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  1. Speed concept users who use the standard Bontrager aero bars....how does one mount front bottles to it? Garmins? Need to get some gear on the front end?
  2. dazmuzza


    He's an absolute nutcase.
  3. Well it depends on your objectives. I think doing high intensity 2 hours every second day is a recipe for injury. Do a lot of low intensity but long distance and HIIT once / twice a week and you'll grow your top end speed while also not flogging yourself to death.
  4. Yep, that's what I've recently been doing during my ironman build. Run for an hour before parkrun and throw it on at the end. Works nicely though 7am still feels late for humid Brisbane.
  5. My main issue was I actually swapped pure running for tris and then started riding on Saturdays and running on Sundays.
  6. I'm on parkrun 49. I did 26 parkruns in my first year of doing them ..back in 2012. It's taken me 8 years to get to parkrun 49! Might take another 8 to get to 50
  7. Looks like G will give triathlon a shot after he finishes pro cycling. He's a pretty nuts time trialler. Wonder how he'd go! https://cyclingtips.com/2020/01/geraint-thomas-plans-to-take-up-triathlon-after-he-retires-from-road-racing/?mc_cid=fff4dee4fa&mc_eid=71a59314e0
  8. I run low, it's far more comfortable.
  9. Hope no one opens the garage while you're on them!!
  10. A bit of an understatement surely? doesn't he hold the age group record at Kona? In 2018 he beat a heap of pros! Also if triathletes want to improve skills, just go ride mountainbikes or CX. Many ride on trainers and I don't see mass crashes everywhere in the pro field.
  11. I highly recommend wearing socks when you're on the run leg. I've seen people DQ'd for nudity (sunny coast 70.3 a few years back).
  12. It's been mostly on the trainer but I've raced it twice in sprint races and its niiiiiiccccceeee. Glad now I didnt' spend the extra on DI2. Will make way more sense to upgrade later (when my budget recovers).
  13. dazmuzza

    Wurf watch

    Well, how I might use it might differ substantially to how Kienle might. http://triathlontarenpodcast.libsyn.com/sebastian-kienle Go to about 0:50 in the podcast to get Kienle's view on people posting power data. Taren asks him specifically how he might use bike power data, and Kienle says he'd use it to find out how hard people work on the front of Kona bike packs. My intepretation is that he'd that to figure out if he should go to the front or the back of a pack. It's a bit jumbled but I get his drift (I think). I think thats what Kienle also thinks. Surely that would be valuable at pro level?
  14. dazmuzza

    Wurf watch

    Actually Seb in his recent interview on the Triathlon Taren podcast explicitly says he would never post his training data as he does think it can be mined for an advantage. As a professional data guy by day, I tend to agree with him. If you can derive approximate power/pace numbers, you could easily use that in a race.
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