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  1. dazmuzza

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    Feel for you mate, but don't beat yourself up too much. I find the bike course on Tweed to be tough as well due to the very same factors you mention. The roads ain't great at all. 5:24 isn't a bad time by any stretch of the means so congrats! Two years ago I ran a 6:21 at Tweed Coast and six months later took 1 hour off that time at Sunny Coast. Part of that was training, but also part of that was due to a much smoother bike course and a run in less blistering conditions than Tweed.
  2. dazmuzza

    Sanders still obsessed with jan

    He mentioned this on his latest video as well. I think Boulder was even suggested.
  3. dazmuzza

    Mooloolaba Tri Drafting Legal Sprint

    My first ever sprint swim time was like 35 minutes....so if there is anyone as slow as I was in the race, then I doubt it!
  4. dazmuzza

    What pace do you run at?

    It's the theory I've heard a lot of coaches propose to athletes. What they actually do is another thing. I've been guilty of that myself. From what I understand, that's how the elites train. Lots of slow volume work. 80/20 rule. I guess they wouldn't be elite if it didn't work?
  5. dazmuzza

    Mooloolaba Tri Drafting Legal Sprint

    Aren't TT bike usually banned in draft legal races? I'll save the cash and just do Kingscliff a fortnight later.
  6. dazmuzza


    Lionel's dead?!
  7. dazmuzza

    What pace do you run at?

    I would have though long run is just Zone 2. Slow and easy so as you're not too wrecked for your high intensity sessions during the week.
  8. dazmuzza

    SRAM etap (again)

    Looks gorgeous. But exxy!
  9. dazmuzza

    Creating Value

    It hasn't been the same though since Dan (?) left the role as videographer. Personality and comedic edge has disappeared.
  10. dazmuzza

    Creating Value

    I think YouTube is where it is all that now for developing a profile. Writing a lot, talking about contemporary issues and how they reflect on the sport will be great ways to generate brand power. You could channel this into creating social good as well I think. Have a read of Key Person of Influence by Daniel Priestly. Most of this is tips for people in business, but I think may be super relevant to someone trying to develop a profile in triathlon.
  11. dazmuzza

    taren in kona

    Taren's done quite an interesting interview with Patrick Lange. Theres a very interesting bit about the aerodynamic design of his aerobars about 3/4s through. Basically he has a custom 3D printed titanium aerobar set up for his specifc needs that they estimate saves him about 7 watts. https://triathlontaren.com/patricklange/
  12. dazmuzza

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    ha, I've had a similar experinece in the past when I dropped about 20kg for half ironman...but I was still about 10kg from ideal race weight. Mum kept saying "you're lookg WAY too thin". I'm a reasonably tall guy with broad shoulders so when I lose the belly I look a bit unhealthy I think.
  13. dazmuzza

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    Despite not much change on the scales and lots of riding, had a good moment last night when I was at my parents and my mum said "have you lost weight? you're looking trimmer". So screw you scales! I win today!
  14. dazmuzza

    Biggest Loser - January 2019 Reboot

    Went and saw Icehouse on the gold coast on the weekend and had a few beers. Weight went up by 1.5kg! I swear I maybe had 10 beers in two days!
  15. dazmuzza

    Tweed Coast Enduro

    Agree. I love Tweed Coast Enduro but then one time I did the full, I nearly died. Too bloody hot! Bumping it to March would be great. Do the same lot run Kingy tri? Possibly could have it around then. I know a vocal minority complain about the Kingy Tri, maybe a good opportunity to switch one of the Kingy tris to being a TCE and only having one kingy tri per year? Just idle thoughts.