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  1. I think both of these instances are people just trying to read controversy into things where there isn't anything.
  2. Anyone know why Lange dropped out?
  3. Lionel came 22nd. He actually was doing pretty good until the second half of the run. For someone with such a disrupted 2019, I thought he did pretty well.
  4. Sad for Lucy, but Haug's run was amazing. Looked like a god-damn terminator!
  5. Didn't see the shoving match...but I saw him hugging Wurf at the finish line so not sure about the dissing?
  6. dazmuzza

    taren in kona

    yeah, I thought that vid was not as good as the others, but ill put up for it if it means I get to see more of Tim Don's crib. Generally I like his content more than I hate it. Talbot Cox is another guy I don't mind - but I do get bored of the endless slow mo drone shots of the pros. More interested in what they have to say!
  7. As in build wise? Isn't Jan like 10cms taller? Google tells me Brownlee is usually around 70kg and Jan around 75kg.
  8. I think he's actually far heavier than Lange - who I think is low 60 kg. Brownlee is like 70 kg.
  9. dazmuzza

    taren in kona

    Think Dave must be just a fairly straight to the point kinda guy. Well...his job is producing video content for entertainment. I think of this as him receiving freebies in lieu of a regular pay check. Yep, but him and a pro are not in the same business. His business is triathlon media, they're professional athletes. Edit: thinking about this a bit more - it's pretty easy to see why Taren gets more sponsorship. He has far more reach than mny pro triathletes. Pro triathletes really could do a lot more in the media space. Lionel seems to get it. Not sure how many others do.
  10. The race weight thing is definitely a bonus from all this!
  11. dazmuzza

    taren in kona

    The Tim Don one was pretty funny. Tim sounds like an absolute legend.
  12. Argh god damn it. I was meant to start my training for my first ironman last week. But I've been hit with the mother of all flu's and haven't been able to do anything. Really plays with your mind and mental health (which was fragile anyway!) - I had been thinking 8 months was cutting it fine for training for a first IM (even though I've done many half IMs) but basically I'm going to lose an entire month to sickness.
  13. dazmuzza

    Wurf watch

    Think you're 100% correct here. Lange had a winning strategy. So long as its within the rules, I have no issue with it.
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