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  1. bRace

    TA being sued for race crash

    Agreed. There were some tight spots on that course.
  2. bRace

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    Spot on Goughy. The thing that bugs memost is that it's portrayed that we (cyclists) have a special entitlement, butwe're actually just doing what everyone is allowed to do. If people don't ride, that's ok, but they need to stop bitching about those who do.
  3. bRace

    Wearing cycling gloves

    I don't have a pic, but my melanoma was pink. GP and skin clinic both thought it wss nothing. Burnt it off but it came back, so got biopsied. Check everything, not just the 'classic' brown spots.
  4. bRace

    Wearing cycling gloves

    Dermatologist is probably best, but not free. GP or skin clinic might be ok but quality varies, in my experience.
  5. bRace

    Wearing cycling gloves

    Better out than in. Sun sleeves are the go. I grabbed a few pairs of Pearl Izumi ones after my melanoma. Upf50+ and I ride and run in them.
  6. bRace

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    Cool thanks, thought it might be something like that. Mustn't have had enough brushes with the law in my youth.
  7. bRace

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    Sorry, maybe just vagueness on my part, but what is LAC?
  8. bRace

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    Descend as fast as possible within my skill level and appropriate to weather, road condition, traffic, likelihood of wildlife. Never race the lights. Only go through orange if shielded by a vehicle doing the same. Hypervigilant with parked cars and give >door width. Never take pics riding. Not self absorbed enough to take the risk.
  9. bRace

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    I'd prefer to not pay rego, but if that was the rule I would be happy to do so.... especially if it shuts down that part of the argument.
  10. bRace

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    I have mixed thoughts. I'm glad a reasonably high profile media person is publicly on-side, but I still think Karl is a bit of a knob. Anyway, I'll take the positive, public support. I happened to also see Mark Beretta also providing public support and explaining good cycling practice to his (ignorant) colleagues on Sunrise. It was a good effort in the face of three idiots. With all of these arguments I never quite understand how non-cyclists seem to think that cyclists (or at least the majority of them) don't pay car/truck/motorbike/trailer/etc rego and actually have licences. Everyone has the same rules and permission to ride a bike on the road, but if non-cyclists choose not to, then don't begrudge those who choose to. I've also never heard a strategy for getting all the mums and dads to pay for rego and licences for their kiddies riding on the road.
  11. bRace

    Power meters

    Stages, single side. Happy enough with it when it's working. Unfortunately battery is running flat after about a month or so, despite really low usage (ie couple of hundred km only). Haven't investigated the reason yet due lack of time, but warranty claim might be coming up.
  12. bRace

    Flu shot

    My work pays for me and my family to get it, so it's good insurance for them. I've been getting it for the past few years. Last time I had the flu was about 10yrs ago. My local pharmacy does the injections now, so it's all too easy for me.
  13. Toowong bus depot to Riverview return (via Western FWY bikepath and Ipswich MWY bikepaths and service roads) is 56km. Add bus depot to Coro Dve and Milton and you'll be about 70.
  14. bRace

    Hey roxii. Can you review the new fly6?

    is Willie's website up and running? Last I read (a while back) there were issues, but I might have missed it being sorted. My Fly6 (vers2) just died, so I'm on the lookout.
  15. bRace

    Height & weight

    190cm and 85kg. Weight doesn't change much, probably just ratio of muscle and fat deoending on amount of training and chocolate and beers and flat whites. I've always been naturally skinny, but now in my 40's I'm a bit softer around my mid section. Heaviest I've been was 92kg as a gym junkie 20yr old wanting to bulk up.