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  1. That's a crazy amount of coin!!! I snagged a spot for Nice 70.3 and just checked - it was 459 Euro (about $720 i think)... I thought that was fricking expensive at the time, but it seems like a bargain now! 🙂
  2. Sounds a lot like Achilles Tendinopathy (particularly the feeling worst when you wake up, easing when you run, but sore after)... from memory there's a lot of other posts about 'fixes' for this - but yes, rest, ice and rolling / strengthening will help if that is indeed what it is... I've had it quite a few times, and usually have managed to get it to go away, but be careful as it can linger around for a long time if you just try and 'push through' it...
  3. I'd definitely say working on your swim is worth it's weight in gold... I worked pretty hard at mine pre Xiamen last year and popped out of the water surprisingly far up the field around a good group of 8 others working well and legally (apart from a couple of Russians who team time trialled the entire way)... so I'd say a 2-3 minute swim improvement was accentuated by then working smart on the bike for another 5-6 minutes... The other thing I like about swimming is using it as recovery and strength - when I swim a lot I rarely have any other niggles... And I was a shite swimmer (I'm a POM after all)...
  4. Ouchy - I just did Shellharbour Parkrun this weekend - it's bloody tough... down a fricking steep ramp to start, along the beach for 300m or so and then up two hills on spongy grass - I'd reckon only the last 1km or so was 'flat'... so, for me this would be the hardest one I've done in Aus - followed by Studley and Orange... I'd reckon Albert Park in Melbourne might be the flattest/fastest one of those I've done and of the Sydney ones I quite like Greenway! Any other views on tough / easy ones you've done?
  5. Ha, no, in no way do I find being overtaken by a 10-12 year old of any gender embarrassing or diminishing - more it's pretty amazing to see - and at that age and speed they usually have great running form which I can only dream of as I lumber along! 🙂 I had the same at Nulkaba parkrun where a young lad very kindly ran with me for the first 2km to make sure I knew where the course went - and then disappeared to run something like 17:00 (which was him running easy!!!) - I think he was about 15-16...
  6. I did have a very humbling experience last week - I was training in centennial park and chugging along at 4min/km feeling quite pleased with myself... and then a young girl who looked about aged 10-12 whizzed past me at about 3:15 pace at a guess... so I thought to myself 'She must just be doing a sprint'... but lo and behold she carried on steadily disappearing away from me at a ridiculous pace! Hey ho 🙂
  7. I've really found the running a struggle of late (I'm turning 43 this month) although I was never quite the athlete you were! Not so much the raw speed - it's still there, I was able to knock off sub-20 min parkruns through December, but as soon as I started ramping up the distances in February to try to get ready for Canberra Marathon in May I have literally been falling apart - plantar fasciitis, hamstring niggles, back niggles, calf tear - it's been ridiculous! And this was following a plan and being (for me) sensible with days between most runs and a steady increase in distance! The niggles just kept flaring up everywhere (I think there's some kind of domino effect) and took far longer to recover from. I suspect there's a degree of mental things going on too - i.e. I still think I can run a sub 20 5km easily, even when recovering or not fully fit - but my heart rate monitor would suggest otherwise - some of them were real struggles! Interestingly, for 4 months leading in to Xiamen 70.3 I followed a full triathlon training plan and built up well to get myself in (for me!) quite good nick - so the weaving in of swimming and riding made the running less onerous and damaging... Maybe I'll stick to triathlons after all and stop trying to be a runner!
  8. On a more positive note - I've found Elite Energy to be pretty flexible and understanding, and also Bicycle Network (3 peaks, Orange Newcrest Ride etc) have a brilliant transfer / refund policy... which just makes you think it's all one big money-making rort by Fairfax, when smaller organisations can put in place processes and protocols to allow a refund / transfer / deferral at negligible cost... 🙂
  9. No, not this time... I've had it multiple times (in months and years gone by), so know that it's there and it won't be getting any better if I try and ramp up training... but maybe I'll ask my physio's nicely and see if they can write me a note on prior consultations (but that's probably a bit dodgy!)
  10. AJS

    What an idiot!

    My 'blonde' moment was when I first got my (then) new SPD road-bike pedals about 15 years ago... and I rather stupidly forgot that I am a mechanical numpty so tried taking them of and putting them back on again... I put the pedals in the wrong way round, and couldn't figure out why they wouldn't tighten, so applied a LOT of force - and then royally stuffed up the thread on crank and pedal... Expensive lesson learnt
  11. Anyone got any good examples of best / worst refund policies from events? I am currently frustrated with the Canberra Marathon due to complete lack of flexibility and understanding. I entered the marathon, but have subsequently been plagued with plantar fasciitis so was hoping to withdraw... but they only offer 50% refund, and even then only with production of a doctors / medical certificate (which would cost me more to get than the 50% refund!)... No deferrals to next year, no switching to other distances allowed etc etc Is it just me that finds these kinds of policies so outdated and out of synch with the athlete / participant 'life'? (And yes, I recognise that I signed up to their T's & C's when I entered - so caveat emptor and all that - but just felt like a rant!!!)
  12. Oooh, a new one for me to try! That bioceuticals stuff - do you take it daily / all year round, or is it a quick fix type thing like crampfix / hotshots? Thanks!
  13. I watched it on Sunday... I didn't mind it - think the positives outweigh the negatives. Seemed to be a genuinely pretty tough format, and introduces a bit of strategy / gamesmanship... Only thing that struck me was just the execution of the eliminations (last two on a given leg got eliminated), when there's a voluntary withdrawal or an injury - that didn't count toward that leg's elimination so they seemed to spend an awful lot of time trying to explain / understand that... But a bit more going on / interesting to watch than a standard ITU Olympic Distance anyway...
  14. I haven't tried the hotshots, but d use Crampfix which I believe kind of works the same way as hotshots (something like triggering the nerves / brain somehow)... and yes, they're something of an 'acquired' taste... they seem to work OK for me more often than not (I take them at first spasm or sign of cramp and it seems to make it go away for a bit longer than doing nothing)!
  15. I take it in a so far unsuccessful attempt to help stave off cramp... I've tried the powder stuff and gone off it as it ended up being gloopy when mixed up, so now just take a tablet... I naively hope it's doing me some good! 🙂
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