parallels in the approach and general closeness of our societies. Other countries with less sophisticated health systems, poor hygiene, high population density, etc will be a loooong way off. Even more developed countries with good health care won't get a look in until things get under control in their countries.
  13. bRace

    Wurf watch

    Good interview with Cam, I thought. I like his attitude and love of (any) racing.
  14. Yep, I'd be very surprised if international travel is open before the end of the year.
  15. Queensland (Brisbane, western suburbs). My training from home hasn't changed at all. Running is within about a 5km radius, but all fairly quiet. Riding is probably within about a 10km radius, but this is fairly normal for my shortter rides from home doing laps. The only change is that I haven't done any long rides, as these often used to involve me driving a bit to meet some mates. It is a bit busier with more walkers etc out and about now, but it's still very easy to avoid people or give them a wide berth due to the quiet roads and route options.
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