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  1. bRace

    Chop Garmin file

    I'd do it, just to appease the OCD side of me that doesn't like saved data not matching the reality. My training is very adhoc, but I would still be compelled to correct the data.
  2. bRace

    Advice for first 70.3

    Exactly. Depending on turns and traffic just out of T1, I can be 500m down the road before I've got my feet in my shoes.
  3. Not sure you can get rid of any. Each has a unique purpose. (Lock the shed door just in case)
  4. bRace

    Repairing Knicks

    Doing a bit more investigating re the repair has been on my 'to do' list, but I keep forgetting about it. I might give them a call next week and see what they say. These knicks have been great (apart from the seam coming apart).
  5. bRace

    Repairing Knicks

    Interesting. I've had exactly what you've described with my Cannibal knicks, and have been wondering the same thing about stitching them up.
  6. That's right. I knew it was Mrs Matt Rogers, but couldn't remember her actual name.
  7. Is this the same charity thing they did last year with Luke (or Ash?) Bradnam, Ben Hannant, and maybe Rogers' wife? Pretty sure Matt Rogers was involved with it. No surprise he and Commando are both involved. They had a solid bromance going on Survivor last year and both seem like good blokes.
  8. <10hrs (more like 5-8) is my normal. I don't really have the time or interest in doing 10hr+ weeks. I still periodize my training into base weeks, build, taper, etc over about 3mths lead in to OD or 70.3. Generally, I do 1xswim (30-40mins), 2-3xruns (1xlongish), 2-3xrides (1x2hrs). There's a bit of speed and hills thrown in amongst it (particularly in build weeks) and I might add another swim in the last few weeks. I've done that through my 40's and it gets me around OD in about 2.20-25 and 70.3 in about 5.05-5.15.
  9. bRace

    Time management

    I think it comes down to your priorities and what you (and your family) accept as being appropriate balance. Everyone's different, but for me, I wouldn't be giving up any kid/family time at their age. They grow up so quickly and once they hit the teenage years they will have less time for you the older they get. There's talk in this and other threads about training while their kids are at sport etc, but for me I loved watching my son at whatever sports practice, game, carnival, he was doing. It was important to him and me, so there's no way in the world I would have missed them so I could go training. During that time, my training was lower priority, but now that my son's grown up with his own life I have heaps of time. As far as a solution for you, I think it leans towards those morning sessions others have mentioned.
  10. bRace

    Pitt St on Everest

    I'm pretty sympathetic about most things involving death, but to be honest I don't find this particularly sad. Everyone is well aware of the dangers of climbing Everest and the severe consequences of things going wrong. If people freely choose to climb for whatever reason that drives them, then I figure that is up to them and they accept the risks,
  11. bRace

    Bike v's car

    Really well handled. I'm sure your adrenaline was up, but you stayed calm and helped the driver who was clearly shaken. 👍
  12. Nope. It just doesn't interest me at all.
  13. I've been doing triathlons etc for close to 30yrs and have zero interest in going to Kona. It's just not on my radar nor has it ever been. I acknowledge and fully support the effort and dedication that someone puts in to achieve their goal of going to Kona, but it's their goal, not mine. It's just not relevant to measure oneself against someone else's personal goals or what they consider to be important.
  14. bRace

    Monday Brisbane Run

    If you're in/near the CBD, then Coronation Dve Bike/run path down to Regatta Hotel is dead flat, on the river, and about the right distance. Otherwise, from Kurilpa Park (next to GOMA) along the river, round to West End. A lot of this is on a closed road and then on a path. Plenty of room to move, flat and by the river. Popular run squad training location.
  15. I think it seems to rings true for me. Road riding (plus maybe age/experience) has made me hyper vigilant when driving. I'm constantly anticipating and prepared for those around me on the road to do something stupid. In relation to cyclists on the road, I'd say that being a cyclist myself helps me make better decisions when driving near riders, i.e. not hammering past bikes to then turn in front of them, giving 1m+ space, slowing down and staying behind the bikes if it's not appropriate to overtake, etc, etc. A lot of these things seem completely foreign to some drivers.
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