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  1. dazmuzza

    Planning for Your A Race

    I now taper for running and cycling - probably two weeks like you suggest for 70.3, but follow the Lionel Sanders advice on swimming taper...i.e none. I guess its because swimming is often more about the 'feel' of the water than engine in many ways. Think this works for me.
  2. dazmuzza

    Single Sided Power?

    I just saw estimates in the range of $1300 USD for dual sided 😱
  3. dazmuzza

    What training did you do today...

    1K in the pool at lunch. Finally I can see my speed starting to increase. A fortnight now since I've returned to the pool. Some guy was doing a weird thing in the lanes. The pool was mostly empty, but a guy was swimming down the right of one lane....then going under the lane rope and swimming up the right of my lane...basically swimming in two lanes. Fortunately I could change lanes entirely due to the emptiness of the pool so I didn't have to put up with that weird behaviour while trying to do my laps.
  4. dazmuzza

    Single Sided Power?

    Given that SRM power meters usually are the most expensive by far, I don't know how competitive their pedal based ones will be 😕
  5. dazmuzza

    Single Sided Power?

  6. dazmuzza

    Individual 70.3 races lack history in OZ

    Sunny Coast 70.3 well on the way to doing this. Already hosted the world champs in 2016. Been going for, what, 5 + years now? I personally love doing it because its a dedicated 70.3 event and its at a great time in the calendar. Tweed Coast Enduro also been going for a few years now and seems to be getting more popular each year.
  7. dazmuzza

    What training did you do today...

    Easy 1200 to start the week including 2x500m sets in the pool today. 20min power test on the bike tongith.
  8. dazmuzza

    What training did you do today...

    Did my first swimset....of the year today Easy 1K. Had been concentrating on riding for Velothon, but now that thats done, time to try put in a good effort at Noosa this year.
  9. dazmuzza

    Tour de France Tipping Competition

  10. dazmuzza

    What training did you do today...

    Supersets this morning after power testing on the bike last night. Felt alright, though legs were complaining when I woke up.
  11. dazmuzza

    Which workouts should you drop first?

    Is that Sat arvo Trail run really necessary? You're doing a massive amount that day and then backing up the next...How are you going to be fresh enough to do the sunday session after a big bike day?
  12. dazmuzza

    Power meters

    Argh, another look-cleat based pedal power meter?! Is it me or is there now shimano spd-sl compatible pedal based power meters? I hate Look cleats!
  13. dazmuzza

    Power meters

    Well.. Istill enjoy it just fine.
  14. dazmuzza

    Power meters

    I run an FSA Powerbox. Dual sided power for under $1K. It's basically a Power2max crank. I'm happy enough with it. only annoyance is that I need to use those FSA compatible bottom bracket.
  15. dazmuzza

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    I would add that I've noted that many of the older men who I've trained with in the past simply have way more time to train that others. A lot of them may be semi-retired etc etc. Some of my older mates are able to sleep in and go do track sessions mid morning during the weekdays while I have to fit everything around work.