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  1. dazmuzza


    Don't think this will be useful but while I Haven't done a full ironman, but many 70.3s and I found marathon harder.
  2. dazmuzza

    Triathlon entry numbers baffling

    Could be any number of reasons for this trend. Very hard to attribute it to one thing.
  3. dazmuzza

    Do yourself a favour. Cameron wurf

    Well, that was Wurf it
  4. dazmuzza

    Disc wheels - yes/no?

    Relevant: https://cyclingtips.com/2010/04/biggest-bang-for-your-buck-in-time-trial-equipment/ There are a lot more you can do according to the table in here if you're not already. But Disc is on there, just near the bottom.
  5. dazmuzza

    Noosa Tri 2017

    Yeah, despite the cost, it is fun. I'm in...again.
  6. dazmuzza

    Noosa Tri 2017

    I had a pretty poor swim so I'm disappointed to hear that it was the best swim conditions in ages!
  7. dazmuzza

    Noosa Tri 2017

    ha, yeah poorly put. I'm in the 'race' but treating more like a training exercise...if that makes sense. Not going 100% Rightio, will bring the TT.
  8. dazmuzza

    QTS Robina Olympic Distance

    I love your race reports, keep posting em
  9. dazmuzza

    Noosa Tri 2017

    I'm 'racing' but not 'competing' at Noosa tri this year - haven't done squat since Sunny Coast half iron. Wondering if its a bike course that will give TT bikes a big advantage. Was half thinking of riding the roadie given that this is just a 'training' race and I love riding my road bike more. I've ridden the course before including garmin hill but never in the Noosa tri. What do the experts think?
  10. dazmuzza

    KOM Arguments

    Wow. That Brendan Edwards sure does have a sense of entitlement. I hope I never regress to the state where the only thing in my life is how many Strava KOMs I have.
  11. dazmuzza

    Obesity being classified as a disease

    All along I knew it was Abba.
  12. dazmuzza

    Obesity being classified as a disease

    I think generally the 'fattening' of modern society is a mixture of poor diet choices and less activity as a few have mentioned already. Diet can be very person specific and what works for one may not work for others. LCHF may work great for some here obviously and they've adapted to it well and enjoy it. For other people, different strategies work. I've tried and I hated it. Couldn't get it to stick and didn't enjoy eating. My mantra now is eat lots of high quality food regardless of specific macros, and minimise 'junk'. I then lose weight easily. Works for me and I'm not miserable.
  13. dazmuzza

    Obesity being classified as a disease

    But you made the claim first. The null hypothesis is that there is no causal factor here, its up to those making the argument to prove its the case. Saying 'what evidence is that is this isn't the cause?' doesn't mean the correlation is actually the cause. Saying all that, there is likely many many variables that cause increase in waistlines, diet being one of them. *Edit* I see that the point above has already been debated in the subsequent posts. Carry on
  14. dazmuzza

    2017 Sunshine Coast 70.3

    Thanks for sharing this report wombattri
  15. dazmuzza

    Sunny Coast 70.3 2017 Race report

    Sorry for my late reply! I trained with power. I had done an FTP test in early July which I got 287-290 watts. I had calculated racing at a NP of about 75% which would had meant holding about ~220. But I kept naturally drifting up to 250. So, I kept an eye on the numbers but really ended up racing on feel. It's likely the training I did between July and August before sunny coast increased my FTP but I also was really well rested. I didn't retest my FTP near the race. In the end, I did a good time (for me) so I can't really fault what happened on the bike.