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  1. Yeah - that was excellent and hilarious.
  2. There was something like 20K people on this morning when I had a spin at 5am
  3. I did my first 'meetup' ride with my club this morning, but saw that the chat streams of people not in the group ride was being posted in the group ride chat window. Wondered if thats a bug or by design. Kinda annoying having complete randoms chat messages flowing into our group ride chat.
  4. Yeah - it's nailbiting for sure. I started thinking "this is stupid!" then by the end I was "Go Snowy you good thing!!"
  5. Lol, I now have no idea of what I was trying to say!
  6. dazmuzza

    Cairns IM 2020

    To be honest, I'd be pretty suprised if it happens this year Sorry man!
  7. dazmuzza

    Wurf watch

    Didnt he get smashed in the trials last time? I guess it would be pretty competitive...is Wurf good enough to be a shorter distance racer?
  8. Yeah, it's very well done Stage 2 Stage 3:
  9. Keep up the great work! I'm a vivacious consumer of all your content.
  10. This has also filled a sports gap for me
  11. Something to keep us entertained while racing is postponed.
  12. Here's my list 1. All future races/events. Done.
  13. Well, yes. However, the people who didn't go, who may now inadvertently come in contact with those who did, didn't really have a say in the matter. That's why the event organisers probably should have minimized risk by not hosting it. Anyway, moot point now I guess.
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