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  1. Just watched stage 15 on replay, as entertaining a grand tour stage as I've seen for a while... not seen much of Carapaz before but he looks pretty handy!
  2. We're at 34 weeks too for our first!!!! Gulp... I don't think either of us quite know what we're in for, but very exciting and congrats to the other new parents on here!!! Partner-wise it's worked well for us, handily the other half does Ironman and Marathons too (up until baby's arrival anyway) so we either train and race together, and she's more than happy for me to train and race whilst she does other stuff... Our household works pretty well as she works longer hours, earns more than me, loves her job and I'll do the majority of the housework, cooking etc to earn brownie points! πŸ™‚
  3. Well I wasn't expecting Carapaz to be my leading light (sole shining light perhaps closer to the point!)... guess that's what happens when your GC contender, sprinter and Roglic's team-mate (for the 'support' points) all withdraw in the first 7 days... And there was me thinking I liked this tipping comp for its simplicity (no transfers or substitutes etc) πŸ™‚
  4. I guess the only way not going to kona is a 'failure' is if you wanted to go, tried to go and didn't get there... but even with this, there are so many intangibles around strength of field, mechanicals etc etc beyond your control... Personally, no, Kona isn't on my radar at all, I'd struggle with the effort and $$$ required to get there and go well. So much so that I stumbled in to a Kona spot at one of the Chinese 70.3's last year but turned it down as I really wanted to go to Nice (and had planned around this), and incoming first child meant that I knew an Ironman was never going to work... you do get some funny looks for declining a Kona spot though! I doubt I'll ever get myself near enough to the pointy end of a race again to get a Kona spot, but am totally fine with that, have absolutely no regrets... racing in Nice (all being well) and taking the bub to meet its grandparents in Europe for the first time will be reward and satisfaction enough for me!!!
  5. Is it me, or has that been one of the most boring routes for the first half of a Giro for some time? Long and flat, long and flat, long and flat - I'm sure I remember the Giro having bonkers stages popped in throughout! Hopefully the last week will be much more dynamic - looks like it should be in theory!
  6. Have to say I've always thought the C2S and city marathons / half's that Fairfax ran were fricking expensive for what they were, and their customer service (refund / deferral etc) was derisory - so I may be in the minority, but is there a chance that this sale may improve the events (or is that me being naive!)???
  7. AJS

    Winter riding challenge

    I've done Velothon the past two years - it's a fab event, really well organised and put on... I'd definitely recommend it - think they've changed the course and logistics a bit this year...
  8. My usual form is appearing perfectly... I now have 3 riders abandoned from my team... ha ha ha, I should never play these games!
  9. My already slim chances have been scuppered with Dumoulin's departure... that and the distinct lack of a sprinter in my selections and all round mediocrity shown by the less well known riders I picked... doh... 😞
  10. In... on past form of these kind of things I will be shockingly bad!!! πŸ™‚
  11. I've often wondered what holds them back from turning Western Sydney in to a full IM (either permanently or in alternate years)... It takes place in a reasonably contained area, and I think could be tweaked to lengthen it...
  12. Thanks all - I have been digging a bit deeper and looking at bike hire as an option... through the official partners its E435 ($700au) for a TT bike (a Ventum) or about E250-400 for a roadie... Will keep pondering a wee bit more!!!
  13. Hello all, I've managed to snag a spot at the 70.3 worlds in Nice in September - but since doing so, we're now expecting a new bub in July... So, aside from maybe not actually being able to go / train for / get there in one piece with a six week old (!!!!), I was contemplating shipping the bike home direct from Nice to Sydney to try and make life a bit easier (as we're travelling elsewhere afterwards)... Just wondered if anyone had used a bike-shipping company from Europe back to Oz, and whether you'd avoid / recommend it? Cheers! Alex
  14. That's a crazy amount of coin!!! I snagged a spot for Nice 70.3 and just checked - it was 459 Euro (about $720 i think)... I thought that was fricking expensive at the time, but it seems like a bargain now! πŸ™‚
  15. Sounds a lot like Achilles Tendinopathy (particularly the feeling worst when you wake up, easing when you run, but sore after)... from memory there's a lot of other posts about 'fixes' for this - but yes, rest, ice and rolling / strengthening will help if that is indeed what it is... I've had it quite a few times, and usually have managed to get it to go away, but be careful as it can linger around for a long time if you just try and 'push through' it...
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