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  1. It is not a silly post because I am sick to death of dumb ass drivers without a blithering clue. If you cant keep the f****** phone alone then don't drive. And dont you dare try that "Cause everyone does it" or a strawman schitck with me. I don't because I'm not a goddamn idiot and I know exactly how dangerous it is and if you do it then hand your license back. Now. Because if you use a phone while driving you are clearly too goddamn stupid to be allowed to drive.
  2. As soon as I saw idiot on her phone while driving, I stopped caring what the cyclist did. She can go get stuffed and I hope she never drives again.
  3. My experience with Hoka's in one sentance. Also it turns out that I need a more minimal shoe to run with as with no real road feel I just slammed my foot into the ground... and hence I had knee issues.
  4. Cat Terrist

    New wheels

    I commute on a set of 60mm Rovals - I tend not to have any real issue until crosswinds approach 45kph. Also race on them as well - they are a very capable and given they also commute, reliable. However some aero rims arent good in crosswinds, your kms may vary on that one. The thing about carbon not braking well in the wet is 100% true however. Even Xentis - which are one of the best braking carbons - have problems with water. Specialized show in their wind tunnel test that ALL aero wheels have benefits at lower speed. 40kph is a standard benchmark which is why you hear it quoted a lot but yes, any aero works at lower speeds. Even at 25kph a disc wheel is still going to be a benefit.
  5. Bluntly put - they dont enforce it at all. I've lodged two seperate complaints against two seperate police vehicles. I'm seriously considering a Fly6 now so I can do more than complain because come on, this is BS - this is a GOOD law to uphold and yet the police are doing jack squat... oh but look out if you dont have a bell while on a road
  6. Galveston is a barrier island, it's flaaaaaaaaaaaaat. More likely they got a tailwind pick up on the way back in.
  7. Massages are good and proven to work. Make sure you see someone actually qualified in it and avoid quacks like chiropractors.
  8. I'm sorry but runners already dont listen and here is simply NO safety issue, esp with the real fact as pointed out MUCH bigger events have zero problems with music and headphones. Yes on the bike headphones are a dumb idea but run? Nope. Perfectly fine. Music on a run can be an aid but frankly... dont care. Let em run with music. If I was dictactor, the first two things I'd change is wetsuits legal in all events until 26C and headphones on the run. Followed by allowing whatever the hell you want to wear as long as it covers the torso.
  9. That's not eloquent. That is a sad idiot keyboard warrior trying to push his completely stupid and sexist point of view. The writer is straight out a red-pill alt right fool. The simple fact is that there has been a truly ridiculous amount of sexism in what females have the opportunity for in sports, let alone what they get paid. This is the first step in balancing it and a well overdue one. Women's AFL will be women's cricket. Yes in the first year it'll be ordinary but even in the limited seasons that women can earn a professional wage playing the game, the standard has rapidly increased. This years' WBBL was a good case in point - the standard was quite a leap from last year. I expect women's AFL to do the same. I am not interested in AFL of either sex but I for one think the AFL stepping out and creating a national competition for women can only be positive for not just the sport but for society in general, even if it just means girls are encouraged to get outside and kick a ball about.
  10. Given that polygraphs are a well known psuedoscience with not a scrap of evidence to back them up, I'm less inclined to believe her story. http://www.science20.com/gerhard_adam/pseudoscience_lie_detectors-93551 - dont take the blog's word for it, do the research. Polygraphs are inadmissable as evidence in a court of law for exactly the reasoning stated.
  11. The M2/M7/M4 breakdown lanes are some of the safest places to ride on the road, bar none. And I'll even go as far to say that I've had more problems on the M7 pathway than the roadway - at least there isn't dogs or random unpredictable pedestrians (It's a MUP afterall). And sometimes even other bike riders who do their damnest to have a head on around some of the corners. Use some common sense at the ramps and frankly the freeway breakdown lanes are just simply put, safer and faster than just about any other place to ride. The only reason I might ride on different routes is debris can be an issue for tyres. But safety concerns? No more than driving on them.
  12. Tell the drafter to grow a pair, get up front and do some work.
  13. That's not true - Google's automated program is in fact having a LOT of trouble still in this regard. And they are having a lot of trouble with sensors failing and even the issue with the fact cars are not phones and dont get replaced every year. They have even managed to be at fault when their automated cars get rear ended - their default error mode is stop and they do that in places real drivers just do not expect. Such decision trees are the core of the programming so they are in fact highly important. Especially when it comes to legal liability when the computers make the wrong choice. As said, dont believe the hype. Dig deeper into the pretty words of Google et all about automated cars and you will discover a lot of quite nasty problems they simply have not solved. Cyclists are one of them.
  14. Did you know that automated cars are in fact having a great deal of problems with cyclists? And in fact Uber's automated cars are doing illegal right turns across bike lanes without slowing? Don't believe the hype, automated cars have a shitload of problems that are proving - predictably if you know anything about programming or driving - extremely hard to crack and may not be cracked within at least 20 years
  15. In my experience.... no it doesnt. I could wear a clown suit and have fog horns, inattentive drivers would still ignore it.
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