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  1. Upside of being at home more (daddy day care for me) will be spending more time with this little munchkin
  2. AJS


    Going by the volume of people zwifting at the moment, and the lack of swimming for most... there's going to be some lopsided triathlon splits when we come out the other side of this... Oh, and cruise liners... still getting people testing positive... which begs the question, what on earth where they thinking boarding a cruise (presumably) in the past 2 or 3 weeks?!?!? Floating Petri dish anyone? Oooh, sign me up!
  3. For anyone looking to dabble, the second hand market is (or at least, was) a pretty good bet - I picked up a Gen 1 Kickr for $750 last year and it's done something like 15,000km and not skipped a beat yet (admittedly at low wattage :-))... I have noticed the prices on 2nd hand seem to be increasing this week though!!!
  4. And they've just laid off around 25 senior managers - that seems like strange timing to me... you'd think they'd be one of the few businesses bursting at the seams right now
  5. Great offer and thread gplama - thanks!!! See you on zwift somewhere!!! 🙂
  6. AJS


    I listened to ScoMo for 50 minutes this morning... pretty disgraceful performance I thought - rambling, vague and incoherent... I thought he was supposed to be good with words and spin???
  7. AJS


    I do like the graphs, but the freaky thing in all this is there's no mention of reinfections - which would totally recalibrate those models! Everything I read seems to suggest Covid 19 will die out or die down in a couple of months, but I'm yet to see any evidence to support or explain that? IF it can reinfect people, what's to stop it hanging around until a vaccine or treatment is found? Gulp
  8. AJS

    Lacking Motivation

    I would do whatever you enjoy most! Whether that be triathlon, fishing or something else entirely is kind of immaterial... I reset all my goals and ambitions after birth of bub in July, taking any and all pressure or expectation off myself. So, currently unfit and over weight but enjoying being a Dad! Maybe also think about smaller goals like a few others have said - 5km perhaps (or Parkrun if one near you?), or a shorter swim just to relax. Also, have a look at some of the Zwift group rides / groups, I now train (or should I say ride!) 100% indoors, and there are some very friendly, social groups on there to get to know - which may help overcome some of the geographic isolation... from being pretty intimidated by the whole zwift thing initially I've now ended up as a ride leader for one of the group's (on a beginners ride) and love the volunteering and giving back to the community in a little way when I can... Good luck, and take the pressure off and find what you find fun
  9. I did 4 between 2013 and 2015, enjoyed each one less than the previous one, didn't get any faster - and have no inclination to do another one!!! That and having a kid since then pretty much puts a spanner in the works of another Ironman 🙂
  10. I've been using Reynolds 66's on my road bike for 4 or 5 years now - for racing and training - and they've been absolutely bullet-proof and I'm not a light-weight...! They're plenty fast enough for me, and seem to have survived my ability to spot pot-holes and ride through them... In something like 25,000kms they've only needed to be trued once and have thrown one spoke...
  11. Hi there, welcome to the sport and forum, - Clothing? Generally most people would wear the same clothing for the entire race - choice between a one-piece trisuit or separate tops/bottoms is really personal preference. Both trisuits and tri shorts have a thin chamois - so it's comfy for both the ride and run (and swim!). Many brands are good - I've liked Scody and Skinfit. - Wetsuit or not? Whether you can wear a wetsuit is first and foremost dictated by weather/water temp. Typically, many races will fall in the 'wetsuit optional' category, and you'll find most people would opt to wear a wetsuit (feeling safer for some, faster for most!) - Swim caps? Typically provided by the race and colour coded to denote your start wave / age group. - Socks? Again, personal choice when / if you wear socks. Some people don't wear them at all, some for the run, some for run and ride (and will vary by distance - I.e. shorter stuff, fewer people wear socks, longer stuff - most would!) Personally, I'm blister prone, so prefer to take 30 secs to put socks on before the ride rather than risk blisters later on... Hope that helps!!! Alex
  12. AJS

    easy clipping out

    Agree Dazmuzza - from memory, the Shimano red cleats are effectively zero flex, yellow have a few degrees of travel, red have zero degrees. I'd assume that this may make the red ones harder to twist to get out and a bit stiffer and less forgiving anyway - try the yellow ones 🙂
  13. Do you get it all year round? I have something similar for about 3-4 weeks of the year (which feels like breathing through a wet sponge and leaves me dry retching) which I've finally worked out is some specific kind of pollen... Maybe something like that if it's not an 'all year round' thing?
  14. AJS

    Hoka One One

    I went back to my old tried and tested Saucony Triumph... a far more neutral shoe without the build up under the arch on the Hoka's (that I only noticed after 5km of course!!!)
  15. AJS

    Hoka One One

    Anyone wear Hoka Clifton's? Or want to? Anyone want to buy my spare pair off me! I liked them when I tried them on in the shop so bought two pairs, but have now realised that they really don't suit my feet and give me blisters galore... They've never been run in, Hoka Clifton 5, US Size 11 and 2E (wide)... $140 if anyone wants 'em? So, they're effectively brand new but no longer in box / no receipt I have the other pair too, which I've worn for 3 x 5km runs (no blister) and one 9km run (big blister) 😞 $100 for those ones
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