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  1. Thanks for the reminder... I checked here https://www.cyclingstage.com/vuelta-2019/riders-spain-2019/ and it would seem that Carapaz has disappeared 😞 transfer time!
  2. IronNerd - how d'you tell if your picks are actually 'in'? From within Velogames or cross-referencing elsewhere?
  3. AJS

    Nice 70.3

    I wouldn't have said Nice was a hell hole either! Yes, it gets bloody busy in tourist season - and is shite for driving / parking - but as per some of the other comments, there's worse places to spend your aussie winter! Cycling round there is great once you get out of the city itself 🙂
  4. Excellent, I can go for another wooden spoon!!! 🙂
  5. AJS

    Nice 70.3

    I was planning on going but have realised that a 6 week old baby and training, travelling, sleeping aren't compatible so pulled the pin... There's tons of great things to see and do - a few highlights for me from time there in the past...... Amazing walks (Cap Ferrat, Cap Martin or from La Turbie down to the coast) Head up inland for sightseeing (Grasse, Entreveaux etc) Stunning cycling once you get out of Nice itself Fab food Places to visit (Eze village, Antibes is nice, Monaco is kind of what you expect - one quite cheap (relative term) way of entertaining yourself there is go to the swimming pool that's in the port (on the grand prix course)... That should keep you out of mischief!!!
  6. I watched this last night... Pretty nuts all round - and I think I can see both sides of the issues. Without a doubt a freakish and incredible effort and feat of endurance... but was it strictly speaking 50 IM in 50 days, no... (but I'm not sure that that really matters or I care enough one way or t'other)... The other thing that struck me was the post-script of the film was that he raised $75,000 for charity... which I appreciate is a decent chunk and a lot more than most of us ever will, but, that seems to be an awful lot of effort (and infrastructure required) for not a huge amount of money raised?
  7. I definitely picked the wrong time to swap Alaphillipe out a couple of days back... error!
  8. Of course I had Wout Van Aert in my team... typical!!! Ouchy crash too...
  9. I think Rohan Dennis abandoned because I selected him for my team just before the stage started last night... thinking I'd added a banker for the TT stage... doh...
  10. It's been a pretty good tour so far (for the flatter stages), with some surprise winners, couple of decent breaks staying away for the win and mixed bag of sprint winners - and a crosswind mayhem stage, always fun watching! Hopefully the hills will be interesting too, I wonder if the time losses for 3/4 of the 'contenders' may actually lead to a more interesting second half than the Sky-controlled ones of recent years, hope so!
  11. If you were to pick a pro cyclist to go well in a non-drafting Ironman bike leg, what sort d'you reckon would go best (let's say we use a typical medium conditions Kona for our course and conditions and forgive my sweeping generalisations/classifications below)... The 'heavier' TT specialist - Tony Martin / Cancellara type rider? The leaner TT type - Rohan Dennis / Castroviejo type rider? The solo escapee type - Thomas de Gendt type rider? One day classic strongman - Boonen / Terpstra rider? The time trialling GC rider - Dumoulin / Roglic rider? The climbing GC rider - Quintana / Porte / Froome? Or the good at most things rider - Sagan / Alaphillipe / Van Avermaert / Valverde? I'm thinking I can exclude the pure sprinters... My money would be on probably a Roglic or Dumoulin type rider at a guess?
  12. That looked like a reasonably slow-speed / moderate impact - surprised there was enough in it to crack a frame - maybe someone else rolled over or fell on this one?
  13. True to form, I swapped dylan groenewegen OUT after a fairly average first few days post his crash... and look what happens... 🙂
  14. Yes, I have made a couple of changes... Bevin out with his withdrawal and Valverde as he seems to be playing the role of super-domestique (No doubt having shipped him out he'll win the next 3 stages in a row or something like that!)
  15. Fabulous, as per in the Giro, the first abandonment of the tour is one of my picks - super... if only I could pick something useful with such unerring accuracy... grrrrrrr
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