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  1. Yeah I don't mind it. The scenery ain't anything to write home about but it does make the connection to Redcliffe a bit more bearable. Wetlands is fun to ride through sometimes but not great if you're trying to get some strength in the legs.
  2. As a CX fan, I'm loving how the likes of MVDP and Van Aert are igniting these classics. They're racing these road races like they race cyclocross - looking to dominate from the front.
  3. Yes and know I use a specialised power saddle on my roadie which works for both normal and TT riding.
  4. dazmuzza

    Training peaks

    At frist I was annoyed, but I can see why it is a useful feature. It adds some more context to TSS scores and fitness curves, and thats helpful I think. Gets you thinking about how you felt during the session and then what you might be able to do to avoid feeling awful in the future. It's useful as a 'nudge'
  5. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone. Those vouchers were worth $0.
  6. ...or you could use a dual position seatpost like I do for my roadie
  7. So many different variables to account for, so I don't think you could definitively say which is faster.
  8. TBH I'd put money into a good biek fit before buying any upgrades/TT bike etc. Ask them to set you up on aerobars on your road bike. Being comfortable over that long a distance is probably #1 consideration. No point in having new flashy bits on your bike if you cannot stay aero.
  9. For extra challenge, dust off the gravel bike/mtb and ride the dirt climb to the top of Coot-tha which is way harder than the road.
  10. Well not exactly training I did today, but yesterday...and by "training" I mean racing. WAs at Kingy tri....best conditions I've ever seen for it in the 5 years I've been doing it.
  11. I use a Bontrager aero helmet for TT and biek racing. It's quite nice and very comfortable.
  12. So to those who have been following my recent hernia panics. I have a 1cm size inguinal hernia confirmed. Doc thinks that while surgery will be required to fix it at some stage, it's not really life threatening at the moment. Recommends body fat loss and gentle strengthening in first instance and then eventually get surgery when required. Fine to do sports though so long as I'm not putting too much pressure on abdomen.
  13. Second biek fit. I've been burned at least twice trying to get a TT fit off my road bike fit. For the record, I generally fit on 54cm TT frames and I usually ride 56cm top tube sized road bikes.
  14. So I had a consult this morning. GP couldn't really find any evidence of a hernia. Thought could simply be a abdominal strain. Still, off for an ultra sound this afternoon to rule out a inguinal hernia. GP reckons I'd be fine to do exercise though... While I had a dull pain all yesterday, i'm feeling a lot better today. Could be because I've rested. We'll see. But thanks agian everyone for your perspectives!
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