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  1. Hi all I'm keen to get a Trek Speed Concept (large) second hand but in rideable condition. Ultegra mechanical or DI2 preferred - 11 speed too. Need it as close to stock spec as possible (e.g no cut seatpost). Based in Brissy so if anyone has one or knows of someone who does have one who wants it gone, let me know! Thanks! Daz
  2. I'm a big fan of the BOSE's but found some issues with their longevity.
  3. I used to play mixed netball at a fairly competitive social level for quite some time. Basically ended up with rooted ankles after a while and took up the comparatively far more safer running (then tris). I also played both soccer and rugby during my years. but never had as many injuries as I did with netball. People might think its 'tame' but its often has far more contact than soccer, thats for sure!
  4. Has anyone ever considered there could be more to his style than just a "form" thing? Does he have one leg longer than the other? Does he have genetic issues with his hip? Is there something else at a musclar-skeletal level that prevent him from running like Lange?
  5. I thought he looked fine in some parts of the video. Regardless, why would Lionel care? Even with that apparent "poor form" he still came second and qualified for Kona off the back of 6 weeks run training. I find it somewhat funny that we sit around saying his form is terrible when he accomplished far more in triathlon than most of us could dream of! (me especially!). It's kinda like saying Einstein's handwriting is terrible so we should basically throw his theory of relativity in the bin.
  6. dazmuzza

    Nice 70.3

    For those going and for those who can listen to Triathlon Taren - he did an interesting interview with pro Rudy Van Berg - who grew up in Nice and really knows the bike course. http://triathlontarenpodcast.libsyn.com/2019-im-703-world-championship-scouting-report-with-rudy-von-berg The bit from 27mins - 37 min discussed the bike and run course in detail. Rudy definitely recommends a TT bike!
  7. You got a link to those highlights? Wonder if Sanders benefited from some adequate rest for once!
  8. dazmuzza

    Hamilton Wheelers

    I've had an explosive moment on the bike before after a bad curry the night before. Unfortunately for me it wasn't a tube. A shame really - I really liked those bib knicks!
  9. That shifter looks...welll. done for. You can move it back into position. Whether it will work again, that's a different story.
  10. Do both. Sunny coast is the day after
  11. This is useful: https://www.roadbikerider.com/what-to-wear-in-various-weather-2/
  12. I need some cliff notes on this persons rise and fall.
  13. According to his latest Youtube vid, he's been doing long runs.
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