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  1. AJS

    Sub 2hr marathon attempt

    Wow... and a sprint finish too!
  2. AJS

    Velothon / Etape changes

    I'd assume so, the Etape down in the Snowies is closed (or certainly very heavily martialled / policed)... so I guess that would be the difference between doing-it-yourself!
  3. AJS

    Velothon / Etape changes

    Agree, I wonder about the logic of Kiama; perhaps it has something to do with the UCI Worlds route heading that way in 2022? To me, whilst I love riding round the South Coast, Berry, Kangaroo Valley, Southern Highlands etc - as a Sydneysider I doubt I'd pay the $300-$400 to ride in the Etape there as I could pretty much do it any weekend I want - whereas the Snowies definitely feels 'special' and (to me anyway) worth the trip. Like you Greyman, I wonder if they'll get enough Sydney people wanting to pay to ride on their doorstep whilst being enough of a draw to attract people from further afield. I guess time will tell!
  4. AJS


    I'm now playing this game too, with a 3 month old... any expectations and plans have gone out of the window! Had a spot for Nice 70.3 and travel plans booked etc, but the reality and practicality of long-haul trip (to say nothing of attempting to train for the race) meant that was swiftly abandoned - but for us, that was the easiest and most sensible decision we could have made... So, reality for me now is trying to get a couple of Zwifts in a week, parkrun if I can and swims during lunch from work. As someone else mentioned, turning the trip to / from work in to a run is proving the best use of my time with least impact on anyone else! Taking it in to turns to do a zwift or a parkrun with the other half and making sure we both get some sports / active time is the current plan as well... Fingers crossed 🙂
  5. AJS

    Calculating FTP

    I'd be tempted to work with two numbers if they end up markedly different. If you were to base your metrics solely on the indoor trainer, and then race to those parameters you could come undone, so for the real race prep stuff I'd be tempted to set yourself an ftp and race-specific zones etc on your race bike outdoors. Oh, and I'd also not get too hung up on power (don't shoot me people!) as they can and will go wrong. Two of my four IM races the power meter shat itself for some unknown reason after long haul flights, so really important to be able to race by feel too if you need to (I dare say at 4:55 bike you must know what you're doing!)
  6. Best wishes Kieran - a very scary read, but the most important thing is you're here and you're sharing - best wishes, stay strong and keep talking to people
  7. Spotted yesterday that the Velothon has been "postponed" in 2020 (and their rather obtuse responses to queries on social media would seem to suggest "postponed" = cancelled - shame! And the Etape is moving from the Snowies to... Kiama! Not quite sure what to make of that one, nearer to Sydney, but seems a bit less 'special' perhaps - I wonder if they'll get their 6,000 participating at Kiama (and if they do, I wonder how receptive the locals will be!)
  8. AJS

    Kona 2019 Picks

    1. Ryf Daylight 2. Charles-Barclay 3. Haug 1. Wurf 2. Frodeno 3. Brownlee
  9. AJS

    Nice 70.3

    I see Alexandre Vinokourov and Laurent Jalabert won their respective age groups... hmmmmmmm
  10. That Ceepo thing is truly minging... what is that thing on the front wheel - eeeeeugh?
  11. Dare I say it, but I quite like the Shiv!!! And would agree that the Ventum is fugly and the DiamondBack Andean is perhaps the fugliest of the lot...
  12. Thanks for the reminder... I checked here https://www.cyclingstage.com/vuelta-2019/riders-spain-2019/ and it would seem that Carapaz has disappeared 😞 transfer time!
  13. IronNerd - how d'you tell if your picks are actually 'in'? From within Velogames or cross-referencing elsewhere?
  14. AJS

    Nice 70.3

    I wouldn't have said Nice was a hell hole either! Yes, it gets bloody busy in tourist season - and is shite for driving / parking - but as per some of the other comments, there's worse places to spend your aussie winter! Cycling round there is great once you get out of the city itself 🙂
  15. Excellent, I can go for another wooden spoon!!! 🙂
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