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  1. I've taken the view that this year is a no-go for any big races now. I've now deferred my Sunny Coast 70.3 entry. Too many uncertainty and its just too difficult to focus on a race let alone training!
  2. I'm not sure what this means, but I thought you were talking about the Murrarie Crit track (and associated races) in Brisbane, colloquially called "Muzz". I'm guessing thats not it.
  3. Dry Ginger Ale in whisky is dry enough for me.
  4. Not much has changed. Did get a massive FTP boost in May from doing loads of Zwift, but motivation has melted away now as the colder weather set in. The lack of racing has made it harder I think.
  5. dazmuzza

    105 or Ultegra

    At that price differential, I'd stick with 105. However, I'm curious to know why . I bought my ultegra mechancial groupset at around $700 new (from memory). It seems the upgrade price is way to high unless there are other things coming with the upgrade.
  6. I have some neopro gear. I like it - its pretty good quality commuter gear in my opinion. The knicks are longer than some of my other gear and ride high up on my stomach, but I don't mind that actually. I would have no problem buying again. Another good "local" supplier is Monton https://www.montonsports.com.au/ I don't mind their stuff eitehr.
  7. Note though - I haven't used electronic in either (I have mechanical on both). That may be different ballgame.
  8. I own bikes with both and will take Shimano any day of the week over SRAM. I find SRAM so finicky and prone to breaking, whereas Shimano works effortlessly, parts are cheap and easily to maintain.
  9. What I want to know is if that announcement was endorsed by Hoka or Pushies Online.
  10. I liked this interview he did with Chris Lieto that came out very recently. Delves quite a bit into his backstory - which I was aware of, but never really heard it from Lionel's mouth.
  11. I think you'll go over 300 for your FTP after 12 weeks. Although, I personally don't think the training plans are very good. Mostly, I agree with this guy. However, I haven't done the FTP builder. My FTP has gone from 233 to 273 in the space of the 2 month lockdown - mostly by just doing lots of zwift and an online race per week. Have been testing via the longer test.
  12. You need to login to active and switch off.
  13. I loved Tour for All, though I just mainly did group rides rather than race them. Still quite fun and varied. Hope they keep doing these little series as its a great way to engage people.
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